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BETCHES 'Let Me Finish': Schoolgirl Role Play Fantasy or Fetish?

On the "Is Role Play His Fantasy Or A Fetish?" episode of the Betches Let Me Finish podcast, Taylor read the last listener email of 2020, which was from a listener who had sex, repeatedly, with "this guy" whom had a schoolgirl role play fantasy or schoolgirl fetish:

Taylor: “Hey sluts: Love the show. I need help. I’m seeing this guy, and he’s really into role play. The first few times we hooked up, he kept asking me if I’d been a bad girl. And I played along. I could tell he was working up the courage to take it a step further; so, the next time we were hooking up and he asked me if I’d been bad, I was like, ‘Yeah, I’ve been a bad girl. Do you wanna punish me?’ And he’s like, ‘Well, what did you do wrong? Were you caught skipping class?'"

Abby (co-host): “Oh, he wants to do, like, principal?”

Interestingly, the guy's fantasy or fetish is that he's a private school headmaster like Headmaster Steve Muller in Cruel Intentions 2 - not a public school principal. Consequently, his fantasy or fetish includes private schoolgirl uniforms:

Taylor: “It’s at this point that I realize that he’s doing a whole role playing thing. And he wants me to pretend to be a naughty schoolgirl. I’ve never done this before; so, I was a little caught off guard. Long story short, he told me how he was the headmaster and he wanted to spank me for being so bad. Not gonna lie. It was pretty hot. My ass was so red. Fast forward to today and let’s just say this has turned into a whole thing. It’s like, everytime we have sex, it gets freakier and freakier. For the holidays he’s talked about getting me a Catholic schoolgirl uniform, and I feel like there’s no turning back.” 

Abby: “Wow.”

However, the emailer wanted some advice, because, although she liked, "[...] the role play [...] it's starting to feel a little repetitive." 

Before giving the emailer some advice, Abby was non-judgmental, “I mean, if this is what turns him on - that’s what turns him on [...] And she said it was hot.” And Sean, the Senior Director of Podcasts, and Abby opined that the guy's schoolgirl fantasy slash fetish was hot.

Sean: “I mean, I get it. It’s kinda hot.”

Abby: “Yeah, it’s hot. It’s hot.”

After giving some alternative role playing suggestions (e.g., Taskrabbit vs. Tasker), Taylor encouraged the emailer to "just lean into the role", Abby suggested the emailer "get creative girl", and Abby, Taylor and Sean suggested some headmaster\schoolgirl scenarios. 

Abby: “[...] your homework is always wrong. You always cheated. You are an F student.”

Taylor: “Honestly, just lean into the role. We can have character development here.”

Abby: “Honestly, like, get creative girl. We can create a backstory.”

Taylor: “What did you do this time?”

Abby: “What if you’re her [i.e., the schoolgirl] all the time now. He’s like, ‘Hey, wanna go to the movies?’ And you're like, ‘Oh, because I’ve been a good student?’”

Sean: “Hey, I’m gonna go to the grocery store. Do you need anything? Like, ‘I need you to get me a ruler ‘cause I lost mine, and I want you to spank me with it.’”

I have to say, despite the plethora of examples of the allure of schoolgirls in pop culture (e.g., Joshua Gaylor's Hummingbirds [novel], Rachel Weiner's Horse Girls [play], Netflix's Baby  (2019) [series], Stacey Dooley's Young Sex for Sale in Japan (2017) [documentary]), I have to say that I was surprised that Abby and Sean (openly) shared that the schoolgirl fantasy slash fetish was hot. 

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FORBES: LiveStreaming Stripping Teens on TikTok

Alexandra S. Levine posted on Forbes "How TikTok Live Became ‘A Strip Club Filled With 15-Year-Olds’" (Apr 27, 2022) with the intro\kicker: "Livestreams on the social media app are a popular place for men to lurk and for young girls — enticed by money and gifts — to perform sexually suggestive acts.

The piece started with MJ, a 14-year-old blond nymphet in a bralette with a Cash App account, who gets her bills paid by livestreaming: "[...] acts that appear to toe the line of child pornography" for ≈ 2,000 men on TikTok.
“You’re paying my bills,” MJ told the audience, running a finger over her mouth.

“$35 for a flash,” one viewer responded. Another asked how much to send to her Cash App.

As she posed and pursed her lips, her long blonde hair draped over her tight black bralette, some asked MJ to show them her feet.

“I’m 68 and you owe me one,” one attendee told her as more requests piled on.

These exchanges did not take place between adults at a nightclub; they took place on TikTok Live, where MJ, who said she was 14 years old, was broadcasting with friends to 2,000 strangers on a recent Saturday night.

Livestreams on the social media app are a popular place for men to lurk and for young girls — enticed by money and gifts — to perform sexually suggestive acts.

Like MJ, other nubile nymphets are rewarded for their provocative performances with: "[...] TikTok gifts, which can be redeemed for money, or off-platform payments to Venmo, PayPal or Cash App accounts that users list in their TikTok profiles."

