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Sissy Sheridan Knows [Teen] Sex Rules on TikTok? | Nymphet Sexualization or Self-Sexualization?

Sissy Sheridan Knows [Teen] Sex Rules On TikTok.
She Plays The Game To Win.

Nancy Jo Sales posted on Air Mail "The TikTok Star Who Hates TikTok: Sixteen-year-old Sissy Sheridan has 5.3 million TikTok followers [and a million on Instagramand can’t imagine her life without the app. That doesn’t mean she likes it" (APRIL 3, 2021)

Sissy Sheridan's "Sink Video"

You may ask: "How did Sheridan get so many followers?" Of course, she took advantage of the allure nymphets by posting a "sink video" where the 15-year-old sat on the edge of her bathroom sink and "unbelievably arched" her back to "[...] make her butt look [even] bigger":

She explains: “Before Playlist [an annual industry convention for YouTubers, TikTokers, and other content creators] I did this trend where you sit on the counter and make your butt look bigger,” which she calls a “sink video.”

After the sink video, Sheridan’s follower count climbed to nearly 800,000, and “I got invited to go to Playlist,” she says. 

Oddly, Sheridan blamed TikTok for dancing, making her famous for being pretty, and having a ‘desirable’ body”:

Which was confirmation for her of what she already knew—that sexualized content is often what gets girls the most attention on TikTok, just like on other social-media sites. “You make little girls famous for dancing and for being pretty and having a ‘desirable’ body,” Sheridan says. Her first TikTok to get millions of views (6.3 million) was one of her and another girl dancing in crop tops in her bedroom.

But, after Sheridan's sink video went viral, she continued posting "sexualized content" (e.g., teen (cheeky) thong and teen twerking TikToks):

When the sink video “went viral for me,” she says, “I thought, I’m gonna keep doing this—it’s my thing.” 

“So I’m 15, and I’m getting a lot of attention from this,” Sheridan says.

“At the time, all I’m thinking is it’s making my numbers grow. I have, like, a million followers now—I’ve grown 300K in a day. Fans are coming up and congratulating me. So I’m like, Holy crap, this is huge.

Sissy Sheridan with @charlidamelio & @avani

Some may argue that Sheridan is engaged in a form of (softcore) teen prostitution, because fame wasn't the only item she received in exchange for her "sexualized content". Sheridan's income increased substantially, her free swag increased substantially, and she was afforded the opportunity to mingle with other famous teens:

(Generally, an influencer with five million followers can charge around $6,000 per Instagram story and $20,000 per feed post.)

“I come back from trips and it’s literally like Christmas,” she says. “If it’s a ‘gifting,’ they send it to me in the hopes that I’ll post something, but I don’t get paid for it.” She gets sent so much “it feels gluttonous,” she says. 

Being famous on the hottest app around, having millions of fans who shower her with millions of likes (over 363 million total), traveling and hanging out with the biggest influencers—not to mention the “avalanche” of swag—isn’t this what kids supposedly want?

(Unsurprisingly) Sheridan shared (indirectly) that she's going to continue posting "sexualized content", because she can't do without the app. And she'll do "whatever" to be a successful actress:

“TikTok is such a big part of my life now,” Sheridan says, “I can’t do without it.”

“Acting is my main thing,” she says. “That’s what I want to do. So I’m going to do whatever I can to get my name out there.”

InterestinglySales wrote that sexualization gets fame, slut-shaming and empowerment. But shouldn't it be that self-sexualization gets fame, slut-shaming and empowerment?

She finds herself in a familiar bind: Sexualization gets fame. Sexualization gets slut-shaming. Empowerment is undercut by sexist haters. But haters also get you fame.

Lastly, Sales shared that 16-year-old Sheridan was in an age-gap relationship with Milessdespair - a 19-year-old influencer. #noworries The age-of-consent in Washington DC, Sheridan's residence, is 16. 

