Tuesday, December 30, 2014

MOLLY MAXWELL (2014): A Canadian Nymphet Performs Oral on Teacher

It's yet another affair between a nymphet and her English teacher, but this time they're Canadian.

In Molly Maxwell (2014), Molly, a 16-year-old student at The Phoenix Progressive School in Toronto, aggressively initiates a sexual relationship with Ben, the new 26-year-old member of the English department. Molly desperately wants to lose her virginity to her English teacher - so much so, that she literally rips her clothes off on several occasions. At least once, Ben allows his student to perform oral sex on him but stops short of sex because he feels that it's "just wrong". 

Ben said to Molly, "200 years ago no one would have any problem if I took you as my child bride." But Ben is about 100 years off and depending on the location (e.g., Asia, the Middle East, etc.) marriages between nymphets and ephebophiles do happen - although not (openly) very often.

Interestingly, Molly's mother gave her a vibrator once she noticed Molly's strange, lovey-dovey, behavior. As I've been doing research and compiling data for The Allure of Nymphets documentary, I would presume that a vibrator would be a very welcomed present by many nymphets. 

Friday, December 12, 2014

Las que empiezan a los quince años (1978): The Beginning [of Prostitution] at Age 15 [in Spain]

Elisa, a 15-Year-Old Prostitute in Spain

As there doesn't appear to be any subtitles and despite the fact that I'm from New York, I was able to understand very little of Spain's Las que empiezan a los quince años (1978) [English: The Beginning at Age 15]; therefore, I had to rely on Andrabem's post on IMDB for a synopsis. Andrambem posted:

"Las que empiezan a los quince años" tells the story of the sexual adventures of three fifteen-year-old girls: Elisa, Marian and Susi.

Elisa lives with her father and her stepmother. Her father, drown in debts by reason of bad business decisions, has to run away from his debtors. Elisa remains with her stepmother that has no love left for her. Soon Elisa is out in the streets. One of the roads left for her is [teen] prostitution. Her life will be one of many adventures and misadventures.

[Elisa is in the above screenshot collage. She was either seduced or raped by almost every middle-aged man she encountered. And Susi couldn't keep her hands off of Elisa as well.]

Marian, very early in her life, became a prostitute. She had known a good-looking guy in a party. She falls in love with him, but in reality he's a pimp. One day they have a fight and Marian decides to become independent. She opens the doors of the cars and ask the drivers if they want some company. On seeing this beautiful Lolita, many say that, yes, they could do with a bit of company.

Susi's family has no financial problems. Her father works a lot and is always absent, but her mother likes and understands her. Susi likes girls. She sometimes plays innocent little [lesbian] games with Elisa and Marian.

The film offers a rosy vision of [teen] prostitution, but anyway it had no intention at all of being a documentary. The film wants to titillate, and it delivers. The [teen] girls frequently take off their clothes, make love, laugh...

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Famous Teleiophile: Lena Dunham & Middle School Girls Gone Wild

I wrote about Lena Dunham in The Allure of Nymphets. For example, I wrote that before Lena’s Girls premiered on HBO, among other projects, she had two movies premiere at South by Southwest. Her first full-length movie, Creative Nonfiction (2009), is about Ella (Lena Dunham) and her struggles with having a romantic relationship with her dorm-mate and her need to finish a screenplay in time to graduate. In the opening scene, Ella described the plot summary of her screenplay to her dorm-mate and love interest:
“OK, so there's this girl. She's in high school. She's taken up with her English teacher. And he loves her poetry; you know, which is how the whole thing starts. And it's like that whole kinda like, see me after class thing. And he takes her away to this cabin that he has, which is in the country [...] And he keeps her there for three years. He just kinda makes her sit there at a typewriter and write. And you'd think she'd be miserable, but instead she's sorta under this like spell of creative happiness [...] I find the theft and abuse of minors funny.” [Emphasis added]
And on the second episode of season two of Girls, which won a Golden Globe for 'Best Comedy Series', Hannah's (Lena Dunham) roommate shockingly suggested that Hannah wear an outfit that was, "[...] inspired by a girl I went to middle school with who fucked both her uncle and her step-dad." (Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner, a long-time producer and television writer, co-write that line.)

That's just a sampling of what I wrote about Dunham, but I'll be adding some notes from her memoir to the 2nd edition of The Allure of Nymphets that sheds light on Dunham's life and what influenced her to write about the hilarity of “[...] the theft and abuse of minors [...]” and a middle school girl who, “[...] fucked both her uncle and her step-dad.”

