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THE PARIS REVIEW's Best of 2016: A Teen Prostitution Post

The Paris Review is on vacation until after the holidays, but they posted "[...] we’re reposting some of our favorite pieces from 2016. Enjoy your holiday!" And what is one of their favorite pieces? It is Max Nelson's May 5, 2016 post "Overdrafts of Pleasure" that is about John Cleland’s "[...] two-volume novel called Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure, or Fanny Hill, published when he was in debtor’s prison between 1748 and 1749 [...]" 

In the novel, Fanny entered the brothel when she was fifteen, which preceded her "sexual initiation" that involved lipstick lesbian sex with a seasoned prostitute. Fanny's first customer was a "[...] debauched elderly caller “with a yellow cadaverous hue”."

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

SECRET LOLITA: Italian (Pre)Teen Prostitutes Inspire Nabokov's LOLITA?

Alex Beam wrote in The Feud: Vladimir Nabokov, Edmund Wilson, and the End of a Beautiful Friendship that in June of 1948, Wilson sent Nabokov a copy of "Confession Sexuelle d'un Russe du Sud" that was deemed by psychologist Havelock Ellis to be an authentic memoir of the "sexual  odyssey" of a wealthy Ukrainian engineer. 

"Confession Sexuelle d'un Russe du Sud" was translated into Secret Lolita: The Confessions of Victor X by Donald Rayfield - an emeritus professor of Russian and Georgian at Queen Mary University of London. Here's a conservative excerpt that describes two of the Italian pre-teen prostitutes:
"I was sent with some colleagues to Naples by my firm’s management [...] If you buy something in a shop, the shopkeeper, who may look quite respectable, will offer to show you a little girl of twelve, ten or eight. Pimps accost strangers in the street offering them little girls [...] Families who are not badly off and who have some standing, petty shopkeepers, clerks, tailors, cobblers also traffic in their prepubescent girls. For the reasonable price of twenty, thirty, forty francs you are just allowed to have fun or to play with them.
If you want to deflower one, that costs more [...] 

The two little girls were both as expert as each other [...] They were very sensual but, oddly enough, the younger one was even more so than her sister. [S]he had violent orgasms when she looked like someone in death-throes, and secreted copiously. She adored obscene talk, photographs and reading, and used her erotic talents enthusiastically. When I came to the house, her face beamed with joy. I remember the deeply heartbroken, unhappy look she had one day when, to save money, I said I would made do with just the older girl. When afterwards I came out of the bedroom after that session, I saw the younger girl sitting on a chair by the door listening, her face sallow with vexation, trembling all over with frustration. She was overjoyed the next time when it was her turn to be asked for. She started dancing."
What we know is that Wilson and Nabokov, to Vera's dismay, exchanged erotic literature. At least some of the bawdy texts were non-fiction and profiled nymphets. Nabokov was so fond of this particular text that he wrote about it in the English and Russian versions of his autobiography. 

For example, In Speak, Memory he wrote that the "'sexual confessions' (to be found in Havelock Ellis and elsewhere), [...] involve tiny tots mating like mad."  And we know that "Confession Sexuelle d'un Russe du Sud", according to Wilson, "no doubt inspired Lolita". 

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Hailee Steinfeld: A Teen's Joy of Masturbation

18-year-old Hailee Steinfeld's debut single "Love Myself" (2015) is about teen masturbation. In the song, Hailee sings about keeping the tempo right, nice and slow, anytime - day or night. Here are some lyrics:

"Love Myself"

When I get chills at night
I feel it deep inside without you, yeah
Know how to satisfy
Keeping that tempo right without you, yeah

Pictures in my mind on replay
I'm gonna touch the pain away
I know how to scream my own name
Scream my name

(I love me)
Gonna love myself, no, I don't need anybody else
Gonna love myself, no, I don't need anybody else
(I love me)
Can't help myself, no, I don't need anybody else
Anytime, day or night
(I love me)
Gonna love myself, no, I don't need anybody else
Gonna love myself, no, I don't need anybody else
(I love me)
Can't help myself, no, I don't need anybody else
Anytime that I like
(I love me)

I'll take it nice and slow
Feeling good on my own without you, yeah
Got me speaking in tongues
The beautiful, it comes without you, yeah

I'm gonna put my body first
And love me so hard 'til it hurts
I know how to scream out the words
Scream the words

Unlike middle-aged feminists, we at the Allure of Nymphets admit that nymphets have sexual fantasies and masturbate, but, in an effort to get some streams via the allure of a nymphet, it's still a bit shocking to see a teen gyrating in downtown Los Angeles while singing about her joy of masturbating. 