Sunday, November 28, 2021

FIVE TUESDAYS IN WINTER's "Creature": Teen Age-Gap (Sexual) Affair Gone Awry

We came across Lily King's Five Tuesdays in Winter in Harper's Bazaar (November 2021). Five Tuesdays in Winter is a book of eleven stories, which raises the question: Why did Harper's Bazaar choose to profile "Creature"? And why was "Creature" the première story in the book? Could it be the allure of nymphets?

Here's the magazine's plot summary for "Creature" and a quote from the author:
[...] [Carol] a 14-year-old girl is hired as a live in helper for an elderly woman but becomes infatuated with [Hugh] the woman's married son [...] There's no question that my supreme interest is love-all kinds of love," King says, "and all the ways that it goes right and awry."

And that's exactly what happened in "Creature."  After Carol met Hugh, with his "watery green" eyes, she felt light, she was filled with excitement, and she had difficulty breathing:

“As I raced up the wide dark stairs, I felt light, my chest full of something new and exciting, a helium that lifted me from step to step and made breathing difficult but somehow unnecessary.”

Subsequently, Carol waited for Hugh, observed him closely, and "greedily" breathed is his scent: 

“I waited for him to come downstairs before we left the house.”

“His green bathing suit clung to his bum and I could see its exact shape, two bony teardrops. He gave it a little wiggle then, as if he knew someone was watching.”

“I could smell Hugh. I knew the scent by then. It was sharp and unclean, even after a swim, and I knew I wouldn’t like it anywhere else but coming up from his long taut body. I breathed it in greedily.”

Not only did 14-year-old Carol know that Hugh was married to Raven - a blond, but Carol wanted to hear how Hugh spoke to his wife: “I wanted to hear how he spoke to Raven.”

In Carol's notebook, under a copy of Jane Eyre, which is about an age-gap affair between ≈ 19-year-old Jane Eyre and ≈ 40-year-old Mr. Edward Rochester, were pictures drawn of Hugh, poems written about Hugh, and entries such as:
“At the pool he lies on his back on the concrete with his arms spread like Christ on the cross and I want to ravish him.”
Carol even put herself to sleep with thoughts of Hugh:
“I smelled him and remembered how I’d put myself to sleep the night before with a story about him taking me out into the woods where there was this old tennis court no one used anymore and him teaching me to play and afterward kissing me, a tender, delicate kiss [...]”

After Carol learned that she had Hugh's full attention, he informed her that he and his mother were of the opinion that Carol was a (teen) seductress. 

“I understood that I had his full attention now. I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it. I’d never had any boy’s attention before as far as I knew.”

“You are trouble. I, like my mother, think you are trying to seduce me.”

In the end, after reading Carol's notebook, Hugh made an age-gap relationship faux pas by not letting Carol set the pace of the relationship. Unable to resist the allure of a nymphet, Hugh cornered Carol in the bathroom, he kneaded her young right fountain, and he penetrated her (with a digit). Consequently, Carol fled, and like most victims of abuse, she didn't share what happened. 

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TEEN VOGUE: Black Friday Vibrators & Sex Toys

In an effort to move teens away from vibrating phones, electric toothbrushes, hair brushes, Sharpies, shower heads, and ice cubes, Bianca Nieves posted for Teen Vogue "11 Best Lelo Black Friday Vibrators & Sex Toys Deals 2021: You know the vibes" (NOVEMBER 26, 2021). In the post, Nieves opined that self-pleasure (i.e., teen masturbation) is synonymous with self-care:

In case it needs to be said, self-pleasure is self-care. Still, shopping for sex toys or sexual health products can be overwhelming at best and stigmatized at worst. But this holiday season, Lelo is here to help.

Nieves wrote teens shopping for sex toys should be fun, empowering and not a big deal:

Shopping for sex toys and personal massagers should be fun, empowering, and most importantly, no big deal. The first step is knowing what you're looking to get out of your new toy. 

And for teen first time buyers and users, Nieves recommended that Teen Vogue readers peruse the (online) magazine's resources (e.g., How to Use a Vibrator: 11 Tips for First-Timers: And the best products to buy.)

