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Enjo Kosai (援助交際): Japanese High School Prostitutes

In an earlier post about the documentary Girl Model (2012) and in The Allure of Nymphets, I wrote about how, like the French and the Spanish, yet unlike North Americans and the British,  the Japanese are open about their attraction to nymphets or what it is referred to in Japan as Lolicon (ロリコン) (i.e. Lolita complex). However, in the post and in the book, I only touched the tip of the iceberg on the Japanese's allure of nymphets.

A 1997 New York Times article titled "Schoolgirls as Sex Toys" related:

In Tokyo there are now several hundred ''image clubs,'' where Japanese men pay $150 an hour to act out their fantasies with make-believe schoolgirls in make-believe classrooms, locker rooms or commuter trains. A customer may, for example, act the part of a teacher who walks into a classroom and tears the clothes off a schoolgirl. Or he may choose to fondle a schoolgirl on a crowded commuter train.

But Japanese men are not restricted to "make-believe schoolgirls". Like in Spain, the age-of-consent in Japan is 13; consequently, there are a number of Japanese prostitutes who are high school students by day, which is a practice that is referred to as enjo kosai (援助交際) in Japan.
For example, a 1996 Wall Street Journal article titled "Japan's New Growth Industry: Schoolgirl Prostitution" related:

Aya, now 15, says she started letting men touch her breasts two years ago for $100. Last October, she says she turned her first trick, with a man who approached her and a girlfriend on a Tokyo street and paid them about $500 apiece to have sex with him. She began commuting regularly from her suburban home to ply her body, lured by the cash that she spent on restaurants, miniskirts and trips to Tokyo Disneyland [...] Japanese teenagers have expensive tastes—$500 Prada purses and $350 Louis Vuitton wallets are hot teen items.

In a Newsweek article titled "Japan's Dirty Secret: Schoolgirls Selling Sex" the deputy director of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police juvenile division said, “It has to do with a longing for material things. It’s not that they come from poor families who need to support themselves. They just want to have more and more.”

Aya is part of what Japanese police are starting to call an epidemic: prostitution by schoolgirls. Police say they picked up 5,481 girls under 18 in Japan for prostitution and related activities last year, 38% more than two years earlier.

Shinji Miyadai, a sociologist at Tokyo Metropolitan University, estimates that 8% of schoolgirls nationwide—and one-third of girls at some schools that aren't geared toward the college-bound—are involved in the sex industry. 

Teen prostitution is particularly rife in Tokyo, where it is legal for adults to have sex with children over 12 and where prostitution isn't punishable unless arranged by a pimp. Tokyo police grumble that when they spot an older man and a young girl emerging from ubiquitous "love hotels," which rent rooms by the hour, all they can do is take names and ages and notify the girl's parents.

Don't be a feminist and blame the Japanese high school prostitute epidemic on "dirty old men". It's a two-way street. The high school prostitutes can be very aggressive in their pursuit of middle-aged johns. For example, the Wall Street Journal article further related :

Melon Club.. features a tiny one-way mirror looking in on a main room where girls looks like a slumber party: Six girls lounge on sofas, playing video games, putting on lipstick and reading comics...Splayed on the floor are the girls' Prada and Fendi bags.

Girls drift into the club and wait to be chosen by customers who pay $100, $50 of which goes to the girl, then go on a one-hour "date." Many girls say they give out their portable phone numbers and begin freelancing.One, who gives her name as Miki, says she can earn $150 to $200 a day at the club, whereas she would earn only $7 an hour dishing out ice cream.

Keiko S., 16, began calling a telephone club in elementary school. Now, she earns $800 to $1,000 a month from Melon and her freelancing. She has gone out with about 50 men who range in age from 20 to 60.

Now some girls bypass the clubs entirely, posting their cellular-phone and beeper numbers along Tokyo streets. Juvenile-police director Mr. Nishida, 58, says he has been solicited by schoolgirls while walking Tokyo's streets in plain clothes. Shopping arcades have begun posting signs ordering, "Do not write your phone or beeper number."

According to the article, it turns out that the high school prostitutes don't consider what they do to be prostitution:

The girls call their customers "Papasan" and don't speak of prostitution—to them it is just enjo kosai, or financially supported dating. Akiyoshi Ishibashi, a police psychologist in Tokyo, says half of the 400 teenage prostitutes he and other Tokyo psychologists have counseled extensively—most from middle-class families with two parents—don't feel prostitution is wrong.

Lolicon (ロリコン) and enjo kosai (援助交際) aren't kept secret in Japan. They're portrayed on mainstream television shows, movies, and anime. 

