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Alisson Wood's BEING LOLITA: A Dark Student-Teacher Sexual Romance

Part 1: “The Perfect Teenage Lollipop”

Being Lolita, Alisson Wood’s memoir, is choke full seeming contradictions that commences with the very first sentence on the dust jacket: “A dark romance evolves between a high schooler and her English teacher in this breathtakingly powerful memoir [...]” Wait, so, per Flatiron Books, Being Lolita is about a teacher-student romance?

However, in the very next sentence, 17-year-old Alisson goes from being a student, to a lover, to a vulnerable victim of Mr. North - her green-eyed 26-year-old Ivy League educated high school teacher. 

But the dust jacket’s description is telling, because part i of the memoir is about a “dark [teacher-student] romance”, but by parts ii and iii, Alisson went from a lover of her high school English teacher to a vulnerable victim of her high school English teacher to a lover to a victim to a lover to a victim...

Interestingly, in part i, Alisson described Mr. North as “the perfect teenage lollipop”:

“[...] the other girls thought he was so hot. His dark hair was long enough to stay behind his ears but still short enough to be appropriate for a grown-up. He had a full shadow of beard, something only a handful of senior guys could manage [...] he shopped at Abercrombie & Fitch just like the students did. The mixed signals of adult man and teenage boy in his body radiated through the air, making everything thick and quiet and warm.”

Even Alisson’s little sister opined, “He’s really cute, Ali.” “Totally.” Consequently: “There were always girls around Mr. North at school.”

In parts i and ii, Alisson wrote that the techniques Mr. North used to make her a vulnerable victim were: 1. giving her a copy of Lolita and 2. being controlling (i.e., Mr. North made Alisson keep their student-teacher age-gap affair a secret.). But Alisson confessed that she didn’t finish Lolita nor understand the novel until after she graduated from high school, and she and her high school teacher had sex. “I still hadn’t really read the whole book.”

However, Alisson never said that Mr. North’s hotness, beard, Abercrombie & Fitch shirts, and the way “his body radiated through the air, making everything thick and quiet and warm” played a factor in making her a vulnerable victim.

And apparently, his eyes didn’t play a part: “His eyes fixed on mine and I felt stunned; an animal across a meadow. My breath caught and ribs knit. He was a concoction of the accessible and forbidden, the perfect teenage lollipop.” 

Nor because he paired her with “students who struggled”. Thereby, making her feel like “an ally instead of a nerd.” “You’re the prettiest girl here, and you’re smarter than any of them.”

He was the only one who believed in her and that she could “stand up”, “collect herself” and “look poised”, but that didn’t seem to play a part. Consequently, he got her a part in the school play: “[...] no one had done anything like that for me in a long time. It was like my prince had come.” As a result, Alisson became: “[...] suddenly overwhelmed by the urge to kiss him.” But that didn’t seem to play a part. 

Alisson felt comforted by the fact that her English teacher was: “[...] risking for this, for me: his job.” “[...] he would never risk his job like this for any other girl.” And Alisson shared with her therapist: “[...] he’s nice, he spends time with me, I think he’s so smart.” But apparently none of those attributes of Mr. North played a part. 

Mr. North encouraged Alisson's writing and made her feel safe and protected. “I had never felt like that before in high school.” And he made her feel seen. “All I wanted was to be seen.” Yet, Alisson feeling safe, protected and seen played no part. 

To reiterate, Mr. North’s seductive eyes, that fact that Alisson described him as a “perfect teenage lollipop”, the fact the he made her an “ally”, and his firm belief in her, did not, per Alisson, play a role in making her a vulnerable viction - it was Lolita and being controlled (i.e., being forced to keep their student-teacher age-gap affair a secret.). 

Part 2: A Teen’s Powerful Body

No slut shamming, but Alisson was not a virgin before she had sex with Mr. North. “I had slept with all three of my serious boyfriends in high school.” And it’s worth noting that it was Mr. North’s idea that they wait to consummate their age-gap affair until after Alisson turned 18, and she graduated from Hunt high school. Wood wrote: “[...] I wanted so badly to be seen as a woman, as someone worthy of attraction. I wanted Mr. North, Nick, to want me. And I didn’t understand why we had to wait, anyway; once I turned eighteen, I didn’t understand [...]” But on page 283 Alisson wrote: “[...] I was asking for the support I desperately needed. I wasn’t asking to be fucked.”

