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[Update] Famous Ephebophile | Scott Disick: I Don't Look for 'Young Girls' But They're 'Attracted to Me'

[Update 07/01/21] Chelsea Hirsch of Page Six shared in the post "Scott Disick: I don’t look for ‘young girls,’ but they’re ‘attracted to me’" (June 20, 2021):
Scott Disick knows his recent lady loves have skewed young, but he swears it’s not his fault.

“Everybody gets this wrong — that I look for young girls,” Kourtney Kardashian’s ex told Andy Cohen on Sunday’s “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” reunion. “I don’t go out looking for young girls.”

“They happen to be attracted to me because I look young,” Disick quipped. “That’s what I’m telling myself.”
That's what Disick tells himself, but young girls are not attracted to Disick, because he looks young; however, it appears that Disick possesses a high level of self-confidence, self-esteem, and similar attractive characteristics that are spelled out in Steele's Date Young Women For Men Over 35.

In the Daily Mail exclusive "Keeping up with the Kardashians! Scott Disick, 37, goes house hunting in LA with new girlfriend Amelia Gray Hamlin, 19, touring $115M mansion" (21 December 2020) it was posted that: "Scott Disick was spotted in Los Angeles looking at houses with his new girlfriend Amelia Gray Hamlin, 19. The 37-year-old Keeping Up With the Kardashians star viewed four mega-mansions around the luxury neighborhood of Holby Hills." #inanagegaprelationship

[Update 11-17-20] There has been a lot of speculation on social media, but Glamour's Abby Gardner may have confirmed the rumors with her post "Scott Disick, 37, Is Reportedly Dating 19-Year-Old Amelia Hamlin". Gardner wrote:
Disick is 37, and Hamlin, the daughter of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin, is 19. His last relationship with Sofia Richie also began when she was 19. [The Disick\Richie age-gap affair lasted for approximately three years.] The age difference between the reported couple has sparked a lot of conversation on social media.

And TMZ caught the age-gap couple on a beach in Santa Barbara - the 19-year-old in cheeky thong.

 Madison Beer (18), Suede Brooks (16) & Delilah Hamlin (19)

I happened upon an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians some years back. I did not watch the entire episode, but I caught a scene where Scott Disick had been paid to attend a teen's birthday party. Or was it a bat mitzvah? The teens went crazy for Disick, but he was wrongfully berated by some of the Kardashian clan for the nymphet's bawdy behavior. However, Disick was just as shocked as the others by the nubile nymphets. Disick defended himself by claiming innocence, but he clearly enjoyed the attention.

Fast forward some years to 9/11 2017 when The Daily Mail's Heidi Parker reported that thirty-four-year-old Disick partied in New York City with three teens: 16-year-old Suede Brooks, 18-year-old Madison Beer, and 19-year-old Delilah Hamlin.

But three teens aren't enough for Disick - a self-proclaimed sex addict. For example, The Daily Mail reported on September 8, 2017, only a week earlier, that Disick went on a second date with Justin Bieber’s ex - 18-year-old Audreyana Michelle.

Audreyana Michelle (18) & Disick

The Daily Mail's Cassie Carpenter reported on September 7, 2017 that Disick dined in NYC with Sofia Richie, Lionel's daughter, who only recently turned 19.

Sofia Richie (19) & Disick

Hollywood Life posted on June 21, 2017 that: "Bella Thorne [19] was caught hanging out at Scott Disick’s house after their Cannes fling on June 21."

Disick & Bella Thorne (19)

And Joanna Crawley reported in 2015 for the Daily Mail that 18-year-old Lindsay Vrckovnik: "barely left Scott Disick's side during a party tour of Manhattan and Miami".

Lindsay Vrckovnik (18) & Disick

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