Thursday, November 28, 2013

HANNA (2011): Kissing Teen Lipstick Lesbians

The only thing an ephebophile likes more than a nymphet are two or more nymphets. And if they're lipstick lesbians, then that's icing on the cake. The scientific reason behind a man's attraction to nymphets has been discovered, but no one has been able to fully explain why men are attracted to lipstick lesbians.

However, with that said, I was still shocked to see a teen lipstick lesbian theme in Hanna (2011). In the movie, which is about Hanna (Saoirse Ronan), a 16-year-old trained assassin who is being mercilessly hunted by an intelligence agent, Sophie (Jessica Barden) made it clear that she didn't want to be just any lesbian, but a lipstick lesbian. 

She said, "I think I’d quit like to be a lesbian. But not one of those fat ones. One who’s like a super model." 

And in a subsequent scene, Hanna and Sophie shared a soft yet lingering lesbian kiss after Sophie gave Hanna a serenity bracelet.

It's not that I was shocked by the lesbian theme in Hanna (2011), but I was floored by how young the girls were. I wasn't shocked, because girl-on-girl kissing has almost become mainstream. For example, as I related in The Allure of Nymphets, Madonna kissed Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera at the 2003 MTV Music Awards, Sandra Bullock kissed Scarlett Johansen at the 2010 MTV Movie awards, Sandra Bullock kissed Meryl Streep at the 15th Critics' Choice Movie Awards, and former Disney star Vanessa Hudgens kissed former Nickelodeon star Alexa Nikola days before her album was released. And the list goes on.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Maiden Tribute of Modern Babylon: Teen Prostitutes in London

On this blog, I've written about teen prostitution in Japan, and in The Allure of Nymphets, I wrote about teen prostitution at the turn of the 20th century in the United States, but this will be my first full foray into teen prostitution in Europe.

"The Maiden Tribute of Modern Babylon" was a series of shocking Pall Mall Gazette articles written in 1885 by W.T. Stead about the proliferation of teen prostitution in Victorian England. Here are some highlights lowlights:

W.T. Stead estimated that London had approximately 50,000 prostitutes. Stead's concern wasn't prostitution itself, but the fact that many of the prostitutes were early teens, poor and were being taken advantage of by the rich. Furthermore, Stead opined that the issue was "an affair for the moralist, not for the legislator."  However, as a result of Stead's exposé, he was arrested and the Criminal Law Amendment Act of 1885 raised the age of consent from 13 to 16.

Stead witnessed the following crimes that were "constantly and systematically" committed in London by "the noblest and the meanest of mankind, the saviours and the destroyers of their race, [by] spending hours alternatively in brothels and hospitals, in the streets and in refuges...":
  1. The sale and purchase and violation of children
  2. The ("full operation") procuration (and "violation") of virgins ("mostly of tender age")
  3. The entrapping and ruin of women
  4. The international slave trade in girls
  5. Atrocities, brutalities, and unnatural crimes
Stead related that the above crimes were committed with "almost absolute impunity" and that the "arrangements for procuring, certifying, violating...and disposing" of the nymphets was efficiently simple. However, organized crime gangs didn't run underage prostitution rings. The nymphets were procured, just like in present day Japan, mostly by "the seduction of individuals or by the temptation which well-dressed vice (e.g. money, fashion, etc.) can offer the poor."

One of the reasons for the impunity was that the police were often well aware of the nymphet prostitution. For example, an experienced officer confided in Stead that "...a general article, I mean, not a mere prostitute tricked out as a virgin, but a girl who had never been seduced" could be obtained for £20 (Approximately, £1,859.36 today).

Typically, the unsuspecting nubile nymphets would be summoned by "keepers of brothels" or experienced nymphets to rooms where wealthy ephebophiles would be waiting to take their virginity. 

The officer correctly stated that that scenario will continue, " long as men have money, procuresses are skillful, and women are weak and inexperienced."

In part two of the exposé, Stead wrote that because the age of consent was 13, the unsuspecting teen prostitutes "... were almost always very young children between the ages of thirteen and fifteen" and were "fair game for dissolute men."