Subsequently, in her white cap and gown, Alisson shared that all she could think about was how much she wanted her time with her teacher to start. “It was all I wanted.” Consequently, the night after graduation, Alisson went to her English teacher’s apartment, and they made love for the first time. But it wasn’t like the boys who had sex with her in the corner of the basement who: “[...] apologized for how quickly it all came and went.” 

Wood wrote that she was a beautiful 17-year-old who boys called a “Disney princess”. Yet it wasn’t until after she met Mr. North that she said: “I wasn’t suicidal anymore.” Alisson’s suicidal ideations stemmed from the fact that she felt that her body was her: “[...] only possible source of power.”, which she blamed on Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, MTV, Fiona Apple, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Victoria’s Secret. 

However, Alisson used the power of her body on her English teacher. Alisson shared that she knew that she had power over Mr. North but that she wanted the power of sex and the safety of childhood: “[...] my breasts, all of the things that shifted the way men looked at me. If this was power [...] I wanted the safety of childhood and the power of sex. I wanted it all, in my life and in my body.” 

Consequently, while Mr. North was teaching, Alisson learned over while on her knees with her back to Mr. North so that she could share her black lace underwear and a strip of skin with her English teacher. After the bell rang, Alisson arched her back, sat up slowly, and tossed her long black hair. “This must be what power feels like.” 

In addition to her nubile body, Alisson came to the realization that she had an additional power over her teacher. After Mr. North reminded Alisson that she could go to the principal and get him “[...] fired in a minute.” Alisson wrote: “It was interactions like these that made me think I had power in the relationship, that I wasn’t just an eighteen-year-old being manipulated by her twenty-seven-year-old teacher.”

But that didn’t stop Alisson from using the power of her young body. After she gave her English teacher a topless photo that her boyfriend, a college student, had taken when she was 17, Alisson was convinced that she had power: “I had shown him I was capable of creating desire, that I could do this, that I wasn’t just some dumb, clueless girl. This was a power I had, too, that I was his equal in all this. The wanting went both ways.” Thus, another seeming contradiction. Is Alisson espousing that she was equal in the age-gap relationship with high school English teacher and that, despite their age-gap, she wanted Mr. North as much as he wanted her or, as she espoused in parts ii and iii, was she a vulnerable victim?

Oh and by the way, Alisson shared: “I always wore short shorts and skirts because I knew he liked my naked legs.” And on another occasion, Wood shared: “I knew he was watching me. I tried to walk sexy, with a wiggle, like Jessica Rabbit. I tossed my hair as I passed through the threshold of his door. The second bell, ringing through me.”

On closing night of the school play, Alisson tried to will Mr. North to kiss her: “Kiss me just kiss me please kiss me”. He didn’t. However, during the night of the cast party, Christina, another Hunt nymphet, hugged Mr. North and, “in the darkness of the doorway”, gave him a kiss on the cheek before she turned and smiled at Alisson. And Sarah, a member of the Hunt slam team, “[...] was all over him. And he just let her flirt with him, openly." (Mr. North and Alisson weren’t the only teacher-student “romance” at Hunt high school. Mr. North shared with Alisson that a math teacher was having an affair with a girl on the softball team.) 

Alisson gave at least two examples of how her “dark romance” with her high school teacher “went both ways”. After Mr. North inappropriately shared with Alisson that he imagined her naked, Alisson wrote: “Romance and sweetness. It was then that I realized he was not like my other boyfriends.” Consequently, outside the diner and between the cars, Alisson inappropriately informed her English teacher, “I love you.” Aww. “He just smiled at me and said good night.”

And after Mr. North shockingly asked Alisson for her bra size, she shockingly said, “I’ll trade you [...] You tell me yours, I’ll tell you mine.” 32C. 7¾. Alisson wrote that she knew that asking her English teacher to share the size of his penis was seductive. She asked: “At what point does a girl turn into prey?” 

Part 3: The End of a Dark [Teacher-Student] Romance 

During her freshman year college, Alisson ended her “dark romance” with her former English teacher for two reasons. She wrote that she ended it because Mr. North was controlling (i.e., Mr. North wanted to continue to keep their “dark romance” a secret while Alisson desperately wanted an open age-gap relationship.) Alisson wrote that the relationship was “problematic and unhealthy.” And she wrote: “[...] our relationship was built on lies, that he isolated me in high school and continued to while I was in college [...]” “I was tired of being alone to hide our relationship.”