Leah Plunkett, an assistant dean at Harvard Law School, opined that nymphets performing "activities" for adults for money on TikTok is the digital equivalent of teen strip clubs:

It’s “the digital equivalent of going down the street to a strip club filled with 15-year-olds,” says Leah Plunkett, an assistant dean at Harvard Law School and faculty associate at Harvard’s Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society, focused on youth and media. Imagine a local joint putting a bunch of minors on a stage before a live adult audience that is actively giving them money to perform whatever G, PG or PG-13 activities they request, she said.

Levine listed some "demands" (e.g., teen girl-on-girl kissing and wrestling), that nymphets are asked to do in exchange for being "showered with virtual [TikTok] gifts":

Some of the demands are explicit — like asking girls to kiss each other, spread their legs or flash the camera [...] Commenters say “outfit check” to get a complete look at a girl’s body; “pedicure check” to see their feet; “there’s a spider on your wall” to get girls to turn around and show their rears; and “play rock-paper-scissors” to encourage girls to flirt-fight or wrestle with each other. Phrases like “put your arms up” or “touch the ceiling” are often directed at girls in crop tops so viewers can see their breasts and stomachs. And many simply coax girls to show their tongues and belly buttons or do handstands and splits. In return, the girls are showered with virtual gifts, like flowers, hearts, ice cream cones and lollipops, that can be converted to cash.

Under the subheading "Teenage quid pro quo", Levine profiled Ella, another livestreaming TikTok teen, whom, after turning down the lights, creatively stripped for "digital gifts" in front of ≈ 3,000 viewers:

Ella turned the lights down low and propped the phone up in front of her body — just beneath her chin, so her face was hidden — and picked up a pair of scissors.

Very slowly, as Ariana Grande played and nearly 3,000 people looked on, she began snipping pieces of her white t-shirt. Strip by strip, hole by hole, with every cut revealing more of Ella’s chest and black bra, commenters clamored for more and digital gifts poured in — a steady stream of roses, fire, whipped coffee and other cartoonish prizes.

17-year-old Madison shared with Forbes that some her teen friends earned almost $1,000 per month lustfully livestreaming week after week on TikTok and that they cunningly avoid TikTok's  age restrictions by simply lying about their ages:

Madison, a 17-year-old from South Carolina, told Forbes that some of her underage friends had been earning $200 a week off the gifts they’d racked up in their TikTok livestreams. Although she can’t receive Live gifts yet because she signed up using her correct age [...]

Interestingly, we learned from Levine's piece that, in addition to lying about their ages, some teens suggestively put links to their money apps in their profiles (e.g., Venmo, PayPal or Cash App). TikTok isn't the only app with stripping nymphets: "Snap, Instagram and YouTube — other popular destinations for children and teens — have also been criticized for exposing underage users to dangerous or unhealthy situations." And apparently, there are a lot of sexually suggestive teen TikToks as ≈ 43 million videos were removed from the platform: "[...] for policy violations related to minor safety." To quote Mare of Mare of Easttown said, "Teenage girls are fucking sneaky"

Confusingly, Plunkett, of Harvard, added: “That is sexual exploitation. But that's exactly what TikTok is doing here," which raises some (rhetorical) questions. Is it sexual exploitation when teens post sexaully suggestive content (e.g., TikTok teens twerking in thongs) for free but for likes and followers? And what about 18-year-old teens? Does it magically cease to be sexaul exploitation when the teens turn 18 and create OnlyFans account (e.g., Bhad Bhabie and Sami Sheen)? And why did Plunkett remove the stripping teens and leering men from the equation by saying "that's exactly what TikTok is doing here"?

Lastly, we would imagine that orthodox Jews and Muslims would agree that "lurking" men should avoid paying sex workers - of any age. And women, no matter the age, should avoid stripping for Brandy Melville perks, flashing for TikTok gifts or creating OnlyFans accounts.

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CATHERINE CALLED BIRDY: Lena Dunham, Teen Brides, and Incest Fantasies

In Karen Cushman’s Newbery Honor Book Catherine Called Birdy, Rollo, a lord, country knight, and the father of Catherine called Birdy, not only has a habit of spanking Birdy, with his hand, on her 13-year-old “rump”, but he intended to sell her to a wealthy man. Consequently, Rollo asked his daughter the following questions:

"Exactly how old are you, daughter?"
"Have you all your teeth?"
"Is your breath sweet or foul?"
"Are you a good eater?"
"What color is your hair when it is clean?"

Interestingly, despite being 13, Birdy, who described herself as “sun-browned and gray-eyed” with fountains that went from the size of walnuts to apples within a year, wrote that she was “near grown”.

Birdy’s first suitor was Master Lack-Wit “of middle years and fashionably pale”. Of Master Lack-Wit, Rollo proclaimed to his wife: “The man stinks of gold. If he will have her and pay well for the privilege, your daughter will be a wife.” However, after Birdy rubbed her nose red, blacked out her front teeth with soot, and “dressed” her hair with mouse bones, Birdy’s first suitor “left without a betrothal.”

Despite using similar tactics to dissuade a number of subsequent potential much older suitors, Birdy shared that she and Aelis, Birdy’s best friend: “[...] flirted with the guards and arranged to meet them later in a chamber [...]” and Birdy was in love with Uncle George. That’s correct. Her uncle, whom she described as tall, fair, funny, and handsome with green eyes that are “[...] alive and change colors in the sun [...]”