Subsequently, Steinfeld starred in The Edge of Seventeen (2016). Here's a bit of Wikipedia's plot summary:
[17-year-old] Nadine (Hailee Steinfeld) continues to crush on Nick (Alexander Calvert), an older mysterious guy who she has only met once at a local pet store. She is constantly stalking his social media account and is only interested in his outside appearances.
In the heat of the moment, she writes a sexually explicit text to Nick, but decides against sending it. She accidentally hits "send" and is mortified.
Nadine (Steinfeld) | The Edge of Seventeen

In one scene, during lunch in the high school's cafeteria, Nadine asked her best friend, "What if I liked your dad? What if I gave your dad a hand job?"

Emily Dickinson (Steinfeld) | Dickinson

And most recently, Steinfeld played Emily Dickinson in Dickinson on Apple TV+. In season one, to be become the world's greatest poet wasn't the only thing Emily wanted. In addition, Emily wanted to maintain a teen lipstick lesbian affair with her brother's fiancé and an age-gap affair with Benjamin Newton - her father's law clerk. And Emily enjoyed opium, which led to a house party with twerking nymphets

Schnitzler's DREAM STORY: A Teen's Invitation to a Three (3)-Way

Schnitzler's Dream Story was the inspiration for Eyes Wide Shut (1999). The scenes that are the most relevant for this blog are very similar in the novella and Kubrick's film. 

In the film, Dr. Harford (Tom Cruise) visits the Rainbow costume boutique to purchase a cloak and mask to attend a masquerade (i.e., orgy). While perusing the racks, Milich, the owner, discovers that his young daughter is having a three-way with two middle-aged Asian men. When Milich violently confronts the Asian men, "Couldn't you see she's a child?" They inform Milich that his young daughter invited them to the orgy: 
"Are you crazy? We were invited here by the young lady." 
"This is preposterous. The young lady invited us here?" 
However, Milich eventually consents to the three-way between his "child" and the two Asian men.

In the novella, a "graceful little girl" who was further described as a "young and charming girl, still almost a child, wearing a Pierrette costume" was discovered frolicking with "[t]wo men, dressed in the red robes of vehmic judges" as "a fragrance of roses and powder arose from her delicate breasts". "There was a smile of impish desire in her eyes."
"Gentlemen," cried Gibiser [the nymphet's father], "you will stay here while I call the police." 
"What's got into you?" they exclaimed, and continued as if with one voice: "We were invited by the young lady." 
A subtle difference between the novella and film is that only one of the men exited the nymphet's room the next day "with an open top-coat over his evening clothes [...] waved his hand to Gibiser, lighted a cigarette with a match from the desk, and left the apartment."

There was another scene in the novella that featured "quite a young girl, possibly fifteen years old, with loose blond hair hanging over her shoulders and on one side over her delicate breast." Fridolin, the novella's protagonist, said: 
"Her eyes welcomed me, beckoned to me, and at the same time slightly mocked me, as she glanced at the strip of water between us. Then she stretched her young and slender body, glad of her beauty, and proudly and sweetly stirred by my obvious admiration."
And Fridolin indulged in the services of a prostitute who was described as a "young and pretty little thing".

Thursday, November 24, 2016

SHADOW OF A DOUBT?: A "Sexed-Up" Nymphet [Teen] Falsely Accuses Teacher

Harrison Judd’s Shadow of a Doubt? is about Neil Morrison, a LA based respected banker, who was charged with the rape and murder of a 10-year-old girl. The nymphet was described as a “[…] pretty little thing, with light brown hair, still babyish in texture.” The key witness in the trail was Hal Griffith, a high school chemistry teacher. 