And she ended it because every time they had sex, unlike with boys, it hurt. Alisson didn’t clarify if Mr. North had a rough sex fetish or if she suffered from a degree of vaginismus. However, she did explain why she simply never told him to be gentle: “[...] it hurt the whole time, so much I made noises, but I didn’t say stop [...]” “I didn’t want to ask him to be gentle because I didn’t want him to think I was a child [...]” However, she had a secret code: “[...] moan means go, that means stop, an inhale of please, my nails were really, please stop [...]” 

Mr. North even told Alisson, “I love you so much, I’m so in love with you, I would never hurt you.” But Alisson didn’t use that as an opportunity to tell Mr. North that he did hurt her during sex. Once during sex, Mr. North even asked Alisson, “What’s wrong?” What Alisson's reply, “Nothing, I love you. Don’t stop.” 

And Alisson wrote in the latter parts of her memoir: “Now when I think about the first ten years of my life after the teacher, I see a clear impact [...] I thought it was supposed to hurt.” As you can see, this simply isn’t true. Alisson never expressed that she thought that it was supposed to hurt. Just the opposite.

Very interestingly, in part ii, Alisson wrote that she was just a child when she 17: “[...] I was a child. I was barely 110 pounds, I had been only with other teen boys, all of us children. I was eighteen [when I first had sex with my English teacher], but that didn’t matter [...]” 

Here’s Oxford Languages’ definition of child: "/CHīld/ [noun] a young human being below the age of puberty or below the legal age of majority." And I’m assuming that it’s safe to assume that Alisson doesn’t support 18-year-old porn stars who rarely do professional porn with other 18-year-olds. Or maybe Alisson only supports sensual teen porn but with a minimum weight requirement.

Alisson opened chapter 13 with: “The first thing I did when I got to college was fuck a stranger.” She described the sex with her college mate as “gentle” and painless, which appears to have erroneously solidified in her mind that non-age-gap sex equals “gentle” and age-gap sex equals “pain”. 

Alisson’s back and forths are dizzying. Another example: One page 272 she wrote, for the first time, that Mr. North had “power” over her, but on the very next page she wrote: “I still wonder if I have just exaggerated things, if I am the unreliable narrator in this story, if I truly did seduced him [...]”  But then on page 275 she wrote that she was groomed and abused: “[...] the teacher was a predator, that he spent our school year grooming me to be the perfect subject for abuse [...]” 

On page 284 Alisson wrote: “The last thing I wanted was for him to not think I was the strong, powerful, sexy woman I was [during senior year of high school].” But on the very next page, Alisson wrote: “[...] I wasn’t some powerful, sexy grown-up. I was a child being manipulated, being preyed upon. I was the victim of a predator [...]” 

And Alisson wrote that as a negative consequence of having a “dark romance” with Mr. North: “I found myself seeking out or at least choosing relationships where I was the secret - illicit affairs, married men, guys who couldn’t commit [...]” but two pages later she wrote: “I began to understand that I was making choices to get myself into these situations [...]” [Emphasis mine]

Wait, how about a non-fiction plot twist. Alisson wrote: “Three years after the relationship ended [...] I needed to see Nick’s face [...] I showed up at his apartment unannounced [...]” “I had so much I still wanted to say, that I wanted to ask him - Did he really love me then? Was I really special? [...]” 

And 23-year-old Alisson: “[...] sent Nick and an email out of the blue, asking him to get a coffee sometime [...]” They had lunch: “[...] outside, at a cute restaurant on the water.” Alisson found out that Mr. North was in a relationship that was “basically over”. She told him to call her when it was completely over. She followed up a month later with an email, but he never replied. Why did Alisson attempt to reconnect with someone whom she said took advantage of her vulnerabilities and made her a victim? She shared: “Sure it was totally fucked up, I could say, but it wasn’t rape. I wanted it as much as he did. It was never abuse abuse.” 