Here are some highlights from Dunham's Not That Kind of Girl:
Lena shared that she had (at least) one “sex dream” about her father (p. xiii)

Lena “[...] learned to masturbate the summer after third grade (≈ nine-years-old).” She read in a puberty book that an orgasm would feel like a “sneeze”, but she wrote that it actually felt like a “seizure”. (p. 16)

Juliana, Lena's ninth grade friend (≈ fourteen-years-old), “[...] had sex – in an alleyway, no less, with a twenty-year-old guy [...]” (p. 27)

Lena was “[...] fond of pretending a ghost was touching her nonbreasts against her will [...]” (p. 41)

When Lena was 9-years-old and out perusing a newsstand with her nanny, the man who owned the newsstand looked at her, which sent a “shiver” down Lena's spine. “I think he's trying to rape me.” Lena said to her nanny. (p. 56)

When Lena was approximately 6-years-old and Grace, her younger, was one, Lena was curious about what Grace's vagina looked like; so, Lena leaned down between Grace's legs “[...] and carefully spread open her vagina.” (p. 121) And Lena used to bribe Grace “like a sexual predator” for “affection”. For example, Lena gave her younger sister three pieces of candy to “kiss her on the lips for five seconds” and she would let Grace watch whatever she wanted on television if she would “relax” on Lena. (p. 150) [Note: Joan J. Johnson wrote in her book Teen Prostitution that, in most cases, sexually abused nymphets were victims of incest.]

When Grace was in the fifth grade, she had an online connection with Kent, an ad sales rep, before, to Grace's dismay, Lena told their mother. (p. 151)

Lena's mother suspected that Grace was “[...] having an affair with her [high school] Latin teacher.” (p. 155)

“Grace came out when she was seventeen.” (p. 153) [Note: Marth Barret related in her book Invisible Lives that Sarah Pearlman, a therapist based in Boston, said, “In clinical practice you see a higher incidence of [sexual] abuse and incest among lesbians.” Furthermore, most lesbians were victims of incestuous sexual abuse. Sexual abuse isn't the cause of lesbianism, but the fact remains that, like Grace, most lesbians were sexually abused – by a relative(s).]

On a Saint Ann's eighth grade class trip to Washington D.C., some of Lena's 14-year-old classmates “[...] decided to go totally gay. It started with some light kissing on the bed, then Jessica was topless and shaking her tits, clutching her own nipples and wagging them mercilessly in our faces.” (p. 131)

When Lena was 15, her friend Sofia taught Lena “[...] her favorite trick, one that she said drove the boys crazy,” which was “[...] just sucking on someone's earlobe.” When Sofia demonstrated on her, Lena wrote that she could “[...] feel the tips of her teeth and then my pulse in my vagina.” (p. 132)

Lena accused her fifth grade teacher of being “inappropriate”. (p. 169) But she wrote that with her seventh grade teacher: “It didn't feel inappropriate. It felt real.” (p. 170)

When Lena was a 13-year-old summer camper she “[...] couldn't stop eying everyone else, staring at their round asses as they dressed, the dusky hairs emerging from the bathing suits. “You are so bicurious!” Lena's camp counselor said after she caught Lena “[...] watching her tits swing as she changed.” And Lena “[...] lusted after a college student and flirted with her “Australian 'bunk uncle'”.

The following summer, at the age of 14, Lena found her “truest love”. “[Johnny] was blond, from South Carolina, and just shy of twenty-two.” In her bunk, Lena fantasized about discarding her “[...] clothes, approaching Johnny, and letting him put his hands all over [...]” her body. [Note: When a teen girl fantasizes about a man, it's commonly considered cute, but when a man fantasizes about a teen girl it's commonly considered not cute.]

Lena kissed “[...] three girls in college. All at once [...] We went around kissing for just long enough to get a sense of one another's mouths. They felt soft and tickly [...]” (p. 139)
Thus, it can be culled from Dunham's memoir that she dreamed about having sex with her father, she had incestuous lesbian foreplay with her younger sister, the summer before fourth grade she starting having orgasms that felt like seizures, she found pleasure in looking at the “round asses” of the other nymphets at summer camp, and when she was 15, she fantasized about undressing in front of her 21-year-old camp counselor. After learning about Dunham's upbringing, you may not be as shocked by her writings anymore.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

CHLOE (1996): A 15-Year-Old Nymphet Prostitute

Here's Amazon's synopsis for Chloé (1996): 

Highly controversial and previously unavailable in North America, Oscar-winner Marion Cotillard sizzles as the young and naive [15-year-old] high school student named Chloe. Her desire for a new and exciting life leads her to a charming stranger [i.e., pimp] in the streets of Paris.
The focus of this made for television French film appears to be on the nymphet being tricked into prostitution and her pimp's cold blooded and abusive behavior. First of all, as Royal related in the international best-seller The Pimp Game, pimps are inherently cold blooded and abusive; so, the pimp's foul behavior shouldn't have been surprising. 

