Sunday, July 16, 2023

"Rick and Morty" and Beekeeping Age: Teen TikTokers and Dad Sex

From Dr. Phil to Pedro Pascal, we've written about The Daddy Thing; thus, it's no surprise that there's another TiKTok trend based on the attraction, which is referred to as the “Beekeeping Age”.

Kelly Keegen of Cracked wrote in her piece, "Rick and Morty Accidentally Coined Gen Z's Favorite Phrase for Hot Older Guys." (July 12, 2023), that: "[...] Rick and Morty was responsible for TikTokers sexualizing men old enough to be their dads [...]". Kelly was referring to: "[...] the “Beekeeping Age” craze that is, apparently, pervasive among young women on the internet [...]"

She went on to write that: "[...] the latest cultural phenomenon in which the uncomfortable laws of attraction between younger women and older men are examined through memes and TikToks stems from the Season Four episode of Rick and Morty titled 'Promortyus.''"

In the episode's post-credits, Tricia, "the kinky side character", "[...] observes Jerry engaging in his latest hobby of beekeeping [...]" Consequently, Tricia asked Summer, “How old is your dad?" before she confessed, “Summer, I wanna to fuck your dad.”

Unsurprisingly, Kelly wrote that Tricia isn't the only teen teleiophile and that “Beekeeping Age” has replaced “silver fox” and “zaddy” to refer to DILFs. 

Well, it turns out Tricia isn’t the only teenager who lusts after older men with interesting hobbies — in the past year, the phrase “Beekeeping Age” has replaced traditional terms like “silver fox” or the more modern “zaddy” to describe a strata of middle-aged men deemed bangable by terminally online youth.

Maryanne Fisher, a psychology professor at St. Mary's University, gave a scientific reason for teens being attracted to older men in the “Beekeeping Age” range. She shared with USA Today in the post "What is 'beekeeping age' and why is TikTok buzzing about it? Hint: It's not about bees" that if a nymphet refers to you as “Beekeeping Age” then take it as a compliment and know that you are attractive. 

"But, the bottom line is that it is intended as a compliment, in that the man being referred to is attractive, and as we know, intentions matter greatly."

And what makes a older man attractive to TikTokersFisher listed characteristics like: intelligence, calmness, patience, attentiveness, un-neediness, confidence and independence. 

"To be a good beekeeper, one must also be somewhat intelligent and calm and patient," Fisher says. "This man is not keeping bees to get attention from others, which could be argued from other activities like riding a noisy motorcycle or working out in front of others; he's engaged in a meditative calmness. That in itself can be attractive and signal confidence and true independence because he's not trying to signal anything to anyone."

Professor Fisher is correct. Like we shared from Ridley's The Red Queen, a New York Times Notable Book, attraction is not a choice. Ergo, if a man is powerful (i.e. possesses self-control), he'll be attractive - despite his age

Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Blumarine by Marc Jacobs: Fashion for Gen Z Angst or Teen Sex Workers?


Brooke Frischer posted on Fashionista that "Heaven [by Marc Jacobs] and Bluemarine Made the High School Movie Wardrobe of Your Dreams a Reality" (JUL 7, 2023). Frischer wrote that Heaven by Marc Jacobs and Bluemarine are "beloved by Gen-Z" and that the campaign was shot "[...] by Petra Collins to boot." Let's take a look at Blumarine by Marc Jacobs before recapping our posts on Jacobs and Collins.

To the dismay of orthodox Jews and Muslims, per Frischer, Blumarine by Marc Jacobs features 11 of the brands best-selling pieces, which boast the brands "signature touches". The best-selling signature pieces consist of ultra-mini skirts, and they mean ultralacy pink camisoles, baby tees, and they mean baby, and cropped sweatshirts - among other revealing pieces. 

Frischer related that Collins photographed the, seemingly, nymphet models at "the same high school the photographer used for Olivia Rodrigo's "Good 4 U" music video". Why? It was done, strategically, to further: "[...] the appeal of the new collaboration for angsty teens and angsty-teens-at-heart everywhere." 

And I would imagine that only an angsty teen would wear a pink lace baby graphic tee (Teddy Bear) with an ultra-mini camo skirt to her high school English class. We say, it's giving 1970s Times Square (teen) prostitute vibes.

