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Faw's ULTRALUMINOUS: A Teen Bartering Sex

Some of the books that we review are focused on nympholepsy (e.g., Emily Prager's Roger Fishbite) while others are peppered with nympholepsy (e.g., Lauren Myracle's ttyl). Katherine Faw's Ultraluminous is of the latter sort but very much worth a post.

Here's part of Alexandra Schwartz's description of Faw's Ultraluminous that was posted on The New Yorker:
[...] the novel’s narrator is chiefly motivated by heroin. She’s a high-end prostitute who has just returned to New York after ten years in Dubai, and quickly establishes a roster of clients: “art guy,” who lives in a luxury condo in Williamsburg and takes her gallery-hopping; “calf’s brain guy,” who takes her to exotic dinners at trendy restaurants; “junk-bond guy,” now retired to the apartment he shares with his unsuspecting wife on the Upper West Side; and “the guy who buys me things,” who takes her shopping at Prada and Hermès. [...] “Ultraluminous” is a sort of “American Psycho” from the prostitute’s point of view, a damning, often hilarious account of toxic masculinity and Wall Street money culture.
And here are the relevant excerpts:

K, the narrator, shared that she began prostituting as a teen:
I was terrified of the first man who paid me. I was eighteen. It was my first time overseas. He took me to a restaurant that I would learn to make fun of but only later. I was convinced they could tell, the driver, the waiters, the hotel staff, him. I wanted to appear professional [...] 
But K exchanged sex in a bartering transaction before she was 14:
The first man I ever had sex with was British. He didn't pay me but it was an exchange. He was the manager of a club I wanted to get into [...] It was on Bleecker and Thompson. I lied and told him I was fourteen [...] 
But K first learned of her (sexual) power when she was 12:
I was twelve. It was the first warm day after four brutal months and I walked down Avenue B, all arms and legs, and suddenly I had this power. Since then it hasn't stopped.
This is how K was enticed into prostitution:
I was dumb like any eighteen-year-old. This girl told me her friend's sister did it. She said she went over there for one year and made enough money that she wouldn't have to work for five. 
"You have to do all the pervert shit, not just fuck them. You have to do whatever they want. Like old men, like with harems."
"I get it," I said.
"They buy you stuff, too, whatever you want," she said.
We were doing coke in the bathroom at a club in Chelsea where we were both bottle girls. 
Interestingly, when K was 10 or 11, a man inappropriately assumed she was a prostitute:
I was on the subway without my mother and in the crush before the doors opened a man stuck his hand up my skirt and grabbed my crotch and asked how much I cost. I was wearing one of my outlandish outfits but in an instant all my confidence disappeared. I knew it was my fault. I had rolled the waist on the skirt, twice. I remember his hoarse, bossy whisper in my ear. I remember it being a new sound. I was ten or eleven. 
Schwartz started her New Yorker piece by sharing that she devoured - no “inhaled” Ultraluminous.

Sunday, December 29, 2019

YOU Season 2: Everybody Wants to Fuck the 15-Year-Old [Teen]

Netflix's season 1 of You was written very similarly to Kepnes' novel. However, compared to Hidden Bodies - Kepnes' follow up to You, season 2 of the streaming series has at least one notable additional subplot. And You have probably guessed that the added for entertainment subplot involves nympholepsy.

In episode 3 of season 2, Joe confronts Ellie Alves, his 15-year-old neighbor and aspiring filmmaker, about "chasing an internship" with Henderson, a famous much older comedian. Joe advises Ellie, because Delila, Ellie's older sister and reporter, informed Joe that when she was 17, she was drugged with GHB, raped and photographed in Henderson's sex dungeon. (Of course, the writers choose 17 because the age of consent in California is 18.)

Ellie didn't take Joe's advice well and assumed that he wanted her to call him Daddy, she asked him if he wanted to "fuck" her, and she shared, "Everybody wants to fuck the 15-year-old!" ]

Upon further inspection (episode 4), it was discovered by Joe that, in addition to Delila, Henderson had drugged, rapped and photographed a number of nymphets.