And of her uncle, Birdy wrote: “He makes me confused. My cheeks glow, my heart flutters like a hawk moth, and my dreams grow soft and swoony.”

Uncle George even almost killed his niece - with a wink. “[...] my uncle George winked at me and made all the uproar worth it. My heart almost stopped.”

Consequently, it was painful for Birdy to see Uncle George on a walk with Aelis. “Seeing them gives me pain in my liver.” And once Birdy learned that Aelis, “the uncle thief”, and uncle George were in love and planned to marry, due to a “jealous evil” in her heart, Birdy did everything she could to prevent the marriage from happening. She even conspired: “[...] to make a spell to curse them [...]”

“It appears that the curse has worked.” Because Aelis was: “[...] sold at auction to the highest bidder like a horse at a horse fair, but [Birdy wrote] I am gladdened to have my uncle George back.” (Despite being sold, Aelis confessed that she will love uncle George “until she dies”.)

But after Birdy discovered that uncle George was to wed, “Ethelfritha, the very rich widow of a salt merchant [...]”, Birdy wrote, “And he is still not mine [...]”

Thus, it’s worth repeating that, despite using misleading tactics to dissuade her older suitors, Birdy was not, by default, against age-gap marriages, but the problem was that none of the men could “compare with [uncle] George”.

Interestingly, Robert, Birdy’s older brother, married the 12-year-old “little heiress of Foxbridge” after it was discovered that she was pregnant. Birdy wrote: “Robert promised not to bed with her while she was of such a tender age, but [...]”

In the end, Birdy agreed to marry Murgaw, the “Shaggy Beard” lord of Lithgow, whom she referred to, among other things, as an “odious old man”, but before they could marry, Shaggy Beard was “killed in a brawl over a tavern maid.”

Interestingly, per Amazon, the book is for reading ages 10+ ‏and for grade levels ‎ 5 - 7.

Approximately, two minutes into Lena Dunham’s adaption of Catherine Called Birdy (2022), we learned that Birdy is 14, but we also see the second difference between the book, which is that in the book, it was Rollo, Birdy’s father, whom wanted to sell Birdy, but in the film, Finneas the Steward, a Black man, introduced the idea to Birdy’s father. #smh

In the book, Aelis’ age wasn’t clear, but in the film we learned that she was 16 and the “prettiest girl in the shire”. Consequently, Lord Sidebottom, Aelis’ 81-year-old father, shared: “We have already had five or six marriage proposals, all of them serious inquiries [...] I care if they can pay for my daughter in gold brick.” (FYI, Lady Sidebottom, Aelis’ step-mother, was 25.)

Later Lord Sidebottom proclaimed, "My daughter is a virgin, confirmed by exam, and can command more than twice [...]” Birdy inquired, “They pay more for virgins?”

Unsurprisingly to us, in the film, Dunham took Birdy’s attraction to her uncle George steps further. For example, we learned from the film that: 

Uncle George was 28-years-old and “SO. HANDSOME.” 

In the film, Birdy looked upon her uncle lovingly - not platonically. 

Morwenn, Birdy’s maid, teased Birdy about Birdy’s obvious crush on her uncle. 

In one scene, Birdy wrestled with uncle George to the lyrics “My boyfriend's back and you're gonna be in trouble”.

Birdy described uncle George as “beautiful” to Aelis, and Birdy shared with Aelis that she wanted to marry her uncle: “If I were to marry, Aelis [...] then I shall choose him [i.e., uncle George]” “If only he were my cousin and not my uncle. [However] [t]rue love can prevail.” 

Birdy and Shaggy Beard

And just like in the book, 28-year-old uncle George had an affair with 16-year-old Aelis. Consequently, after Birdy saw her uncle kissing her best friend, the following conversation took place between the two nymphets:

Aelis: “But I have done nothing wrong.”

Birdy: "Except for stealing the man I love with all my heart. Behind my back - no less. To me, you are a deceitful coward.”

But just like in the book, Aelis and uncle George married others, but Birdy was still unhappy. “My heart has been shaved and boiled like a parsnip. George is to be married. George is to be married.”

After Birdy visited uncle George and his new wife, Birdy asked her uncle, “Uncle George? Will you tuck me in? [...] I want you to tell me a story.” And Birdy subsequently asked her uncle, “Do you love me?” Uncle George, “Desperately.” Shockingly, that conversation was followed by lyrics from Misty Miller’s romantic song “Fade into You”: “Fade into you\Strange you never knew.”

Birdy and Shaggy Beard

A bit out of character for Lena Dunham, who is approaching Woody Allen in the amount of age-gap content, in an apparent attempt at political correctness, Dunham, not only made Birdy’s mother go against her Birdy’s age-gap marriage proposals, but instead of Shaggy Beard dying in a fight over a maid, Birdy’s age-gap marriage didn’t happen, because lord Rollo changed his mind. 

Lastly, Birdy reminded us of 17-year-old Erin of Mare of Easttown whom had an affair with her uncle. And we were reminded of Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen of House of the Dragon whom, after having an affair with her uncle in her teens, she went on to marry her uncle in later years. Consequently, Cosmopolitan posted: "Now That 'House of Dragon' is Over, I'll Say It: Incest Fantasies are Hot". Wait, is uncle becoming the new daddy? Let's pray not!

