Saturday, August 16, 2014

AMERICAN MINOR (2009): Teen Boredom Leads to Masturbation

L.A. based artist, University of California fine arts instructor, and writer Charlie White's muse is the American teen. For example, White's short film, American Minor, depicts the day in the life of a 14-year-old American nymphet. Here's the film's description posted on Vimeo:
American Minor is a meditation on the popular image of the American teen girl. Through carefully created, lingering scenes, the film focuses on the external environment and internal state of a fourteen-year-old, upper-middle-class blonde girl whose world is defined through products, objects, and perpetual consumption. The film observes a single, protracted morning in the life of a picture-perfect American youth lost in the dehumanizing space that wealth, isolation, and fear can provide. By watching this American teen perform basic acts, from eating cereal, to watching television, to combing her hair, the film aims to reveal the complicated relationship between personal pleasure and politics, youth and sexuality, and class and suppression. [Emphasis added]
The film's description doesn't spoil that the references to "personal pleasure and politics, youth and sexuality" are referring to the film's depiction of the teen masturbating in the shower - in what appears to be to orgasm. 

American Minor (2009): [Edited] Trailer 

A NSFW search on TikTok and Google will confirm White's meditation of the American teen girl, and her sophisticated affair with pleasure, youth and sexuality. 

Unsurprisingly, taking into account the allure of a (wealthy American blonde) nymphet, the short film premiered in Nine Lives at the Hammer Museum (2009). and it was featured at the Sundance Film Festival (2009) and Director’s Fortnight in Cannes (2009). 

One can view American Minor here.

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