If you need a little guidance, feel free to check out some of Teen Vogue's resources on what to know before getting a vibrator (and what to do after you purchase it, too).

Lastly, Teen Vogue left a note, but we're surprised that the note didn't encourage teens to fantasize about other teens and discourage teens from fantasizing about about men while masturbating: 

All products featured on Teen Vogue are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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King Louis XV: The Jeffrey Epstein of the 18th century? | Parc-aux-Cerfs' Virgins & Sex

14-year-old Marie Antoinette & Louis XV

We first, indirectly, learned about King Louis XV's (open) nympholepsy via Vladimir Nabokov but not Nabokov's Lolita but Nabokov's Ada, or Ardor: A Family Chronicle. Nabokov wrote:

“Of the many ancestors along the wall, she pointed out her favorite, old Prince Vseslav Zemski (1699-1797), friend of Linnaeus and author of Flora Ladorica, who was portrayed in rich oil holding his barely pubescent bride and her blond doll in his satin lap.”

Brian Boyd annotated on Ada Online that the bride being referred to is Princess Sofia Temnosiniy and per Ada’s family tree, Princess Sofia Temnosiniy was approximately 14-years-old when she married 72-one-year-old Prince Zemski. 

François Boucher's Girl Reclining

In addition, the Prince’s son, Peter Zemski, married Mary O’Reilly. Boyd wrote: 

“John Rea [NABOKV-L, 30 November 2004] suggests that Mary O’Reilly may also echo Mary Louise O’Murphy (or Marie-Louise or Louison Morfy or O’Morphy, 1737-1814), who became mistress to Louis XVI of France [...]. She is said both to have been [Giacomo] Casanova’s mistress first, or to have been noticed by him, and to have been at fifteen the model for [François] Boucher’s famous painting, Girl Reclining [...].”

Casanova shared in Histoire de ma vie that when he spied 13-year-old O’Murphy in the nude, he found her so alluring that he commissioned a nude portrait of the nymphet. 

It’s not clear how King Louis XV discovered O’Murphy. One theory he that he saw Casanova's commission and requested to see the original. Another theory is that she was recruited by Madame de Pompadour - the king’s official chief mistress. Reportedly, King Louis XV impregnated O’Murphy, but she had a miscarriage at 15 but gave birth at 16 to the king’s illegitimate child.

And per Nancy Goldstone's AirMail post "The View from Here: It wasn’t all cake and Versailles for Marie Antoinette, the last queen of France…" (September 18, 2021), O’Murphy wasn't the only nymphet King Louis XV procured, because he kept a brothel, Parc-aux-Cerfs, of nymphets. So much so that Goldstone dubbed King Louis XV the possible Jeffrey Epstein of the 18th century:
While we are on the subject of who might actually have been responsible for the abject poverty and unrelenting misery that would eventually explode into the French Revolution (and who has to date gotten off scot-free from any blame for the deplorable conditions under which the general population labored), may I just make a small, quick case for the repellent Louis XV, the Jeffrey Epstein of the 18th century?

For nearly 50 years prior to Marie Antoinette’s arrival, Louis XV reigned over France and, during that time, pursued a corrupt, predatory, entitled, and contemptuous agenda. Government bored Louis. He spent his days hunting and spending lavishly on ostentatious entertainments, luxury goods, and sex. (He conveniently kept a brothel called Parc-aux-Cerfs, which specialized in young women, on the palace grounds.) Aristocratic privilege flourished during his rule, and the gap between the wealthiest 1 percent (who paid no taxes) and everyone else grew.