Famous Age-Gap Couple: Jerry Falwell Jr. (18) & Becki (13)

Jerry Falwell Jr. (18) & Becki Tilley (13)

Per Heavy's post "Becki Tilley, Jerry Falwell Jr.’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts":
According to a passage from the book Falwell Inc.: Inside a Religious, Political, Educational, and Business Empire by Dirk Smillie, Jerry Falwell Jr. “met his wife, the former Becki Tilley, an attractive brunette, when she was 13.”

And in Hulu's documentary God Forbid: The Sex Scandal That Brought Down a Dynasty (2022), Falwell Jr. confirmed that Becki was a nymphet when they met :
Panelist: "How old was Becki when you guys first met?"
Becki: "We don't need to go into that story."
Falwell Jr.: "She was 13, and I was 18 when I met her."
Allegedly, Becki and Falwell Jr. didn't start (openly) dating until Becki was an 18-year-old freshman at Liberty University, and Falwell was a second year law school student at the University of Virginia. (Unsurprisingly, the age-of-consent in Virginia is 18.)

Falwell Jr. & (Former) Student

If you recall, Falwell Jr. is the son of, the now deceased, Jerry Falwell Sr - the televangelist and founder of Liberty University. Scandalously, Falwell Jr. was the president of Liberty University until he was forced to resign in 2020 after a cuckolding sex scandal involving Falwell Jr., Becki, and Giancarlo Granda - a Fontainebleau Hotel pool boy. 

Interestingly, as it more closely relates to this blog, Granda shared in God Forbid, "Jerry [Falwell Jr.] texted me a picture of a former student exposing herself at his private property."

We've covered a number of age gap affairs between students and teachers, students and principals, and students and coaches, but we've never covered an age-gap affair between a student and a college president!

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From DAVE to CHUCKY: Streaming Teen Sex and Drugs in Pop Culture

I related in The Allure of Nymphets from Neil Postman's The Disappearance of Childhood that as recent as two hundred years ago, the concept of childhood did not exist and that it originated during the Renaissance when the printing press was invented. 

Postman purported that the disappearance of literacy, education, and shame that occurred during the Dark and Middle ages in Europe lead to the disappearance of childhood and with little literacy in the Middle Ages, what we consider today to be childhood ended at age seven, which was when most humans had a command over speech and was considered an adult. 

There were schools in the Middle Ages, but instead of teaching reading and writing, the students underwent “on-the-job-training” in classrooms with other students whose ages ranged from 10 to adults of all ages. Even at 10-years-old, the students lived away from their parents in what could be described as dorms.  Consequently, since there was no social distinction between “children” and adults, the “children” were exposed to everything. 

However, the invention of the printing press initiated the distinction between children and adults and the bridge from childhood to adulthood was only crossed by learning how to read. As a result, a new form of schooling was required. Children were no longer placed in mixed-aged classrooms to learn a trade. Children were placed in classes with other children close to their own ages and taught a curriculum that emphasized literacy. Sound familiar? 

Just like Postman, Richard Farson’s research in Birthrights lead him to the conclusion that "children" were invented in the 16th century in Europe during the Reformation and Renaissance periods, which was when children were no longer thought of as little people but as fragile potential adults who needed to be protected and educated. However, it still took another two-hundred years before “children” began to be separated by age in school. Farson wrote that prior to the seventeenth century, children were not considered innocent, were not segregated, and were not prevented from participating in adult conversations where salacious topics like sex were discussed. There were no children’s stories or books, and it was common for girls to get married at the age of thirteen. 

However, technology, specifically the Internet accessed via smartphones, has re-exposed "children" to everything (e.g., pornography). For example, in "Porn Before Puberty?", an ABC News feature, Winnifred Bonjean Alpart shared that when she was in the eighth grade in Manhattan: "[..] boys mostly, were watching porn during school [...] during independent reading, they would do that."

But what inspired us to post this post was the "Hypospadias" (s01e03) episode of Dave where  two nymphets encouraged a young Dave to "feel up" there fountainsMallory Parker even informed Dave, "You can go under the bra," which was before Kayla Waters informed Dave, "Now we wanna feel you up." However, due to his hypospadias, Dave declined to let the nymphets feel his penis. 

And Dave reminded us of a number of other mainstream shows that blurred the line between "children" and adult content. For example, on the "First Day" (s01e01) episode of PEN15, Maya informed Anna that, "[...] Heather gave a handjob to both Brandt and Dustin L. this summer." Anna, "That ho bag." Maya, "Such a slut. Also, I heard that Connie M. grew double-ds last night at camp." Interestingly, Connie, a middle-school nymphet, was shown with  swigging double-ds.

On the "September" (s02e01) episode of Better Things, after being introduced to Arturo, 16-year-old Max's 32-year-old boyfriend, during a game of Truth or Dare, the viewers witnessed Duke, Max's pre-teen sister, dare a nymphet, "Put four Monopoly pieces in your vagina." She did!

