Saturday, November 2, 2013

LAW & ORDER: Nymphet Sends Nude Pics to Mayoral Candidate

Law & Order: SVU "These are the PG ones!"

Last weeks episode of Law & Order: SVU was inspired by Anthony Weiner's sexting scandal, which caused him to lose the New York City mayoral candidate primary race.

The difference between Weiner and SVU's mayoral candidate Alex Munoz, is that Munoz solicited and exchanged pictures on the website with Jodie, a 15-year-old Grant high school student, which put the candidate "... in possession of child pornography."

Ironically, the age of consent is 16 in over 60% of the states in the US; therefore, this would have been a moot case if Jodie were months older, except that politicians appear to be the only celebrities, unlike writersactors, and entertainers, who get maligned for being open ephebophiles.

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