But what appears to be overlooked in this film is that the high school student fell madly in love with the middle-aged "charming stranger" before she discovered that he was a pimp. The nymphet became a prostitute to help her much older lover financially, which is not the only way but it's a common way for girls to become prostitutes; however, most pimps are not as deceptive as the pimp in this film. 

This film is a great example of the dark side of ephebophilia, which is the title of a new chapter in the upcoming 2nd edition of The Allure of Nymphets. Chloé was very popular with the johns due to her young age and her pimp even arranged to have her sold to some Swedes!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

ANNA (2009): A Nymphet Watches Porn

Anna 2009
Anna (2009) is (a bit of) a Danish coming of age short film about Anna, a 12-year-old girl whom lives in a fishing village in Denmark. In the film, Anna's mother shields Anna's eyes from watching a sex scene, but she comforts Anna by informing her that she can watch porn when she turns 16. (The age of consent in Denmark is 15.)

But the issue shouldn't be when Anna can watch porn. The issue should be watching porn.
As I related in The Allure of Nymphets, according to Richard Farson in Birth-rights "There was no age separation before the sixteenth century, no separate world for children. They were in on everything, they shared everything, the same games, stories, dances...Adults and children were never apart."

Thus, the issue should be the acceptability of watching porn. If you're a religious ephebophile, you would advise an ephebophile to avoid watching porn for obvious religions reasons. 

If you're not religious, you may want to avoid porn, because according to a 2000 Zillmann studyInfluence of Unrestrained Access to Erotica on Adolescents’ and Young Adults’ Dispositions Toward Sexuality, viewing pornography can lead to watching more extreme forms of pornography which can be extremely dangerous for an ephebophile because an ephebophile may begin with teen pornography but be tempted to illegally watch younger and younger nymphets. And with the level of entrapment by the authorities, one's risk of getting into serious trouble with the law is greatly increased.

In addition, the laws are confusing due to the debate over art versus pornography. For example, 12-year-old Anna (Marie Hammer Boda) was shown topless in this mainstream film without any complaints from the authorities; thus, her preteen nudity was considered art. 

To conclude, we advise ephebophiles to avoid pornography and to marry a nymphet a la Elvis, Steven Bauer, and Doug Hutchison to name a few. And if you live in the middle-east, we encourage you to marry up to four nymphets.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Maurice Ehlinger: French Painter of Nude Nymphets

I learned about Maurice Ehlinger (1896-1981) on the blog Novel Activist via Art Controversies. Ehlinger was an award winning french painter whose aesthetic and muse, like Serge Marshennikov and Balthus, was the nymphet. 

Ehlinger was born in Saint-Die-des-Vosges, but he eventually settled in Paris where he was accepted at the famous l'atelier de Flameng. Subsequently, Ehlinger earned money as an art instructor by day, which allowed him to paint in his studio by night. 

Ehlinger's nude nymphets can be found in a number of French museums including the Museum of Pierre-Noël Saint-Die-des-Vosges 

Sunday, October 12, 2014

HET DEBUUT (1977): The Choice Between Nymphet and Wife

We can thank feminist for the rise in the age of consent and the fall of polygamy, which is really disarming when one considers that the only thing that an ephebophile likes more than a nymphet is a bevy of two or more nymphets. Het debuut (1977) [English: The Debut] is a film from the Netherlands that exemplifies the dilemma that married ephebophiles must face.

In the film, in typical fashion, 14-year-old buxom blond Carolien (16-year-old Marina de Graaf) initiated an age-gap relationship with Hugo (Gerard Cox), a 41-year-old friend of the family. She even left a door ajar at her high school so that she and Hugo could make-out, top-less, on the dark gym's wrestling mat while Hugo's wife sipped on black tea back at his apartment. 

After sneaking around from hotel to hotel and after losing her virginity, Carolien abruptly ended the relationship due to jealousy. That forced Hugo to choose between his nymphet and his newly pregnant wife. Since polygamy wasn't an option, despite being very distraught at the thought of losing his nymphet, Hugo begrudgingly decided to stay with his wife which led to a suicide attempt by Carolien. 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

LAW & ORDER SVU: New York City Teen Prostitutes

Law & Order Special Victims Unit Season 16 Premier

Here's the plot summary, via TVRage, for the Wednesday September 24th, 2014 (16th) season premier of Law & Order Special Victims Unit

Sergeant Benson juggles work and her new role as foster mother to baby Noah Porter. Amaro, now working the traffic beat in Queens, arrests an underage prostitute with connections to Noah’s mother Ellie, who was "greenlit" by her pimp and brutally murdered. Amaro’s undercover work sets off a chain of events that puts everyone connected to the case - even baby Noah - in danger. Meanwhile, a new detective assigned to Manhattan SVU starts off on the wrong foot.