On the "Winter Kills" (s10e6) episode of American Horror Story, Alma, a nymphet with a thirst for men's blood, was informed that a shirtless "Hustler" had been picked up for her from a donut shop in Santa Monica. Interestingly, the Hustler was of the impression that he was supposed to have sex with the pre-teen Alma.

In addition to Alma, who killed her father on American Horror Story, there have been a spat of recent shows and films that depict "children" committing murders and/or being murdered (e.g., Halloween Ends (2022), but although we've read a number or YA novels (e.g., Gossip Girl) that depict teens doing drugs, we were shocked to see Lexy Cross, a middle-school student on Chucky, snort cocaine and crushed Clonazepam pills. For example, on the "Halloween II" (s02e01) episode of Chucky, after Lexy made out with another teen, she snorted a bump. 

In the end, we know that art imitates life and vice versa; thus, it should come as no surprise that Connie got double-ds over summer when the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported that in 2020 (i.e., during COVID!) over three thousand nymphets, between the ages of 13 and 19, had breast augmentations (i.e., teen boob jobs). And previously, we wrote about Laura Sessions Stepp's Washington Post post "Parents Are Alarmed by an Unsettling New Fad in Middle Schools: Oral Sex" (July 8, 1999) and the New York Post post about the teen masturbation and porn literacy classes being taught at some Manhattan prep schools.

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Emanuela Orlandi: Teen (15) Kidnapped for Vatican Sex Parties?

Back in 2013, I went to the Theater for the New City in the East Village to see Mario Fratti's The Vatican Knows. The play was loosely based on the 2012 New York Times (May 14, 2012) article "Crime Boss’s Tomb Is Exhumed for Clues in Missing Girl’s Case", which is about the kidnapping of 15-year-old Emanuela Orlandi. 

Emanuela Orlandi

According to Times, there are three theories about what happened to Emanuela:
1. One theory is that she was kidnapped on the orders of an American archbishop, Paul C. Marcinkus [d. 2006], a former president of the Vatican bank, who was linked to a major Italian banking scandal in the 1980s.

2. Others cite an anonymous phone call the Vatican received weeks after Emanuela’s disappearance, demanding the release of Mehmet Ali Agca, the [alleged Islamic extremist] gunman who shot Pope John Paul II in St. Peter’s Square in 1981, in exchange for her release.

3. Lastly, in 2005, an anonymous phone call to a television program implied that Emanuela had been kidnapped as a favor to Cardinal Ugo Poletti [d. 1997], who in 1983 was the vicar general of Rome. The caller also mentioned that Emanuela's kidnapping could have been related to the Italian mafia. (The BBC (14 May 2012) reported that the girlfriend of Enrico De Pedis, an Italian gangster, claimed that De Pedis kidnapped Emanuela in an effort to extort money from the Vatican.)

However, none of these theories mention why Emanuela was targeted.

Approximately a week after the Times' article was published, another shocking theory was published in The Telegraph (22 May 2012) and The Huffington Post. Per The Telegraph, Father Gabriele Amorth, the Vatican's 85-year-old chief exorcist, confessed that 15-year-old Emanuela was kidnapped, forced to participated in Vatican sex parties, and then killed and discarded.

Father Amorth confessed: 
"This was a crime with a sexual motive. Parties were organised, with a Vatican gendarme acting as the 'recruiter' of the girls. The network involved diplomatic personnel from a foreign embassy to the Holy See. I believe Emanuela ended up a victim of this circle."

Most recently, Netflix posted Vatican Girl: The Disappearance of Emanuela Orlandi (2022), which is a four part documentary series about Emanuela's kidnapping. The Netflix documentary referenced some of the theories that the Times piece mentioned like a possible link between Emanuela's disappearance and Agca. 

In addition, the Netflix series theorized that Emanuela's kidnapping may have been linked to the Italian mafia, the Pope, Poland, and blackmail, because, allegedly, John Paul II borrowed money from the mafia to fund the Solidarity political movement in Poland. 

Taking all the theories into question, one has to ask, "But why was Emanuela targeted?" Per Emanuela's friend, who shared with the Netflix documentarians, a high ranking member of the Vatican slash someone close to the Pope tried to sexually seduce Emanuela, which may explain why Emanuela was used as leverage in the blackmail schemes against the Vatican. 

Surprisingly, Father Amorth's assertion that Emanuela was kidnapped to participated in Vatican sex parties was not mentioned in Fratti's play, in the New York Times piece, nor the Netflix documentary. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

[Update 10/25/22] "Swiffergate": "Swiffer Girl" The Prep Schoolgirl Teen Porn Star

Gossip Girl (s01e12)

On episode 11 and 12 of the 2021 Gossip Girl reboot, viewers get a glimpse at the types of tips that Gossip Girl receives about the raunchy teen behavior of (some of) the Manhattan prep school students. For example, in episode 12, we learned that a Constance Billard student had an age-gap sexual affair and "slept" with The Help. And to get more followers on social media, two prep school twins unabashedly engaged in incentious lipstick lesbian girl-on-girl kissing:
Mom: You made out with each other to get followers?
Twin #1 (Auvray Stephenson): And it worked!
Twin #2 (Evershea Stephenson): Prude!
Interestingly, it turns out that while (some) Manhattan prep school nymphets embrace the words teen slut, it's "prude" that one does not want to be called. Consequently, a nubile teen may be prone to prove she's not prude.

