Thursday, December 26, 2019

Pornhub's Butterfly Effect: [Pre] Teens Watching [Free] Porn

New York magazine's The Best Podcasts of 2019 listed at number 9 Jon Ronson's The Last Days of August, which focuses on the suicide of porn actress August Ames. However, we were intrigued by the article's mention of Ronson's The Butterfly Effect podcast, which the article described as a "[...] fascinating 2017 journey into a porn industry that's been reshaped by the internet [...]"

The Butterfly Effect relates the butterfly effect (i.e., repercussions) of Fabian Thylmann's Pornhub - a popular free streaming porn website. 

One butterfly effect is bespoke pornography, because there's less paid work in the pornography industry due to the proliferation of free porn. Thus, filmmakers, cameramen and actresses make money by making custom films for clients. 

Another butterfly effect is that nymphets have access to the proliferation of free porn on their smartphones. 

Now let's see how the podcast brought the two butterfly effects together:

Kelly, a former bank appraiser, received a call from her 13-year-old daughter who had discovered via her classmates that her mother was a porn actress. Kelly's daughter was having lunch while her 8th grade schoolmates were watching pornographic videos of her mother. 

When Kelly informed her 17-year-old daughter that she's a porn actress, Kelly's daughter asked, "So, I shouldn't look at MILF porn anymore? So, are you like Lisa Ann or Julie Ann?"

Kelly replied, "How do you even know those people?!"

Ronson interviewed Lisa Ann  who lived in Times Square so that the excitement of Times Square would help prevent her from being the excitement. 

Ronson stated, "Back in the 90s, she'd only get recognized on the streets by adults. But now."
Ann elaborated, "Oh yeah, I have 12, 13 and 14-year-olds walking up to me. They'll walk up to me in public and say, 'Can we fuck?'"

In addition, Ronson reported that some female students at the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary have a Friday night Shame Eradication group where the coeds share their most shameful secrets. Marissa shared that she had a porn addiction that started when she was in the 6th grade. Her fellow group members assured her, "You're not alone." 

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