The viewers were introduced to the first "underage prostitute" as she was about to perform oral sex on a middle-aged john in a SUV in broad daylight. Subsequently, a house with four additional nymphet prostitutes, one white and two Hispanic, was raided. 

Despite, Law & Order's disclaimer, a number of the episodes are based on actual news reports. And there have been some recent reports of teen prostitution in New York City. For example, we wrote a post earlier this year about Super Bowl Nymphet Prostitutes which was about 13 to 17-year-old prostitutes whom serviced Super Bowl johns in Manhattan.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Nymphets "Freak Out" Over New York Congressman

me and bae (i.e., sweetie) tonight

The Business Insider reported on July 14, 2014 that "Teenage Girls Freak Out After Heartthrob [R-New York] Congressman Shows Up At [Sweet 16] Party" But the nymphets started their "freak out" before the 44-year-old Congressman got there. 

"F***ing Michael Grimm is going," one teen wrote on Twitter. "I'm gonna dance with him all night and make him fall in love with me."

Grimm reportedly promised her that wouldn't be their last encounter.

"He told me he's taking me to prom I was like you fricking better," the teen wrote.

Another teen quoted the excited conversations about Grimm that she overheard among her friends.

"'Michael Grimm is coming.' 'Oh sh** now I have to wear nice underwear,'" she wrote.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Famous Ephebophile: Actor Steven Bauer

57-year-old Steven Bauer and 18-year-old Lyda Loudon

The Huffington Post reported that 57-year-old actor Steven Bauer has a nymphet! Bauer, who is the former husband of 57-year-old Melanie Griffith,  star of Showtime's crime drama Ray Donovan and the cult classic Scarface, is dating 18-year-old Lyda Loudon. Loudon is the daughter of Gina Gentry Loudon, an author and Fox News contributor. 

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Famous Ephebophile: Mozart's Don Giovanni

Don Giovanni (1787) is considered by many to be the finest opera of all time. David Naugle wrote "What Plato's Republic is to political philosophy, what Michelangelo's Cistine Chapel Ceiling is to painting, and what Shakespeare's tragedies are to drama, so also is Mozart's Don Giovanni to the works and world of opera." And Naugle shared that Goethe opined that Mozart "... obviously possessed deep insight into human nature ..."

Don Giovanni was composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart but was written by librettist and ephebophile Lorenzo Da Ponte. Is the opera so well known because of its music or libretto? I would argue that the "unsung hero" is Da Ponte. In addition, it is well-known that Don Giovanni was a libertine, who seduced over 1,000 females in Spain - not to mention other lands, but many would be surprised to realize that he specialized in nymphets. 

For example, Giovanni's servant, Leporello, explained to Donna Elvira, one of Giovanni's young spurned conquests, that Giovanni's "... outstanding passion is the youthful beginner....provided she wears a skirt." 

While pretending to be Giovanni, Leporello referred to Donna Elvira as, "Poor little girl...pretty little face!

During his seduction of "Little" Zerlina, a peasant girl, Giovanni told her, "... you are not destined to be a peasant, those roguish little eyes will win you another lot, those lovely little lips, those white and fragrant little fingers; it's like touching reeds and smelling roses." Zerlina was further described as "... my little dear," and as having, "...white and young little hands...that fresh complexion..."

And, Giovanni informed Leporello, "I met a beautiful, young, elegant girl on the street; I went up to her, I took her by the hand ..."

38-year-old Da Ponte had two sources of inspiration for his libretto: Giovanni Bertati's libretto for Don Giovanni, o sia II convitato di pietra and his 16-year-old mistress. 

Da Ponte wrote in his memoir: "A beautiful girl of sixteen...came to my room ...at the sound of the bell...She would bring me now a little cake, now a cup of coffee, now nothing just her pretty face...I worked twelve hours a day every day...and through all that time she sat in an adjoining room...ready to come to my aid at the first touch of the bell. Sometimes she would sit at my side without stirring, without opening her lips, or batting an eyelash, gazing at me fixedly, or blandly smiling, or now it would be a sigh, or a menace of tears. In a word, this girl was my Calliope...for all the verse I wrote for the next six years. 

So, why isn't Don Giovanni known as an ephebophile? My assumption is that it is very difficult to find nymphet opera singers; therefore, most performances of Don Giovanni are done by middle-age women which causes a major theme of the opera to get lost in translation. 