Of the graphic pieces, Frischer shared that Nicola Brognano, Blumarine's Creative Director, opined: "Each piece of the capsule is a gem and truly reflects today's spirit, balancing ease and coolness in the most feminine and lighthearted way." Feminine? Absolutely Lighthearted? Absolutely not. 

And Ava Nirui, the creative director of Heaven by Marc Jacobs, said in a statement. "[...] I think this collection makes total sense for both of us."

As for Jacobs and Collins, this is not the first time they've used the allure of nymphets for clout. For example, for Jacobs' Oh Lola fragrance campaign, Dakota Fanning, 17-years-old at the time, seductively held large phallic bottle between of Oh Lola between her legs. Why? Jacobs said that he choose Fanning, because, "I knew she could be this contemporary Lolita, seductive yet sweet." 

And Kendall Jenner, 18-years-old at the time, walked in Jacobs' 2014 New York Fashion Week runway show - in a sheer top, which Claire Knebl of Teen Vogue wrote, unsurprisingly, had the "internet buzzing". 

And to sell her art (books), Collins' Discharge photography exhibit and book featured nymphets in, as the Village Voice described, "various intimate scenes" that addressed the "[...] angst of the female teenage experience [...]".

Tuesday, July 11, 2023

DADDY: A PLAY | A French Teen (Virtual) Sex Worker?

Here's (part of) the synopsis for Marion Siéfert's intriguingly named Daddy:

From her very first shows, Marion Siéfert has staged childhood, not to soften us but to make her demands and her revolt against the world of adults heard [...]

This time, the heroine of her new show is thirteen years old. She lives in the provinces, in a family where money problems are daily, suffocating. So she dreams of leading the life of the stars and influencers she sees spread out on the networks. 

She escapes by playing video games, these role plays where dozens of players meet online. The avatar she chose for herself falls on that of an older man, who drags her into another game, Daddy. He fills her with skills (the winnings or gifts specific to these games), on condition that she submits herself to increasingly troubled trials...

On the Daddy stage, real life fades away in favor of a digital reality where everything can be bought and changed.

As the Odéon-Théâtre de l'Europe is not in New York, we did not see Daddy; so, let's rely on Laura Cappelle's New York Times review "Daddy Review: Deeper Into the Internet’s Darkest Corners" (May 11, 2023)

Cappelle wrote that Daddy was a "sharp" [age-gap] play that took place in the "internet’s dark corners", but that Mara, the play's nymphet ,was "groomed" and exploited for profit. 

With “Daddy,” a sharp, no-holds-barred new production [...] Marion Siéfert has ventured even further into the internet’s dark corners. In it, a 13-year-old is groomed online by an older man [27-year-old Julien] and gets lost in a virtual reality game that exploits teenage girls for profit.

[Note: Without seeing the play, one may be wary of Cappelle's grooming accusation, because in Emma Cline's Daddy, one may allege that 16-year-old Alice was groomed into selling her panties to men, but an 18-year-old Alice would have been, à la Sami Sheen, a (teen) sex worker.]

Cappelle went on to share that Mara (15-year-old Lila Houel), a quite nymphet, lived in southern France and played online games as an escape, which is how she met Julien, but interestingly, Cappelle wrote that Julien was Mara's "online partner in crime" and that the age-gap couple gamers had an "easy intimacy".

Reality is no match for screen entertainment in “Daddy.” The central character, Mara, is a quiet teenager from southern France [...] [who] whenever she can, Mara escapes to the brighter landscape of online gaming.

In an unnamed video game, she joins Julien, a smooth-talking 27-year-old who is her frequent online partner in crime. The easy intimacy they have built is showcased through a spectacular video sequence: On a screen the size of the Odéon’s stage, we see a 3-D game designed by the video artist Antoine Briot in which Mara and Julien’s avatars who shoot at enemies with assault rifles before hopping on fluorescent skateboards.

Intriguingly, in addition to being a smooth talker, Cappelle described Julien as "clean-cut, in control [i.e., powerful], smoothly scary". In other words, per Olivia Fox Cabane's The Charisma MythJulien was charismatic and attractive. Yet, Cappelle implied that Julien groomed Mara with compliments, whom consequently lost her free will and was forced to: "[...] perform routines that earn them points with fans."

The groundwork is laid for the abusive dynamic that ensues. When they first meet outside the game, on a video call, Mara confides in Julien that she dreams of being an actress. He compliments her, and tells her about “Daddy” — a new game that allows players, Julien says, to become avatars sponsored by sugar daddies, and showcase their talents to a “fan base.” 