Stead elaborated on how the girls were seduced or went willingly into teen prostitution:

1. A girl would be told by a procuress or an experienced teen prostitute that if she met " ...a rich gentlemen she would get lots of money." 

2. Other nymphets would temp teens with "promises of dress and money". 

3. Young maidens would be promised marriage only to be "deserted" after their virginity was taken. 

4. Some teens became full-time prostitutes to escape "sheer poverty and absolute despair" 

5. Other teens became part-time prostitutes to supplement "scanty wages".

6. Advertisements were placed for housekeepers (i.e., brothel-keepers), which were often answered by unsuspecting young girls from country villages. 

Here are two examples from two early teen virgins, 15 and 13, respectively, whom were brought into prostitution by experienced teen prostitutes:

It was about two months since I was seduced. A friend of mine, Jane B––, met me one evening in the street near our house, and asked me if I would go for a walk with her. I said yes, and she proposed to come and have an ice at the very restaurant in which we are now sitting. "It is such a famous shop for ices," she said, "and perhaps we shall see my uncle." I did not know her uncle, nor did I think anything about it, but I walked down to Leicester-square to the restaurant. She asked me to come upstairs to a sitting-room, where we had some ices and some cake. After a time a gentleman came in, whom she said was her uncle; but I found out afterwards he was no more her uncle than I was. He asked us to have some wine and something to eat, and we sat eating and drinking. I had never tasted wine before, but he pressed it on me, and I took one glass and then another, until I think I had four glasses. My head got very queer, and I hardly knew what I did. Then my friend said, ."Annie, you must come upstairs now." "What for?" I said. "Never mind what for," she said ; "you will get lots of money." My head was queer; I did not care what I did, but I remember thinking that it was after no good this going upstairs. She insisted, however, and I went upstairs. The man she called her uncle followed us. She began to undress me. "What are you doing that for?" Isaid. "You shan't undress me. I don't want to be undressed here." I struggled, and then everything went dizzy. I remember nothing more till I woke and found that I had been undressed and put in bed. The man was in bed with me. I screamed, and begged him to go away. He paid no heed to me, and began to hurt me dreadfully. "Keep quiet, you silly girl," said ––––, who stood by the bed; "you will get lots of money." Oh, I was frightened, and the man hurt me so much! But I could do nothing. When it was all over the man gave her £4 (£372 today). She gave me half and kept the other half for herself, as her pay for getting me seduced. I do not know who the man was, and I have never seen him since.

One night a girl I knew came and spoke to me. "Will you come and see a gentleman?" she said. "Me see a gentleman–what do you mean?" said I. "Oh, I forgot," she says; "will you come and take a walk?" I had no objection, so we went for a walk. After a while, she proposed we should go into a house in P–– street and get something to eat. We went in, and after we had been there a little time in came a gentleman. He sat down and talked a bit, and then my friend says, "Take off your things, Lizzie." "No, I won't," I said. "Why should I take off my things?" "Don't be a fool," says she, "and do as I tell you, you will get lots of money;" and she began to undress me. I objected, but she was older than I, and stronger, and the man took her side. "Now," she said after she had undressed me, "get into bed with you." "What for?" says I, "for I had no idea what she meant." "Do as I tell you, you little fool, or I will knock you[r] head off you. This gentleman will give you lots of money, pounds and pounds, if you are good; but he won't give you a penny if you are stupid." And she half forced me, half persuaded me, to get into bed. Then the gentleman got into bed. I did not know what he wanted. I was very frightened, and was crying bitterly. Then he began to hurt me, and I yelled at the top of my voice. Madame who kept the house heard me scream, and she came running up. "Vot is you a doin to that von leetle girl ?" she asked. "Nothing," said the man; "she has only run a pin into her foot;" and my friend whispered, "Only keep quiet and you shall have it all. I will give you all the money. But mind you won't get off, no matter how you scream." Madame went away, and the man finished me. He gave me £3 (£279 today).

Interestingly, Stead noted that despite their entry point, the girls often returned voluntarily to teen prostitution.

