Saturday, February 27, 2021

MR. MAYOR: [Teen] Schoolgirl Leaked Nudes?

Previously, we wrote a post about Tina Fey's Mean Girls and her Netflix comedy Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt where 15-year-old Xanthippe Voorhees shared that Simone, Xanthippe's teen friend, had a ophthalmologist boyfriend who shared with Simone, while showering, that he hated his wife. Xanthippe replied: "You're so lucky!"

Thus, my nympholepsy (in popular culture) radar went off when I saw that Tina Fey co-created Peacock's Mr. Mayor. 

On s01e01, Orly, the mayor's schoolgirl daughter, was mistaken for the mayor's wife. The mayor, Neil Bremer (Ted Danson), said, "She's my teenage daughter!" Jayden Kwapis (Bobby Moynihan), the mayor's communications director, apologized but said that, "It's very confusing in L.A." (Orly is played by 17-year-old Kyla Kenedy.)

Orly appeared at the mayor's office, in her schoolgirl uniform, for various reasons. For example, "Is my dad around? A pipe burst at school; so, they let us go early."

On s01e03, Mikaela Shaw, the mayor's chief of staff and an influencer, asked the mayor's daughter if she had any leaked (teen) nudes. 

Back on episode 1, Mikaela shared that by getting the job as the mayor's chief of staff, she could, "[...] finally breakup with that gross doctor." #sugardaddy

And when the mayor was informed that his mistress was, "[...] young enough to be your daughter." He replied, "I'm rich, and this is L.A.."

Netflix's "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt": Teen Sex While Visiting Grandparents

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is a Netflix comedy co-created by Tina Fey. On the second episode of the premier season, "Kimmy Gets a Job!" (2015), 15-year-old Xanthippe Voorhees and her friend Simone were playing "vodka shotzee" when Simone got alcohol poisoning. 

Xanthippe warned that they couldn't have Simone's stomach pumped at the hospital, because Simone's dad is running for Congress. Consequently. Kimmy made a vomit inducing concoction but advised that Simone see a doctor to which Xanthippe replied: 

"Her boyfriend's an ophthalmologist, but he's on vacation with his wife."
Later, Simone shared: 
"You guys, I was showering with Dr. Jerry and he told me he hates his wife."

Xanthippe replied: "You're so lucky!"

Then Xanthippe shared, to Kimmy's utter surprise, that she had sex with a blond surfer on a California beach while visiting her grandparents to which Simone shared: 
"I have sex when I visit my grandparents too."

Unlike Kimmy, I'm not surprised that Xanthippe felt that Simone was "lucky" to have an ophthalmologist for a boyfriend (who hated his wife), and that Xanthippe and Simone had sex when she they visited their grandparents. 

However, if Dr. Jerry had decided that he didn't hate his wife and abruptly ended his age-gap affair with Simone, I wouldn't be surprised if Simone and Xanthippe had accused the ophthalmologist of victimizing Simone. And Simone would have denied any consensual involvement in the age-gap affair. 

[Update 06.22.21]

I was flipping through an old notebook when I discovered that I failed to share that on episode 10, in a conversation with Kimmy, 15-year-old Xanthippe shared that if she moved to Connecticut, she would lose her dad's friend whom buys her jewelry in exchange for her old retainers. Xanthippe said:

"Imagine you're 15. One day your whole life gets taken from you. Your school. Your friends. Your dad's friend who buys you jewelry when you send him your old retainers."

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Famous Age-Gap Couple: Liev Schreiber (53) and Taylor Neisen (27)

We learned from Ryan Smith's Daily Mail post, "Liev Schreiber, 53, and [girlfriend] Taylor Neisen, 27, stroll through Venice", that Liev Schreiber, a.k.a. Ray Donovan, is participating in a 26-year age-gap relationship with Taylor Neisen that started in 2017 when Taylor was in her early twenties. 

Liev Schreiber (53) and Taylor Neisen (27)

Interestingly, Schreiber is shooting a movie in Venice where: "[...] his onscreen love interest Maltida De Angelis, who plays an 18-year-old Italian contessa called Renata [...]"

