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Louÿs' WOMAN AND PUPPET [French: La Femme et le pantin]: The Worst Nymphet in the World

Here's the synopsis Pierre Louÿs' Woman and Puppet [French: La Femme et le pantin] from Wikipedia:

During the carnival in Seville, the Frenchman André Stévenol meets and falls under the spell of [18-year-old Andalusian] Conception 'Conchita' Perez...His friend, Don Mateo Diaz ["a Spaniard, of some forty years"] warns him off by describing his own history with the woman [that began when Conchita was 15-years-old] -- a history of being repeatedly attracted and then rebuffed by her. Conchita continually flirted with other men to torture Don Mateo. On each occasion he was made to feel guilty for his jealous thoughts and actions towards her, until he realized finally that he had been her puppet for fourteen months and in an explosion of passion he beat her. She then astonished him by declaring the violence a sign of the strength of his love and came to his bed. She was a ["legendary"] virgin. Although the two then started living together, she continued her flirtatious behavior towards other men...

Conchita is described as having a supple body yet childish breasts, dark chestnut hair, soft rounded cheeks with naturally dark eyelids and as, "...the worst woman in the world."

As often happens in budding age-gap relationships, the nymphet initiated the first kiss. "..she anticipated my desire, and impulsively placed her burning mouth on mine, with a long deep look."

However, Don Mateo made the nymphet PUA faux pas of trying to "buy" Conchita. After he informed Conchita's mother that he understood that due to their age differences an "open liaison was out of the question" he added that he would financially "assure not only her present life, but her personal fortune for the future", and he gave her a "thick roll of bank notes". Conchita's reaction to the "bribe" was, "I wished to give myself to you, but you have asked that I be sold. We shall never meet again."  Conchita's declaration made Don Mateo desperately pledge, "If I ever see her again...if heaven favors me in this one thing, I shall crouch at her feet..." Thus, he went from trying to buy her love to desiring to "worship" her - in other words, he went from bad to worse which only lead to more merciless teasing by Conchita. 

For example:

Then I begged her:
"Give me your mouth."
But she shook her head and withdrew her hand.
Ah, that word! How many times had I already heard it from her lips, and now it cast a chill over this long hoped-for reunion that reached my very soul.

Don Mateo "suffered atrociously" for over a year as the nymphet seductively lured him only to mercilessly repulse him.Ultimately, Conchita gave herself to Don Mateo after he [briefly] stopped "worshiping" her and turned violent. 

The moral of Woman and Puppet is that, despite what feminists and middle-aged women may think, one cannot buy a nymphet - there's a difference between teen prostitutes and New York University Sugar Baby's. In addition, lust is unattractive because it shows a lack of power (i.e., self-control). And everybody knows that (young) women are extremely attracted to powerful men.

The Allure of Nymphets Book

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Molière's THE SCHOOL FOR WIVES [French: L'école des femmes]: You Can't Buy a Nymphet

In Molière's play The School for Wives [French: L'école des femmes] Arnolphe, "a rich man, aged about fifty", is finally set to marry very sweet and innocent 17-year-old Agnès. Arnolphe began the marriage preparations when Agnès was 6-years-old. He believed that "A man who wants a perfect wife, must make her for himself."

Arnolphe had a very traditional and religious view of a wife's role. For example, he opined that a wife should never say, do or think anything that would go against her husband's wishes. And Agnès read from Some Rules for Wives "A wife must dress only for her husband".

Arnolphe successfully excluded Agnès from any immoral influences and shielded "... her from the world"; however, hours before the ceremony Agnès became infatuated with Horace, a young suitor. Arnolphe did everything within his power to not lose the "very pretty" and "very demure" Agnès to Horace. 

The School for Wives [French: L'école des femmes] is a great example of how money cannot buy a nymphet. There is a major misconception among the masses that young women marry older men for their money. Yet, despite the fact that Arnolphe educated Agnès and fed, clothed and gave her a house with two servants, she still preferred to marry the much younger Horace.

Even a conniving gold-digger gets tired of the money. I wrote in The Allure of Nymphets about how Francis “Peaches” Browning eventually left Edward “Daddy” Browning, her fifty-two-year-old husband, despite being lavished with riches. 

However, in every situation I've researched and observed, the sincere nymphet who leaves her ephebophile for a younger man, regrets it and looks to return to her much older man.

Molière's play is similar to the story below.

