Sunday, October 27, 2013

Maguire's TAMING THE BEAST: The Making of a Hypersexualized 14-Year-Old Nymphet

Here's Amazon's book description for Emily Maguire's Taming the Beast:

Sarah Clark's life is irrevocably changed at the age of 14 when her English teacher, Mr Carr, seduces her after class. Their affair is illegal, erotic, passionate and dangerous – a vicious meeting of minds and bodies. But when Mr Carr's wife discovers the affair, he has to choose between them and moves to another city with his family.

Sarah is devastated and from that day on her life is defined by a series of meaningless, self-abasing sexual encounters, hoping with each man that she will experience the same delicious feelings she had with Mr Carr.

Seven years later Daniel Carr walks back into Sarah's life and she is drawn once again into the destructive relationship. Is Sarah strong enough to "tame the beast"?

Initially, Mr. Carr was naive about the sexuality of early teens. For example, he believed that Shakespeare's sonnets "[...] couldn't be understood by your average fourteen year old kid. [But] Sarah told him that the average fourteen year old understood plenty about love and lust and longing [...]"

Subsequently, Mr. Carr changed his opinion on the sexual maturity of early teens, and used his new found knowledge to his advantage. Mr. Carr and Sarah, who had "[...] clear skin and shiny brown hair down to the middle of her  back." had sex several times in Mr. Carr's car blocks away from the school. To save time, they began to have sex in the English department's book room, Agricultural storeroom, boy's P.E. locker room, canteen and in the auditorium. And their love making was particularly graphic and violent throughout the book.  

Here's an example from page 18:

Some days, the door was locked and Mr. Carr's trousers [would be] off before Sarah had even put down her school bag. Other days he kept her sitting at his feet while he lectured her on poetry, not touching her at all until it was time for her to leave [...] he would kiss her tenderly and make love to her. Then one time [...] he looked at her with wet, wide eyes as though she had hit him. Then he slapped her, hard [...] He pushed her to her knees, unzipped his pants and with one hand on the back of her head and the other up against the locker room wall, he fucked her mouth until he came."

I've read a lot of ephebophilia themed novels and poetry, but Taming the Beast is the most graphic account of a relationship between a middle-aged teacher and his 14-year-old student. Consequently, I'm not surprised that The Observer called the novel, "shockingly compelling." However, I am surprised that the book isn't on the list of novels to be banned like Lauren Myracle's ttyl, because ttyl's 15-year-old Margaret, who "[...] squirts when she comes." 

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