Saturday, February 20, 2021

Upper-Class Teen Middle School and High School Oral Sex

I shared in The Allure of Nymphets that Tom Wolfe related in Hooking Up that in high schools and junior high schools, from the plush suburbs of Washington to the underprivileged schools of the South Bronx, 13 and 14-year-old girls were performing fellatio on boys between classes.

And Laura Sessions Stepp posted in the article "Parents Are Alarmed by an Unsettling New Fad in Middle Schools: Oral Sex" (July 8, 1999) for the Washington Post that nymphets at Williamsburg Middle School, "a mostly upper-income community" in Arlington, Virginia, were performing oral sex at house parties and in parks:

The principal, Margaret McCourt-Dirner, told about 25 assembled parents that as many as a dozen girls [...] had been engaging in oral sex through most of the school year. The teens, 13 and 14 years old, were getting together at parties in one another's homes and at local parks.

And some Virginia based middle-school nymphets were performing oral sex in (middle) school and on the (middle) school bus:

At a middle school in Talbot County, officials this year learned through the student grapevine that a girl and a boy, both eighth-graders, had engaged in oral sex in a crowded study hall. The incident followed by only a few months a similar event on a school bus of seventh-graders returning from a field trip [...]

A nymphet shared with Stepp that the nymphet's first experience was in the eighth grade - in a local park. Subsequently, the nymphet performed "oral sex twice more that year". The nymphet opined, "It was no big deal."
That's what happened to one girl who recalled her first experience at the start of eighth grade. At a local park [...] 

She said she engaged in oral sex twice more that year, including at a party [...] The party was held on a Saturday night at a girl's house. About an hour after the party started, the action moved outside, under the deck, where several couples, including this girl and a boy she didn't even like, started having oral sex.

"We came back in and sat around and talked about it," this girl recalled. "It was no big deal."

In addition, per Tamar Lewin of the New York Times, upper-income Manhattan teens are performing oral sex too. 

Tamar Lewin posted in "Teen-Agers Alter Sexual Practices, Thinking Risks Will Be Avoided" (April 5, 1997) for the New York Times that Hunter, a top high school on Manhattan's wealthy Upper East Side, provides "mint-flavored condoms with no spermicide, labeled ''ONLY for oral sex'' for the Hunter High nymphets:

For parents wondering just how much things have changed since the days when they were first experimenting with dating and sex, the answer is right there in the nurse's office at Hunter High School, a New York City public school for gifted students. 

On the shelf in the nurse's bathroom is a box of condoms, to help students avoid pregnancy and protect themselves against AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. 

And right next to it is a box of mint-flavored condoms with no spermicide, labeled ''ONLY for oral sex.''

But Lewin wrote that the mint-flavored condoms are provided for a good cause:

Many girls also see it [i.e., oral sex] as a means of avoiding pregnancy and of preserving their virginity.

In addition, Lewin wrote that: "[...] those who teach and counsel adolescents say they have no question that there has been a significant rise in the prevalence of oral sex, and a decline in the age at which it starts [...]"

Dr. Carl Perry shared with Lewin that teen oral sex is incredibly casual:

'It is incredible how casual oral sex has become for some adolescents,'' said Dr. Carol Perry, who was a psychologist for 15 years at Riverdale Country School and Trinity School, two private [upscale] schools in New York City [...] 

A 15-year-old Manhattan private schoolgirl told Lewin that "oral sex doesn't seem like sex", that some nymphets see performing oral sex as a "rite of passage", and that one her friends had performed oral sex the previous weekend:

''[...] oral sex doesn't seem like sex. People may see the first time as a rite of passage, but after that, it's nothing much. A friend told me she'd done it to a boy last weekend [...]''

Per Elaine Sarfati, the Hunter school nurse, the mint-flavored condoms are flying off the shelf:

The mint condoms are now being taken at a faster clip than the regular ones. Elaine Sarfati, the school nurse, said she restocks 20 or 30 flavored condoms a day to the box on the shelf in the bathroom off her office -- a shelf high enough to be out of the way of younger children.

And what's a typical question concerning oral sex from a Manhattan (privileged) middle-school nymphet?

Dr. Cydelle Berlin, the health educator who founded the Adolescent AIDS prevention program at Mount Sinai Medical Center. For girls, 'Do you spit or do you swallow?' is a typical seventh-grade question. 

