Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Famous Ephebophile Peter Cook (58) with Alba Jancou (18)

UPDATE: Emily Smith reported for Page Six (November 13, 2019) that Peter Cook allegedly lied about his fiancée's age. Sources relate that Alba Jancou is 20, which would mean that Cook met Jancou when she was an 18-year-old nymphet.

We posted a previous post about 47-year-old Peter Cook who had an affair in 2006 while he was married to former supermodel Christie Brinkley with 18-year-old Diana Bianchi .

The Daily Mail and Page Six reported yesterday that 60-year-old Cook announced his engagement to Alba Jancou, his 21-year-old "soulmate".

Page Six's Emily Smith, Ian Mohr and Mara Siegler shared the age-gap couple met when Jancou was 19:
A source said of Cook and Jancou: “They originally met two years ago at Le Bilboquet, but didn’t start dating until a year ago. They are planning a destination wedding in Europe.”

We’re told the bride-to-be, a psychology student in New York, is “Swiss, French and English” and “attended a prestigious English private boarding school” called Millfield. Her parents are prominent New York art gallerists: mom Tanya Bonakdar, 53, and father Marc Jancou, 51, according to public records.
Peter Cook & Zoey Tess

But, prior to meeting his 'soulmate', Page Six reported in 2017 that Cook: "[...] was pictured snuggling up to a college sophomore, a 21-year-old aspiring singer named Zoey Tess, in three now-deleted Instagram and Snapchat pics from a date in East Hampton on Tuesday."

Sunday, October 27, 2019


This photo was surprisingly posted on Reddit's r/trashy. Reddit is typically quick to delete any posts or accounts that deal with nympholepsy. 

In the photo, a man, while attending a Renaissance festival, shares via a sticker on his coffee mug that, unlike Bernie Sanders, he doesn't give a "FUCK" about legalizing marijuana. However, he wants to amend age-of-consent laws and "LEGALIZE 16YR OLD'S..."

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Marie Howe's "Practicing": Pre-Teen Lipstick Lesbians in THE NEW YORKER

In preparation for a post, we're reading Sharon Lamb's The Secret Lives of Girls: What Good Girls Really Do--Sex Play, Aggression, and Their Guilt. Lamb writes that the purpose of The Secret Lives of Girls is to: 

"[...] to expose all of these acts that are going on in secrecy so that girls and women can feel less guilty about their sexual desires as well as their aggressive impulses, can learn to accept these as part of themselves and still love and honor themselves for them."

To give an example of what some girls do in secrecy, Lamb shared Marie Howe's poem "Practicing". But before sharing the poem, Lamb wrote:

Marie Howe [a State Poet for New York and National Endowment for the Arts and Guggenheim Fellow], in her poem "Practicing" [...], writes of the power of the erotic, even in seventh-grade girls. In this poem, [...] we learn that what might have been called "practicing" was more than "just" practice. In somebody's "parents' house," [...] there are some things that go unsaid. And what remains unsaid is not a story of lesbian romance [...] It is a story of girls' bodies and girls' pleasure, their sense of power in that pleasure, a story rarely told [...]

by Marie Howe

I want to write a love poem for the girls I kissed in seventh grade,
a song for what we did on the floor in the basement

of somebody’s parents’ house, a hymn for what we didn’t say but thought:
That feels good or I like that, when we learned how to open each other’s mouths

how to move our tongues to make somebody moan. We called it practicing, and
one was the boy, and we paired off—maybe six or eight girls—and turned out

the lights and kissed and kissed until we were stoned on kisses, and lifted our
nightgowns or let the straps drop, and, Now you be the boy:

concrete floor, sleeping bag or couch, playroom, game room, train room, laundry.
Linda’s basement was like a boat with booths and portholes

instead of windows. Gloria’s father had a bar downstairs with stools that spun,
plush carpeting. We kissed each other’s throats.

We sucked each other’s breasts, and we left marks, and never spoke of it upstairs
outdoors, in daylight, not once. We did it, and it was

practicing, and slept, sprawled so our legs still locked or crossed, a hand still lost
in someone’s hair . . . and we grew up and hardly mentioned who

the first kiss really was—a girl like us, still sticky with moisturizer we’d
shared in the bathroom. I want to write a song

for that thick silence in the dark, and the first pure thrill of unreluctant desire,
just before we’d made ourselves stop.

Interestingly, "Practicing" was published in the August 25, 1997 issue of The New Yorker.

