Thursday, February 28, 2013

LOLA (1970): "He's Not My Daddy. He's My Boyfriend."

I heard the term nymphetishist for the first time in the movie Lola (1970), which is about, Scott Wardman (Charles Bronson), a thirty-eight-year-old erotic novelist who married,Twinky, a sixteen-year-old schoolgirl to avoid being prosecuted for statutory rape; however, the writer regretted getting married after the nymphet wouldn't let him concentrate on completing his next novel.

It's worth noting that Charles Bronson's character did a great job of not being needy. He let the nymphet take their relationship to the next level. For example, it was her idea to get married. He even used reverse psychology by saying, "It wouldn't last six months."

Interestingly, the lyrics of the theme song suggest that schoolgirls should be "[...] dumb but pretty like a schoolgirl should be."

Lola (1970) is also known as a London Affair (1970) and Twinky.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

LA PETITE VOLEUSE (1988): Treat a Nymphet Like an Adult

Here's the IMDb plot summary for La Petite Voleuse [English: The Little Thief (1988)] :

In a small town in post-World-War-II France, an unhappy sixteen-year-old (Janine Castang) tries to escape her dreary situation by any means at her disposal. Three successive friends (Michel Davenne, a married lover; Raoul, a fellow thief; Mauricette Dargelos, a photographer and fellow prisoner) help her learn from her mistakes.

In the French film, sixteen-year-old green eyed baby-faced Janine (Charlotte Gainsbourg) informed her forty-three-year-old lover that she fell in love with a German soldier when she was a nine-year-old nymphet: 

“The most I ever loved was when I was nine. With a kraut [German soldier] at Nazi HQ. He had nice hair and a gentle voice. I think he was hot for my mom. He said I was exceptional. No guy after that believed in me.” 

Unsurprisingly, despite her age, Janine wanted to be treated like an adult, which makes sense when one understands the fact that childhood is a relatively recent invention

La Petite Voleuse (1988) won the Best Film award from the French Critics Association. 

Jack Nicholson (72) Propositions Jennifer Lawrence (22)

72-year-old Jack Nicholson did what many men would want to do, but would never have the balls nerves to do. He propositioned 22-year-old Jennifer Lawrence after the Oscars. 

While Jennifer was being interviewed after she won the Oscar for Best Actress for her role in Silver Linings Playbook (2012), Jack boldly interrupted the interview to inform Jennifer that: 

"You look like an old girlfriend." 
"Oh, really? Do I look like a new girlfriend?" Jennifer flirted back.
"I thought about it." Jack replied.
"I'll be waiting [for you after your interview]." Jack said after he dawned his sunglasses. 

It's interesting to note that Jennifer played a teen in the movie The Hunger Games (2012).

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

SOLITARY MAN (2009): The Daddy Thing | Ben Has Sex With His Stepdaughter

It's importance for men to avoid being clingy. For example, Solitary Man's (2009) Ben Kalmen (Michael Douglas) became "clingy” after he had sex with Allyson, his teen step-daughter, to which she said, "Come on Ben [...] I thought there was going to be a little difference between you and the guys my age. You wouldn't go simple and be all clingy and stuff [...]" 

Therefore, don't be "clingy" or needy. Even after the nymphet initiates the relationship, which she will if you're attractive (i.e., you have a high self-esteem, self-confidence, self-control, etc...), let her continue to advance the relationship - all the way down the aisle à la Hugh Hefner. However, unlike Woody Allen, one should avoid inner-circle game as it can lead to bad consequences.

In addition, this scene is an example of what a number of women confessed to in Nancy Friday's My Secret Garden: Women’s Sexual Fantasies about having "Daddy Thing" fantasies. For example, Bella shockingly shared that since she was eight-years-old, her father had always been her "fantasy lover during masturbation"!

In the end, Allyson shared with her mother that she and her step-father had "slept together" in Boston. 

Sunday, February 24, 2013

PRETTY MAIDS All IN A ROW: A High School Student Fisted By Her Teacher

Pretty Maids All in a Row, Francis Pollini's novel and Roger Vadim's filmis about Tiger [Rock Hudson], a charming Ocean Front high school Civics teacher, who kept a rotating list of nymphets whom he had sex with in his office. However, once his students became too attached - he killed them.

We've written about the rise of anal sex among teens in fiction and non-fiction. For example, the protagonist in the novel Innocents had anal sex with one of his high school students; however, that may pale in comparison to what Tiger did to one of his students in Pollini's novel

In the novel, Tiger picked up "fresh, sweet" smelling Rochelle, a 17-year-old junior (The affair started when she was a sophomore), in his car and drove her to a "[...] nook completely screened from the road [...]"  Soon after he parked the car he "[...] glided into her trembling body [...]" 
"Now My Tiger-" She gasped and said, trembling more and more. 
"Alright, Lovely-" Tiger said, withdrawing his shaft...
"Now Lovely_" She gasped...
"Wow, Lovely-" He told her, making his hand into a fist and easing it between her divine thighs, and upward, slowly, ever, deeper, seeking her, as she groaned, and moaned, trembling violently-
"Yes, YES LOVELY-" She said- His arm was gliding, penetrating, he was almost up to his elbow, he was drenching wet...

That's correct. The high school Civics teacher fisted his 17-year-old student

Roger Vadim, Director of Pretty Maids All in a Row (1971)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Teen Brooke Shields Sans Panties

Subsequent to Brooke Shields' (pre-teen) nude appearance in Pretty Baby (1978she appeared at the age of 15 in some seductive advertisements for Calvin Klein.

In one Calvin Klein commercial, the camera seductively pans her cowboy boots, then up the right leg of her skinny jeans, and slowly across the nymphet's crotch before finally stopping at her captivating face. 