Lewin's article was posted in 1997, Stepp's was written in 1999, and Wolfe's Hooking Up was published in 2001, but it's very safe to assume that there's been no reduction in the occurrence of nymphet oral sex.  

And rest assured that nymphets are not restricting their services to middle-school boys and high school jocks. Nymphets are performing oral sex on men too (e.g., their bff's college-aged brothers, their "uncles", and Jeffery Epstein types for spending money.) But Orthodox Jews and Muslims and even some feminists would agree that nymphets should avoid performing oral sex - no matter the age of the benefactor. 

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Bono's Eve Hewson: A Pre Teen Making Trouble with Men

The tile and subtitle of Charlotte Dean's Daily Mail post (16 February 2021) says it all:

'No more boys in their 20s, please God!': Eve Hewson reveals her U2 star dad Bono refused to hire 'good-looking support bands' in her [pre] teens because she was a 'little troublemaker'

The actress, 29, admitted her rocker dad, 60, laid down the law and ruled 'no more boys in their 20s' due to her wild ways 

Eve discussed her rebellious childhood and 'hopeless' love life in the Spring issue of Town and Country magazine 

Brooke Theis elaborated in her Town and Country (17/02/21) piece on Eve Hewson:

When she was 11, she and her [13-year-old] sister [Jordan] would go through his address book and prank-call celebrities at random – including [~ 21-year-old] Justin Timberlake [...] 

“We were little troublemakers,” she says. “There got to a point in my teens when my dad couldn’t hire good-looking support bands any more. He was like, ‘No more boys [sic] in their twenties, please God!’”

In summary, Eve and Jordan were confessed "little troublemakers". Consequently, Bono, Eve's father, refused to hire 'good-looking [U2] support bands'. Bono even prayed, ‘No more boys [sic] [men] in their twenties, please God!’”

Bono anticipated that he wouldn't be able to get his pre-teen daughter to stop making trouble with good looking men in their twenties - father knows best; thus, he stopped hiring them. 

Thank God that Bono knew that his daughter was an aggressive nymphet, because if one of those musicians would have succumbed to Eve's troublemaking, no one, except possibly Bono, would have (openly) admitted that a pre-teen Eve could have consensually initiated an age-gap affair. 

David Bowie and Lori Maddox

And as we know, it's not uncommon for nymphets to be enthralled by older musicians. For example, we previously wrote about Nikki McWatters Huffington Post article “Predatory Teenage Girls” where McWatters wrote that 13-year-old Lori Maddox, a famous teenage groupie from LA, lost her virginity to David Bowie.

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Netflix's GRAND ARMY: Braless, Twerking, and Gagging Teens

Netflix's Grand Army (2020) was created, written, and executive produced by Katie Cappiello and is based on Cappiello's Slut: A Play. The main storyline in the play and the series is about Joey who was sexually assaulted, in the back of a New York City taxi, by her high school classmates. But to stretch the play into (9) nine streaming episodes, Cappiello added a number of (raunchy teen) scenarios. Thereby, utilizing the allure of nymphets. Let's take a look at how Cappiello stretched Slut: A Play into Grand Army.


Joey (Odessa A'zion) helped a classmate remove a condom from her vagina. 

A "Bomb Pussy List" was created that listed the 50 Most Fuckable Females @ Grand Army High. Leila, a freshman who made the list, responded, "Oh my God! Wait. Does this mean that they wanna fuck me? [...] Like what's the criteria for an amazing pussy?' 

A high school house party included teen lipstick lesbians, cocaine, and teen sex. 


Joey started a Grand Army High | Free the Nipple campaign: "Braless. Boundless. Blow up the patriarchy."  

Prompted by her entry on the "Bomb Pussy List" and being told, "George likes deep throating. How's your gag reflex?", Leila watched an oral sex instructional video - during class.

Ultimately, Leila gave George a hand job, but later George shared with Joey, "She couldn't make me cum. I had to finish myself off." 

Joey got her nipples pierced and proudly sexted a photo to the group chat. 


This episode opened with twerking teen cheerleaders - in spandex shorts. 

In the sexual assault taxi scene, Cappiello added a vibrator that was gifted to Joey at the movie theater by a middle-aged man. "It's a little mini vibrator just for me." 