Saturday, August 16, 2014

ROLLA: Gervex's Painting and Musset's Poem About a Teen Prostitute

Henri Gervex (1852-1929) Rolla 1878

Henri Gervex's oil on canvas Rolla was inspired by Alfred de Musset's lengthy poem Rolla (1833). Here's the plot summary of the poem from Paris' museum Musée d'Orsay:
The text recounts the destiny of a young bourgeois, Jacques Rolla, falling into a life of idleness and debauchery. He meets with Marie, a teenager who found in prostitution an escape from misery. Rolla is seen here ruined, standing by the window, his eyes turned to the girl sleeping. He is about to commit suicide by poison.
If the scene was judged indecent [by the Beaux-Arts administration], it was not because of Marie's nudity, which in no way differs from the canonic nudes of the time. The attention of contemporaries rather turned to the still life constituted by a gown, a garter, and a hastily undone corset covered with a top hat. Gervex might have been advised by Degas to put "a corset on the floor" so that the spectator may know this woman "is not a model". Indeed, this disposition and the nature of the clothes clearly indicate Marie's consent and her status as a [teen] prostitute. Moreover, the walking stick emerging from the garments acts as a metaphor for sexual intercourse.
I learned about Rolla from Baxter's translation of Musset's Two Nights of Excess.

American Apparel's Back to School Lolita Wear

American Apparel's Lolita Wear

Last week Time reported on the backlash that American Apparel received on social media after the company posted raunchy pictures on its Instagram account of "... a girl bending over a car, revealing her underwear and buttocks under her skirt." In addition, the company is selling Lolita mini skirts and crop tops. 

The fact that American Apparel is basing their sexy campaign on 12-year-old Lolita, whom initiated sex with H.H., her middle-aged step-father and gave him paid hand-jobs while he looked alluring upon other nymphets, is revealing. 

In reality, the campaign is a reflection of raunchy teen behavior. American Apparel is selling teens what they, teens, want. Like Douglas Rushkoff mentioned in the documentary Merchants of Cool (2001), "It's a feedback loop," i.e., American Apparel wants to be a cool company that sells sexy clothes, and cool teens want to wear sexy clothes. 

The Guardian reported previously that "The UK advertising watchdog has banned a campaign by the retailer American Apparel for using a partially nude model, who appeared to be under 16, in a series of images that suggested she was "stripping off for an amateur-style photo shoot". The Advertising Standards Authority received a complaint that it could be seen by children and inappropriate because the model seemed "young and vulnerable and [the ad] could be seen to sexualise a child"."

A spokesperson for American Apparel defended the advertisement by saying that the model is 23-years-old and that the advertisement was meant to highlight the hoodie and not the girl's cleavage and breasts. Thus, the model only looks like a nymphet and we should be concentrating on the class Flex Fleece and not the model's tan lined breasts. Clearly, American Apparel is either delusional or feels that we are not easily disillusioned

AMERICAN MINOR (2009): A Teen's Boredom Leads to Bate

L.A. based artist, University of California fine arts instructor and writer Charlie White's muse is the American teen. His short film American Minor, which depicts the day in the life of an American nymphet, was shown at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival. If you're naive and think that the ending of the film is the artist's fantasy, I dare you to Google "teen masturbation". You can view the entire short film here.

American Minor (2009) Trailer

Friday, August 15, 2014

Which Nymphets Has the Best Buttocks?

Venus Callipyge
National Archaeological Museum, Naples

The Venus Callipyge is a 1st century BC marble Roman statue. The name means "Venus (or Aphrodite) of the beautiful buttocks." The statue shows a woman, whom some consider to be Venus, performing an anasyrma to expose her buttocks. She is peering at her buttocks which further draws attention them. 

The statue conjures up the following story which can be found in Athenaeus' Deipnosophists (12.554 c–e) about two nymphets in Syracuse, Sicily who were trying to determine which of them had the most attractive buttocks .

"Once upon a time a farmer had two beautiful daughters. One day these girls, getting into a dispute as to which one had a more beautiful backside, went out onto the public street. And by chance a young man was passing by, the son of a rich old man. They showed themselves to him, and when he saw them he voted in favor of the older girl. And in fact, falling in love with her, when he got back to town, he took to his bed and told his younger brother everything that had happened. And the younger brother also went to the country and saw the girls, and he fell in love with the other daughter. And so when the boys' father tried to get them to marry someone of the upper classes, he couldn't persuade his sons, and so he brought the girls in from the country, with their father's permission, and married them to his sons. And so these girls were called fair-buttocked by the citizens, as Cercidas of Megalopolis says in his Iambic Verses: "There was a pair of beautiful-buttocked girls in Syracuse"

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Nymphet Kylie Jenner Gets an Erect Penis [Cake] VIDEO

Us Weekly reported that rapper Tyga hosted a 17th birthday party for Kylie Jenner. The party took place last Sunday for the Kardashian family member and was attended by the likes of Justin Bieber.