Some critics criticized this subplot. For example, Jessica Goldstein wrote for Vulture:
[In terms of] Henderson’s alleged predation of underage girls and Joe’s status as Ellie’s savior from said scumbag. I’m just not really into Me Too stories as the plot device of the minute, as if this actually seismic and deeply meaningful and still-unfurling social movement is just a trend whose 15 minutes will be up any minute now. Is You, an intentionally over-the-top show, really the best vehicle for a plot about something this fraught and nuanced?

[UPDATE 12/27/22] 

Interestingly, season 3 of You didn't have any age-gap scenarios, which is strange considering that Kepnes' You Love Me: A You Novel, which season 3 is based on, had, not one, but two age-gap affairs!

Thursday, December 26, 2019

TEEN VOGUE: A Guide to Anal Sex [for Nymphets]

Update | 12/26/19 [8:27 PM]: On the day after Christmas, Teen Vogue decided to tweet a link to "A Guide to Anal Sex [for Nymphets]". Unsurprisingly, the tweet is trending. 

In the vein of Tavi Gevinson's Rookie, Teen Vogue has posted "A Guide to Anal Sex [for Teens]", which: "is anal 101, for teens, beginners, and all inquisitive folk."

Gigi Engle, the post's author, wrote that the post has: "[...] everything you need to know about butt stuff, no matter who you are, whom you’re having sex with, or who you want to have sex with.

We know that that is an hyperbole, because as the age-gap widens, so does the displeasure. However, orthodox Jews and Muslims would say that anal sex should be avoided between all age groups.

We're a bit surprised by the backlash that Teen Vogue and Gigi Engle has receive, because nymphet anal sex has been portrayed in films and television shows for years.

And the Bradley Hasbro Children's Research Center found that anal sex is on the rise among teens. The rise was attributed to the ease of social mores, which Cory Silverberg, a sexuality educator, attributed to the proliferation of pornography.

Pornhub's Butterfly Effect: [Pre] Teens Watching [Free] Porn

New York magazine's The Best Podcasts of 2019 listed at number 9 Jon Ronson's The Last Days of August, which focuses on the suicide of porn actress August Ames. However, we were intrigued by the article's mention of Ronson's The Butterfly Effect podcast, which the article described as a "[...] fascinating 2017 journey into a porn industry that's been reshaped by the internet [...]"

The Butterfly Effect relates the butterfly effect (i.e., repercussions) of Fabian Thylmann's Pornhub - a popular free streaming porn website. 

One butterfly effect is bespoke pornography, because there's less paid work in the pornography industry due to the proliferation of free porn. Thus, filmmakers, cameramen and actresses make money by making custom films for clients. 

Another butterfly effect is that nymphets have access to the proliferation of free porn on their smartphones. 

Now let's see how the podcast brought the two butterfly effects together:

Kelly, a former bank appraiser, received a call from her 13-year-old daughter who had discovered via her classmates that her mother was a porn actress. Kelly's daughter was having lunch while her 8th grade schoolmates were watching pornographic videos of her mother. 

When Kelly informed her 17-year-old daughter that she's a porn actress, Kelly's daughter asked, "So, I shouldn't look at MILF porn anymore? So, are you like Lisa Ann or Julie Ann?"

Kelly replied, "How do you even know those people?!"

Ronson interviewed Lisa Ann  who lived in Times Square so that the excitement of Times Square would help prevent her from being the excitement. 

Ronson stated, "Back in the 90s, she'd only get recognized on the streets by adults. But now."
Ann elaborated, "Oh yeah, I have 12, 13 and 14-year-olds walking up to me. They'll walk up to me in public and say, 'Can we fuck?'"