GIF from Who Will You Be? Written by Emily Ratajkowski & directed by Lena Dunham

Part 4: “The Wanting Went Both Ways”

29-year-old Alisson co-led a weekly “girls-only comprehensive sex education and leadership program” at the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. The girls in the program were: “[...] all seniors, seventeen and eighteen years old.” Here’s a conversation Alisson overheard:

Nicole, “Girl, it’s no big deal. I’ve had sex with three guys. Just relax and have a good time. And if you’re not having a good time, it’s your problem, because you gotta ask for what you want.” The third girl agreed, “Yes!” Alisson wrote: “[...] I was thrilled that they were talking about sex without any accompanying shame.” But “[...] [f]or all her bravado, Nicole was a child.” 

child: /CHīld/ [noun] a young human being below the age of puberty or below the legal age of majority. (Oxford Languages) Thus, I’m assuming that Alisson was implying that Nicole had the mind of a child?

After the session, Nicole helped Alisson clean up, and Nicole put a handful of condoms into the pocket of her lavender slicker. How did Alisson react? She wrote: “I offered her candy for helping me clean up. “Thank you, Miss Alisson.”

I won’t discuss the misleading and erroneous errors that Wood wrote about Lolita. Like when she wrote of Lolita leaving Humbert: “She fled, she got out. Let’s not focus yet on where she ended up.” But it’s misleading if you mention that Lolita fled from Humbert but not mention that she fled to Quilty - another much older man. But I won’t discuss that topic. 

Alisson taught an introductory undergraduate creative writing course. And guess what book she taught at the “culmination” of the semesters. You guessed it - Lolita: “[...] the only convincing love story of our century,” said Vanity Fair”. That’s correct. She taught the novel that she said her high school English teacher used for grooming. And Alisson shared in the penultimate chapter of her memoir - her final contradiction: “In many ways, I still want to be like Lolita.”

In the end, I suspect that Alisson Wood wrote Part i of Being Lolita for writer fame slash money. And that she wrote parts ii and iii to avoid being canceled, which may have been prompted by one of the over 50 people Alisson acknowledged in the acknowledgments. 

Part 5: It’s Normal for a Nymphet to Crush on her Teacher

Kaia Gerber had Alisson Wood on her Instagram Live book club (November 13, 2020). To promote the event, Geber posted a picture of Alisson’s memoir, and Kaia wrote that she read Being Lolita: [...] four times and filling the margins with endless annotations [...]” 

Before Alisson joined the live stream, Kaia said that in Being Lolita, Lolita: “[...] becomes a backdrop to their connection that blooms from like a crush into a romance and a relationship.” Thus, Kaia confirmed that Alisson had a “romance” with her English teacher. 

But then Kaia said that, via Lolita, Mr. North, “[...] convinces her that that book is a love affair when in reality it is not [...] as time kind of progresses in the book and in Alisson’s life, ‘cause it is a memoir, you see how his grip on her tightens and how the relationship quickly becomes abusive.” Wait, is Kaia implying that Alisson’s “romance” with her English was not initially abusive, but that it became abusive after they had rough sex, which was after Alission turned 18, and she graduated from high school? 

Kaia said misleadingly, “As a young woman you think you’re in control - a lot of the time. And realizing what consent is and when you can give consent. And as a minor that is something you cannot give to an adult.” I don’t know whom Kaia was referring to, because there’s no way that she was (correctly) referring to Alisson, because Alisson was not a minor when she had sex with Mr. North. In other words, there’s no state in the US that has an age-of-consent that’s higher than 18. (Note: 19-year-old Kaia was 18 when she began a romantic relationship with 26-year-old Pete Davidson.)

Remember that Alisson and Kaia related that Mr. North used Lolita to groom Alisson, but just like in the memoir, Alisson confessed that she didn’t actually read Lolita, “When I was in high school I didn’t actually [...] I didn’t really, like, carefully read Lolita. Umm, I read the parts that he read to me and, like, you know, sort of skimmed through it. And but I got bored by the second part. I was like, “This so boring and it is long [...]”

Then Kaia implied that it wasn’t Lolita but that Mr. North took advantage of Alisson’s mental issues (i.e., suicidal tendencies) to “control and abuse” Alisson. And Alisson agreed that Mr. North noticed that she had those vulnerabilities and took advantage of them, but there’s no explicit mention of that in the memoir. One could take a long stretch and make that inference, but there’s no explicit mention of that in Being Lolita. On the contrary, Allison explicitly related that Mr. North’s seduction methods were (excerpts from) Lolita, which, once again, she didn’t (fully) read, and control (i.e., Despite Alisson’s wishes, Mr. North made Allison keep their affair a secret.)