Chapter one of the paperback opens with 55-year-old Mr. Griffith being seduced by “[...] that sexed-up little sixteen-year-old kid named Vivian Hamby”. However, after Mr. Griffith rebuffed Vivian’s advances she “pouted”, “I don’t think you approve of me, Mr. Griffith.” Mr. Griffith replied:
“You’re an attractive little girl with an idea [that] it be intriguing to get an older man to make a pass at you. You’re obviously not small in measurement […] Now get out of here before I write ‘flunk’ after your name and notify your parents of your asinine behavior.”
However, Mr. Griffith couldn’t get Vivian out of his mind. “He did wish he could stop thinking of that [“uplifted breasts”] jiggling bit of fluff named Vivian. Why did there always have to be one like her every semester?” But, “[..] [c]ertainly, he thought, there was no mortal sin in thinking about the girl.”

Morrison used his power and influence to get Vivian to testify that Mr. Griffith looked at her like no other man had looked at her and that he had touched her breast and thigh. But Vivian confessed that she falsely accused her chemistry teacher after the defense proved that she also lied on the stand about being a virgin.  (Six high students whom Vivian had had sex with were seated in the courtroom.)

And I could not have related the following quote from the paperback any better:
"Teaching is the most vulnerable profession in the world for criticism of morals. They don’t even have to be remotely true before a teacher’s life can be a genuine hell.”
The French film noir Le témoin (1978) is based on Judd’s Shadow of a Doubt?.

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ROOKIE | YEARBOOK THREE: Advice for Teens Caught Masturbating

There is an article titled "How to Deal When You’re Caught Masturbating: Six decent excuses to have at the ready" in Yearbook Three of Tavi Gevinson's Rookie - an online magazine and book series for teenagers. 

We've previously written about Gevinson's Rookie. For example, her edited "Advice for Teens Attracted to Older Men" and “Do It Itself: What We Talk About When We Talk About Masturbation” were filled with advice for nymphets. 

Here are the excuses that Rookie advises nymphets to use if they are caught masturbating by their mothers: 
Pretend that you were scratching a bug bite, that you were having a weird dream, that you were wondering what it would feel like to be electrocuted, that you were practicing "jazz hands", that you were having a "muscle spasm", or a nymphet could just "own it" and give no excuse at all. 

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Brooke Shields & LIFE: Elevated and\or Sexualized Teen ?

Lisanne Falk and Brooke Shields, 1978 
(Vanity Fair, December 2016)

Brooke Shields wrote in the December 2016 issue of Vanity Fair the as a teen model she controversially projected womanly poses
“My friend Lisanne Falk and I—both 13 years old and Ford models at the time—were close friends with Betsy Cameron, another model, who happened to be an aspiring photographer and who was like a big sister to us. One day, Betsy asked us to visit her home in Southport, Connecticut, and take a series of fun photos for a possible book about friendship. We got to play dress-up in vintage costumes and crimp our hair and wear makeup, and we were thrilled to create fantasy worlds for Betsy to photograph. This particular picture was the last of the day. We wore red lipstick and felt so grown up. The book never came to pass, but this photo was chosen to run in the first issue of Life magazine when it was revived as a monthly, in 1978. I couldn’t believe I was in Life! This image elevated us into a different category: we were no longer just catalogue models but had transitioned into a more credible and artistic realm. It was also controversial at the time for girls to project womanly poses, but that’s what girls did when dressing up. And, looking back, this is the photo that sort of put us on the map.”
Brooke's piece is a bit misleading. For example, she had already been "elevated" from being considered "just [a] catalogue" model when she appeared nude at the age of 12 and had her virginity sold for $400 in her role as a nymphet prostitute in Pretty Baby (1978). 

And when Brooke was 10, she posed nude for Gary Gross. Playboy Press paid Brook’s mother $450 for the photograph that appeared in 1983 at Richard Prince's “semi-anonymous gallery” on the Lower East Side of Manhattan and in his 2007 Spiritual America exhibit at the prestigious Guggenheim Museum. 