In addition, Ronson reported that some female students at the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary have a Friday night Shame Eradication group where the coeds share their most shameful secrets. Marissa shared that she had a porn addiction that started when she was in the 6th grade. Her fellow group members assured her, "You're not alone." 

Saturday, December 21, 2019

Netflix's INSATIABLE: Teen Patty Seduces a DILF

Here's Wikipedia's plot summary for the Netflix's Insatiable:

Patty Bladell is a teenager who was constantly bullied in school for being overweight. After being on a liquid diet for three months over summer vacation because of a freak accident, she is now thin and seeks revenge on her bullies. A disgraced civil lawyer and obsessed beauty pageant coach, Bob Armstrong, notices Patty's potential and sets out to turn her into a pageant queen.

We read a number of plot summaries for the dark comedy, but none of them mentioned that 17-year-old Patty attempts to seduce Bob. Bob shared, "I had no idea she wanted to seduce me." Insatiable was surrounded by controversy due to ‘fat-shaming’, but no one seemed to voice any opposition to Patty's attraction to her coach.

Here are some examples of Patty's attraction to Bob:

Patty opines, referring to Bob, "He's a man and a total DILF (i.e., Dad I'd Love (to) Fuck)."

When Patty is told that Bob was (falsely) accused of being a child molester, she replied,"Which means I might actually have a shot!"

Patty justified her attempt to seduce Bob by stating, "Cleopatra had seduced some much older man, but I preferred a more contemporary role model. Drew Barrymore as Amy Fisher (i.e., the Long Island Lolita) - the greatest seductress in American history. " 

She asked Bob, "Can I call you Daddy?"

And she planned, "In a couple of months I'd be 18, and then Bob's resting anus face wife would be the only thing left standing in my way."

The credits of the first episode relates that the series is based on Jeff Chu's New York Times article "The Pageant King of Alabama", but, interestingly, there is no mention of a potential age-gap affair in the source. Thus, unsurprisingly, the allure of the nymphet was added for entertainment. 

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Joyce Carol Oates' FIRST LOVE: Pre-Teen BDSM

Here's part of the plot summary from the dust jacket of the hardback of Joyce Carol Oates' First Love [French: Premier amour]:
Josie S- has come with her mother Delia to live in her great-aunt Esther Burkhardt's house in upstate New York. Also living there is Josie's cousin, Jared, Jr., on leave from the Presbyterian seminary. Preoccupied with his studies, impeccably dressed in his starched white shirts, distant and mysterious, Jared, Jr. is an intriguing figure to Josie's curious and impressionable young mind. One summer afternoon, when Josie encounters Jared, Jr. at the riverbank behind the Burkhardt house, dark secrets are shared between them as an unnatural love blooms.
Amazon elaborates with: [First Love is] a dark tale of adolescent love, divided family loyalties, psychological manipulation, and betrayal in the story of eleven-year-old Josie and her relationship with an intriguing, twenty-five-year-old cousin, Jared. 

And Publishers Weekly adds some details:
Oates's compelling Gothic tale [...] is an intense, perfervid study of child sexual abuse, religious hypocrisy and family breakdown. Eleven-year-old Josie and her ruthlessly self-centered mother, Delia, spend a summer at the weather-worn house of Josie's angry, forbidding great-aunt Esther Burkhardt [...] Esther's gaunt, solitary, compulsively clean grandson, Jared Jr., a bookish 25-year-old seminary student, repeatedly preys on Josie, sexually violating her, taunting her in a low, hypnotic voice. He cuts her stomach with a broken clamshell, forces her to lick her own blood to seal their bond as cousins, shows her porno photos of tortured, naked girls and terrifies her into silence with his threats.
Here's an excerpt from Oates' First Love:
"Don't hurt me! Oh please...." You hear yourself begging, but Jared pays no heed. Slowly and ceremoniously [...] he undresses you --- pulling your sleeveless t-shirt off over your head, tugging down your cotton shorts, nylon panties [...] He lifts it [a broken clam shell] its sharp edge against your breastbone and you wince [...] between your little breasts, and again pressing, pressing --- and this time you cry, "Oh!" as the blood springs out and runs down your chest. And Jared holds you tight murmuring good girl, good girl touching the seeping blood, licking his fingertips then forcing them into your mouth, too. You almost gag, but you don't."
John Pistelli shared that First Love: [...] ends when she refuses to participate in Jared’s desire to make her his accomplice in preying on the poor children of their town for the purposes of child pornography, rape, and murder. 