For example, Zachary Kussin's New York Post post about Danielle Miller reminded us about 2004's Horace Mann middle school “Swiffer Girl” whom produced three (3) self-shot teen videos masturbating with and simulating fellatio on a Swiffer broom.
Miller [...] the Horace Mann alumna who became known as “Swiffer Girl” in 2004. A boy had dared the then-eighth grader online to prove she wasn’t a “prude,” prompting Miller to record and send him three sexually explicit videos featuring the household sweeper.

Gabrielle Bluestone elaborated on "Swiffergate" and Miller whom grew up 'a block from Central Park, in an apartment building neighboring the New York Athletic Club and the Ritz-Carlton". In her New York magazine piece, "What Danielle Miller learned at Horace Mann and Rikers", Bluestone related that after Miller's crush shared the teen masturbation videos, unsurprisingly the videos went viral "among New York’s private-school students" and on the Internet:

Up and down the Upper East Side, wealthy teens flashed their thongs in Juicy sweat suits and low-rise Hudson jeans. Girls lined up for Brazilian waxes at J Sisters after it was prominently featured in the Gossip Girl books.

In 2004, when Miller was in eighth grade, a boy she had a crush on dared her in an AIM message to prove she wasn’t a “prude.” She grabbed the new Sony VAIO laptop her father had given her for Christmas and propped it on the ledge of her shower stall. She disrobed, picked up the handle of a Swiffer mop, and pressed record. She made three sexual videos in all and emailed them to the boy.

The boy forwarded the clips to Miller’s best friend, who in turn sent them to two people, and soon it had reached everyone that they knew. It spread rapidly from there. 

The videos hadn’t circulated just among New York’s private-school students and their friends, though Miller still remembers the name of every classmate who mocked her on a page dedicated to the scandal on the now-defunct social-media site Friendster. The videos also ended up on the file-sharing programs LimeWire and Kazaa. 


Initially, Miller was distraught, but by 9th grade, she embraced the attention, and due to "Swiffergate", "Swiffer Girl" became a much sought after "It Girl":

By the next year, in ninth grade, Miller had decided to abandon what was left of her identity as a nice, quiet girl. “I became a different person,” she says. She got her first fake ID and doubled down on the scandal, becoming “that girl,” as the former classmate describes her, the one you’d call “if you wanted to do something bad or go out on a Wednesday night and get drunk in ninth grade.”

“I lived in a never-ending Gossip Girl episode,” Miller wrote while she was incarcerated. “Everyone wanted to be friends with Swiffer Girl. Everyone wanted Swiffer Girl at their parties. Everyone wanted pictures with Swiffer Girl. Everyone wanted Swiffer Girl’s autograph. Everyone wanted to smoke hookah with Swiffer Girl. Everyone’s parents didn’t want their kids around Swiffer Girl. Everyone wanted to try drugs with Swiffer Girl. Everyone wanted to pregame with Swiffer Girl. Everyone wanted to fuck Swiffer Girl.”

In Female Chauvinist Pigs: Women and the Rise of Raunch Culture, Ariel Levy elaborated on Miller's embraced fame as a prep school porn star, which included signing autographs:

As for the eighth-grader, like Paris Hilton before her, the dissemination of her amateur porn swiftly resulted in a major uptick in her level of popularity and celebrity. “People said they saw her walking down the hallway giving autographs,” said a seventeen-year-old senior at Manhattan’s Trinity School named Talia.

The Swiffer sucker and her compatriots at Fieldston and Oyster Bay High weren’t so much experimenting with sex as experimenting with celebrity [...] 

As one hipster from the senior class at the progressive, elite Saint Ann’s School in Brooklyn Heights said, “There’s something so Girls Gone Wild about this. Like videotaping yourself giving a blow job to a Swiffer? [...] ”

Lastly and surprisingly, Kussin, Bluestone, and Levy failed to mention that Miller's middle school masturbation videos were, even to the most liberal atheist, illegal. But it's not surprising that Miller's crush wasn't accused of grooming. Even though, he had power over her (i.e., The Crush), for some reason, the fact that he was ≈ 13 and not ≈ 31 saved Miller from being victimized. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Update 10/25/22

On the “Danielle Miller, the Horace Mann Swiffer Girl” (April 1, 2022) episode of the Forbidden Fruits (FF) podcast, Danielle Miller shared with Julia Fox, a former teen sex worker, and Niki Takesh that she actually made seven teen masturbation videos. And that she’s actually surprised that no one ever mentioned the other four videos:

Miller: “Had a crush on this kid [...] I sent him a video ‘cause he called me a prude [GG] [...] and I had a crush on him [...]  I didn’t want him to judge me. I didn’t want him to think I was too sexually conservative. I didn’t want him to think I wasn’t any fun [...] So, I made these videos for him [...] There are actually seven (7) of them.”

FF: “Oh my God.” [Laughs]

Miller: “Yeah.” [Laughs]

FF: “There were seven?!”

Miller: “Yeah. And, like, no one [has] ever talked about that ever; so, that’s like exclusive information.”