Here’s the penultimate (seeming) contradiction from the book club discussion. 

Alisson, “Oh, I didn’t want a woman. I didn’t want any reader to come away from this book thinking, “Oh, she was ruined. She was broken.”

Kaia, “And I think that’s what’s so cool. While you are the victim. You don’t victimize yourself - especially in the beginning.” 

Alisson, “I completely agree.”

But throughout the book club discussion, Alisson implied to Kaia that, as a consequence of her romance with Mr. North, she was a victim and that she had been ruined and broken. 

And now for the final (seeming) contradiction from the book club discussion. Allison confessed that it’s completely natural, totally normal, and completely developmentally and socially appropriate for a high school student to have a crush on her older teacher: 

Alisson, “That’s completely natural. It’s normal for a teenager. It’s totally normal for, like, a teenage girl to have a crush on her older teacher.” 

Kaia, “Yes.” 

Alisson, “And I was not the only one at my school to have a crush on him.”

Alisson, “It was totally normal for me to have the [sic] crush on the teacher.” 

Kaia, “Yeah.”  

Alisson, “Like that’s fine. Like, that’s completely developmentally appropriate. It’s socially appropriate.”

Lastly, in what is arguably Alisson's most pertinent statement, “Like that’s not the problem. The problem is that an adult man was like, “Hey, she’s got a crush on me, like, let me see if I can sleep with her.”

And that’s exactly what happened. Mr. North noticed that Alisson had a crush on him and, per Alisson, he correctly assumed that she inappropriately wanted to have sex with her high school English teacher, but Mr. North should have waited to begin the (non-sexual and sexual) romance after Alisson had graduated from Hunt. (Although, despite Kaia's own consensual age-gap affair, it appears that she would have (openly) objected to that scenario as well.)

Lastly, let me be absolutely clear, Mr. North should not have had an (non-sexual) affair with Alisson - his high school English student. But Alisson should not have had an affair with Mr. North - her high school English teacher. Like Alisson Wood wrote: “The wanting went both ways.”

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[UPDATE] PRETTY LITTLE LIARS: An Acceptable High School Student & Teacher Affair?

It appears that most readers of Kate Elizabeth Russell's My Dark Vanessa and Alisson Wood's Being Lolita (openly) consider the students in these student-teacher affairs to be victims. However, I haven't heard that sentiment being directed at Aria, of the ABC Family show Pretty Little Liars, whom was involved in a student-teacher affair with Mr. Fitz - her high school English teacher. 

On the teen drama, 16-year-old Aria met Ezra at a bar, kissed him and “made out” with him in the bar’s bathroom. The next day she found out that Eric was actually Mr. Fitz, her new English teacher. Aria and Mr. Fitz continued to make out in subsequent episodes for over four seasons in places like his car and apartment. 

You may be asking yourself, “How can a television show get away with portraying a 16-year-old in a relationship with her English teacher?” The answer is easy. Pretty Little Liars was set in Pennsylvania where the age of consent is, you guessed it, 16. The writers strategically set the show in Pennsylvania, so they could legally shock its viewers.

But the question remains, why doesn't it appear that commentators such a Kaia Gerber consider Aria to be a victim and Mr. Fitz to be a predator. I would presume that it's because Mr. Fitz is considered a hot teacher. Consequently, he gets a pass. 

And if you're intrigued by the television show, you may find the novel(s) intriguing as well. 

In the beginning of chapter three of volume one of Pretty Little Liars, Hanna, who is described as the most sought-after girl at Rosewood Day high school and her best friend, Mona Vanderwaal, were sipping red wine at Rive Gauch - the French-inspired café in the King James Mall. 

While they were inconceivably enjoying their drinks and “comparing Vogue to Teen Vogue,” Hanna noticed a “fortysomething guy staring lecherously at them”. Thus, she decided it would be a good idea to have a “Lolita” moment.

“We should flash him.” Mona suggested before the teens slowly pulled up the hems of their sky-high minis and revealed their panties to the “... regular Humbert Humbert.”  

“You know that guy had a boner,” Mona presumed as the middle-aged man dashed away after he spilled his drink. 

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Famous Age-Gap Couple: Charles, Prince of Wales & Diana, Princess of Wales

Lady Diana (19) & Charles, Prince of Wales (32)
Officially Announce Engagement

It is well-know how Diana the Princess of Wales' story ends but some may not know how it began. 