Lastly, Kirkus Reviews opined of First Love: Oates at her best--and a happy reminder that she remains one of our foremost chroniclers of childhood's awakening and woman's fate.

Sunday, December 15, 2019

[Instagram] Teens Love & Want to Fuck James Franco

I Wanna Bang You So Bad James

Approximately, two year ago James Franco deleted his #JamesFrancoTV social media accounts and his Rando Franco app from iTunes and the Play Store. 

However, before he did that we published the blog "Teens Love and Want to F*ck James Franco" where we posted screenshots from Franco's since deleted Instagram account. 


Here are some of the Notes & Observations from the blog:

1. The comments we used are only samples. There were hundreds of similar comments, but Instagram's comments are dynamic (i.e., what's displayed changes as more comments are posted.) and it appears that the full list of comments can only be viewed by the owner of the account.

2. Comments were posted by almost every race, ethnicity and major religion (e.g., Hispanic Catholic teen frequently commented.).

Someday I'll rape u

3. Raunchy comments were posted by girls as young as 11.

4. Teens and young women offered almost every form of sex to James Franco including anal.

5. All of the comments were not of a sexual nature. Franco was often praised for his artistic accomplishments.

6. The objective of this blog is to show that teens are often the initiators of age-gap relationships - not middle-aged men; however, it's the responsibility of men to avoid illegal age-gap relationships that may violate age of consent laws. 

fuckkkk me

7. If you're wondering what would make a teen offer sex to 38-year-old Franco, read the post based on Cohen's Dirty Little Secrets: Breaking the Silence on Teenage Girls and Promiscuity.

8. A number of the teens referred to Franco as "Daddy" or different variations of that term of endearment which isn't surprising after reading Friday's My Secret Garden: Women’s Sexual Fantasies.

Visit Teens Love and Want to F*ck James Franco for more screenshots from James Franco's Instagram account archive and/or read the book

Fuck me

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Beau-père (1981): "I'm Not a Little Girl...I'm a Woman!" | French Teen Step-Father Sexual Affair

Here's the IMDb plot summary for Beau-père (1981): After her mother dies, fourteen-year-old Marion falls in love with her stepfather, Remy.

In a previous post,  we wrote about The Adolescent (1979) [French: L'adolescente] and how 13-year-old Marie unsuccessfully attempts to seduce Alexander, a 30-year-old physician, who (reluctantly) refuses the teen's sexual advances. 

In Beau-père (1981) [English: The Step-Father], 14-year-old Marion attempts to convince Rémiher 30-year-old widowed step-father, to overcome his sexual inhibitions and reciprocate her love. 
Rémi: "I'm too old for little girls."
Marion: "I'm not a little girl anymore. I'm a [young] woman."

However, unlike Alexander, Rémi eventually succumbs to the Marion's seduction and begins an affair with the nymphet.

Unintentionally, Rémi makes himself even more attractive to Marion when he attempts to convince her to keep their relationship a secret, which only makes Marion want to make it public.

A common faux paus of ephebophiles is that they pressure nymphets into making their relationship public when, typically, nymphets should be allowed to dictate the pace of the age-gap relationship. Otherwise, the older man may come off as needy, which is what Solitary Man's (2009) Ben Kalmen found out the hard way. 

Beau-père is based on a roman of the same name, it won Best Foreign Language Film (1982) from the Boston Society of Film Critics, and Patrick Dewaere was nominated Best Actor at the 1982 César Awards. 

