Sunday, November 10, 2013

"Not Another Teen Movie" (2001): Teen Masturbation and Anal Sex

The Allure of Nymphets was originally titled The Rise of Ephebophilia, Lipstick Lesbianism, and Sodomy in Teen Pop Culture; however, I decided to focus on nympholepsy (i.e., ephebophilia and hebephilia) in popular culture.

The original idea for the book came after I, by serendipity, discovered Not Another Teen Movie (2001). I downloaded, or so I thought, a copy of Training Day (2001), but it turned out to be Not Another Teen Movie.

Here's part of the Google's plot summary:
"Not Another Teen Movie" shows no mercy as it skewers the conventions and clichés of the genre you hate to love [...] [A] risqué romp with an assortment of twisted takes on classic teen characters and teen movies.
I was shocked to see in the opening scene (an actress playing) a high school student masturbate with "MY LIL VIBRATOR, an enormous pink dildo, to television images of Freddie Prinze Jr.

And here's some subsequent dialogue that took place between Katherine and Jake in front of the lockers of John Hughes High School:

“Can I ask you a question? Why is it every time I tell a guy they can put it wherever they want, they always stick it in my ass?” Katherine asked Jake, the school jock, before she invitingly, and as some would opine, blasphemously simulated fellatio on the crucifix by slowly sliding the ancient symbol in and out of her wet mouth.

“That’s just way too much information for me Katherine.” Jake replied.

“Oh no Jake. Way too much information would be telling you that after they’re done, I always take a huge dump on their chest.”

I was floored by what I saw within the first ten minutes of the teen movie, but I learned while doing research for The Allure of Nymphets that according to the award-winning Frontline documentary, Merchants of Cool, what we see in teen media is a reflection of society, which is evidenced by the hundreds of videos of amateur teens masturbating with enormous dildos on websites like Feral Amateurs.

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