Geri Walton elaborated on Parc-aux-Cerfs in the post "Parc-aux-Cerfs and Tales of Louis XV’s Harem" where she wrote that, in addition to O’Murphy, Madame de Pompadour procured a bevy of beautiful virgins for the the king:

[...] organized a constant stream of very young beauties to entertain the bored King in his bedroom. The beauties were housed at a small house in Parc-aux-Cerfs purchased in 1755 by the King. This house was later described by some people as a seraglio. The King did not visit the beauties at the little house but rather had them escorted discretely to and from the palace when he requested a rendezvous, and, from all accounts, most people at the time had no idea anything inappropriate was happening.

The bevy of beauties that Madame de Pompadour supplied and supervised were low-class but supposedly virginal women. 

In addition, Goldstone wrote that 60-year-old Louis XV attempted to seduce 14-year-old Marie Antoinette:

When [14-year-old] Marie Antoinette first arrived, Louis XV kept showing up at her private apartment first thing in the morning, angling to get into her bedroom, and often pulled her onto his lap, demanding a kiss, until she figured out how to avoid him.

Incidentally, King Louis XV reminded me of Emperor Augustus whom I wrote about in The Allure of Nymphets due to his passion for deflowering virgins:

Matt Ridley related in the New York Times Notable Book The Red Queen that, Augustus, the first emperor of the Roman Empire from 27 BC to 14 AD, had “a passion for deflowering girls” and according to Roman historian Suetonius, the virgins were procured by Augustus’ wife. 

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"We Children From Bahnhof Zoo": German Teen Prostitutes | Teen Handjobs for H


Here's Amazon Prime Video's description of We Children From Bahnhof Zoo:
Christiane, Stella, Babsi, Benno, Axel und Michi: the children from Bahnhof Zoo. They relentlessly fight for their dreams of happiness and freedom. They want to leave all their problems behind. Together, they rush into Berlin's gritty nights and celebrate life and its temptations - until they realize that this rush will not only destroy their friendship but push them over the edge into an abyss.

Stella & Günther

That doesn't really reveal much about the series; so, let's take a look at Rotten Tomatoes' SERIES INFO:

The story of Christiane F. and her dysfunctional friends, who as teenagers descend into the gritty drug scene of 1970s West Berlin. 

That's better, but let's elaborate. We Children From Bahnhof Zoo is based on Christiane F. (Christiane Vera Felscherinow) and the (non-fiction) book Zoo Station: The Story of Christiane F. (1978), which is about Felscherinow's life as a German teen prostitute and heroin (H) addict. 

It's important to note that the nymphet's in the series began teen prostituting before they got addicted to H. For example, teen Stella, Christiane, and 14-year-old Babsi, in exchange for room and board, gave middle-aged Günther hand jobs and blow jobs.

Stella Advises Christiane

After that, it's a very straight forward plot. The teens got addicted to H, and they prostituted to make money to get H. 

Stella was the first to move in with Günther and the first to become a prostitute. Consequently, she was able to advise the other teens:

"You don't have to screw them."
"You just want a blow job."
"All that helps is closing your eyes [...]"
Christiane & john

To relieve Christiane of her teen prostitution duties, Benno offered to make money for H for them to share. "You never have to do it again" However, Christiane rebutted, "What if I want to earn my own dope from now on? Know how much we'd have if we both hustled?

Christiane, john & H

Eventually, the teens exchanged sex for room and board and H from Günther. Stella shared: "[...] sometimes I sucked him off sex times per day [for H]. Other johns as well. I once had 11 per day."

Unsurprisingly, as the teens got more desperate slash addicted, the rates for their services declined and they offered "sex" sex

Stella, Christiane, & Babsi

Initially, the German teen prostitutes were averaging 200 marks per day while charging 60 for blow jobs and 40 for handjobs. Next, Stella offered 40 for a blow job that included swallowing. Eventually, Stella said, "Sex cost 10, blow jobs 5."

Madame Stella 

Although, one potential john told Stella, "You're a child." Another john told Stella that she was too old. 

john, "You're too old. Three girls for tonight. Under 14."
Stella, "I'll get it done. 150 per girl and 250 for me."
john, "Make sure they look good - well groomed."
Stella, "200 each and you get top quality goods."