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

WHAT WE DON'T KNOW ABOUT CHILDREN: Italian (Pre) Teen Oral, Lesbians and Anal Sex

We'll start by relating excerpts from the dust jacket of the hardback of Simona Vinci's What We Don't Know about Children:
In a suburb of Bologna, three boys and two girls--ranging in age from ten to fifteen--enter the season of long summer days [...] There, in an abandoned shack, they discover the excitement of being part of a group with its own rules and secrets. Normal kids who Rollerblade and play the same video games and Oasis and Alanis Morissette CDs that kids play everywhere [...]

Tiring of familiar childish pastimes, these five ride bikes or scooters out to their clubhouse and awkwardly begin their sexual initiation, liberated by innocence and driven by natural curiosity [...]
Here are some examples from the text of the (pre) teen sexual initiations and liberated innocence:

There was a Kissing Game where: "The little girls took turns sitting behind the fence and the boys would line up on the other side. One at a time, the boys would have to undergo an examination by the princess of the day. If they passed, they would receive a kiss, sometimes they'd even get a little tongue.

Martina, who had "just turned 10" "fell a little in love" with Paolo, Mirko's 19-year-old brother. "Paolo liked Martina too. [But] [h]e had said to her, "When your tits grow ..."

After looking at pictures of "erect penises" in a pornographic magazine, Martina got "[...] a familiar wet tremble between her legs, a shiver, that she had been feeling at night in her bed for a long time, her books and dolls around her---she didn't know what it was. A sweet shiver. Powerful. Fast. All she had to do was pass her fingers over that little place, quickly, and it exploded."

Just like Missy in Netflix's Big Mouth, Martina is subsequently caught masturbating at her elementary school where, just like a scene out of Sharon Lamb's The Secret Life of Girls, Martina plays the Look at Underwear game in the girls' bathroom at recess. "It worked like this: each girl in turn would go into the middle of the circle and lift her skirt or pull down her trousers to show the others her panties."

"Later, inside the shed, Martina wrapped her lips around [10-year-old] Matteo's penis. It was different from Mirko's. Small, tender, like a finger without any bones. Spongy. Dry. She caressed it with the tip of her tongue [...]"

"The first time Martina took [15-year-old] Mirko in her hand, a peculiar sensation came over her. His thing---soft and hard at the same time, sticky and hot [...] She immediately started moving her hand back and forth over the loose skin, easily, without thinking about it."

"[...] Mirko touch[ed] Greta [a 5th grader] with the tip of his tongue, licking her up her thighs, higher, pushing her panties aside."

Unsurprisingly, Martina and Greta lost their virginities and they participated in lipstick lesbian activities while the boys watched. But surprisingly, there was anal sex involved in the (pre) teen's sexual initiations. 

"In the beginning, they used a toothbrush. The round handle of a pink Hello Kitty toothbrush [...] It was easy, like with a thermometer. The tender circle of minuscule pink wrinkles opened right up; the little girl [Greta] laughed and said that was how the doctor used to take her temperature [...] She lay still, on her stomach, naked, her legs slightly parted. Everyone crowded around her bottom [...]"

Eventually, they moved on to larger objects: "Greta screamed when the [tennis] racket handle went in, forcing, ripping the opening. But her screams was lost in the mattress."

Simona Vinci

What We Don't Know about Children was a best-seller in Italy, the novel was awarded the prestigious Elsa Morante Prize, and it was translated from Italian into eight languages.

The Independent opined of What We Don't Know about Children: "In an astonishing tour de force for so young a writer, Vinci fulfills one of the most difficult tasks of literature: to bring out the monsters which lurk inside us all and, in doing so, help us to control them [...]"

And Vinci wrote in the author's note: "The characters and plot of this novel are imaginary, but plausible."

Monday, December 9, 2019

ALL THE PRESIDENT'S WOMEN: Trump + Teen + Porn Star = Ménage à Trois?