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Famous Ephebophile: Donald Trump | The Allure of Teen Models

Levine and El-Faizy posted excerpts from their book All The President's Women on Cosmopolitan in the article "Teen Models Remember Trump Would “Find a Reason” to Come Backstage When They Were Changing".  The subtitle is even more revealing than the title of the book and the post:

"In exclusive excerpts from the explosive new book All the President’s Women, modeling contestants recall President Trump’s “gropey” behavior and his interest in young girls."

Here are some excerpts of the excerpts:

Among modeling insiders, Trump had a reputation at the time for preferring the younger girls. “If you’re over twenty-one you don’t have to worry,” Carr said she was told.

Stacy Wilkes competed in the 1991 [Look of the Year] contest as a sixteen-year-old, representing the United States. She remembers Trump coming into their dressing area during the contest, more than once. 

“I would feel really uncomfortable, because every time we would change, it was like Trump would find a reason to come backstage to see all the teenagers,” she told us. “When you’re doing a runway show, they have to strip you down and change you....There was no need for him to be back there.” 

Trump never tried to justify his presence backstage but would just walk in and start making jokes. The girls didn’t feel that they were free to complain. 

“We were afraid to say anything bad when he was around because we didn’t want anything to hurt our chances of winning,” Wilkes said. “We were all young teenagers.” 

Wilkes’s roommate ended up spending the night with one of the celebrity judges, Wilkes said, and later won one of the prizes.

Models report similar things happening during the competition the following year. Shawna Lee was only fourteen when she was the entrant from Canada in the 1992 Look of the Year contest. She also attended an event on a yacht. This time the girls were asked to walk one by one down a staircase and dance in front of Trump and [John] Casablancas [of Elite agency], who were seated in chairs at the bottom. 

“It was a very small area and I could see them laughing and making fun of the girls,” most of whom were fifteen and sixteen years old, she said in an interview for this book. “You know, these men were older than my father at the time, looking girls up and down and objectifying them. It was just kind of gross. I don’t think doing that had anything to do with being a professional model.”

Lee told us that Trump wandered around their dressing room, too, before the runway show. “I was thinking, what’s that old guy doing back here,” she said. “I was changing and looked up as he was looking and doing a slow stroll by, checking out the girls.”

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Jeffrey Epstein's Masseuses: Nymphet Victims or Teen Prostitutes?

The media typically portrays the nymphets who exchanged money to "massage" Jeffrey Epstein and/or have sex with him as victims, but a number of people opine, mostly behind closed doors, that those nymphets were not victims but were teen prostitutes. 

For example, Stuart Pivar, co-founder of New York Academy of Art, author of Lifecode: The Theory of Biological Self-Organization, industrialist and who acted "[...] as a sort of art consultant to Epstein" opined in an interview with Leland Nally for Mother Jones: 

What Jeffrey did is nothing in comparison to the rapes and the forceful things, which people did. Jeffrey had to do [it] with a bunch of women who were totally complicit. For years, they went, came there time and time and time again. 

Interestingly, Pivar diagnosed Epstein with, "[...] a severe case of what’s called satyriasis, the male counterpart of nymphomania."

[...] he could not help himself. I’ve seen him do things which he couldn’t—couldn’t help himself, he was afflicted with it. If he had tuberculosis it wouldn’t be called a perversion, would it? Because he coughed too much?

[...] probably a lot of men have that for all I know. But none of them have the dough to have underage girls three times a day to work it out [...] Except that he had the money and the wherewithal to work it out, to manage to supply himself with three underage girls every single day. 

Who knows how many men have that? And the difference is that if there are other ones who have it, I don’t know, they probably go around raping or God knows what they do. Jeffrey had the money to do it politely—namely, by getting complaisant young girls.

Pivar went on to share:

He did stuff with underage girls who knew what the hell they were doing. By the hundreds [...] What Jeffrey did in comparison with the kind of stuff which gets exposed every day of people who are abusing children left and right and all kinds of institutions? Jeffrey never did anything like that. Everything he had to do with these girls was complicit.

We related in an earlier post:

In addition, Alan Dershowitz, the (in)famous attorney and former Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law at Harvard Law School, opined in a 1997 Los Angeles Times op-ed piece that "Statutory Rape IS an Outdated Concept". Dershowitz wrote:

"In the absence of physical evidence-such as pregnancy or sexually transmitted disease-a charge of statutory rape generally requires testimony by the victim. But since the sex was consensual, it is rare [...] (if the sex was not consensual [...] it is ordinary rape rather than statutory rape). Thus 99% of cases of statutory rape are not prosecuted."