Clearly, this isn't "the photo that changed" her life or put Brooke "on the map"; however, the people at Life knew exactly what they were doing when they put two nymphets posing seductively in bikinis in the 1978 re-launch issue of the magazine.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

A Nymphet Drops Her Rape Claim Against Trump

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Le témoin (1978): Sexually Active French Nymphets [Teens] Models

Here's Morrison's IMDB plot summary of Le témoin (1978) [English: The Witness, Italian: Il testimone]:
Invited to renovate works of art, Antonio Berti leaves Italy for France. Arriving in France, Berti meets businessman Robert Maurisson [...] Deciding that "remaking" the paintings is the best option, the guys get a young girl called Cathy Massys to model [...] Showing herself to be sexually active well beyond her years, Massys starts having sex with Maurisson. Attempting to keep Maurisson's events quiet, Berti runs into trouble, when Massys is found dead.
As it relates to Cathy (Sandra Dobrigna) being "sexually active well beyond her years", the following dialogue took place between Antonio and Nathalie (Sophie Lautman), a nymphet model whom desired to replace Cathy:
Antonio: She hasn't gone home?! Where has she gone?
Nathalie: Well, she must have found herself a new lover. She once told me: "If I want this old pig, I'll drive him nuts!"
Antonio: Goodness! Listen to these little girls! How can they sing like angels, when they are devils?!

In addition, Morrison wrote: 
Openly showing the [young] girls topless, Mocky & cinematographer Sergio D'Offizi give the movie an unexpected cheeky comedic charm [...]
I was unable to find Sandra Dobrigna or Sophie Lautman's ages, but they appear to be true nymphets, which made their topless scenes "unexpected" to say the least. 

Lastly, Antonio's proclamation that the nymphets weren't' innocent "angles" but  "devils" is revealing especially when coupled with his statement, "And then they say it's us that [seduce nymphets]," which was said after Nathalie showed Antonio' her fountains; so, Antonio could see that, unlike Cathy, she didn't have "small breast, like nuts". 

And if anyone has any doubts about Antonio's assessment of nymphets, peruse Nancy Friday's My Secret Garden: Women’s Sexual Fantasies  and\or read Betsy Karasik's op-ed piece in The Washington Post. 

Le témoin (1978) is based on Harrison Judd's novel Shadow of a Doubt?

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BORED TO DEATH (2009): Saint Ann's High School Student Strips for Writer

Here's an excerpt from the first edition of The Allure of Nymphets:
The portrayal of sexually assertive teenagers is not restricted to networks like The CW and ABC Family, which primarily cater to women and teenagers. For example, on the adult HBO show Bored to Death, Jonathan Ames (Jason Schwartzman), who moonlighted as a private detective while he worked on his second novel, was approached by a young woman at a New York Movie Society party. She initially ignored Jonathan advances, but she became very interested in Jonathan after she saw him talking to her, “[...] favorite director of all-time!”
Once she found out that Jonathan was going to revise a screenplay for her favorite director, the next shot showed her kissing Jonathan passionately on the balcony of the venue.
Eventually, she invited Jonathan back to her place, which turned out to be her father’s brownstone in Brooklyn. (Jonathan agreed to go back to “her place” after he confirmed that she was a senior at New York University and that she was in her early twenties.) She reassured Jonathan that, in her opinion, their age difference would not be a problem because, as she stated, “Thirty is cool. [But] I’ve been with guys older than you.”
When they got out of the cab at the brownstone, she noticed that her father had returned early from his trip; so, they made a detour to her father’s home office in the basement where the following dialogue took place:
“Do you want to go to my prom with me?” She asked Jonathan in between kisses.
“NYU has proms?” Jonathan asked.
“Oh shit. I’m drunk. I should be honest with you. I don’t go to NYU.” She confessed.
“Where do you go? Hunter?”Jonathan asked.
“St. Anns.”
“The high school? How old are you?”
“Old enough.”
“Wait! Whoa, whoa. You want me to go to your senior prom, right? And you’re eighteen?”
“No junior prom.”
“You’re seventeen!”
“16-years-old?!” Jonathan exclaimed in disbelief.
“But I’ll be seventeen in two weeks.” She said innocently.
The private high school student attempted to console Jonathan by telling him that she had lost her virginity when she was 15 and that, despite being 16, she probably knew more about sex than he did. After Jonathan informed her that he felt really guilty about being with a girl so young and that he wanted to leave, she told him that she felt compelled to give him a memento. 

