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Petronella Wyatt: An Upper-Class British Lolita

We first learned about Petronella Wyatt from Michael Wolff's Too Famous where he related that Petronella said that Rupert Murdoch ogled her when she was a nubile nymphet.

And in Petronella’s “Provocative Personal ViewDaily Mail essay (11 March 2013), she shared that when she was a 15-year-old nymphet, 76-year-old Laurence Olivier called her “forbidden fruit”, which was due to her combined youth and what Olivier referred to as Petronella’s “lovely little figure”. Regardless, Olivier invited the “awestruck” forbidden fruit to sit on his lap where he kissed Petronella’s lips and massaged her breast. 

Petronella wrote in the essay, which the Daily Mail referred to as “The Outrageous Confessions of an Upper-Class Lolita”, that Olivier did not steal her innocence but that she was “flattered” that she had been “groped” by “the legendary actor”.  And Petronella's father appeared to be flattered that his daughter had been kissed and groped by the elderly Olivier as well. Upon hearing the news, Petronella’s father exclaimed, ‘The old devil! Did he do anything else?’ And he asked his daughter, ‘Did you enjoy it?’ 

Unsurprisingly, Petronella wrote that more of her father’s friends “made passes” at her. Petronella listed:

broadcaster Robin Day;

actor Albert Finney;

Lord Lambton;

a House of Lords member;

other politicians;

members of the peerage; and

the genius Robin Day

As for Day, Petronella shared that when she was 17, she and 62-year-old Day, whom she referred to as “an esteemed friend of my father’s”, dined at an “expensive restaurant” before, back at Day’s flat, they played music and danced as Day placed his hand on her “bottom”. Subsequently, Day attempted to seduce Petronella “on numerous occasions”, but they “remained friends until his death.”

Over Chablis in a private room at the racecourse, Albert Finley paid 15-year-old Petronella “extravagant compliments” (e.g., ‘You look like the young Liza Minnelli. She was a very sexy woman.’), and she wrote that he: “[…] placed his hand on my thigh.” In addition, he asked her if he could take her out to which she “gushed”, “Yes, please.”

Teen Petronella Wyatt (far right)

(Note: As for Chablis, Petronella shared: From the age of 13, I was encouraged by my father to drink red wine and quickly became inebriated.)

However, Petronella was furious, because her mother didn’t condone the date, but it wasn’t because of the age-gap, it was because Finley had a girlfriend, the actress Diana Quick, whom 15-year-old Petronella didn’t seem to mind. 

Lord Lambton, “one of the most famous lotharios of the last century”, called Petronella ‘a great beauty, like a lily drenched with dew’. Consequently, Lambton, “in his late 60s”, asked the nymphet to join him for lunch at his villa where he asked, ‘Are you a virgin?’ ‘Yes.’

Lambton was unable to take Petronella’s virginity, but her father, whom referred to Lambton’s as a “wicked earl”, was “amused” by Lambton’s question and on the following day, he sent his teen daughter back to Lambton’s villa: “[…] with some books he thought Lambton might like to read”. Upon entering Lambton’s bedroom, Petronella found herself “staring at his stark-naked body.” Yet again, Lambton was unable to take Petronella’s virginity, but Petronella continued to meet with Lambton over wine and flirting. 

Interestingly, Petronella opined that it should not be illegal for men to grope or fondle nymphets and that the age of consent should be puberty. 

In the scheme of things, a grope or a fondle is hardly worthy of legal censure, yet has come to be regarded as akin to attempted murder. Sexual overtures to a young person who has not yet reached puberty are, of course, unforgivable in a civilized society. But never once was I subjected to physical force, intimidation or child abuse' 

[…] nor should we forget how manipulative teenage girls can be.

In terms of that (married) House of Lords member, Petronella related that he kissed her while she visited him at his country house. Upon returning to London, she learned from her father that the House of Lords member, in his 50s, wanted to ask her for a date. Petronella asked her father if she should go, and he replied: 

‘Yes. ‘Why not? He’s a man of taste. It’ll be good for your ego and you might even learn something. Of course, he’ll want you to go to bed with him […]’

Upon her father’s advice, Petronella went on the date with the (married) House of Lords member, and she wrote that she “[…] learned to accept men as they are […] driven by their sexual organs.”

Mare of Mare of Easttown

Petronella’s stance that: “[…] nor should we forget how manipulative teenage girls can be,” and “[t]hat many teenage girls are simply not to be trusted around attractive older men [...]”, reminds me of Mare of Mare of Easttown whom said, “Trust me. Teenage girls are fucking sneaky."

On a related note, as can be seen in both fiction and non-fiction teacher-student affairs, it’s typically the student whom initiates the affair with a teacher whom refused to resist the allure of a nymphet. 

Thus, it should come as no surprise that Petronella penned that her classmates used to fight over their English drama teacher and that one of the schoolgirls used to delightfully “rub herself” on her professeur

Whenever our English drama teacher took the class to see a play outside school, we would fight each other to sit beside him.

One girl in particular, who already had breasts like the Hollywood actress Jayne Mansfield, would rub herself up against our teacher, much to his delight.

And not only did (elderly) men attempt to seduce Petronella, she confessed that, from the age of 13, she was an “incorrigible flirt”. So much so that by 17 she had seduced an “elderly Italian count”. 

Speaking for myself, from the age of 13 I was an incorrigible flirt. I still feel guilty about my deplorable behavior towards an elderly Italian count our family used to visit every summer.

Piqued that he was not taking sufficient notice of my presence, I was utterly determined that I would seduce him into kissing me. I was 17, and he didn’t stand a chance.

My bedroom was next to the room where he watched television after dinner. One night, I made my entrance. After half an hour I had extracted the desired kiss. To his great distress, I then dropped him.

Consequently, in addition to being of the opinion that it should not be illegal for men to grope or fondle nymphets, that the age of consent should be puberty, and “[t]hat many teenage girls are simply not to be trusted around attractive older men [...]”, Petronella, an (open) teleiophile, wrote that: “[...] precocious and predatory girls who should be arrested, and not the men who show an opportunistic interest in them.” [Emphasis added] 

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