As sort of a side note, Stead mentioned that despite the fact that there weren't a lot of prostitutes below the age of thirteen, according to the Report of the Dwellings Commission, "There are children, many children, who are ruined before they are thirteen; but the crime is one phase of incest..."

However, there were approximately 10,000 juvenile prostitutes between the ages of thirteen and fifteen in "Christian England".

Stead was an investigative journalist and didn't restrict his investigating to mere interviews, he went into brothels to get first hand accounts of the affairs. For example, after the keeper at an upscale brothel in the West end "...strenuously denied that they had any such article in the house", Stead was introduced to "a lovely child between fourteen and fifteen, tall for her age, but singularly attractive in her childish innocence".

Stead stressed that since the age of consent was thirteen, it was extremely difficult to prosecute rapists. For instance, a fifty-year-old man "violated more than a dozen children just over thirteen, whom he had enticed into backyards by promises of sweetmeats" but wasn't prosecuted until he was "fortunately caught with a girl under thirteen, and was promptly punished."

On the advice of Dr. Lowndes, "a medical man", Stead (incorrectly) championed for an increase in the age of consent, because "so few girls are really aptae-viro, physically and medically, till long after thirteen."

As previously mentioned, many seduced teens ironically volunteered to return to prostitution due to the "promises of dress and money". Consequently, they were "...qmore difficult to deal with than women, because they are made familiar with sin while so young that the modesty that is so natural to a woman they never attain."

Part four of the report was an exposé of police corruption. Stead related that a number of policemen took bribes to look the other way, facilitated and/or partook in the services of the teen prostitutes.

Clearly, teen prostitution is still going on today and rich ephebophiles are taking advantage of the business (no pun intended) and it should be clear that raising the age of consent isn't a viable solution. Some would recommend even lowering the age of consent, but making pre-marital sex a felony. That way we would have more harems and less brothels. The fact of the matter is that ephebophiles are going to have sex with nymphets one way or the other. The only other "option" is teen pornography, which with the invention of the webcam has become the new brothel.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

FAUST (2011): Faust Sells his Soul for a Nymphet

The German movie Faust (2011), which won the Golden Lion at the 68th Venice International Film Festival, is based on Goethe's play, but differs in the reason why Heinrich Faust signed, in blood, his soul away to the devil. 

In the play, Faust sells his soul so that the devil will serve him on earth in exchange for serving the devil in hell. But in the movie, Faust sells his soul in exchange for one night with Margarete, a nymphet he happens upon at a bathhouse. 

Faust pleaded with the devil, "I only want one night. That's all I want. Only one night. Alone with her. One whole night."

The Devil replied, "You sign here, and Margarete is yours."

Faust (2011) reminds me of The Monk (2011) [French: Le moine]. Like Faust, the monk went through similar extremes to get a nymphet. 

In both cases, for the monk and Faust, and for many men throughout history, the the allure of a nymphet proved to be (tragically) irresistible. 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

MY SECRET GARDEN: From Bestiality to Urophilia | Teen's Sexual Fantasies

Ariel Levy related in Female Chauvinist Pigs: Women and the Rise of Raunch Culture that:

On the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of Nancy Friday’s groundbreaking collection of women’s sexual fantasies, My Secret Garden, there was a panel discussion called “Sex and What Women Want Now” at the 92nd Street YMHA in New York City. The event was moderated by Friday’s husband, Norman Pearlstein, the editor-in-chief of Time, Inc.; and besides Friday herself, the other panelists included Candace Bushnell, the author of the book Sex and the City, on which the HBO series was based [...]

That’s correct. The panel was held at the Upper East Side’s posh 92nd Street Y, Friday was married to the editor-in-chief of Time, Inc., and Sex and the City’s Bushnell was on the panel. And during the discussion, Friday opined that as long as a (very young) woman reaches orgasm, it doesn’t matter whom she thinks about while masturbating or during sex; thus, based on Friday’s My Secret Garden, it’s safe to assume that Friday condones fantasizing about teachers, fathers and priests.