Then she stood on top of her father’s office table, lifted her black mini dress, and revealed a pair of pink panties and a matching bra. As the sixteen-year-old was about to remove her panties, her father entered his office and forced Jason to escape through the bathroom window - mistakenly leaving his script behind.
Here is the part of the episode that left me utterly bewildered: When Jonathan went to his best friend Ray (Zach Galifianakis) for advice on how to get the script back, Ray advised Jonathan to simply call the dad and ask for the script, which was reasonable advice, but Jason reminded Ray, “She’s only 16-years-old.” 
Now read Ray’s sensationally out of left field question!

"You didn’t sodomize her did you?”
“No.” Jonathan responded.
“That’s too bad.” Ray said despondently.
Ray was actually disappointed that Jonathan didn't have anal sex with the, by New York standards, underage high school student. I was actually surprised that the FCC allowed a television show to air, even on cable, a dialogue that condoned the idea of a 16-year-old being sodomized by a 30-year-old or by anyone for that matter.
And IRL, after her father had Jonathan arrested, the NYPD would not have been sympathetic to the fact that the nymphet had lied about her age. Jonathan would have been slapped with handcuffs, and the nymphet would not have received a even proverbial slap on the wrist. 

Japanese Schoolgirl Drool For Money

Roland Shichijo reported for the Tokyo Reporter that "Hyogo cops nab [33-year-old] man for paying [third-grade middle] school girl to drool into his mouth" (OCTOBER 5, 2016). 

HYOGO (TR) – Hyogo Prefectural Police arrested a man in Kobe for allegedly paying a girl in third-grade middle school 2,000 yen to drool into his mouth, an act specifically banned by prefectural law, news site J-Cast reported on Tuesday (October 4).

The suspect, a 33-year-old bus driver, was arrested on Monday by officers from the Shikama Police Station on suspicion of inviting the young girl he met through a smartphone app to come to his bus company’s break area and drool into his mouth before paying her 2,000 yen on February 23, the Hyogo Prefectural Police told J-Cast.

The suspect has admitted to the charges, telling police he was “interested in saliva.”

The girl confessed to a police officer after they questioned her alarming online exchanges while they were monitoring the web for child prostitution 

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[UPDATE] NOCE BLANCHE (1989): A French Nymphet Seduces Her Philosophy Teacher

One notable difference between nympholepsy themed films made in France and films made in the United States is that French films typically show nymphets in the nude. One notable American exception is Pretty Baby (1978) where, after having her virginity auctioned off, Violet (ten-year-old Brooke Shields) was shown bathing in the nude after having her virginity taken by a middle-aged john. 

Noce Blanche (1989), which was written and directed by the famous and infamous Jean-Claude Brisseau, is no exception. Mathilde (Vanessa Paradis), a seventeen-year-old nymphet, was nude within minutes and repeatedly throughout the film.

In the French film, after Mr. Hainauta, the high school philosophy teacher, told his wife what an "amazing" student Mathilde was, she asked: 

"Are you in love with her?" 
"You're so silly." he replied. 
"Promise me it won't happen." she pleaded. 
"No need to promise. I've never fancied young girls." 

But that only lasted until the next scene. Mr. Hainauta suddenly "fancied young girls" after Mathilde seductively touched his hand during class while he helped her edit an essay . 

And that is often how legal and illegal age-discrepant relationships begin. Middle-aged men are typically clueless about their ability to attract nymphets; therefore, the nymphets are often the initiators of age-gap relationship. Consequently, it is often up to the man to reject a nymphet's advances if she is not of legal age, but that appears to rarely happen due to the allure of nymphets. 

Consequently, after their affair was in full swing, Mathilde asked her teacher to leave his wife, but he refused:

"Because of school?" Mathide asked. 
"You're 17." the teacher replied.
"So what?" 
"In ten years I'll be an old man."
"Whether you're old ... it won't change anything." 

Interestingly, Vanessa Paradis won the César Award for Most Promising Actress for her role in Noce Blanche

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Famous Ephebophile Anthony Weiner: Another Ephebophile Entrapped by a Nymphet

Weiner & The Nymphet

The Daily Mail reported that 51-year-old Anthony Weiner had an online affair with a 15-year-old high school sophomore. It's important to note that the nymphet initiated the affair, confessed that it was consensual, and shared that she was obsessed with Weiner.