Tyga asked Bieber to serenade the nymphet, he purchased birthday party hats emblazoned with Kylie's picture, and he ordered a custom made cake that was shaped like a large erect penis. 

After the festivities, the 17-year-old posted on her Instagram account, "Thank u everyone & T for the [large erect penis] cake & JB for singing happy bday to me. I love u guys."

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Cohen's DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS: Promiscuous Nymphets

Kerry Cohen asserted in Dirty Little Secrets Breaking the Silence on Teenage Girls and Promiscuity that:

"...almost every girl you see. They believe in their hearts that they are worth nothing, that they have little to offer. They believe boys will pull them out of their ordinariness and finally, finally, transform them into someone better than who they are."

"They give out blow jobs like kisses and hope for love in return."

"But they aren't sex addicts or even love addicts. What they crave is the attention [which is their "dirty little secret"], that moment when a boy looks at them and they can believe that they are worth something to someone. They can believe that they matter.

Cohen wrote that despite wide-spread belief to the contrary, girls are sexual and "...have just as much sexual desire and curiosity as boys." And we know that Cohen's claim that girls masturbate can be confirmed by Nancy Friday's My Secret Garden: Women’s Sexual Fantasies; thus, it isn't surprising that she shared that the Guttmacher Institute reported that:

  1. Almost 50% of girls between the ages of 15 and 19 had sex at least once and 27% of girls between the ages of 13 and 16 had sex more than once. 
  2. Approximately 8.8 million girls between the ages of 15 and 24 acquire a STD every year. 
  3. And approximately 750,000 girls between the ages of 15 and 19 get pregnant every year - 82% of them are unplanned. 
In addition, Cohen wrote that "Thirteen year old girls proudly extol their abilities to give blow jobs, which they do in the bathrooms at parties or at school. Middle and high schoolers have sex parties...and lots of adolescent girls watch porn."

Cohen makes a vital point that there's a distinction between "... acting on natural sexual feelings and using male attention and sex to fill emptiness..." In other words, nymphets enjoy sex just as much as boys do, but they often use sex to get the attention that they crave from boys and men.

And Cohen points out that the desire to get the attention of the opposite is reinforced by the media. She advised readers to "Take a quick glance at some of the top teen girls' magazines and you see these headlines [like]: "How do Get a Guy's Attention"...[and] just about every Disney princess plot revolves around snagging a man. The Little Mermaid is a perfect example. The main character Ariel doesn't even speak, and then she gives up her entire identity as a mermaid and singer to get her guy."

Cohen gives a number of examples of girls who haven't handled the distinction between being sexual and craving attention well e.g.,:

  • 12-year-old Lana gave blow jobs regularly.
  • When Kelsey was in the 6th grade she gave a Burger King cashier a handjob during his break
  • 14-year-old Lourdes met her 24-year-old boyfriend at an underage club

But psychologist Marta Meana wrote in a New York Times Magazine piece that "women's desire is not relational, it's narcissistic. It is dominated by the yearnings of 'self-love,' by the wish to be the object of erotic admiration and sexual need." Therefore, a nymphets desire for attention may be more powerful than her sexual desires, which would, at least partially, explain why so many nymphets produce raunchy cellphone pictures and webcam videos, which boys and men desperately crave. For example, Cohen shared how 15-year-old Johanna gets "...a rush from the power..." that comes from the attention she gets on the Internet." 

Thus, it's a feedback loop i.e., Girls crave attention. Girls use sex to get attention. Boys crave sex. Boys give girls the attention they crave - temporarily. And a boy can only imagine how a girl feels when she gets both attention and sex - two things that she enjoys tremendously. 

I related the preceding information, because I can verify Cohen's information based on my own research; however, the following claims made by Cohen are erroneous. She claimed that "...girls who chose men so far out of their age range also tend toward low self-esteem and depression. Many of these girls are looking to replace their abusive or difficult families with new ones." But in the prior 48 pages of the book she surmised that most girls suffer from a low self-esteem - not just the teleiophiles. 

In addition, she wrote "...girls I interviewed told me they felt that teenage boys were immature and that they like how the older men treated them..." But in the next paragraph she wrote "...men who choose teenage girls tend to be immature and insecure, with egos matching those of teenage boys. Many have criminal histories..." I hope that the contradiction is apparent. And to make the claim that "many" ephebophiles are criminals is preposterous

Lastly, Cohen warns that raunchy teen behavior can lead to raunchy adult behavior if the addiction to attention isn't held under control after marriage. She wrote "When their emptiness, their sense of being worthless, isn't healed through the relationship, they head back out there, certain it means they just didn't find the right one yet."