Consequently, Stella left the teen prostitution field and became a madame who paid her under 14-year-old prostitutes 60 for sex and 40 for blow jobs. Stella related, "Angie makes 250 bucks a day!" 

Lastly, per Leo Barraclough's Variety piece "‘We Children From Bahnhof Zoo’ Director on Giving Tale of ’70s Youth in Berlin a Contemporary Vibe" (Apr 9, 2021):

The original book, published in 1978, is based on interviews with a then 15-year-old former teen drug addict and prostitute Christiane F. The book shattered cosy illusions of a post-war world that protected its children; [unsurprisingly] it became Germany’s biggest non-fiction bestseller since World War II, and was published in 20 languages.

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Teen Seduction & Age-Gap Sexual Affair of François Mitterrand

On episode 58 of the Air Mail's "Morning Meeting" podcast (Oct 22, 2021), Ashley Baker said, "You know we love a good sex scandel here on "Morning Meeting". Especially when it involves French politicians." 

Subsequently, Baker and co-host Michael Hainey related that François Mitterrand, the former President of France, had [at least] two mistresses. And [at least] one of his mistresses, Claire, was 50 years younger than Mitterrand and that Claire was 18 when she seduced the former statesman. 

Lara Marlowe elaborated in The Irish Times post "François Mitterrand’s last, secret love – living a triple life" (Oct 3, 2021) that 18-year-old Claire waited for hours outside of Mitterrand's apartment before she invited him to lunch - in her apartment:
Claire moved to Paris at the age of 18, to study law. In rebellion against conservative parents, she became an avid socialist. For four years, she and a friend stalked then president Mitterrand, waiting for hours outside his apartment in the rue de Bièvre, following him on his trips to the provinces. In 1988, he accepted Claire’s invitation to lunch in her tiny apartment in the rue du Four.
Hainey referred to Mitterrand and Claire's affair as a "Spring Winter" romance. And Baker shared, "That's a memoir I'd read!"

Sue Lyon & James B. Harris

But don't think that Baker's a teleiophile. After she erroneously said, "This movie [i.e., Lolita (1962)] wouldn't be made today," Baker made it clear that she didn't approve of the age-gap affair between 14-year-old Sue Lyon, Lolita's star, and James B. Harris, the film's 32-year-old producer. However, on episode 52 "J.F.K and the Radcliffe Girl - 60 Years Later", Baker said, "I love this story," which is about a sexual affair between 20-year-old Diana De Vegh and 40-year-old John F. Kennedy. #confused

Lastly but interestingly, in The Night of the Iguana (1964), Charlotte Goodall (17-year-old Sue Lyon) entered Reverend Shannon's bedroom and seduced the Episcopal priest (38-year-old Richard Burton).

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E. Jean Carroll: A Sexually Molested (Pre) Teen Girl Scout

There's an excerpt in New York magazine (June 24-July 7, 2019) from E. Jean Carroll's What Do We Need Men For? A Modest Proposal where Carroll alleges that she was raped in Bergdorf Goodman by President Trump. 

And Carroll wrote that when she was a nymphet, another pre-teen shoved objects into her vagina. 
One day my parents gave a party. Everyone brought their kids. Arthur and Evelyn drove up from Indianapolis with James to the redbrick schoolhouse where we lived, deep in the hills north of Fort Wayne. As the parents drank cocktails in our big yard with the scent of the blooming wads of cash infusing every inch of Indiana just after WWII, the kids played up on the hill beside the schoolhouse.

James was 7 and a half or 8, a bloodthirsty, beautiful, relentless boy. He ordered everyone around, even the older kids. To me he said, “I’m going to shove this up you again.”

We’d played this game before. Our families had gone on a camping trip to Pokagon State Park, and I learned that an object could be shoved up the place where I tinkled. I don’t remember now what it was, probably a stick, or maybe a rock. It felt like being cut with a knife. I remember I bled.