FF: “Wow!"

When asked, “Why are we not calling this guy out?” Miller replied that it wasn’t the boy’s fault. “He was in the wrong but he was also 13 too. And everyone makes mistakes [...] It wasn’t his fault.” 

It appears that the boy wasn’t in the wrong because, in an effort to have more middle school sex tapes made, he only shared the videos with Miller’s best friend whom, as far as we know didn’t make a teen sex tape, but she did share the videos with “whole eighth grade”.

Interestingly, the videos were made when Miller was 13, but they didn’t go viral until she was 14 (2004), which was one year before she lost her virginity. 

Consequently, one of the FF hosts volunteered: “And also I remember, like, being that age and being so hypersexual all the time.” 

Initially, Miller said that she didn’t sign any autographs:

“I heard, like, crazy rumors like, “Oh there were Swiffers brought into the Horace Mann for her to sign.” And like that never happened [...] Or that I, like, signed autographs and stuff - that never happened.”

However, she did admit to signing a New York magazine piece “The Paris Hilton Effect - Teens Making Sex Videos”:

“I literally signed one thing ever [...] it was “The Paris Hilton Effect”. The first article that came out by Daphne Merkin [....] who wrote an article for New York mag basically bashing me. And when it happened kids were bringing it to school and passing it around and stuff.”

After mentioning that Paris Hilton was “over age” (i.e., 18) when she made her sex tape, Miller proclaimed that she has been cemented as an influential pop culture producer of child porn to which a FF host suggested that Miller own it, capitalize off it, and trademark Swiffer Girl.

“[...] I think you’ve been running from it. And I think it’s like time that you just face it and own it and, like, capitalize off it. You know. Like trademark that shit.”

“Trending for the next two decades. I’d be, like, forever, like, cemented as this, like, influential pop culture producer of, like, our generation of child porn.”

Lastly for this update, the Bradenton Herald reported that “NYC social media influencer [Danielle Miller] gets [five year] prison sentence in Sarasota bank fraud attempt” (Oct 25, 2022)

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Joshua Gaylor's HUMMINGBIRDS: Manhattan Private Schoolgirls & Teachers Sexual Affairs

Here's Publishers Weekly's synopsis of Joshua Gaylor's Hummingbirds:
The Carmine-Casey prep school girls flutter through Gaylord's debut, but they're not alone; their teachers are insecure flirts and cheats amid divorces and trysts. One such teacher is Leo Binhammer [...] [and] the charismatic Ted Hughes [...]
Meanwhile, student Dixie Doyle and her peers lounge outside the school in their pleated skirts, emanating Lolita-like accidental sexuality.

Binhammer, who is unapologetic about his attraction to the students, tries to connect with Liz Warren, the playwright in his class, before Ted charms her.

Similarly competitive, Liz and Dixie vie for attention from the few adult men around the school, and the complicated web of loyalties, attraction, competition and camaraderie provides much tension as things play out—but not in an expected way [...]

Gaylord's tale of overeducated men and the teenage students who exhibit the finesse and understanding their teachers lack hits all the right notes.
In the first draft of our, God willing, forthcoming book, the recap of Hummingbirds runs about 15 pages, but for the purposes of keeping this post an appropriate blog length, we'll recap the recap.

Before we begin, you may find it interesting to learn that Gaylor taught English at an Upper East Side prep school, which is the setting of Hummingbirds (i.e., Fifth Avenue and Central Park). Autofiction?

In the novel, adults repeatedly reminded Binhammer that the Carmine-Casey schoolgirls were attracted to him (i.e., their English teacher.) “You know how the girls adore you.”

And the schoolgirls repeatedly reminded Binhammer that they were attracted to their English teacher as well.
“Mr. Binhammer, do you want to see pictures of me in Saint-Tropez? But you can’t look at all of them, because over there you’re not supposed to wear a top on the beach.” Topless schoolgirls?!

Mr. Binhammer even had: “[...] an unofficial fan club - this group of girls who go around calling each other Mrs. Binhammer.” “Those girls - you’ve seen them - they would die for him. They’re loyal as Nazis. Little love Nazis.”

By page 3, we were introduced to the convincing and nubile nymphet Dixie Doyle - a senior and “pretty girl with ironic pigtails”. Dixie:
[...] could convince grown men of anything [...] she possesses a quality of performed girlishness that turns sex into a ragged paradox for men beyond the age of thirty.
In particular, Dixie's attraction to Mr. Binhammer was highlighted throughout the novel. For example, after their first class together, Dixie stayed behind.
“Great class, Mr. Binhammer.”

What she’s thinking about as she says this is that Binhammer’s tie is a little crooked. She feels her hands wanting to reach out and straighten it for him. She would straighten the tie and then smooth her hands down the front of his jacket, as though he were her mannequin husband.
At the school’s play, Dixie spotted Mr. Binhammer. Consequently, she twirled a strand of hair around her finger (i.e., an IOI), and she came up with the idea: “[...] to write a play about herself and her favorite teacher” in which she attempted to convince her teacher to ignore the dangers of a student-teacher affair.
Then she sees him, Mr. Binhammer, down in front leaning against the wall. Twirling one strand of hair around her finger, she thinks that she would like to write a play about herself and her favorite teacher:
“You know we can’t, Dixie. It would be too dangerous.” Reaching out to her but pulling back his hand at the last minute. “People wouldn’t like it.”
“Why do you care about people all of a sudden?”
“Maybe you’re right. How is it that you see things so clearly?”
And Dixie decided at the very moment that she would have sex with her English teacher, but she wondered if Mr. Binhammer realized how very easy it would be for him to have sex with a schoolgirl.