“Doesn’t everyone here agree that it doesn’t really matter?” Friday asked. “If it takes you where you want to go, if it helps you reach orgasm, does it matter who you’re thinking about?” 

Friday's My Secret Garden: Women’s Sexual Fantasies is an international bestselling collection of women's fantasies that were collected during the early 1970s via interviews and letters from women from a variety of ethnicities and socioeconomic classes.

The book is both revealing and shocking. For example, a number of women fantasized about bestiality (e.g., some women fantasized about their dogs performing oral sex on them and fantasized about having sex with horses or donkeys.) Other common fantasies included: incest, rape (often by more than one man), orgies (with men and/or women - “alone” or with an audience), and sex with African-American men. 

What's most relevant for our purposes is that Friday discovered that most of the women whom contributed to the book started fantasizing when they were nymphets. More specifically, most of them began fantasizing when they were between the ages of 7 and 11. 

Here are some examples the nymphet fantasies:

Men, Kings, Fathers & Priests

When Suzanne was a nymphet, she read in a sex instruction book about a girl who was alone in a cloakroom at a dance before a man came behind her, lifted her dress and inserted his penis into her. Suzanne was "excited" about the case history and would think about that scene while she masturbated. Eventually, Suzanne fantasized that she was the girl in the cloakroom.

Francesca's fantasy is that after her mother trains her to be a "purely and perfect sexual object" she is "brought at the age of thirteen or fourteen, as a pubescent girl” by her mother to be sold to an Oriental king. To win the king's favor, Francesca's mother "performs" on her with her finger, before Francesca, excuse the pun, mounts the King's throne.

Since Bella was 8-years-old, her father has always been her "fantasy lover during masturbation".

Barbara shared that she likes to imagine that she is a naughty nymphet and is "[...] hauled up in front of the headmistress for a caning [...]" with her knickers down to her knees. Barbara added that in the Middle Ages, some priests used to undress nymphets and cane them after their confessions. And many nymphets, "[...] who fancied their particular priest simply went and lied in the confession, knowing what it would lead to."

[Pre] Teen Lipstick Lesbianism

Clarissa shared that she remembers when she and her friend were caught masturbating with candles when they were 12.

Marina began to be aware of men at the age of 9 or 10 and thought about them while she masturbated; however, Marina only had "a vague idea of what lovemaking was" until she met her friend, a 10-year-old Mediterranean girl. Marina and the Mediterranean nymphet used to sit at opposite ends of the bathtub and pour warm water from a Russian silver teapot all over their clitorises while caressing their bodies "with infallible, instinctive verve."

Celia shared that when she was about 8, she used to bully her "[...] friend into playing games where we had to pretend to take off our clothes and the 'wicked man' would make us walk in the street [...]" In addition, Celia confessed that when she was 10, she wanted to be a stripper and that she had "intimate contact" with her girlfriend.

When Alison was 14, she had an "[...] unusual relationship with a close girlfriend." For example, Alison's girlfriend would dress her in a sexy bikini made of chiffon scarves, before she pretended that she was a "rowdy seaman" and raped Allison.


Lisa began fantasizing when she was a nymphet about going to bed and having intercourse with a man. Now that she's married, her fantasies frequently involve animals.

When Dawn was 15, she enjoyed sauntering around her house in the "[...] summer when her parents were out [...]" and having breakfast in the nude. On one such morning, she noticed that her dog, "[...] had this huge hard-on [...]" while he tried to climb upon her. And since that day she said that she has fantasized about that scene "[...] a thousand different ways, complete with the dog's prick inside me, and my family walking in on the scene [...]".

Nina "[...] discovered the delights of masturbation, at the age of seven [...]" She used to imagine that her girlfriend was rubbing between her legs or that her girlfriend's dog was licking her vagina.


Gail was almost raped when she was a nymphet in her boyfriend’s best friend's car, now that she's an adult, she "frequently" fantasizes about being raped. 

Heather's first fantasy occurred when she was about 11 or 12. She would lie in bed at night and imagine herself being followed and overpowered in the woods by a strange man whom would make her "do things against" her will. Later, the fantasy changed to her being repeatedly sold as a slave in the East.