This reminded me of an episode of Pamela Adlon's Better Things where, in a game of Truth or Dare, Duke dared another pre-teen, "Put four Monopoly pieces in your vagina." She did! 

In addition, when Carroll was a 12-year-old Girl Scout, after being crowned Miss Camp Ella J. Logan, she was repeatedly fondled by Cam - the waterfront director:
I walk over and whisper: “What?”

They whisper: “You are Miss Camp Ella J. Logan.”

After they put the papier-mâché crown on my head, the cape on my shoulders, and give me the baton covered in Reynolds Wrap, Old Cam, No. 6 on the Most Hideous Men of My Life List, the waterfront director, takes me out in a boat and runs his hands under my shirt and up my shorts. 

He is breathing and moving his hand slowly and hotly, and I fight no battles in my head. My mind goes white. This is Cam. This is the man who has watched me grow from an 8-year-old Brownie Scout, and his notice is an honor. This is Cam, who teaches me to swim and dive and awards me the coveted White Cap! This is Cam, who continues to run his hand inside my shorts and under my blouse — even in the dining room during dinner, under the table, squeezing my thighs, shoving his fingers — saying, “You’re my girl. You’re my girl. You’re my girl,” and making me Girl Scout–promise “not to tell anyone.”

He does this until I go home. I am 12.

MEAN GIRLS: The Musical | 10-Year-Old in Love (Again)

The book for Mean Girls (the musical) and the script for Mean Girls (2004) (the film) was written by Tina Fey. The musical opened on Broadway in 2018 at the August Wilson Theatre, but since the tickets are cost prohibitive for most New York City based writers, we had to rely on a (bootleg) YouTube video of the musical and a (bootleg) copy of the book to write this post.

The musical is (mostly) set at North Shore High School and is centered around Cady who moved to Chicago from Kenya and due to "dodgy decisions cause[d] another girl to get hit by a bus.  [...] IT'S A CAUTIONARY TALE\OF FEAR AND LUST AND PRIDE,\BASED ON ACTUAL EVENTS\WHERE PEOPLE DIED

But before Cady moved to Chicago, she fell in love twice. When she was 5-years-old, she fell in love with a Kenyan who "LITERALLY" ran from her. 


This reminds me of Blame It On Rio (1984) where 17-year-old Jennifer (Michelle Johnson) used her youthful beauty and insatiable libido to seduce Matthew (Michael Caine), her father's 49-year-old best friend.

Jennifer shared with Matthew that her love for him actually began when she was 10-years-old. 

"I love you [...] I used to pretend [...] that we were married [...] when I was ten."

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"I Know What You Did Last Summer": Teen OnlyFans, Zaddy & High School Student-Teacher Sex

Here's Amazon Prime and IMDb's description of I Know What You Did Last Summer:
In a town full of secrets, a group of [Wai Huna, Hawaii based] teenagers are stalked by a mysterious killer a year after a fatal accident on their [high school] graduation night.
Although, that's a brief description, for the purposes if this blog, that description will suffice, but let's take a look at what Ben Rosenstock referred to in his Vulture recaps as "weird subplots" i.e., how the series used the allure of nymphets for streams.

One of the "weird subplots" is that two of the teens, Lennon and Margot, whom Rosenstock wrote "resembles a Gen-Z stereotype", filmed teen lipstick lesbian videos for an @AllyWally teen OnlyFans account. 

One of the videos, or what Rosenstock referred to as "professional-looking porn", was shot on (high school) graduation night. (s01e04) And it can be safely inferred that the account was (regularly) updated during their (senior) high school career. Lennon shared, "I'm just being me, making love and making money [...] I like to fuck and that's that on that."

Provocatively, Margot masturbated to one of Lennon's teen boy-girl OnlyFans videos. #meta

Rosenstock asked: "Why is the idea of high-school students sleeping with their teachers so normalized with these kids?," which is another subplot. For example, a student had a sexual affair with the gym teacher. (Viewers were informed, indirectly, that the affair didn't begin until the student turned 18. #wink) Rosenstock even opined that the show went so far as to "fetishize" this student-teacher affair

In the premier, Margot said to Allison(Lennon), "You think I don't know how you got that "A" in A.P. Bio from Mr. Haskell?' 