Watching Nymphet Porn is Legal in New York: Not So Fast New Yorkers!

We wrote in the previous post that the documentary Are All Men Pedophiles? (2013) shared that studies have shown that teen sex is the most searched for type of pornography on the Internet and that child pornography is a $3 billion industry. 

What we learned indirectly from the controversial documentary is that viewing child pornography is legal in the state of New York (i.e., one can view but not download\save child pornography).

Not so fast New Yorkers! Firstly, we don't condone watching pornography. We advise hebephiles\ephebophiles to marry nymphets a la Elvis, Steven Bauer, and Doug Hutchison to name a few.

Secondly, Gawker reported that "The ruling was the result of an appeal filed by lawyers for Professor James D. Kent of Marist College in Poughkeepsie." However, the professor still went to jail for having a folder on his computer that "...contained approximately 13,000 images of what the prosecution estimated to be 8 or 9-year-old girls clad in lingerie and bathing suits."

And Are All Men Pedophiles? (2013) related that two Pennsylvanian teens who posted pictures of themselves in pajama bottoms and bra tops were charged with possessing child pornography and distributing of child pornography. 

We don't condone the professor's actions, unless he really was "...doing [a] massive research project that links a certain type of person in America with pedophilia." And we don't condone the teens' activity. But how can Vogue get away with printing and selling topless pictures of 10-year-old Thylane Blondeau? That's because, like the documentary related, there are usually exceptions made with nymphet pornography when it comes to high-end fashion, high-brow art\photography, and mainstream and even arthouse movies. 

And what about this sensuous Prada women's wear advertisement that features a 13-year-old model. 

Monday, February 16, 2015

ARE ALL MEN PEDOPHILES? (2013): No But They're Hebephiles\Ephebophiles\Nympholepts

Here are some highlights and lowlights from the controversial documentary 

Studies have shown that teen sex is the most searched for type of pornography on the Internet.

The age that you first find the opposite sex attractive doesn't change, but it expands. For example, when you’re a teen you find teen girls attractive and as you age, teen girls remain attractive.  

The age of consent ranges from 9 to 20-years-old around the world. Interestingly, there’s no minimum age of consent in Saudi Arabia and Oman.

During the Stone Age, the average lifespan was approximately 30 years. And during the Neolithic age, which was between the Stone and Bronze Ages, the lifespan was 20 years; therefore, sex and childbearing couldn't be postponed for very long past puberty. Despite the fact that the lifespan of humans has increased dramatically, it’s still healthier to have a baby sooner than later.

Anthropological studies conducted by Napoleon Chagnon on primitive societies suggest that the average man finds 16-year-old females the most sexually attractive.

Mary was 12 or 15 when she gave birth to Jesus and the prophet Muhammed of Islam (صلى الله عليه وسلم) married Aisha when she was 6 and consummated the marriage when she was 9.

Bar Mitswa is when Jewish boys turn 13 and are considered men. And a Bat Mitswa is when Jewish girls turn 12 and are considered women.

As far back at 6000 BC, the average age of pregnancy was 13-years-old. Currently, the average age of pregnancy in western society is between the ages of 21 and 23.

Girls begin puberty at approximately 10-years-old and they reach maturity when puberty ends at approximately 16-years-old. However, western society has set the legal age at 18-years-old, which is when young men reach maturity. Consequently, 16-year-old girls are more sexually and mentally mature than 16-year-old boys, which is why girls seek older partners and that explains why the average woman is younger than her male partner.

Biologically, humans start experimenting with sexual intercourse at the age of 13-years-old.

The basis for the legal age being set at 18 is based on education. High school education ends around the age of 18. Consequently, underage sex is shunned, because it interferes with education.

However, western society has a fascination with teen girls, which is visible in the fashion industry and media. For example, the average age of a budding high fashion model is between the ages of 12 and 16. The average age of fashion models is 16. 16 is a special age because most women tend to gain wait upon reaching 16. New models are rarely chosen after the age of 16. We don’t need biology to tell us that 16-year-old girls are ready for sex, because the way they’re portrayed as sexual beings in the media should suffice as evidence.

Couric reported on Katie Couric's Notebook, “Half of girls between 14 and 19 confessed to having had sex at least once.”

More than 20% of American teen girls admit to sending nude photos (i.e., sexting).

Some cultures (e.g., in Africa, South America, India, etc.) that haven’t been affected by western standards, girls still get married at an early age. And in Japanese society the attraction to teenage girls is a “widespread cultural phenomenon (e.g., lolicon)” However, there is no society in the world that encourages sex with children before puberty.