In the end, despite the plays focus "on the dynamics of child abuse, and the erosion of Mara’s individuality and willpower by Julien." And the: "[...] scenes of verbal and physical violence [...]", Marion Siéfert's Daddy was a New York Times Critic's Pick. 

Friday, July 7, 2023

Emma Cline's "Masterful" DADDY: Teen Selling Panties, Teen Nudes & Teen Sexting!

We know Emma Cline from our post on The Girls - Cline’s 2016 debut and instant bestseller, which is about 14-year-old Evie Boyd’s involvement with a cult. As part of Evie’s initiation into the cult, Russel, the cult’s (much older) leader, stroked himself until he came into Evie's young mouth:

"When he came, he gasped. The salt damp of semen in my mouth, the alarming swell [...] But maybe the strangest part - I liked it, too."

As for Cline’s Daddy, here’s Amazon’s synopsis

From the bestselling author of The Girls comes a “brilliant” (The New York Times) story collection exploring the dark corners of human experience.

For our purposes, we’ll recap Daddy’s “Los Angeles”, “Marion” and “A/S/L”. 

“Los Angeles”

In “Los Angeles”, Alice worked at a flagship store near the ocean that sold “[overpriced] cheap, slutty clothes”. Alice’s mandatory uniform was the brand’s clothes that were “a little too tight, a size too small”.

As for the store’s decor, large photographs of nubile nymphet graced the walls: 

“On every wall were blown-up photographs in grainy black-and-white of […] girls with knobby knees making eye contact with the camera, covering their small breasts with their hands. […] Alice supposed that was to make sex with them seem more likely.”

17-year-old Oona worked with Alice on Saturdays while during the week she went to a “[…] private school where she played lacrosse and took a class in Islamic art.”

The narrator described Oona as: “[…] easy and confident, already well versed in her own beauty.” Consequently, the men “loved” Oona, and unsurprisingly, “she didn’t mind the men”. 

Oona and Alice wanted to be actresses. And they had an “easy, [and] mild rapport”. Ergo, during a break over cigarettes, Oona shared with Alice that a customer, a man with black hair, informed Oona that he would give her $50 for her panties. 

Oona said, “More like, he said, ‘I’ll give you fifty bucks to go into the bathroom right now and take off your underwear and give them to me.’ ”

Alice was (initially) incredulous, but Oona, whose parents were attorneys, was “giddy”, she found the idea of selling her panties to men to be “hilarious”, and she encouraged Alice to look into the side hustle. 

“It’s hilarious,” Oona said, dreamily combing her long bangs out of her eyes with her fingers. “You should look online, it’s a whole thing.”

Predictably, Oona sold her panties (thong?) to the black haired man for $50, and she assumed that Alice had done or would have done the same. 

“Why?” Alice said.

Oona laughed. “Come on, you’ve done these things. You know.”

However, Alice had not done such a thing, and she asked Oona, “Aren’t you worried he might do something weird? Follow you home or something?” And what was teen Oona’s response? “Oh, please. I wish someone would stalk me.”

Unsurprisingly, after Alice’s mother stopped paying for Alice’s acting classes, Alice started selling panties to men as well.


In addition, to Cline's The Girls, we know Cline from our piece on The Paris Review’s Instagram post about “Marion”. In terms of “Marion”, it’s not uncommon, in both fiction and non-fiction, for teen teleiophiles to indulge in (teen) lipstick lesbianism, which is the case with the 11-year-old narrator and 13-year-old Marion. For example, four paragraphs into the short story we see the narrator “straddling” Marion and massaging her with oil. 

Marion lying on her stomach, her shirt pushed up, me straddling her and moving my hands across her back in firm circles, my palms slick and yellowed with oil. Marion had just turned thirteen. I was eleven.

On a road trip to Los Angeles, the nymphets sat in the “backseat, holding hands” with their “bare thighs sticking and skidding on the leather seats.”

And while Marion photographed the 11-year-old narrator, in the nude, Marion opined, “You look good,” and “You look young, really great”. That was before Marion touched the tip of the narrator’s nipple with the lens of the Kodamatic and consequently gasped, “It’s hard.”

Subsequently, the nymphets kissed, Marion told the narrator to pretend that Marion was Jack - Marion’s much older crush, and she encouraged the 11-year-old to look sexy.