"[...] there must be criminal sanctions against sex with very young children, but it is doubtful whether such sanctions should apply to teenagers [...] since voluntary sex is so common in their age group"

"[...] the age of consent should be lowered. It certainly should not be as high as 17 or 16. Reasonable people can disagree over whether is should be as low as 14. Fifteen would seem like an appropriate compromise."

[...] the Supreme Court's recognition of a young woman's rights to choose abortion-without interference from her parents or the state-suggests a degree of autonomy that seems inconsistent with making it a felony to have sex with a mature, consenting 16-year-old.

James Patterson's wrote Filthy Rich: The Billionaire's Sex Scandal - The Shocking True Story of Jeffrey Epstein by combining interviews of law enforcement officials who worked on the Palm Beach Epstein investigation with evidence obtained from court filings. Below are three examples, from over a hundred, of nymphets who exchanged massages and/or sex for money with Epstein.


This is how 14-year-old Mary prepared for her first visit to Epstein's house:

What she's thinking about now is her what she will wear to the big fancy house.

Mary desperately wants to make an impression. This will be her first trip to the house. She does not want to look like a child on this outing.

She picks out a pair of skinny white jeans, puts on a freshly washed halter top that leaves her flat stomach bare [...]

Think of the money, she thinks [...]

The tight white jeans fit Mary perfectly.

In just one hour, Wendy's [an Epstein nymphet recruiter] told Mary, she can make more money than her father makes in a day: "This guy in Palm Beach. He's rich. Very rich. He has an airplane. He owns and island, you know?"

"Yes," she had said, without even thinking about it. 

"Hundreds of dollars," Mary had whispered [...] "I can make that in one hour."

But the thought of not going hadn't even crossed Mary's mind. If anything, she hoped that it would become a regular thing.

She knew that it would be more than a foot rub. Wendy had told her that much, at least.

"Remember," Wendy says, according to a probable cause affidavit filed by the Palm Beach police. "When he asks how old you are, say eighteen." [...] "Got it?" [...} "Okay," she says. "I got it. Eighteen."

After Epstein entered the room, 14-year-old Mary [...] removed her pants, leaving her thong panties on [...] She straddled his back, whereby her exposed buttocks were touching Epstein's exposed buttocks.

Epstein then turned on his side and started to rub his penis in an up-and-down motion. Epstein pulled out a purple vibrator and began to message Mary's vaginal area.

Very interestingly, Noel St. Pierre, had no problem referring to the underprivileged Haitian kids who exchanged sex for money in the Dominican Republic as prostitutes. And Noel St. Pierre reminded that the white Floridian American kids are rich compared to most Haitian kids. Thus, the claim that Epstein was taking advantage of underprivileged Floridian nymphets is weak. For example, Wendy's father is a "[...] a self-made man who runs a contracting business."

Patterson added: "Americans always want more than they have." Thus, like Japanese teen prostitutes, some would opine that materialism was the consensual impetus to exchange money for sexual favors with Epstein.


Alison has been going to Epstein's house since she was sixteen. "Like Mary, she says, she was recruited in high school." Alison shared, "I wasn't naive enough to think that he was gonna pay me two hundred dollars just for nothing [...] Like, this guy's not gonna pay you money for not doing anything, not letting him cop a feel or nothing [...] I was like, "Oh...if he does something that I have a problem with, then I'll leave."

The first time Alison went to Epstein's, he messaged her nude breasts while he masturbated to completion. Although, Alison (this reminds me of Euphoria...) refused to remove her panties, Epstein still paid her $300. How many times did Alison go to Epstein's, you may ask? "Hundreds. Hundreds. I was-he used to tell me I was his favorite. He bought me a car. Eh bought me-"

Once again, Alison shared that she was in charge of the transaction details: [...] he asked me to have sex with him and, like, like suck him and stuff [giggles], and I was like, no. Definitely not. I was like, "I'll let you touch me, but I'm not gonna do that."

Alison admitted that Epstein used her but that she used him too. "[...] I figured he used me, I'd be able to use him. Um, I hate to say that, but I figured if I wanted to use him I could. [...] And if the money wasn't there, I wouldn't have ever been in that house."

Alison went on to admit, "[...] Here's the reason I held on so long, he promised me that I would get into NYU [...]"

Alison even took other nymphets to Epstein's, "[...] I brought girls [...] That would do anything. Girls that would just like, suck dick in the bathroom at [high] school [...]"