Karen Ruiz reported for the Daily Mail (October 18, 2019) that, per the book All the President's Women: Donald Trump and the Making of a Predator, Donald Trump was allegedly recorded having a threesome with a teenage girl and a porn star in a Mafia-run Times Square brothel in the 80s. 

Ruiz reported that John Tino, a terminally-ill mobster, informed Barry Levine and Monique El-Faizy, the book's authors, that he recorded 36-year-old Trump having sex with the nymphet and 'Tri', a porn actress, in the fall of 1982.

Lachlan Cartwright of The Daily Beast shared some more details from the book:

Tino says in All the President’s Women that Trump always “wore a tie and never drank alcohol.” Trump—who was married at the time to his first wife, Ivana—allegedly always asked for the same woman, whom Tino had nicknamed “Tri.” 

In the fall of 1982, according to Tino, his boss called and asked to see him. “The real estate guy is coming,” the boss said, in Tino’s telling. “He wants Tri and he wants another girl… for a ménage à trois.’”

Tino said his role at the club was to watch the hidden cameras that monitored each room, to ensure none of the women were “roughed up” during their liaisons. He would then collect the tapes that were recorded in black-and-white.

The book claims that one night, a young-looking female showed up at the club. According to Tino, “Tri asked the girl how old she was. She said she was a teenager,” without elaborating whether or not she was above the legal age of consent. The book states that “the real estate guy” spent an hour in the room. 

Saturday, December 7, 2019

CW's NANCY DREW: "I'm Not in High School [Jailbate] Anymore."

Here's TV Line's premise for The CW's Nancy Drew:
The Nancy Drew update is set in the summer after Nancy (played by newcomer Kennedy McMann) graduates from high school. The 18-year-old thought she’d be leaving her hometown for college, but when a family tragedy holds her back another year, she finds herself embroiled in a ghostly murder investigation — and along the way, uncovers secrets that run deeper than she ever imagined.
In the series, Nancy gets a job at The Bayside Claw diner where Georgia "George" Fan, Nancy's former high school classmate, is somehow the boss.

Georgia was referred to as a "slut" in high school, and she blames Nancy for the slut-shamming; consequently, they often bicker at the diner.

The murder of Tiffany Hudson occurs outside the diner. Interestingly, Ryan Hudson, Tiffany's husband, is not only the murder suspect, but he's having an affair with Georgia, who is presumably 18 as well as Nancy.

Ryan was reluctant to begin an affair with Georgia, but after she reminded him, "I'm not in high school anymore," the affair ensued.

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

"Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood" (2019): Teen Pussycat Offers Oral Sex

Here's IMDb's plot summary for Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood (2019):
A faded television actor [Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio)] and his stunt double [Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt)] strive to achieve fame and success in the film industry during the final years of Hollywood's Golden Age in 1969 Los Angeles.
Google elaborates in its plot summary by adding:
Rick also happens to live next door to Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate -- the filmmaker and budding actress whose futures will forever be altered by members of the Manson Family.

In one scene, Cliff gives Pussycat (Margaret Qualley), a teen member of the Manson Family, a ride to the Spahn Ranch. Here's the dialogue:
Pussycat : Want me to suck your cock while driving?
Cliff Booth : [thinks for a bit] How old are you?
Pussycat : What?
Cliff Booth : How old are you?
Pussycat : Wow, man. First time anybody asked that in a long time.
Cliff Booth : What's the answer?
Pussycat : Okay, we gonna play kiddie games? Eighteen. Feel better?
Cliff Booth : You got some I.D., you know, like, a driver's license or something?
Pussycat : [laughing] Are you joking?
Cliff Booth : No, I'm not. I need to see something official that verifies that you're eighteen, which you don't have because you're not.\

Subsequently, Pussycat informs Cliff: Obviously, I'm too young to fuck you. But obviously, you are too old to fuck me. 