Sunday, May 18, 2014

LOVE LETTERS OF A PORTUGUESE NUN (1977): A German Teen's Virginity is Sacrificed

In Jess Franco's Love Letters of a Portuguese Nun (1977) [German: Die Liebesbriefe einer portugesischen Nonne], after Father Vicente, a middle-aged priest and The Confessor of Sins, catches 15-year-old Maria (Susan Hemingway) committing "[...] wicked and shameful behavior."  in the woods with a 17-year-old boy, the priest convinces Maria's mother to send the nymphet to the convent. Father Vicente warns that Maria, "[...] will surely be condemned to hell if she continues to run loose."

Upon arriving at the convent, Maria is fingered given a vaginal exam to verify her virginity by Mother Alma, the Grand Priestess, while Father Vicente pleasingly watches. Mother Alma demanded, "Spread your legs apart. More! Wider!" 

After the nymphet passed her vaginal exam, she was sent to the confessional. Father Vicente inquired, "Did you ever experience pleasure?" Maria answered by describing how she performed oral sex on her older cousin in a dream. Father Vicente audibly masturbated until orgasm during Maria's confession.

Maria is then shown to her room and is soon visited by the two youngest nuns in the convent. One of the young nuns welcomes Maria with a "sisterly kiss" on the lips before the nuns invite Marie to play a lipstick lesbian "game". But their game is interrupted by the Grand Priestess who, on the orders of Father Vicente, proceeds to sensually undress Maria and wrap her nude body in thorns. The Grand Priestess informs Maria that she must endure the pain of the thorns to achieve salvation.

When a letter that Maria sends to her mother explaining the hypocrisy of Father Vicente is intercepted, Maria is placed in a "cell of isolation" to repent; however, Father Vicente informs Maria that if she really wants to repent she must make, "A holy sacrifice," by sacrificing her virginity to satan (Herbert Fux)

But before Marie has the honor of sacrificing her virginity, she must prove herself worthy of the "honor" by performing a task or "penance", which is to perform oral sex on Father Vicente! Subsequently, Maria's 15-year-old virginity is taken by the devil in the midst of the nuns masturbating and having lesbian sex. 

In the end, Maria refuses to believe that it was all a dream and does everything that she can to escape the convent, expose Father Vicente and Mother Alma, and avoid being burned at the stake.

Interestingly, Susan Hemingway was 14-years-old when Love Letters of a Portuguese Nun (1977) was filmed in Germany where the age-of-consent is, you guessed it, 14.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

LES LIAISONS DANGEREUSES: Sexual Seduction of 15-Year-Old French Teen

I wrote in The Allure of Nymphets that the opening credits for Cruel Intentions (1999) revealed that the movie was “suggested” by the novel Les Liaisons Dangereuses by Choderlos De Laclos. 

Here's the abbreviated Wikipedia plot summary of Les Liaisons dangereuses:
The Vicomte de Valmont is determined to seduce the virtuous, married ... Madame de Tourvel. At the same time, the Marquise de Merteuil is determined to corrupt the young [15-year-old] Cécile de Volanges, whose mother has only recently brought her out of a convent to be married — to Merteuil's previous lover [36-year-old M. le Comte de Gercourt], who has rudely discarded her. [However] Cécile falls in love with the Chevalier Danceny (her young music tutor), and Merteuil and Valmont pretend to help the secret lovers in order to gain their trust and use them later in their own schemes.
We already know why Valmont seduced Cécile, who is described in the novel as "really pretty, she is only fifteen; a rosebud...[an] innocent convent-girl..." but let's take a look at how he seduced the nymphet. 

1. Self-Confidence 

Valmont possesses a high level of self-confidence, and he clearly practices Assumed Attraction i.e., he has no doubt in his mind that Cécile will be attracted to him and that he could seduce the maiden. Valmont boasts that Cécile, "[...] would be handed over to me defenseless, who could not fail to be intoxicated by a first attention [...] whom curiosity would probably lead more rapidly than love."

What Kerry Cohen wrote in Dirty Little Secrets: Breaking the Silence on Teenage Girls and Promiscuity supports Valmont's stance that females become intoxicated by male attention. She wrote "What they crave is attention, that moment when a boy looks at them and they can believe that they are worth something to someone. They can believe that they matter."

2. Presence\Focus Charisma

In addition, Valmont is focused, which is an essential part of charisma according to the book The Charisma Myth by Olivia Fox Cabane. Madame de Volanges wrote that Valmont "[...] has never from his earliest youth taken one step or said one word without a purpose [...]" And the author of the ebook The October Man Sequence advises that pickup artists should maintain that level of moment-to-moment focus.

3. Self-Efficacy

Geoff Colvin relates in Talent is Overrated: What Really Separates World-Class Performers from Everybody Else that for one to be a world-class performer he or she should possess self-efficacy, which is a tool that can be used to help one succeed in specific situations. One aspect of self-efficacy is using Performance Outcomes (i.e., past experiences) to increase one's self-confidence. 

