Thursday, November 24, 2016

SHADOW OF A DOUBT?: A "Sexed-Up" Nymphet [Teen] Falsely Accuses Teacher

Harrison Judd’s Shadow of a Doubt? is about Neil Morrison, a LA based respected banker, who was charged with the rape and murder of a 10-year-old girl. The nymphet was described as a “[…] pretty little thing, with light brown hair, still babyish in texture.” The key witness in the trail was Hal Griffith, a high school chemistry teacher. 

Chapter one of the paperback opens with 55-year-old Mr. Griffith being seduced by “[...] that sexed-up little sixteen-year-old kid named Vivian Hamby”. However, after Mr. Griffith rebuffed Vivian’s advances she “pouted”, “I don’t think you approve of me, Mr. Griffith.” Mr. Griffith replied:
“You’re an attractive little girl with an idea [that] it be intriguing to get an older man to make a pass at you. You’re obviously not small in measurement […] Now get out of here before I write ‘flunk’ after your name and notify your parents of your asinine behavior.”
However, Mr. Griffith couldn’t get Vivian out of his mind. “He did wish he could stop thinking of that [“uplifted breasts”] jiggling bit of fluff named Vivian. Why did there always have to be one like her every semester?” But, “[..] [c]ertainly, he thought, there was no mortal sin in thinking about the girl.”

Morrison used his power and influence to get Vivian to testify that Mr. Griffith looked at her like no other man had looked at her and that he had touched her breast and thigh. But Vivian confessed that she falsely accused her chemistry teacher after the defense proved that she also lied on the stand about being a virgin.  (Six high students whom Vivian had had sex with were seated in the courtroom.)

And I could not have related the following quote from the paperback any better:
"Teaching is the most vulnerable profession in the world for criticism of morals. They don’t even have to be remotely true before a teacher’s life can be a genuine hell.”
The French film noir Le témoin (1978) is based on Judd’s Shadow of a Doubt?.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

ROOKIE | YEARBOOK THREE: Advice for Teens Caught Masturbating

There is an article titled "How to Deal When You’re Caught Masturbating: Six decent excuses to have at the ready" in Yearbook Three of Tavi Gevinson's Rookie - an online magazine and book series for teenagers. 

We've previously written about Gevinson's Rookie. For example, her edited "Advice for Teens Attracted to Older Men" and “Do It Itself: What We Talk About When We Talk About Masturbation” were filled with advice for nymphets. 

Here are the excuses that Rookie advises nymphets to use if they are caught masturbating by their mothers: 
Pretend that you were scratching a bug bite, that you were having a weird dream, that you were wondering what it would feel like to be electrocuted, that you were practicing "jazz hands", that you were having a "muscle spasm", or a nymphet could just "own it" and give no excuse at all. 

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Brooke Shields & LIFE: Elevated and\or Sexualized Teen ?

Lisanne Falk and Brooke Shields, 1978 
(Vanity Fair, December 2016)

Brooke Shields wrote in the December 2016 issue of Vanity Fair the as a teen model she controversially projected womanly poses
“My friend Lisanne Falk and I—both 13 years old and Ford models at the time—were close friends with Betsy Cameron, another model, who happened to be an aspiring photographer and who was like a big sister to us. One day, Betsy asked us to visit her home in Southport, Connecticut, and take a series of fun photos for a possible book about friendship. We got to play dress-up in vintage costumes and crimp our hair and wear makeup, and we were thrilled to create fantasy worlds for Betsy to photograph. This particular picture was the last of the day. We wore red lipstick and felt so grown up. The book never came to pass, but this photo was chosen to run in the first issue of Life magazine when it was revived as a monthly, in 1978. I couldn’t believe I was in Life! This image elevated us into a different category: we were no longer just catalogue models but had transitioned into a more credible and artistic realm. It was also controversial at the time for girls to project womanly poses, but that’s what girls did when dressing up. And, looking back, this is the photo that sort of put us on the map.”
Brooke's piece is a bit misleading. For example, she had already been "elevated" from being considered "just [a] catalogue" model when she appeared nude at the age of 12 and had her virginity sold for $400 in her role as a nymphet prostitute in Pretty Baby (1978). 

And when Brooke was 10, she posed nude for Gary Gross. Playboy Press paid Brook’s mother $450 for the photograph that appeared in 1983 at Richard Prince's “semi-anonymous gallery” on the Lower East Side of Manhattan and in his 2007 Spiritual America exhibit at the prestigious Guggenheim Museum. 

Clearly, this isn't "the photo that changed" her life or put Brooke "on the map"; however, the people at Life knew exactly what they were doing when they put two nymphets posing seductively in bikinis in the 1978 re-launch issue of the magazine.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

A Nymphet Drops Her Rape Claim Against Trump