Monday, January 20, 2020

Woody's A RAINY DAY IN NEW YORK (2019): Amy, Gorgeous & Sexually Advanced, Performed Oral @ Bar Mitzvah

Woody Allen appears to have broken a record. A Rainy Day in New York (2019) contains not one, not two, not three but possibly four age-gap affairs:

After Gatsby (Timothée Chalamet) and Ashleigh (Elle Fanning), two Yardley college students, visit New York City, Ashleigh becomes infatuated with Roland Pollard (51-year-old Liev Schreiber), a famous film director, whom she is interviewing for the school's paper. Ashleigh said referring to Roland, "I can see why all the leading ladies fall in love with him."

Later in the film, Roland asked, "I want us to get to know each other Ashleigh. Would you consider coming with me to the South of France?"

That left Gatsby wondering, "What the hell is it about older guys that seem so appealing to women [...] All they are is [sic] decrepit. What's sexy about short term memory loss [...]"

Moments later, Gatsby ran into Chan (Selena Gomez), a fashion student at New York's Fashion Institute of Technology, who has a date with a "[...] very handsome, very rich [and] very clever" dermatologist. In addition, Chan is Amy's younger sister, and Amy was Gatsby's gorgeous and sexually advanced Jewish high school sweetheart. 

Gatsby shared, "Amy was gorgeous and so sexually advanced. Word on Amy was she performed oral sex at a Bar Mitzvah. I think they should make that a part of every Jewish holiday [...] And what a great Hanukkah gift."


While accompanied by Ashleigh, Ted Davidoff (46-year-old Jude Law), a writer, gets into an argument with his wife who assumes that Ashleigh is Ted's 15-year-old concubine.

Subsequently, Ashleigh meets the actor Francisco Vega (39-year-old Diego Luna). Francisco asked. "Do you have a boyfriend?" To which Ashleigh replied, "He's a mere youth." Consequently, after a joint and some whiskey, the age-gap couple proceeds to have sex until Francisco's girlfriend arrives unexpectedly. 

In the end, Gatsby summed up the movie well when he said to Ashleigh, "You were loved spiritually, emotionally, and physically by three different gifted men."

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