Saturday, April 15, 2017

Teens Teleiophiles Are Not Welcome in NYC Sexual Health Clinics?

I saw this advertisement on an Uptown train and was initially shocked by the homoerotic questions. "Top? Bottom? Versatile?"  

Subsequently, I was shocked by "NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE OR WHAT YOU'RE INTO [...] Anyone 12 years and older can walk in [...]" 12 years and older?

Wait, so no matter what type of sex a nymphet is into, she's welcome at NYC Sexual Health Clinics?
"We need to have people not to have any concerns about taking the step of walking into a clinic like this," [Health commissioner Mary] Bassett said. "We want everyone to be able to have a healthy and fulfilling sexual life, one that does not carry the burden of disease or fear." (Italics mine)
But, the health commissioner isn't including everyone in the $1 million bus kiosk and subway car ad campaign, because clearly teleiophiles aren't welcome. 

A nymphet could be like Shameless' Karen, a high school sophomore, who confessed at a Purity Ball that at the age of 13 she started having oral sex with three or four boys. And she shared that she began to indulge in orgies and lesbian strap-on dildo sex by the 8th grade.

However, if the nymphet got a STD from an (acting) ephebophile - even if the nymphet initiated the sex and they were married with her parent's consent, the ephebophile would be on the front page of the Post along with the nymphet's parents for giving consent. 
Bassett said, "We need to connect with the fact that people engage in sex because it's part of being human and fun."
But who determines what type of sex is "human"? A 12-year-old "bottom" is "human", but a teleiophile and her husband are inhuman? Are Elvis and Priscilla considered inhuman by the NYC Sexual Health department? And what would have happened to Elizabeth Taylor if she would have walked into a NYC clinic?

One can view all the ads here.