In what appeared to be an insensitive choice, after Joey was forcibly fingered by a classmate, "You're so wet," the episode ended with Tommy Genesis' "Play with It". Here's the pre-chorus: 

Play wit' the pussy, wanna play wit’ the pussy 

Come get a hooky, baby, come get a hooky 

I wanna fuck you, baby, I wanna fuck you 

If we not fuckin', baby, come get it poppin' 


Here are two lines from the feminist high school play: 

"I even bought edible underwear." 

"I deserve an earth shattering full-body experience. I want the tickle. I want the explosion. I want to gasp for air. I want to scream [...]"

And Joey wasn't the only nymphet into sexting. Leila shared with a classmate, "I let him touch my boobs. I sent him nudes. I shaved my vag." 


By episode 5, Leila finally gave George a "blow job" - in the drama department. "I gave him a blow job today in the drama department. And I swallowed, which is gross, but I didn't know what else to do." 

And speaking of teen oral sex, two nymphets demonstrated their gag reflexes via heart shaped suckers - in the library.

Saturday, February 13, 2021

France May Set [Official] Age of Sexual Consent to 15

Amanda Arnold reported for New York Magazine's "The Cut" that "France Is Finally Setting an Age of Consent":

On Tuesday, the country announced that it would finally set the [official] age of sexual consent [...] at 15.

I inserted the word official, because France does have an [unofficial age of consent]. Arnold wrote:

While current law criminalizes sexual relations with a minor under the age of 15, these cases are typically prosecuted as an offense that carries lighter penalties. In order to bring more serious charges of rape, prosecutors have to prove that violence, force, surprise, or coercion were involved, even in cases where the victim was as young as 11 years old.

Psychologist Muriel Salmona related that the dark side of the allure of nymphets is problematic in Europe - especially in France:

“The figures on violence against children are bad for most of Europe,” psychologist Muriel Salmona told the BBC. “But in France there is a current that tolerates sexual violence against children.”

Arnold reported that, in 2018, there was an attempt at setting an [official] French age of consent, but it was (unsurprisingly) blocked by men's groups:

In March 2018, the country introduced a package of laws intended to combat the prevalence of misconduct, which included fines for sexual harassment and set the country’s age of consent to 15. However, following pressure from men’s groups, the age-of-consent law was scrapped after a government report concluded it would result in “an assumption of guilt.”

Lastly, in recents weeks, protests have erupted in France. The protests were prompted by a case involving "Julie" who between the ages of 13 and 15 periodically had "group sex" with French firefighters whom stated the the age-gap group sex was consensual:

Cries intensified further in recent weeks, as France’s highest court prepares to hear a high-profile case involving a woman who says she was repeatedly raped by 20 firefighters over a two-year period, when she was between the ages of 13 and 15. (The woman, who has been dubbed “Julie” by the French media, is now 25.) Three of the firemen said they did in fact have sex with Julie when she was a minor, two of whom admitted to having “group sex” while on duty, though they argue that relations were consensual. 

Famous Age-Gap Relationship: Dolph Lundgren (63) and Emma Krokdal (24)

Sarah Abraham posted the Daily Mail article "Dolph Lundgren, 63, and fiancee Emma Krokdal, 24, head for a workout in Venice... as they continue to spark marriage rumors", (22 December 2020). 

You may remember Lundgren from his famous role as Soviet boxer Ivan Drago in Rocky IV (1985).

Abraham posted:

Dolph Lundgren and his much younger fiancee Emma Krokdal recently sparked rumors the pair may have already married after he was seen rocking a ring on his left finger. 

First linked in 2019 after they met at the gym, the romance was confirmed in January 2020 when they were seen together at a film festival in the Dominican Republic. 

He slipped an engagement ring on the Norwegian-born beauty's finger on June 16 as he wrote, 'Something very special happened here in Sweden.'

After announcing the engagement, Lundgren was met with criticism online as people flooded the post and said that she 'looks like his daughter.'

Having a daughter Ida who is the SAME age as his fiancee, it is definitely a little strange but hey, that's Hollywood for you! 

Sadly, what we've found to be a pattern in a number of famous age-gap relationships is that after the relationships end, the young women often purport that they were manipulated into the affairs. 

In other words, to the dismay of feminists, young women often relate that older men have an almost magical ability to make young women lose almost all mental and physical self-control. 

