Sunday, December 1, 2019

McDonell's TWELVE: Prep School Oral Sex, Teen Sex for Drugs & Nymphets Seducing Shrinks

Michiko Kakutani wrote in his New York Times review of Nick McDonell's national bestseller Twelve (2002):
"[Nick McDonell] gives us a palpable sense of the privileged but spiritually desolate world that his characters inhabit, without ever condescending to them, and he gives us some digitally clear snapshots of life in the upscale ZIP codes of millenial Manhattan."
Some of the snapshots from upscale millennial Manhattan that McDonell portrays are a "first blow job at a bat mitzvah", teens viewing porn, teen sex for drugs, and "[...] girls who talk about how they try to fuck with their shrinks. Or how they actually try to fuck their shrinks."

Twelve (2010) is a film that is based on the teen novel. The film follows the novel very closely, but unsurprisingly, "Hollywood" made some additions. For example, banking on the allure of nymphets, Jessica, who in the book shared that her prep school friends "try to fuck their shrinks" and who had sex with a drug dealer for twelve, a drug that is a cross between cocaine and ecstasy, was shown frolicking in her bra and panties in her Manhattan home amongst her stuffed animals.

Interestingly, McDonell wrote Twelve when he was 17, the novel was on a number of bestseller lists, and it has been translated into over 20 languages.

Lastly, Lamberti wrote in her Playboy review of Twelve: "An enthralling read about apathetic youth who have everything and nothing. 

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