This reminds us of the memoir Member of the Family: My Story of Charles Manson, Life Inside the Cult, and the Darkness that Ended the Sixties where Dianne Lake, who became one of Charles Manson's girls at the age of 14, shared: For the first time, I came to see that my sexuality was empowering---something I had that older men seemed to want [...] In my mind, sex with older men meant I was a woman [...]

Interestingly, in this advertisement for the film that was posted on Margaret Qualley's Instagram account, Pussycat is reduced to Cat but, although Qualley was 24 when the film was filmed, she's clearly made to look like a nymphet. 

Monday, December 2, 2019

Girl Museum's Girl for Sale Exhibit: Teen Sex Slaves Depicted in (Highbrow) Art

Here's part of the description of the Girl Museum's Girl for Sale online exhibit:
Every year, thousands of girls are tricked, intimidated or forced into the shadows of sweatshops and brothels for labor and sexual exploitation. Some are taken across oceans, others just across the street. This modern day slavery is the second most lucrative international illegal trade [...]
Would you sell your daughter for food? [...]

Girl for Sale is a collaborative virtual outreach exhibition about girl trafficking that interrogates and responds to the issues through poetry, art and education. [...] This [is a] co-production of Girl Museum and the American Poetry Museum, launched on 31 March 2011 [...]
Here's an excerpt from the images section:
The answer to the question of ‘What do we want from art?’ is continually evolving. [...] It is very hard to misinterpret a painting of naked girls on an auction block, unless you want to believe it is something other than the obvious. Historically, we seem to demand less from art. We want beauty and familiarity, and will readily forgive scenes of violence, sexual exploitation and perversion as ‘of its own time’. However, ethics and morality did not suddenly spring forth in the 21st century as newly invented, so to not interrogate imagery that celebrates the sale of people as commodities is a bit naive [...]
And here are some of the images:

The White Slave, Abastenia St Ledger Eberle, 1913

This is the description of The White Slave by Abastenia St Ledger Eberle, a female sculptor, on Girl Museum:
"This statue caused controversy when it was first shown. The child in the statue represents child prostitution. [Abastenia St Leger] Eberle produced many pieces as a form of social protest after ‘The White Slave’. Child Prostitution, at the time of this statue, was known as White Slavery. The positioning of the child, as her hands are held behind her back graphically illustrates her entrapment and prevents any freedom. The man who holds her is shouting out, shouting out perhaps her price or her age."
The Greek Slave, Hiram Powers, 1844

This is the description of Hiram Powers' The Greek Slave on Girl Museum:
This 1844 statue shows a standing nude girl with chains around her hands and holding a cross. The cross seems to indicate her Christianity having been made captive and being sold off for sexual means. She gazes away from the viewer as though humiliated though this could also be read, because of the presence of the cross, as Christian shame.
The Girl or the Vase, Henryk Siemiradzki, 1881

Here's the intriguing Wikipedia entry for Henryk Siemiradzki's The Girl or the Vase:
The Girl or the Vase (Polish: Wazon czy kobieta), also known as The Presentation of the Slave, is an 1878 painting by the Polish artist Henryk Siemiradzki. The subject is from ancient Rome and shows a patrician who contemplates on whether he should buy an East Asian vase or a slave girl. The painting earned Siemiradzki the gold medal at the 1878 World's Fair in Paris and the French Legion of Honour.

The painting last changed owner in 2005, when it was sold through Sotheby's in New York for 1,426,000 dollars.
Slave Market in Rome, Jean-Leon Gerome, 1884 

Lastly, here's the description of Jean-Leon Gerome Slave Market in Rome posted on Girl Museum:
The theme of nakedness runs through all these images. In this painting, the girl being auctioned is stood on a stage in front of all those who are bidding for her. Not only is she without clothes but the other [very young nymphet] slaves behind and to her side are naked and stare out despondently at the crowd. The girl at the centre has her arm up and looks away, unable to look at whoever will buy her.