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

BABY Season 3: "Child [Teen] Prostitution in Rome's Wealthiest District"

Chiara and Ludovica

We wrote previously about seasons 1 and 2 of Netflix's Baby, which is based on the 2014 true story of teen prostitutes in Parioli, Rome:

THE TRUE STORY form Cosmopolitan's Emily Tannenbaum: Back in 2014, it was discovered [...] that two high school girls in the wealthy district of Parioli, Rome were selling their bodies [like (some) Japanese schoolgirls] for sex in order to buy luxury products like designer clothes and electronics [...] [A] dozen more girls were involved in the underage prostitution ring, but it "centers on a 14-year-old [Agnese] and a 16-year-old [Angela] who told investigating prosecutor Cristina Macchiusi that they got into the game by searching 'easy money' on Google."

Season 3 of Baby is the conclusion of the series and depicts the (seeming) end of the Roman teen prostitution ring. For this post, I decided to relate some relevant quotes from Ludovica Storti and Chiara Altieri - the two high school students by day and teen prostitutes by evening. 

Interestingly, Chiara admitted that she knew what she was doing, and like 14-year-old [Agnese] and a 16-year-old [Angela], the real-life teen prostitutes, Chiara stated that no one forced her into teen prostitution and that she was not a victim. However, unlike the real-life teen prostitutes, Ludovica lied and said that she was "seduced and manipulated" by a Roman pimp. Unsurprisingly, in the series, the authorities disbelieved Chiara and believed Ludovica. 

S03E01: Ludovica admitted that her mother knew that she as a teen prostitute. And Chiara shared that being a teen prostitute made her feel "stronger" and "good".

Ludovica Storti [teen prostitute]: "Why are you acting like this? You knew what I was doing."

Simonetta [Ludovica's mother]: "I never imagined that you'd go this far."

Chiara Altieri [teen prostitute]: "Having a secret made me feel stronger [...] I know it's wrong. That it's horrible. But it makes me feel good."

S03E02: When a middle-aged john asked Chiara why she "does what she does", she simply replied, "Tomorrow after school."

middle-aged john: "I just want to know why a girl like you does what she does."

Chiara: "Tomorrow after school."

S03E03: When Elsa, Chiara's mother, implied that Chiara didn't realize what she was doing, Chiara replied that she as a "whore" - a [teen] "prostitute". And Chiara informed a confused john's wife, "But I'm not a victim." 

Chiara: "What do you want from me? To give up like you and be a good little girl?"

Elsa [Chiara's mother]: "You've no idea what you're doing."

Chiara: "Yes I do [...] I'm a whore - a [teen] prostitute!"

elderly john's wife: "Has he ever made you do anything against your will?"

Chiara: "No. Whenever I saw him it was because I wanted to see him [...] I was free to choose [...] I'm sorry about your husband. But I'm not a victim."

S03E04: When an attorney told Chiara that she was "exploited" and taken "full advantage " of,  Chiara responded by stating that she wanted to take "responsibility" for her actions.

attorney: "[...] those men, Chiara, were adults [...] They exploited a young girl. They took full advantage of you in your moment of weakness [...]"

Chiara: "I wanted to take responsibility."

S03E05: Unsurprisingly, a police officer assumed that Chiara and Ludovica were forced into teen prostitution and thereby offered to let them escape. 

Police officer to : "[...] I won't tell anyone I found you."

S03E06: In the last episode, Ludovica lied and said that she was "seduced and manipulated" by a Roman pimp, but Chiara admitted that she had sex with middle-aged men on her "own free will."

lawyer: "So to be clear. You decided to go back to Mr. Fiorenzi [a pimp] based on the advice you got from your mother and best friend [Chiara]"

Ludovica: "No. That's not how it happened. I was seduced and manipulated by Claudio Fiorenzi."

psychologist: "Do you ever feel regret?"

Chiara: "No [...] He knew he had no power over me [...] These things didn't happen by chance. I did them on my own free will."

Lastly, just like in seasons 1 and 2, season 3 of Baby took full advantage of the allure of nymphets by showing Chiara and Ludovica in alluring situations. In addition to Chiara being with a number of middle-aged johns, in episode 3 Chiara (randomly) masturbated (in a chair), and in episode 5, Chiara and Ludovica went for a swim in the sea - in their bras and panties.