Elena Nicolaou posted "The Definitive Timeline of Prince Charles and Princess Diana's Relationship: Diana met Prince Charles when she was 16" on Oprah Mag:

"According to their official engagement interview, Charles and Diana, then 29 and 16, met [in 1977] at the Spencer family home."

"Charles and Diana, then 18-and-a-half, reconnected [in 1980] during a summer weekend at a mutual friend's house. They reportedly bonded over a conversation [...] Diana recalled the awkward encounter that transpired after that conversation. “The next minute he leapt on me, practically. It was strange. I thought, ‘This isn’t very cool’...but I had nothing to go by because I’d never had a boyfriend,” Diana said."

"After that weekend, Diana and Charles went on a few dates, like to Andrew’s royal yacht or to Balmoral Castle in Scotland"

"In September 1980, Diana traveled to the northern reaches of Scotland to spend a weekend with Charles and his family at Balmoral."

"[In] February 1981: Charles, 32, and Diana, 19, officially announce their engagement."
Lady Diana (19) & Charles, Prince of Wales (32)
Officially Announce Engagement

Subsequently, 32-year-old Charles, Prince of Wales married 20-year-old Lady Diana.

The Washington Post reported that 750 million people watched the wedding on television and 600,000 Europeans ogled from the streets of London. 

Netflix's “The Crown” has propelled Diana, Princess of Wales back into the zeitgeist, but surprisingly, unlike 37-year-old Sir Scott Disick who is reportedly dating 19-year-old Amelia Hamlin, I have not read or heard any backlash against the royal age-gap. 

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Famous Age-Gap Couple: Vincent Cassel (53) & Tina Kunakey (23)


Deirdre Simonds related in the Daily Mail post: "Vincent Cassel, 53, and his wife Tina Kunakey, 23, look happier than ever as they enjoy a beach day with their daughter Amazonie, one, in Brazil":

The loved-up couple married in a private ceremony at the city hall in Bidart, south-west France, on August 2018.

Tina Kunakey (19) & Vincent Cassel (49)

They were first linked back in July 2016 when Tina, then 19, shared a social media snap of herself cuddling up to the then 49-year-old actor while smoking a cigarette.

We know Cassel from The Monk (2011) [French: Le moine] where he played a monk who was understandably very religious. Consequently, he (initially) rejected the advances of a teen who sneaked into the monastery to seduce him; however, the Monk's inhibitions were released after the nubile seductress drugged him and took his virginity. Thereafter, aggressively pursued the nymphet. 

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THE DREW BARRYMORE SHOW: A High School Teacher Marries His [Former] Student

As of late, in addition to my reliable sources (e.g., Vanity Fair, New York Magazine), I've been using gossip podcasts and tea social media accounts for sources of nympholepsy in pop culture. 

DeuxMoi, "curators of pop culture", posted on her Instagram story:

Different kind of tea - people in CT are onnn it yet again. On the Drew Barrymore show that aired Friday (11/20) Drew hosted a couple's wedding live on the show. Turns out the couple is from Connecticut and is a former student marrying her teacher and the relationship started when she was 17 and he was 29/30. They lied about how they met on the show saying the met "in school through mutual friends". But in reality he was her high school teacher. On the show's Instagram people are going nuts in the comments exposing them but neither Drew or the Drew Barrymore [Show] have responded yet

Here are some of the comments:

jacqueline.elizabeth_: Y'all know they didn't meet from mutual friends and she was his student in high school right?

taylorblanks: They got together as teacher/student in high school gotta love Shelton High

lindsaycathryn_: "Met through mutual friends" if mutual friends was his classroom then sure. They were dating when she was 17 and he was do I know? I graduated with Selina in 2013

dianawillie: Buuuuuuut she was his student. He was her teacher. I know because I knew him way back when- before he decided to date a 17 year old when he was 29. How can anyone lie to Drew Barrymore who is the cutest, sweetest person?