BBC Sex in Japan clip on Enjo Kosai 

For example, here's the plot summary for the Japanese movie series Stop the Bitch Campaign:

In Tokyo, prostitution in the name of "Enjo Kosai" is in fashion among some high school girls. A mysterious man, Kuni, laments such girls, but cannot deny a strong desire for them. He punishes the girls by having sex with them without paying. He calls this operation "Stop the Bitch Campaign" for public justice.

JT Brown shared this information in an article he wrote on Hackwriter about enjo kosai:

Internet match-making services exist in many countries. But they don’t quite shape up like this one [Japan]. Read the following quotations and facts found in a English language report on virtual dating sites, compiled and written this year by Japan’s National Police Agency.

Some typical messages posted in solicitation of sex: 

"Will pay 50,000 yen maximum for Enjo Kosai."
"Awaiting messages from high school girls short in pocket money."

"Send me a mail if you can meet me Sunday for 30,000 yen."
"Buy my virginity. I’m an innocent 15 year old."
"I want to try real sex! I’m bored with playing with myself. Somebody with lots of money please make me feel good."

Some facts found in the report:

"93.8% cases of which the solicitation method is known, were initiated by female child."
"97 percent of cases with child prostitutes now involve cell phone dating services."
"83.1% of high school students, 23.1% of junior high own cellular phones"

It's clear what the current laws are in Japan concerning enjo kosai. There has been some legislation introduced concerning The Child Prostitution and Pornography Act and the Child Welfare Law, but I've read conflicting reports from a number of different sources. But JT Brown wrote that, "...enforcement of the laws on the books by Japan’s finest has always been a joke anyway."

I related in The Allure of Nymphets about pre-teen prostitutes in the United States prior to the change in the age-of-consent laws. And the subsequent rise in the number of teen prostitutes after the age-of-consent was raised. Here's an excerpt :

To give an example of how raunchy things got, Odem [author of Delinquent Daughters] related that during World War I, when the problem of female sexual delinquency assumed national proportions...a five-mile radius moral zone was implemented around military training camps. In those moral zones, alcohol and prostitution were prohibited. Surprisingly, the military discovered that it was not professional prostitutes who were loitering around military bases - it was teenage girls. Over the course of the war, approximately 30,000 young girls were apprehended for illicit activity, prostitution and suspicion of spreading venereal diseases.

You may not see many teen prostitutes openly on the streets in the United States anymore; however, you'll find a plethora of virtual teen prostitutes on the Internet where they'll do just about anything under the sun for virtual "tokens" or for attention. 

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GOSSIP GIRL: How to Blackmail a Nymphet? Reveal Her Affair with Her Drama Teacher

Relationships on teen television shows between students and (English) teachers are typically portrayed in one or maybe two episodes; however, that wasn't the case with Gossip Girl

The student-teacher relationship between the sexually aggressive prep school student Serena (Blake Lively) and her various mentors, teachers and professors extended across the six seasons of the show that was called “Mind-blowingly inappropriate” by the Parents Television Council, “Very bad for you" by the San Diego Union-Tribune, and “A nasty piece of work.” by the New York Post

On the 7th episode of the 6th season of Gossip Girl, Blair (Leighton Meester) "Invoke[d] the order of the secrets" in an attempt to blackmail representatives of the five most powerful Manhattan prep schools into attending her fashion show. 

And how did she attempt to blackmail the nymphets from The Nightingale-Bamford School, The Brearley School, The Chapin School, and The Spence School to comply with her demand? 

Blair surmised that at least one of the prep school nymphets had an affair with her drama teacher, another with her Latin teacher and another with her father's business partner.

"Invoke the order of the secrets [...] If they don't do what you say, spill their secrets [...] And if your refuse, she'll have no choice but to reveal your affair with your drama teacher. Your Latin teacher. Your father’s business partner.” "

The Boston Herald referred to the teen show as “Every parent’s nightmare.”

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Evan Zimroth's COLLUSION: A Teen Ballerina's Unrequited Love for Ballet Teacher

Evan Zimroth's Collusion:
Memoir of a Young Girl and Her Ballet Master 

Collusion: Memoir of a Young Girl and Her Ballet Master
is Evan Zimroth's memoir about her unrequited love affair with F., her middle-aged ballet instructor, that began when she was 12-years-old. 
She wrote: "I wish I could know now, at this moment, whether the relationship was erotic for F., too." 

Not only was F.'s unrequited love attractive to Evan, but the fact that: "[...] his attention could always be withdrawn, that there was always someone else waiting to claim it - someone younger, thinner, more beautiful [...]" caused her to be more deeply in love with him.