She threw her arms around my neck, loose like a child, and kissed me with her eyes open. “It’s okay,” she said. “Pretend I’m Jack. Look sleepy. Look sexy. Try to look like I do.” We were breathing hard. 

Bobby, Marion’s father, gave Marion and the narrator goodnight kisses “square on the mouth”, and Marion’s other seventh-grade classmates were not allowed to visit Marion, because her father walked around naked in front of the schoolgirls, but let’s skip over Bobby to elaborate on Marion and Jack. 

Jack, like the narrator, was visiting Marion’s family on their ranch. Jack, with his “tanned skin”, stayed in the barn with his girlfriend. As an excuse to see Jack, Marion, while dressed seductively, moaned, “I need cigarettes.” 

Marion was wearing her shorts over her favorite bright orange bikini, nubby fabric stretched tight across her breasts, her shoulders shining from sunscreen.

Men stared at her when she wore that suit, and she liked it. 

Unsurprisingly, Jack was attracted to the allure of the two nymphets. For example, “When Jack first came for dinner at the ranch, he would follow Marion with his eyes when she got up from the table.” 

And while Jack rolled the cigarette for Marion, he glanced at the narrator whom related:

When he glanced at me, I turned and hunched my shoulders, trying to relieve the strain of my breasts against the borrowed [bikini] fabric. 

On a subsequent visit to Jack’s, Marion stole a pair of his girlfriend’s “black lace underwear” - with a “slit in the crotch”. Marion perused the Playboys, “This one’s real skinny, but her tits are big. Like me. Men love that.” And Jack told the nymphets about Roman Polanski, the then 44-year-old Academy Award nominated film director, and “THIRTEEN-YEAR-OLD GIRL” whom he sodomized, which enthralled the nymphets. 

WE talked about that a lot, what the girl might have looked like, how Roman Polanski knew her, how it had happened. Did she have breasts? Did she have her period yet?”

Intriguingly, Cline wrote that the nymphets were jealous of the nymphet whom Polanski sodomized: 

“We were jealous, imagining a boyfriend who wanted you so bad he broke the law.” However, I wasn’t surprised, because per Hollywood Lolita, Polanski confided in his autobiography: “Many women seem irresistibly attracted by notoriety, and many – especially since the Los Angeles affair – are eager to meet me.”

Subsequently, the nymphets “spent more and more time at the barn” with Jack where “Marion leaned up against his desk [...]” and “[...] smiled at him with an intensity that made her look almost cruel.” And at the barn, Marion asked the narrator to watch Jack to see if he “liked her”. After that, the narrator noted when Jack looked at “Marion’s slim thighs in cutoffs.”

In addition to using cigarettes as an excuse to visit Jack, Marion volunteered to deliver messages from Jack’s girlfriend “[...] in the kitchen to Jack in the barn, or ice cream sandwiches in the peak hours of heat.”

Not only did Marion take nude pictures of the narrator, Marion had the narrator: “[...] take pictures of her naked body laid out on rocks [...] She tied a red ribbon around her throat like she had seen on one of the girls in Playboy.” 

Along with a twenty-dollar bill and a lock of her hair, Marion placed her nude Kodamatic photos in a box and tied the box with the red ribbon. Voilà, a gift for Jack! However, before giving Jack his gift, strategically, Marion suggested that the nymphets had done enough pulling and needed to push. 

Marion, “We’re staying away for a few days. You keep men on their toes. You make them miss you.”

Subsequently, the nymphets planned their return to the barn. The plan included what bras they would wear and what they would say. And to keep Jack close to her while they waited, Marion wrote: “[...] Jack’s name on her body, [and] on the bottoms of her feet, where the ink slid into the whorls.”

But before the girls could return to Jack’s, the nymphets had a spat, and Marion’s mother discovered Marion's photo with the “ribbon around her throat and her legs spread open.”

“A / S / L”

In “A / S / L”, the last time Thora had been in a chatroom was in “high school, [during] sleepovers where girls crowded around a desktop computer and wrote sickening things to men [i.e., sexting], all of it a joke, then furtively masturbated in their sleeping bags.” 

Years later, while her husband was at work, 35-year-old Thora was back in the chat. She used the username Thora18, but despite the 18, she pretended to be a blond and blue-eyed 16-year-old cheerleader. She chatted about how big her tits were and how short she wore her cheerleading skirt, but every time the enthralled men mentioned sex, Thora seductively typed hahahaha and asked What’s that. Thora “enjoyed the back-and-forth”, and the men did too. 