With her crotch still within view, due to her legs being spread completely open, Brooke looks enticingly into the camera and says, “You wanna know what comes between me and my Calvins? Nothing.” Thereby letting the viewers know that her 15-year-old crotch was sans panties. 

Thus, the marketing team at Calvin Klein knew that they could use the allure of nymphets to sell overpriced jeans.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

BLAME IT ON RIO (1984) Pre-Teen Love for an Older Man

My research for The Allure of Nymphets began with Not Another Teen Movie (2001), but after I read about Blame It On Rio (1984), which was based on the French movie Un Moment d'Égarement (1977), I was exposed to a treasure trove of data 

In Blame It On Rio, 17-year-old Jennifer (Michelle Johnson) used her youthful beauty and insatiable libido to seduce Matthew (Michael Caine), her father's 49-year-old best friend. 

And Jennifer informed Matthew that her love for him began when she was a 10-year-old nymphet.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Coote's INNOCENTS: A Perverted High School Student Seduces Her Teacher

When I began doing research on the allure of nymphets, I was shocked when I discovered books, movies, and television shows with age-discrepant relationships that were written by women. Not only is Innocents written by a female, it's written by nymphet. Here's the plot summary from Amazon:

Written when Cathy Coote was nineteen...forcing someone vulnerable and naive into a sexual relationship to satisfy a twisted desire is perverted, even evil. But when the perpetrator is a sixteen-year-old schoolgirl, is she culpable? And if the victim is her thirty-four-year-old teacher, shouldn't he have known better? When the nameless young narrator of Innocents decides to seduce her teacher, she immediately realizes that the power of her sexuality is greater than she ever imagined[...]and moves in with her teacher; together, they quickly embark on a journey into their darkest desires. 

What may be counter-intuitive to the naive, just like in real-life and in almost every book I've read and movie and television show I've watched, the student-teacher relationship in Innocents was initiated by the nymphet. Here's an excerpt:

I wanted you when I saw how you dreaded to touch seemed to me that you were punishing yourself for your most innocent passions. You were charmingly, naively presuming yourself guilty of lechery, debauchery, debasement. So I...reached for that agitated pinching right hand of yours, and I took it in mine...I stroked it gently, with my thumb..Biting my lip, making my face tentative, I asked out of the blue, 'Will you kiss me? Please? Don't you fancy me?'..With one swift flowing movement [...] I knelt up, so as to have my face close to yours[...]. 


Sunday, February 3, 2013

Lena Dunham's GIRLS: A Middle School Nymphomaniac

Lena Dunham has been referred to as the female Woody Allen. They are both Jewish, they have a similar since of humor, and most of their movies have age-discrepant relationships. 

For example, in Woody's Manhattan (1979), the middle-aged protagonist (Allen) had an affair with a high school student until he regrettably left her for an older woman. 

And here's a line from Dunham's Creative Nonfiction (2009) that she wrote and directed:

“OK, so there's this girl. She's in high school. She's taken up with her English teacher. And he loves her poetry; you know, which is how the whole thing starts. And it's like that whole kinda like, see me after class thing. And he takes her away to this cabin that he has, which is in the country.” 

On the second episode of season two of Dunham's HBO show Girls, which won a Golden Globe for 'Best Comedy Series', Hannah's (Lena Dunham) roommate (shockingly) suggested that she wear an outfit that was, " [...] inspired by a girl I went to middle school with who fucked both her uncle and her step-dad." 

Lena Dunham, who won the Golden Globe for 'Best lead actress in a comedy or musical series' for Girls, co-wrote that episode and apparently feels that it's funny when a (fictional) middle-school aged girl (i.e., between the ages of 10 and 13-years-old) has sex with a middle-aged man - even if the man happens to be her uncle or step-dad.

GIRLS S2E5: Hanna (Lena Dunham) and Joshua (Patrick Wilson)

And on episode 5 of season of two, the following dialogue took place between Hanna (Lena Dunham) and Joshua (Patrick Wilson), a middle-aged married physician, whom Hanna met only minutes earlier at a cafe in Brooklyn.

Hanna: "How old are you? I don't know if it's a rude question." 
Joshua: "I'm 42." 
Hanna: "OK" 
Joshua: "You?"   
Hanna: "24. So we're basically twins I'd say."

Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Nabokov Museum Vandalized

The Nabokov Museum in St. Petersburg

The Nabokov Museum in St. Petersburg was vandalized in 2013 by the ultraconservative St. Petersburg Cossacks for allegedly promoting  pedophilia. Yet again, the term pedophilia was used incorrectly. 

There’s a difference between the common and clinical definitions of pedophilia. The common definition is associated with men over the age of 21 who are sexually attracted to girls under the age of 18; however, the clinical definition of pedophilia is:
  1. A sexual preference for pre-pubertal or early pubertal children 
  2. For six months or more the person has acted on those urges or suffers from distress as a result of having the urges
  3. And the individual must be at least 16-years-old and at least five years older than the subject of desire
The Cossacks may have been a bit more accurate if they would have accused The Nabokov Museum of promoting hebephilia, which is an attraction to 12 to 16-years-old girls. Ephebophilia, which is an attraction to 15 to 19-year-old girls. Or even nympholepsy, which is a general attraction to beautiful young girls. But not pedophilia. 

We would be surprised to learn that the Cossacks even read Lolita. If they had, they may have agreed with professor, novelist, and "men of letters", Robertson Davies' assessment in the Toronto Daily Star that Lolita was: “[...] not [about] the corruption of an innocent child by a cunning adult, but [about] the exploitation of a weak adult by a corrupt child.” And Daphne Merkin’s assertion in New York Magazine that Lolita was a “seductress”.