Subsequently, Binhammer informed Dixie that if he weren’t married “nothing” could hold him back (i.e., only marriage gave him the strength to resist the allure of a nymphet).
“You know what?” he says, and his words are a gift wrapped in curling ribbons. “If things were a little different. If I weren’t married. Then there’s nothing that could hold me back.”
How did Dixie respond? She lit up: “[...] from the inside like a brand-new jack-o’-lantern.”

Mr. Hughes, with his “wide jaw”, “nice hair” and “ringless finger”, was described as:
[...] the smart girl’s dream [...] He will leave a trail of Carmine-Casey girls in his wake - girls writing morbid poetry in their journals at night and feeling suddenly uncomfortable in their starched clothes.

None of them will say anything about Ted Hughes, because each one will believe in her heart that her own relationship with the man is secret and supreme.

And that’s when the suicides will start. Because no girl loves Ted Hughes for long before she has to kill herself from an overdose of passion.
Liz Warren, another Carmine-Casey schoolgirl: “[...] rarely thought about her teachers in intimate terms,” with exception is Mr. Hughes: “[...] who sometimes looks at her hard and makes her chest feel warm [...]”

In addition, Liz opined that Mr. Hughes possessed: “[...] something beautiful. She could stare at him and do nothing and be quite content.” And Liz kept “inconspicuously on her desk in her bedroom” a poem that Mr. Hughes wrote about Slyvia Plath. When Liz caught a glimpse of Mr. Hughes in the hallway her spine would go: “[...] taut, instant erasure of all those other bodies between her and him [...] His presence [was] always in the back of her mind, thudding away like a headache..”

Subsequently, Mr. Hughes and Liz kissed in a Central Park underpass. Consequently, he gave her his address, “I’ll meet you there,” he said, “in an hour,” where, after they ordered General Tso’s chicken and watched The Third Man, Liz’s English teacher took her virginity.
And she waited for it in the dark, and then she felt it, like a pressure between her thighs—it was inside her, inside her, and it was happening, and she was thinking of a million things [...] And then there was something that replaced the thinking [...] the way her hands gripped the shoulders of this man, this man, and the way her nipples felt when his chest brushed against them, and everything else went away except her ankles and her spine and her belly and her teeth and—

Afterward, she went to the bathroom and turned on the light and looked at herself in the mirror. There was no hurry in her gut now. Just a peacefulness.”

“Not a virgin,” she whispered.”
Unfortunately for Mr. Hughes, Liz was spotted leaving her English teacher’s apartment (building) at 2:00 AM.

The teleiophilia and raunchy schoolgirl behavior wasn’t only directed at Binhammer and Hughes. For example, there was Monica with her “sharp eyes, black hair, [and] a striking smile” who, after seeing Paulo, the cleaning man vacuuming outside her bedroom, informed Liz, “Maybe I’ll bring Paulo to the prom. What would Dixie Doyle say then? “At least he looks the part. He’s kind of attractive, don’t you think?”

Mr. Landry, the headmistress, shared with Binhammer that she: “[...] got a call from a parent just two weeks ago giving her ninth-grade daughter permission to leave school when her boyfriend, who is a freshman in college, came to pick her up in his car.”

As for raunchy schoolgirl behavior, one school day, Binhammer caught two schoolgirls, whom were described as: “[...] enthralling, these two glowing daughters of the social elite [...]”, throwing sex dice in a stairwell. What are sex dice? They’re pink and instead of dots, the sex dice have words on them such as: KISS, LICK, SUCK, STROKE, SQUEEZE, BLOW, FINGERS, TOES, GENITALS, CHEST, STOMACH, and EAR.

Typically, the age-gap motif/theme is coupled with the teen lipstick lesbian motif/theme. And Hummingbirds didn’t, for lack of a better word, disappoint. For example, the reader learned that Luck Polchak let Lenore Spitzer kiss her: “inside her inner thigh [...] they were both in the third grade.” And Binhammer discovered: “[...] a love note from one anonymous girl to another that he found under a desk.”

Lastly, Gaylord made Dixie and Liz seniors. but I suspect that the schoolgirls whom Dixie and Liz were based on were younger. On page 179, Binhammer and Hughes met a young Atlantic City stripper named after Sigmund Freud’s Dora whom had a controversial age-gap affair with Herr Zellenka. And Gaylor is married to Megan Abbot, the author of The End of Everything and Dare Me. In The End of Everything, 13-year-old Lizzie Hood fell in love with her best friend’s father, and Evie Verver, another nymphet, ran away with Mr. Shaw. And in Dare Me, Beth shared with Addy, her high school classmate and fellow cheerleader, that she was confident that she could seduce Sarge Will Mosley - the head military recruiter on campus.