Excerpts from The Daily Mail piece:
Although the girl said she did not want to press charges because she believes her relationship with Weiner was consensual

The girl first reached out to Weiner on the evening of January 23, 2016, when she noticed his Twitter page allowed non-followers to contact him through direct private messages. 

She told she was interested in politics and had heard about his sexting scandals, and was curious to see what he was like.   
It was clear from the messages that she was encouraging Weiner to engage with her in a sexual manner. She told she didn't consider Weiner her boyfriend, but thought the relationship was a 'romantic' one.

She acknowledged during interviews that she had developed an obsession with Weiner, and sought him out on Twitter in January while trying to write a book about him. She said she continued to write the book as their relationship developed.
Once again, an ephebophile, Weiner, wasn't able to resist the allure of a nymphet, and the nymphet is being hailed as the innocent victim when they both should be scolded. 

Update 10/01/17: Weiner was sentenced to 21 months in a federal prison, and he will have to register as a sex offender, but the nymphet wasn't charged with a crime.

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Triple X Books:[Teen] Porn for the Literate

Triple X Books provides porn for the literate - "Every genre, every fetish! You name it, we've got a book on it! Thousands of titles. Pure reading enjoyment awaits!"

Here's the site's Bestseller list:

01. STAG-224 Pre-Teen Whore by Tim O. Forrest 
02. LB-1111 Dog-Raped Bride by Hank Borden 
03. PB-154 Her Three Dog Night by John Kellerman 
04. PB-209 Carla's Beast Rape by Paul Gable 
05. AB-1659 Little Daughter Orgy by Joe Foss 
06. PB-293 Daughter In The Kennels by Ted Leonard 
07. LB-1063 Schoolgirl Dog Lover by Bob Wallace 
08. PB-132 Beast Rape by Paul Gable 
09. LLP-0571 Abducted In Africa by Peggy Carter 
10. PB-213 Dog-Raped Virgin by John Kellerman 

The general theme on the site is (very) young sex, but books that feature bestiality and incest (i.e., child abuse) are prevalent. In addition, there are a plethora of teacher-student themed books. 

I would opine that the bestiality and incest are consequences of reading (and watching) too much pornography. Inevitably, what was once titillating (e.g., nymphet lipstick lesbians) may not be titillating anymore, which is one of the reasons why we at The Allure of Nymphets advise (acting) ephebophiles to, like Elvis, marry age-appropriate nymphets and avoid pornography. Trust us, if you possess a lovely 17-year-old jeune femme, you probably wouldn't spend much time reading Foss' Little Daughter Orgy.

Who authors these books? In 2014, we posted a review of Orgy Maid, and in the novella, 12-year-old Lonnie Garth is continuously raped, sometimes via double-penetration, by her brother-in-laws. And the nymphet's drunken father-in-law forces himself upon her as well. But Lonnie's rapes weren't anomalies. On page five it states:
In the hill country of Tennessee, where Lonnie Garth was born, they have a quaint little folk saying about virginity. “A virgin,” they say, “is a five-year-old girl who can outrun her daddy and her brothers.”
On page thirty-one Lonnie was told, "You been getting loved since you were six, I bet. Your brothers and your old man got there first."

Eventually, just like a number of women in The Secret Garden, Lonnie fantasized about being raped by her brother-in-law. For example, in the novella it states "[...] deep down, she had wanted to be raped by Gary Holston, she had wanted to be known by some man not her husband, somebody with Gary's elemental ferocity and force."

12-year-old Lonnie even began to relish lipstick lesbian sex after her brother-in-laws forced her to have sex with a "slim, sixteen-year-old redhead named Peg Marron" who had "[...] lavishly voluptuous buttocks of a Rubens nude".

Who authors these books? You may be shocked to learn that Orgy Maid was written by Robert Silverberg (pseud.Don Elliott) who is a Brooklyn born graduate of Columbia University with a B.A. in English Literature, and a multiple winner of the Hugo and Nebula Awards. 