And Allison (Lennon) confessed to Dylan, "[...] I may or may not have fucked Mr. Haskell to get an "A" in A.P. Bio." 
Dylan, "Oh, that."
Allison (Lennon), You knew?"
Dylan, "Everyone knew you'd do anything to win." (s01e06)

In addition, in an related conversation, Margot shared with Allison(Lennon), "[...] but your dad. I mean, he's a total zaddy."  (s01e06)

Interestingly, a murder suspect was rejected because, "He's too busy jerking off to jailbate to go around putting goat heads in people's closets." Using an electric toothbrushLennon attempted to teach Allison how to perform oral sex, "[...] You're gonna talk about how good it tastes. Angle yourself so he can see it going in and out." And there were at least eight teen lipstick lesbian scenes in the series.

Lastly, I was a bit taken aback by the amount teen drug use in the series e.g., Ketamine, 8 Ball\cocaine, Vyvanase, MDMA, and vape based (prescription) marijuana. 

Unsurprisingly, I Know What You Did Last Summer is in the Top 10 on Amazon with 3 out of 5 stars. 

Monday, November 8, 2021

TAXI DRIVER (1976): Jodie Foster's New York Teen Prostitute Role

In Taxi Driver (1976), Travis (Robert De Niro), a New York City taxi driver, had a desire to save Iris (Jodie Foster), a pre-teen prostitute, from her abusive pimp. 

Interestingly, in one scene, while De Niro's character was driving through the seedy 1970s Times Square area, I noticed a theater's marquee sign that was fittingly advertising the film Anita: Swedish Nymphet (1973) [Swedish: Anita – ur en tonårsflickas dagbok], which is about a 16-year-old nymphomaniac who satisfied her sexual urges with older men.)

On Travis' first attempt at rescuing 12-year-old Iris, her pimp, dressed in black slacks, a white wife beater, and a matching black and white fedora, gave Travis the rates and what they entailed, which included anal sex:
“$15 fifteen minutes, $25 half-an-hour [...] Well, take it or leave it. If you want to save yourself some money, don't fuck her. 'Cause you'll be back here every night for some more man. She's 12-and-a-half years old [...] You ain't never had no pussy like that. You can do anything you want with her. You can cum on her. Fuck her in the mouth. Fuck her in the ass. Cum on her face man. She'll get your cock so hard, she'll make it explode. But no rough stuff.”

Although we've written extensively about teen prostitution, fiction and nonfiction, from Rome's wealthiest district to New York, we were a bit gobsmacked by what Travis could get for $25 and thirty minutes. 

Thursday, November 4, 2021

BuzzFeed Daily Pod: Gen Z\Teen Sex Down | Porn & Sexting Up

On the BuzzFeed Daily podcast "Gen Z* Isn't Having As Much Sex", Tatyannah King, BuzzFeed contributor and sex therapy grad student, gave some "reasons why younger generations aren't having as much sex":

1. Adulthood (e.g., dating, moving out of your parent's house, cohabitating with a partner, getting married) has been delayed

2. Advancements in technology (e.g., dating apps, easy access to porn) has led to an increase in (teen) masturbation and/or sexting as they're more convenient than meeting face-to-face

King was asked, "Do you get the sense that our sex ed system in the US has gotten any better?"

She replied, "We're making a little bit of progress, but it's not really where it needs to be [...] You get very sex negative messages [...]"

King must not be familiar with the sex positive sex ed programs like at Hunter, a top high school on Manhattan's wealthy Upper East Side, where the school provides "mint-flavored condoms with no spermicide, labeled ''ONLY for oral sex'' for the Hunter High nymphets. 

And King must not be familiar with Dana Kennedy's New York Post post "Dalton parents [are] enraged over ‘masturbation’ videos for first graders".

