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Famous Age-Gap Couple: Michael Wolff & Victoria Floethe

Micheal Wolff's Petronella Wyatt

I've read a number of Michael Wolff's page turners - including Too Famous, which is peppered with nympholepsy. For example, Wolff wrote that, in terms of his affair with his step-daughter, Woody Allen said, "the heart wants what it wants". Wolff related that Petronella Wyatt, a friend of Rupert Murdoch's daughter, said that, [among a number of other famous elderly men], Murdoch ogled her when she was a nymphet. And per Wolff, Jeffrey Epstein told Steve Bannon that one of Epstein's masseuses, a 14-year-old whom said she was 18, told the police that she lied about her age: "[...] because she was afraid she would never be allowed into the house and never be invited back."

Victoria Floethe and Michael Woflff

In addition to Wolff's books, I've been (curiously) impressed by Wolff's impeccable since of style, which caused me to be doubly astonished when I read Richard Johnson's Page Six headline: "Michael Wolff expecting a baby with girlfriend 30 years his junior" (February 6, 2015)

Johnson wrote that 61-year-old (married) Wolff starting dating having an affair with 34-year-old Victoria Floethe in 2009 (i.e., Wolff was 55 and Floethe was 28).

Consequently, per Gawker, in 2014: "Wolff filed a matrimonial action against his wife in the Supreme Court of New York"; however, Wolff did not inform his wife whom found out via Gawker

Who is Victoria Floethe? Per WagCenterFloethe is a model (L’Oreal SoColor), an actress (Broken Windows [theater]), a host (LookTV's SEXY. NOT SEXY), a writer (Slate), and she interned at Vanity Fair where she reportedly began her age-gap affair with Wolff. 

And unsurprisingly, per GawkerFloethe is an (open) teleiophile. Owen Thomas wrote in his Gawker piece, "Victoria Floethe, the New Media Ingénue" (02/26/09), that prior to Wolff, Floethe dated Melik Kayla and Lawrence Osborne - both older (travel) writers. 

The "travel writer" boyfriend whom she never names in the Slate piece is Melik Kaylan, a widely published journalist much older than her. At the time Floethe and he were going out, Kaylan was married. He helped introduce her to Wolff, who got her an internship at Vanity Fair. According to our tipster, to Kaylan's dismay, Floethe switched her affections from Kaylan to Wolff. 

She's also dated Lawrence Osborne, the travel writer ex of founding Gawker editor Elizabeth Spiers. And at an Interview party, she was photographed clinging to the side of English writer Adrian Dannatt.

Lastly, per the New York Times, Wolff's divorce was finally finalized, and he and Floethe are currently married.

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