They were ecstatic, writing back instantly, the sudden use of exclamation points like cardiograms from their throbbing erections: I won’t tell babe don’t worry!!!!”

Initially, Thora was reluctant to post nudes, “but then she thought, why not?” 

She had an entire run of photos of herself on her phone now: bending over, the seat of her underwear pulled tightly across her ass, pictures of her face from the nose down, a nipple between her fingers.

“She had never been the focus of so much attention.” However, when she got bored of chatting with the same men, Thora signed in under James45 or DaddyXO, and while pretending to be a man, she exchanged pictures. Of her picture she excitedly typed: Such a whore and Little teen whore.

She had never been so excited: seeing herself as these men did, some unformed idiot who needed to be fucked. Her sheets smelled like sweat, all the curtains drawn. She didn’t eat for whole days.

Thora was absolutely consumed with pretending to be a nymphet and chatting about nymphets. It gave her life meaning. She even chatted while her husband slept. 

[...] truly, she would rather do this than anything else: run the usual errands that kept things in motion, see James, have dinner with him. It was like having a calling, finally, the way she had once imagined she might. A life organized around a higher goal.

While James slept, his back turned to her and the covers kicked off, she typed furtively on her phone to men who sent photos of dicks [...] sometimes overlarge penises with the porn watermark visible in the corner.

Wow, she always typed. I don’t know if it will fit.

We've written about nymphets lying to appear older, but this may be the first time we've written about the converse.

Lastly, per Random House Books, of Daddy, Esquire opined: “Daddy’s ten masterful, provocative stories confirm that Cline is a staggering talent.” And Entertainment Weekly named Daddy one of the ten best books of the year.

Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Ayesha "16-Year-Old Teen" Erotica

"Sixteen" is on Ayesha Erotica's Big Juicy, which was released in 2016, but "Sixteen" has become popular recently via TikTok, but the age-gap relationship song is filled with contradictions. 

For example, in the first verse, Erotica sings that she feels that it's "really cool" that a 25-year-old whom drinks, does drugs, smokes, and drives, picked up a 16-year-old for sex; however, she concludes the first verse with, "I'm just sixteen"

I think it's really cool

That you're twentyfive
You drink, do drugs, smoke cigarettes
You're old enough to drive
You pick me up, take me out
Say you wanna make me shout
You say you wanna take
a trip inside, but
I'm just sixteen

In the second verse, Erotica related that the 16-year-old entertained the 25-year-old, on more than one occasion, at her mom's where they kissed, but when he tried to feel her teen thong, she exclaimed, "I'm just sixteen"

You say you love my body
You think that I'm a hottie
You love the way I rock
Wanna beat me with your cock
When we're kissin' at my mom's
Sometimes you try and feel my thong
But you know that it's wrong
I don't want your dirty talk 'cause
I'm just sixteen 

And based on the man's reaction, "wait, that can't be true", one can infer from the lyrics that the 16-year-old gave the man the impression that she was older - non-verbally and/or verbally "aha ha".

I'm just sixteen
(wait, that can't be true)
And if you try anything funny,
you're gonna go to jail
I'm just sixteen (aha ha)

Do Not Reply (2019)

Of course, it's no unusual for a (young) woman to lie about her age. For example, Michael Wolff related in Too Famous that Jeffrey Epstein told Steve Bannon that one of Epstein's masseuses, a 14-year-old whom said she was 18, told the police that she lied about her age: "[...] because she was afraid she would never be allowed into the house and never be invited back." 

And in Do Not Reply (2019), minutes before the film ended, two 13-year-old nymphets attempted to meet a "cute" 17-year-old boy via a social media app; however, the Asian nymphet was concerned that a 17-year-old boy wouldn't, "[...] pickup a couple of 13-year-old girls." No problem. The white teen changed their ages to 16. Consequently, to the nymphet's delight, the 17-year-old texted, "Hey BlueRibbonGirl, You wanna hang out??? I can pick you up in like 10 min."


im just 16! guess whose car is in the shop getting made over pink? ;) just wait til y’all see this ☺️💖💖💕💕💖

♬ sixteen ayesha erotica - evan
In the end, one can safely surmise that Erotica used the allure of nymphets in "Sixteen" for streams.