As for Nathalie, the "[…] thought of being spanked used to arouse sexual feelings at the age of six or seven [...]"

Stella's fantasies go back to when she was a pre-teen. When she was 11, a group of boys and girls started bullying her on her way home from school. The leader of the group told Stella that, from that day forth, she was to obey his orders and do whatever he wished. It never happened, but Stella has fantasized about the possibilities since she was a nymphet. 


Theda's first sexual fantasy started when she was about 7 or 8 after she gazed upon her teacher's "rotund posterior".  She wrote that she had "an infantile urge” to slide her hand “[…] down his bum cheeks and round to 'the front' [...]". And when she was 14, her friend Monica "[...] allowed boys to feel her while she undid their flies and 'tossed them off'.

Alexandra fantasizes about having an affair with her high school teacher. She stated emphatically, "[...] I'm sure it would not be a fantasy if I gave him a little encouragement." I concur

On a related note, Stephanie fantasizes about very young girls being raped "by a mad professor". In Stephanie’s fantasy, the professor decides whom he was going to rape by examining "their sexual apparatus".


When Fiona was a nymphet she wrote that she "[...] played the usual doctor […]" and "house" games, which consisted of her exposing and exploring her little friend’s genitals. Somehow, Fiona made a sexual association between sex and urinating and fantasized while sitting on the toilet with her legs apart that one of the little boys urinated into the toilet between her legs.

When Phyllis makes love to her husband, she often thinks about the first time she saw a penis, which happened when she was a virgin nymphet. But that is not when she had her first sexual fantasy. That happened after she saw a man urinating when she was about 11. She didn't actually see the man's penis. She saw his "stream of urine," but that was enough to get her too "excited".

A close reading of My Secret Garden will show that a number of the nymphet’s fantasies combined a combination of fetishes, but in some cases, fantasies weren’t shared, but actual events were related. For example, Theda, who fantasized about her teacher, shared that when she was 14, her friend Monica "[...] allowed boys to feel her while she undid their flies and 'tossed them off'. And after 10-year-old Lindsay saw an urinating man's penis, she used every spare moment in hopes of seeing another man’s penis.  

Furthermore, the “fantasies” under lipstick lesbianism were actually [pre] teen salacious non-fiction events. Remember that Clarissa shared that she and her friend were actually caught masturbating with candles - when they were 12.

And some contributors simply shared how they masturbated.

Sonia wrote that when she was 11 or 12, she used to "[...] sit in the back seat of the car on trips and cross [...]" her legs "very tightly," which caused the bumps in the rode to stimulate her sexually.

When Kay was 10, she frequently dressed up as a pirate by pulling her trousers, very tightly, up to her "crotch," because it "felt good 'down there'".

Interestingly, most of the contributors to My Secret Garden were no longer nymphets when they submitted their fantasies, which, as we now know, often began when they were pre-teens. However, Bobbie was 15 when she submitted her fantasy. 

Bobbie related that while she is having one of her daily masturbation sessions, she imagines that a boy who turns her on is tied up while she plays with his penis. Bobbie makes the boy suffer and won't let him have an orgasm until after he performs "cunnilingus" on her. Bobbie went on to share: "Sometimes if I really feel devilish, I imagine that I pee in his mouth and he has to swallow it." #urophilia

Lastly, after reading My Secret Garden, which the Village Voice wrote is “A real turn-on!”, I was not surprised to read that (some) women enjoy glancing at "crotches", because I've seen nymphets take pictures of men's crotches on the Uptown 4. However, I was surprised to learn that (some) lesbians fantasize about having sex with men while having sex with women. Ironic?

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Liberty Ross: Ephebophilia Runs in the Family

Rupert Sanders and Kristen Stewart                         Liberty Ross and Rupert Sanders

I wrote in The Allure of Nymphets and in another blog post about Kristen Stewart's on-screen age-discrepant relationships. For example, in Twilight (2008), she played a 17-year-old high student who was in a relationship with a 103-year-old vampire and in On the Road (2012), she played Mary Lou, a teen sex toy for middle-aged Dean. And I wrote about Kristen's affair on the set of Snow White and the Huntsman with Rupert Sanders, the 41-year-old married director of the film.