Lastly, I don't want play Devil's Advocate, but there is some truth to the bestiality sold on Triple X Books. For example, a number of women shared in My Secret Garden that they had fantasies that involved the fetish. For example, "Nina '[...] discovered the delights of masturbation, at the age of seven [...]' She used to imagine that her girlfriend was rubbing between her legs or that her girlfriend's dog was licking her vagina."

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LE VOLEUR D'ENFANTS (1991): French Teen Orphan Sexually Seduces Military Colonel

Here's IMDb's storyline for Le Voleur D'enfants (1991):
In 1925 Paris, the Colonel kidnaps unhappy or abandoned boys, providing them and his wife with comfort and joy in his rich mansion. Then things become complicated when he adopts a girl.
In the French film, Colonel Philemon Bigua and his wife can't beget; so, they platonically open the doors of their opulent mansion to Parisian orphans. 

However, after Gabrielle (Virginie Ledoyen), a nymphet, enters the mansion, she seduces the Colonel, which shifts their relationship from platonic to romantic.

How did the nymphet seduce the Colonel? 
In a sheer white gown, Gabrielle blocked the Colonel's path 
In a sheer white gown, Gabrielle whispered into Colonel bedroom's
In a sheer white gown, Gabrielle entered the Colonel's room

Ultimately, the Colonel could no longer resist the allure of the French nymphet. 

Virginie Ledoyen, was 15-years-old when Le Voleur D'enfants was released; thus, she may have been 14 when her totally nude, but non-sexual, scenes were filmed.

Lastly, Le Voleur D'enfants is based on a novel by Jules Supervielle. Consequently, I'm not surprised that Nabokov, as Boyd wrote in Vladimir Nabokov: The Russian Years,: "[...] found the poet Jules Supervielle 'terribly nice and talented,' and they quickly became friends. He translated some of Supervielle's verse into Russian [...]" And Stanislav Shvabrin of the University of North Carolina may have found a link between Supervielle's Colonel Philemon Bigua and Nabokov's Humbert.

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LA SEDUZIONE (1973): A Sexual Sicilian Teen Seduces Mother's Lover

In La Seduzione (1973), after Giuseppe returns to Sicily from his successful job as a journalist in Paris, he attempts to revive his affair with widowed Caterina; however, Graziella, Caterina's 15-year-old daughter, seduces Giuseppe with dire consequences for the Italian love triangle. 

Graziella used a number of seduction techniques, which made it impossible for Giuseppe to resist the allure of the nymphet. 
Graziella sat seductively, in a short dress, upon the sofa before she placed her bare legs into Giuseppe's lap

Graziella "slept" in her bed, in the nude, with her door invitingly ajar. #invitationaccepted

And Graziella and her "girlfriend" put on a lipstick lesbian performance for Giuseppe's pleasure

It appears that La Seduzione was, in part, inspired by Nabokov's Lolita. For example, in a New York Times piece about Lolita, "50 Years on, 'Lolita' Still Has Power to Unnerve", Charles McGrath wrote that Robertson Davies opined that Lolita wasn't about: "[...] the corruption of an innocent child by a cunning adult, but the exploitation of a weak adult by a corrupt child."

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Sunday, September 4, 2016

LA CASA DE LAS PALOMAS (1972): A Spanish Teen's Sexual Affair with Mother's Lover

Here's a summary of what Lazarillo wrote on IMDB about La casa de las palomas (1972) [English: The House of the Doves]:
This is really a coming-of-age story about [Sandra] a young girl (Ornela Muti) who has a sexual affair with the spurned gigolo lover of her beautiful mother (Lucia Bose) [...]. [The] title "House of the Doves" [...]comes from a strange dove-invested hotel/brothel where the girl and her lover rendezvous.
Lucia Bose and Ornella Muti are both very appealing, especially given their respective overripe and underripe ages (Muti was kind of Italian Brooke Shields at this time but with talent [...]) This is not really an exploitative mother-daughter fantasy, however--it's arty [...]. 
This movie is simply non-exploitative in any way, which isn't a bad thing, especially when it's a movie about the sexual coming-of-age of a fifteen-year-old girl (and one who was played by an actress of about the same age).

I'll leave it at that, but I'll add that the opening scene implies that any of the Spanish schoolgirls would have been pleased to have taken Sandra's place and have had an affair with the (older) gigolo.