There’s a difference between the general public term for pedophilia and the technical professional term of pedophilia. The public’s definition is associated with someone who’s sexually attracted to girls under the age of 18; however, the clinical definition of pedophilia is:
  1. A sexual preference for pre-pubertal or early pubertal children 
  2. For six months or more the person has acted on those urges or suffers from distress as a result of having the urges
  3. And the individual must be at least 16-years-old and at least five years older than the subject of desire
For example, hebephilia is when a man is attracted to adolescents or girls whom are approximately between the ages of 12 to 16-years-old; therefore, high school teachers who have sex with their students are not pedophiles. Since high school students have reached puberty, it’s considered hebophilia and the teachers are hebophiles - not pedophilia. 

The number of male teachers in one European country is a meager 1 in 8. The dropped is attributed to a fear that many male teachers will be accused of pedophilia. The misunderstanding between pedophilia and hebephilia has caused an unnecessary backlash against men. Men are not allowed to sit in playgrounds alone [e.g., A park that I frequently pass in Manhattan has a sign posted that forbids adult men from being in the park if they’re not accompanied by their own children.]

In an attempt to discourage pedophilia, Australia’s government has "banned" adult publications and films that feature women with "small breasts".

Child pornography is a $3 billion industry. 20% of all Internet pornography involves children under the age of 18; thus, since almost all men watch pornography, many men have been exposed to child pornography. However, it’s not considered child pornography when the images are used in the high fashion industry [or mainstream movies and high-brow art].

A 14-year-old New Jersey girl was accused of distributing child pornography after posting 30 explicit nude photographs of herself on the Internet.

Two Pennsylvanian girls who posted pictures of themselves in pajama bottoms and bra tops were charged with possessing child pornography and the distribution of child pornography. 

But 20% of teenagers in Western society admit to sexting, which translates to over 50,000,000 teens. That content could be considered child pornography even if the teen isn’t nude. In other words, any sexual activity, lewd conduct or erotic behavior that is exhibited by teens even when they're fully clothed could be considered child pornography. However, the average teen has no idea that they’re breaking the law. Consequently, 36% of child sex offenders in America are children.

Pedophilia will never be accepted by society, because it harms children, but sexual relations between adults and adolescents may eventually become re-accepted by modern society. 

Lastly from the documentary, we learned that hebephilia isn’t listed as a mental disorder, because finding teens attractive is normal and girls in puberty can understand lust unlike pre-pubertal girls.

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HORSE GIRLS: Nymphet Equestrians

Ashleigh (Olivia Macklin)  and Tiffany (Angeliea Stark) in Horse Girls

Here's the plot summary for the play Horse Girls: 12-year-old Ashleigh rules the Lady Jean Ladies, South Florida's most exclusive horse club. News that her family's stables are being sold and their horses killed for meat throws the Ladies into crisis in this dark comedy of middle school deception and lies.

What could be "dark" about a play where young women play nymphets (e.g., Ashleigh was played by Olivia Macklin who, according to the play's programme, is a junior at Fordham University majoring in performance)? Well, the play had the following "dark" aspects:

As the capacity crowd, in the extremely small The Cell theater, waited for the play to begin,  Nicki Minaj's  "Anaconda" blared over the speakers, which caused two lesbians to start mildly gyrating. (And if you think Horse Girls is "dark" I'm not sure what the proper adjective would be for "Anaconda's" lyrics.) The dancing lesbians led me to believe that the play had some lesbian content. And I was correct. One of the members of Lady Jean Ladies confessed that she was in love with Ashleigh; thus, there was a middle-school lipstick lesbian theme. 

It was shared that another pre-teen member of the Lady Jean Ladies was "fingered outside of the barn".

12-year-old Ashleigh desired to have an age-gap relationship with a famous equestrian.

And lastly, there was their schoolgirl uniform fetish theme.

Horse Girls was written by Jenny Rachel Weiner. Weiner related in an interview with Theater in the Now, "Horse Girls is a play about pre-teens: their obsessions, their insecurities, their desperate need to find a place in the world... I think the experiences we have in middle school shape us in a major way..."

Based on the play and Weiner's statements, one can infer that middle school girls commonly experience lipstick lesbianism, fingering and teleiophilia. Based on evidence compiled in The Allure of Nymphets, one could concur.