R. Don Steele reiterated in How to Date Young Women for Men Over 35 what Evan wrote about her ballet instructor, which is that aloofness is attractive and that neediness is unattractive. 

F.'s aloofness was so strong that Evan wished that F. would have risked going to jail for statutory rape. She wrote: "F. never quite took that risk, although I imagined for years that he might. I wished for it." 

F. was unneedy to the point that when he did anything for Evan, which included hitting her with a cane, Evan felt that F. was giving her a gift, which made her want to give him a gift in return. She wrote: "[...] I felt thoroughly in love with him, as if he had showered me with gifts and I could reciprocate, give him gifts in return [...]"

Publishers Weekly wrote of Collusion:
Novelist and poet Zimroth (Gangsters) recounts her days as an adolescent ballet student and her masochistic relationship with her teacher, F., a famous Russian dancer. The story itself is compelling [...] Zimroth's memoir is an interesting backstage look at the seamier side of an art form, and it raises interesting questions about artists and mentors and the personal price of success. 

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MAD MEN (2013): Betty Offers to Help Husband Rape Nymphet (Teen)

On the much anticipated 2013 season premier of Mad Men, in an effort to "spice things up" in their love life, Betty offered to help her husband, Henry, rape a fifteen-year-old nymphet. 

And you thought the wife of Emperor Augustus' wife was helpful when she procured very young virgins for the Emperor to satisfy his passion of deflowering nymphets. 

I'm surprised that there hasn't been any backlash. Especially since Rick Ross lost his Addidas endorsement after he made a rap song that appeared to condone rape.

Mr. Henry Francis and Mrs. Betty Francis
Sally Draper, the 14-year-old
The 15-year-old in the Next Room
(Photo credits to

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HUSBANDS AND WIVES (1992): A Columbia Professor & His Young Teleiophile Student

In Woody Allen's Husbands and Wives (1992), Gabe Roth (Woody Allen), a Columbia literature professor, begins an affair with Rain (Juliette Lewis), one of his students. The affair began after Rain read and praised the manuscript of Roth's new novel. 

However, prior to taking Roth’s class, Rain had previous relationships with three [much] older men:
  1. Jerry, Her Friend's Father
  2. Her Father's Business Partner
  3. Her Analyst

Jerry, Her Friend's Father.
Her Father's Business Partner
Her Analyst
Her Professor

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THE SAVIOR (1971) & GLEE (2010): Adult Actresses Playing Nude Teens

The Savior (1971) [French: Le sauveur] is about 14-year-old Nanette (Muriel Catalá) who falls in love with a middle-aged member of the British military whom she finds injured near her family's farm in rural France.

If I would have known that Muriel Catalá was 18-years-old when the film was made, I wouldn't have been as shocked by the nude scenes, because Muriel easily passes for a 14-year-old nymphet. But that raises the question, is it okay for "older" actresses to play raunchy teen roles?

"Fast Times marked a significant change in the marketplace for films featuring high school students and young adults. Up to this point, images like these [e.g., teen masturbation] were impossible because the practice was to utilize actual teens to play teen characters due to the stringent laws at work regarding what child actors were permitted to do on-screen (Russnow 2011). Film-makers began to use younger-looking adult actors above the age of 18 to play these sexualized roles." 
Thus, as the raunchiness of the roles rose, the ages of the "teen" actors rose as well.

The November 2010 issue of GQ magazine featured three stars of the Fox teen musical Glee. The Parents Television Council released a report saying that GQ's photographs sexualized actresses that play high school-aged students, bordered on pedophilia and were nearly pornographic. 

GQ responded by saying that there was nothing wrong with the photographs due to the nature of sexualized modern television and that the actresses were in their twenties. But is that a valid excuse? And where do we draw the line? (Interestingly, Lea Michele was 14-years-old when she began playing Wendla Bergman in the controversial teen play Spring Awakening.)

GQ's Glee Photoshoot: Lea Michele, Dianna Agron & Cory Monteith

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A History of "Childhood" in New York City

The April 8, 2013 New York magazine cover story is "Childhood in New York". This excerpt from Jennifer Senior's article "Little Grown-ups and Their Progeny" is consistent with the research that we've previously posted about childhood being a relatively recent invention.

The article relates that up until the end of the WWII, children were expected to contribute to the family financially. Particular to New York City, newsboys were rampant, but delivering newspapers wasn’t their only source of income. They “[…] blacked boots, scavenged for junk, and shuttled messages and goods.” But “[...] child poverty, child abuse, and exploitative labor practices […]” lead to an effort by reformers and the government (e.g. Children’s Bureau) to protect children.