This month's issue of Vanity Fair has a profile on Sanders' ex-wife, Chanel model and actress, Liberty Ross who ironically played Stewart's mother in Snow White and the Huntsman.

The article shares that Ross was humiliated by the news that her then husband's mistress was "someone so young and famous" with a defiant bad girl attitude.

But it turns out that Ross' maternal grandfather, Lord Killearn, was a high commissioner, an ambassador to Egypt, and, most relevantly, preferred young women as well. The article states that "At 56, he married her grandmother Jacqueline, who was 19 at the time."

Ironically, when Ross was 10-years-old, she posed as one of Ozzy Osbourne's child brides on the cover of his No Rest for the Wicked album. 

Lastly, when Ross was a high school senior, her relationship with her 26-year-old future husband, Rupert Sanders, began to develop. 

THE TO DO LIST (2013): Teen Sex To Do List

The To Do List (2013) is about Brandy (Aubrey Plaza), a Boise, Idaho high school senior, who made a To Do List of sexual acts to experience before she matriculated at Georgetown University. 

Brandy made the to do list after being ridiculed for being a virgin by her classmates and her sister.  Interestingly, Brandy's sister lost her virginity when she was 14-years-old.

Among other sex acts, the list included: 
The to do list did not include anal sex; however, despite her father's warning, Brandy had anal sex in her Georgetown freshman dorm room. And inexplicably, via anal sex, she was able to check off orgasm.

In another scene, Wendy, Brandy's high school friend, said that a young boy, horsing around in the swimming pool, put his finger up her "ass."

I shared in The Allure of Nymphets that Cruel Intentions (1999) was the first film that I reviewed that mentioned teen anal sex between high school students. And that the Bradley Hasbro Children's Research Center confirmed that anal sex is on the rise among teens. Thereby, once again, showing that art is (often) a reflection of (teen) society. 

Interestingly, the original title for the movie was The Hand Job and the Motion Picture Rating organization rated the film a R for "[...] pervasive strong crude and sexual content including graphic dialogue, drug and alcohol use, and language - all involving teens." 

Sunday, November 10, 2013

"Not Another Teen Movie" (2001): Teen Masturbation and Anal Sex

The Allure of Nymphets was originally titled The Rise of Ephebophilia, Lipstick Lesbianism, and Sodomy in Teen Pop Culture; however, I decided to focus on nympholepsy (i.e., ephebophilia and hebephilia) in popular culture.

The original idea for the book came after I, by serendipity, discovered Not Another Teen Movie (2001). I downloaded, or so I thought, a copy of Training Day (2001), but it turned out to be Not Another Teen Movie.

Here's part of the Google's plot summary:
"Not Another Teen Movie" shows no mercy as it skewers the conventions and clichés of the genre you hate to love [...] [A] risqué romp with an assortment of twisted takes on classic teen characters and teen movies.
I was shocked to see in the opening scene (an actress playing) a high school student masturbate with "MY LIL VIBRATOR, an enormous pink dildo, to television images of Freddie Prinze Jr.

And here's some subsequent dialogue that took place between Katherine and Jake in front of the lockers of John Hughes High School:

“Can I ask you a question? Why is it every time I tell a guy they can put it wherever they want, they always stick it in my ass?” Katherine asked Jake, the school jock, before she invitingly, and as some would opine, blasphemously simulated fellatio on the crucifix by slowly sliding the ancient symbol in and out of her wet mouth.

“That’s just way too much information for me Katherine.” Jake replied.

“Oh no Jake. Way too much information would be telling you that after they’re done, I always take a huge dump on their chest.”

I was floored by what I saw within the first ten minutes of the teen movie, but I learned while doing research for The Allure of Nymphets that according to the award-winning Frontline documentary, Merchants of Cool, what we see in teen media is a reflection of society, which is evidenced by the hundreds of videos of amateur teens masturbating with enormous dildos on websites like Feral Amateurs.