Alison related some of the items she exchanged with Epstein:

"Like, I've gotten thousands of dollars' worth of shit. Man, the underwear I'm wearing right now, he gave me. Like, I'd-I'd go over there and there'd be a bag of Victoria's Secret underwear, like, waiting for me, like, talking, like, fifteen hundred dollars' worth of stuff. I got a plan ticket from him once. I got a car. I got Christmas bonuses, I got movie tickets [...]"

Wendy Dobbs

Approximately two years ago, just after she turned 17 years of age, [Wendy] was approached by a friend named Molly [...] [Dobbs] was asked if she wanted to make some money. She was told she would have to provide a message and should make $200. [Dobbs] thought about the offer and agreed to meet with Jeffrey [...]

"I'll message you," Dobbs had told Epstein. "But I don't want to be touched."

[Dobbs] stated she performed the message naked. At the conclusion of the message, Epstein paid [Dobbs] $200.

After the message Epstein stated to [Dobbs] that he understood she was not comfortable, but he would pay her if she brought over some girls. He told her the younger the better [...][Dobbs] stated that in total she only remembers six girls she brought to see Epstein. Each time she was paid $200. [Dobbs] said at the time she brought these girls to Epstein's house they were all 14 through 16 [years] of age.

Dobbs shared in an interview with Detective Recarey and Sergeant Frick: [...] That was on one of Jeffrey's rules. He had a problem with girls coming to the house that didn't know what they were getting into. He would tell me, you know, "Make sure these girls know what to expect, make sure they know what they want. because when I get in that room I don't want them to-you know-they need to know." And, as far as [redacted]'s case, she knew everything she was getting herself into. It was all volunteer.

Sergeant Frick stated to Dobbs: [...] You've taken girls to somebody's house for the purpose of prostitution. More importantly, more significantly, one of those girls was fourteen at the time, okay? [...] 

So, what do you think? With the exception of the nymphets who were allegedly victims of non-consensual rape, are Jeffrey Epstein's masseuses victims, teen prostitutes or both?

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Louis-Léopold Boilly: French Painter of Teen [Lipstick] Lesbians & Foot Fetish Nymphets

Louis-Léopold Boilly, Self-Portrait

Per National Gallery of Art, by 1779, Louis-Léopold Boilly (French: 5 July 1761 – 4 January 1845) was painting portraits in Arras, but he moved to Paris in 1785 where his family portraits attracted attention and commissions. Beginning in 1791, Boilly "[...] regularly exhibited portraits and genre scenes at the Paris Salons. [But] [w]hen private patronage dwindled after the outbreak of the Revolution, he sought to reach a wider popular audience by painting boudoir scenes, of mildly licentious character [...]"

Two Young Women Kissing (Deux jeunes femmes s'embrassant), about 1790

Two Young Women Kissing (Deux jeunes femmes s'embrassant), about 1790 and Comparing Little Feet (La comparaison des petits pieds), 1891 are two examples of the French painter's erotic pieces that profiles nymphets. 

Per Alain.R.Truong: "'Comparing Little Feet' (1891, The Ramsbury Manor Foundation) uses a seemingly innocent competition between two young women as a means of exposing their legs and décolletages, whereas works such as 'Two Young Women Kissing' (about 1790–4, The Ramsbury Manor Foundation) are more explicitly erotic."

Comparing Little Feet (La comparaison des petits pieds), 1891

Here's an excerpt from Sotheby's catalogue notes for 
Comparing Little Feet:

This unique erotic composition reveals an interior in which a woman, seated at left, crosses her right leg over her left knee in order to remove her shoe and compare her foot with that of her friend. Both have one red shoe and one blue shoe each; they have obviously exchanged them. The woman on the right, standing with her breasts casually uncovered, lifts her skirt. In the doorway a voyeur observes the scene with an interested, if not salacious air. Such licentious genre scenes caused their creator, Louis-Léopold Boilly, no little trouble during the so-called Reign of Terror (1793-94) for the loose morals they portrayed. With a polished technique, the artist here reveals how capable he is of rendering the intimacy of the scene through the magnificent play of fabrics and subtle lighting. 

Alexandre Chaponnier (d’après Louis-Léopold Boilly) La comparaison des petits pieds (fig. 1)

At least three versions of this composition, entitled Comparing Little Feet, were made, including one now lost and only known through an engraving by Alexandre Chaponnier (fig. 1. The principal group of the scene is identical but the third figure is now on the floor, in a grotesque pose, trying to see even more.