Lastly, kiwishayee posted: Unfortunately this isn't the first teacher from Shelton High School to date a student, but he is the first to get away with it 

But I wonder why kiwishayee didn't comment: Unfortunately this isn't the first student from Shelton High School to date a teacher, but she is the first to get away with it

Dan shared on the The Drew Barrymore show, "I knew she was special right from day one." LMAO. And it appears that Salina almost confessed to Drew about her high school teacher-student relationship, "We met several years ago in school through mutual friends [...] I feel like there's so much to say but [...]" [Emphasis mine] 

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Teens Love and Want to F*ck James Franco: A Study of a Life and Works is a study of the raunchy comments left by teens and young women on James Franco’s since deleted Instagram account, a look at the popularity of “the daddy thing” in popular culture, and an analysis of nympholepsy (i.e., a passion aroused in men [i.e., nympholepts] by beautiful young girls) and the sexual nature of teens in James Franco’s oeuvre.

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[Update] Famous Ephebophile | Scott Disick: I Don't Look for 'Young Girls' But They're 'Attracted to Me'

[Update 07/01/21] Chelsea Hirsch of Page Six shared in the post "Scott Disick: I don’t look for ‘young girls,’ but they’re ‘attracted to me’" (June 20, 2021):
Scott Disick knows his recent lady loves have skewed young, but he swears it’s not his fault.

“Everybody gets this wrong — that I look for young girls,” Kourtney Kardashian’s ex told Andy Cohen on Sunday’s “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” reunion. “I don’t go out looking for young girls.”

“They happen to be attracted to me because I look young,” Disick quipped. “That’s what I’m telling myself.”
That's what Disick tells himself, but young girls are not attracted to Disick, because he looks young; however, it appears that Disick possesses a high level of self-confidence, self-esteem, and similar attractive characteristics that are spelled out in Steele's Date Young Women For Men Over 35.

In the Daily Mail exclusive "Keeping up with the Kardashians! Scott Disick, 37, goes house hunting in LA with new girlfriend Amelia Gray Hamlin, 19, touring $115M mansion" (21 December 2020) it was posted that: "Scott Disick was spotted in Los Angeles looking at houses with his new girlfriend Amelia Gray Hamlin, 19. The 37-year-old Keeping Up With the Kardashians star viewed four mega-mansions around the luxury neighborhood of Holby Hills." #inanagegaprelationship

[Update 11-17-20] There has been a lot of speculation on social media, but Glamour's Abby Gardner may have confirmed the rumors with her post "Scott Disick, 37, Is Reportedly Dating 19-Year-Old Amelia Hamlin". Gardner wrote:
Disick is 37, and Hamlin, the daughter of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin, is 19. His last relationship with Sofia Richie also began when she was 19. [The Disick\Richie age-gap affair lasted for approximately three years.] The age difference between the reported couple has sparked a lot of conversation on social media.

And TMZ caught the age-gap couple on a beach in Santa Barbara - the 19-year-old in cheeky thong.

 Madison Beer (18), Suede Brooks (16) & Delilah Hamlin (19)

I happened upon an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians some years back. I did not watch the entire episode, but I caught a scene where Scott Disick had been paid to attend a teen's birthday party. Or was it a bat mitzvah? The teens went crazy for Disick, but he was wrongfully berated by some of the Kardashian clan for the nymphet's bawdy behavior. However, Disick was just as shocked as the others by the nubile nymphets. Disick defended himself by claiming innocence, but he clearly enjoyed the attention.

Fast forward some years to 9/11 2017 when The Daily Mail's Heidi Parker reported that thirty-four-year-old Disick partied in New York City with three teens: 16-year-old Suede Brooks, 18-year-old Madison Beer, and 19-year-old Delilah Hamlin.

But three teens aren't enough for Disick - a self-proclaimed sex addict. For example, The Daily Mail reported on September 8, 2017, only a week earlier, that Disick went on a second date with Justin Bieber’s ex - 18-year-old Audreyana Michelle.

Audreyana Michelle (18) & Disick

The Daily Mail's Cassie Carpenter reported on September 7, 2017 that Disick dined in NYC with Sofia Richie, Lionel's daughter, who only recently turned 19.

Sofia Richie (19) & Disick

Hollywood Life posted on June 21, 2017 that: "Bella Thorne [19] was caught hanging out at Scott Disick’s house after their Cannes fling on June 21."

Disick & Bella Thorne (19)

And Joanna Crawley reported in 2015 for the Daily Mail that 18-year-old Lindsay Vrckovnik: "barely left Scott Disick's side during a party tour of Manhattan and Miami".

Lindsay Vrckovnik (18) & Disick