In an attempt to humble Valmont, Marquise de Merteuil wrote, "You [Valmont] have seduced, ruined even, a number of women [...] Where is there in that any merit which is really yours? A handsome face, the result of mere chance; grace, which is almost always given by experience [...] quite praiseworthy impudence (i.e., extreme self-confidence), but probably due solely to the facility of your first successes [...]"

Thus, Valmont's attractive grace and impudence can be attributed to his previous Performance Outcomes.

4. Attention via Eye-Contact

Michael Ellsberg wrote in the book The Power of Eye Contact that eye contact "[...] doesn't create attraction. What it does do [...] is reveal attraction and makes both parties unmistakably aware of it."

Consequently, Valmont used eye contact to reveal is attraction to Cécile. He made use of "tender and pressing" glances, which caused the nymphet to "lower her large, modest eyes." After looking at her "angelic face" his eyes wandered "[...] over all her person" He said, "[...] I amused myself by guessing at the curves and forms through a light but always troublesome garment. After I had descended from the head to her feet, I returned from the feet to her head. My fair friend, that soft gaze was fixed upon me [...] Then there was established between us [...] the first treaty of love [...]"

5. Gorilla Seduction

Valmont requested that Cécile remove the key to her bedroom door from her mother's mantle, so that he could procure a copy under the guise of making it easier for him to relay letters to Cécile from Danceny. But what Valmont really had in mind were "nocturnal rendezvous".

After making a copy of the key and making sure "everything was quiet in the chateau", armed with a dark lantern, Valmont made his way into Cécile's bedroom. Cécile, whom Valmont describes as having a, "[...[ little person's pretty look", a "fresh mouth", and a "childish air" was asleep, but he was able to wake her without causing a stir in the chateau.

Valmont wrote, "[...] I promised everything for a kiss [...] After much bargaining, we agreed on a second [...] Then I guided the timid arms around my body, I held her more amorously in one of mine, and the soft kiss was indeed received [...] I have begun to like slow methods, I tell you. Once certain of arriving, why hurry on the journey so fast?"

But Valmont didn't wait long before moving on to the next phase of seduction. He wrote that Cécile, "yielded at first and ended up by consenting [...] we did not separate until we were satisfied with each other and had both agreed [...]" on the next rendezvous.

It's worth sharing that Valmont didn't get back to room until dawn and "[...] was worn out with fatigue [...]" but went to breakfast, because he had a "[...] passion for observing behaviors the morning after." And Valmont observed that the nymphet he seduced had, "[...] embarrassment in her countenance! Difficulty in walking! Eyes continually lowered, and so large and so tired!"

If you read the novel, it may appear that Valmont raped Cécile, but the maiden admitted she didn't thwart Valmont's advances as aggressively as she could have. She wrote, "[...] I am afraid I did not defend myself as much as I could have [...] there were moments when I was if I loved him [...] and I was weak enough to consent that he should come again this evening [...]"

After subsequent late night visits from Valmont, Cécile wrote, "[...] I must admit there is great pleasure in it; so I am scarcely at all unhappy [...] And also M. de Valmont is very charming!"

But Valmont didn't stop there. You used another seduction technique on the nymphet. One that he wrote, "[...] is not always necessary for seducing a girl, it is indispensable and often the most efficacious way, when you wish to deprave her [...]" And what seduction technique did he use? He falsely related "scandalous adventures" about Cécile's mother, for "[...] she who does not respect her mother will not respect herself [...]" 

And before long, Valmont had seduced the nymphet to meet in his room. He wrote, "I have received her there twice; and in this short space the scholar has become almost as learned as the master. Yes, truly, I have taught her everything, including the complaisances!"

Dangerous Liaisons (1988)

After the scandalous novel, which the author stated was based on personal observations of French nobles, was published in 1782, it was enjoyed by the likes of Queen Marie Antoinette. And despite the fact that Les Liaisons Dangereuses involves a middle-aged man seducing, "ruining", and taking the virginity of a 15-year-old girl, it has been adapted into a number of plays, films, television shows, ballets, radio shows and operas. 

Dangerous Liaisons (1988)

For example, Dangerous Liaisons (1988) starred Uma Thurman as Cécile and John Malkovich as Vicomte de Valmont. In the film, a nude slash topless 17-year-old Uma Thurman had a sex scene with 35-year-old John Malkovich. And 15-year-old Cécile [Thurman] was informed that she had been arranged to marry a 36-year-old man. To which she exclaimed, "36! He's an old man!"

Unsurprisingly, Dangerous Liaisons (1988) was nominated for seven Academy Awards including Best Picture. The film won the award for Best Adapted Screenplay.