However, Steven Mintz, the author of Huck’s Raft: A History of Childhood in America, said, “They [reformers and the government] viewed kids smoking at 10 and 12 and having independent money and walking into bars as the worst thing in the world. It reminds you that "child" is a label, not a reality."

Clearly, prior to the end the WWII and before the American economy prospered, young people (i.e. children) were expected to behave as adults in terms of earning a living wage and their adult behavior in terms of vices was condoned. It was even common to see 10-year-old prostitutes in New York City. 

Just like Neil Postman related in The Disappearance of Childhood, things have gone full circle. Today, many children/teens behave like adults. For example, they drink, smoke, take drugs, have sex, and are (virtual) teen strippers; however, what separates them from adults isn't the printing press, but age-of-consent laws. 

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THE MONK (2011): A Monk is Seduced by a Nymphet

The Monk (2011) [French: Le moine] is an ironic example of "What To Do" and "What Not To Do" to be seduced by a nymphet. Counterintuitively, the piety of monks can be extremely attractive to nymphets. 

Mickey Royal relates in The Pimp Game that for one to be a pimp, he must have power over himself and give up desires of the flesh (i.e. materialism, lust, etc.). And every man knows that females are attracted to power, but not every man knows that one of the most attractive forms of power is self-control (i.e., power over oneself). 

Royal even advises that, like the Monk, one should not approach the opposite sex, but be "open" (i.e. have no desires of the flesh) and, like the Monk, let the nymphet be the seducer.

In the French film, the Monk (Vincent Cassel) is understandably very religious. Following Royal's advice,  he initially rejects the advances of a teen who sneaks into the monastery to seduce him; however, after she drugs him and takes his virginity, his inhibitions are released, and he aggressively pursues the nymphet

Unsurprisingly, she rejects his advances, and unfortunately he makes the ultimate sacrifice to "be with her". The monk's neediness was unattractive to the nymphet, because being needy exemplifies a lack of power (i.e., needy is an antonym of power).

Lastly, if you want to be seduced by an age-appropriate nymphet, having a monk-like beard isn't a bad idea either

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Famous Ephebophiles: Peter Cook and Ashton Kutcher | Figures and Faces Sans Youth

Christie Brinkley, Peter Cook and Diana Bianchi.
Matt Ridley wrote in The Red Queen: Sex and the Evolution of Human Nature, a New York Times Notable Book, that men are naturally attracted to a trinity of qualities: youth, figure, and face. And that even if a middle-aged woman has the face and the figure, she may not be as attractive as a nymphet.

That may explain why Peter Cook had an affair with 18-year-old Diana Bianchi while he was married to 54-year-old former supermodel Christie Brinkley, who has clearly maintained her figure and face. 

In a 2006 interview with the New York PostBianchi shared that she met Cook when she was a 17-year-old clerk at a toy store in the Hamptons where he offered her a job at his architecture firm. 

At first, “basically, he would slip in little comments and stuff,” 

“He first physically made advances at me . . . probably around a month after I started working there . . . He just started being physically around me more and physically closer to me more,” Bianchi said in a stunning, 45-minute interview with The Post.

“One time, I was standing at the desk, and he was doing something on, like, Microsoft Word, and he wrote, ‘How would you feel if I told you I was attracted to you?’ ” Bianchi, then 18, recalled.

But the conniving Cook continued to aggressively woo her over the next few weeks, assuring her that his famous, 10-year marriage to supermodel Brinkley was already on the rocks.

They soon began sleeping together 

And Ashton Kutcher had an affair with 19-year-old Sara Leal while he was married to 48-year-old Demi Moore, who just like Christie, with the help of plastic surgery, has maintained her figure and the face.

Leal shared her story in a 2011 Us magazine interview:

[...] following a wild, all-night party in his suite at San Diego's Hard Rock Hotel.

"He just came up and kissed me," the Texas native tells Us of Kutcher's first bold move in the wee hours; minutes later, Leal, Kutcher and another young woman were completely nude and in a hot tub on the balcony.

When Kutcher claimed that he was "separated" from wife Moore, 48, Leal tells Us she believed him.

After retreating to Kutcher's bedroom past 6 a.m., "he lost his towel and I took my robe off," Leal says. "Then we had [unprotected] sex."

"He was good," Leal reveals [before they had sex for the second time]. 

Hence, as Ridley explained, Christie Brinkley and Demi Moore, despite their beautiful faces and slim figures, were no match for Diana Bianchi's and Sara Leal's youth