Eve Culling's Sex Advice for Gen Z 

However, a BuzzFeed Daily host related that "not every member of Gen Z is having less sex" and referenced Eve Culling's viral TikTok (e.g., 30 million views and and over 4 million likes) where Culling, a member of Gen Z, encouraged her followers to, "Have [teen] sex on the first date. You heard it here first. Don't say I didn't warn you. You're welcome."

*Generation Z: The generation born in the late 1990s or the early 21st century (i.e., 7-22 years old), perceived as being familiar with the use of digital technology, the internet, and social media from a very young age. (Oxford

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Law & Order: SVU | Manhattan Teen & Actor Old\Young Sexual Affair

[Note: This is an edited excerpt from my Teens Love and Want to F*ck James Franco: A Study of a Life and Works.]

There’s an episode of Law & Order: SVU that’s based on the Franco\Clode Instagram scandal. Franco’s Law & Order: SVU episode was subtitled "Agent Provocateur". Here’s IMDb’s plot summary season 16 episode 11 - Agent Provocateur: 

An actor is suspected of raping a 15-year-old girl, but are he and his agent trying to spin it into a publicity stunt for his new movie? And why is a tabloid journalist keeping the NYPD from discovering the truth?

Per usual, the episode began with the disclaimer: The following story is fictional and does not depict any actual person or event. 

After getting the legalities out of the way, Madison, the 15-year-old, departed an Upper West Side doorman building and hopped into a yellow cab before she removed her overcoat to reveal a revealing black dress.  The nymphet uncapped a bottle of gin and happily glossed her lips.  

In the next scene, she was zipped into a suitcase, dragged through Tribeca’s Howell hotel’s lobby and left for dead in an alley with gin, Ambien, Xanax and condom lubricant in her system. Utilizing a racist trope, Madison told Sergeant Benson and Detective Amaro, two of NYPD’s finest, that before she could meet with a “friend” to see Wicked, she was drugged by a “Middle Eastern maybe” cab driver. 

NYPD discovered, via an Instagram post, that Madison’s “friend” was Scott Russo (Shiloh Fernandez) whom was described as a “[pretty boy] actor slash painter slash philosopher” and a “Renaissance man”. It was revealed that Madison was obsessed with Russo, she watched Russo’s Caspien Sea (N.D.) - ten times, and that the age-gap couple met via Twitter DMs. 

After being questioned about his relationship with Madison, Russo shared with Ice T’s character, “After Caspian Sea, that’s my fan base, young girls. There’s a bunch of them in the lobby right now. Some of them always manage to slip under the [proverbial] velvet rope” 

After a waiter told the NYPD that Russo was seen doing “body shots” off of Madison’s nubile body, Russo confessed:

“Alright look. I invited her to the party. We had some drinks. I find out that she was underage; so, I excused myself. She followed me to my room. Alright, if you would have watched the playback on that [LMZ] video, you would have seen that I shut the door on her.”

Madison confirmed Russo’s claim and proclaimed to her mother in front of NYPD:

“I am not a child! And he [Russo] didn’t attack me. I followed him to his room! I wanted to be with him [...] He didn’t force me. We’re soul mates. I’ve been dreaming that this would happen. That he would fall in love with me.”

Madison went on to disclose with her mother and the NYPD that after Russo told her that she was a nice girl but that she was too young for him, she went to Skye Adderson’s room, Russo’s co-star, and had sex with him and that she lied initially because, “I didn’t want Scott [Russo] to find out that I had cheated on him. I knew that he would never forgive me.”

Ultimately, the motion to dismiss the indictment against Russo was “so ordered”, and he left the courthouse to the cheers of Madison and a gaggle of additional nymphets. 

Sadly, even though Madison confessed to the NYPD that she aggressively attempted to have sex with Russo and that it was her idea to go to Adderson’s hotel room for sex, she didn’t receive even a slap on her jeune wrist. Why? #rhetoricalquestion