Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Robert Krepps' FANCY: A Ripe Nymphet

Here are some highlights from Fancy's dust jacket:

Meet 19-year-old [bi-sexual] Fancy, the most beguiling, unsettling, and totally disarming young hoyden to leap from the pages of a book in many a day. Shockingly frank, with an avid appetite - whether for food, drink, sex, love or self-knowledge - Fancy Kittay is a genuine original.

Mistress to 46-year-old Luther Mustaff, the self-made glass king of Pittsburgh's industrial royalty [...] She was raised by her Daddy to use her mind, and having read voraciously for years, she is a grab bag of allusions, quotes, songs and sayings.

Her hair is sable, her skin is rosy brown, and although she wishes that she had a little more balcony and a little less butt, the year is 1925 and figures like Fancy's are fashionable.

Her emergence from ripe nymphethood to young maturity is recorded with relish, wit and sympathy.

In the novel, after two years of being Mustaff's mistress, one night Fancy decides to leave him. She said, "I won't live off somebody who keeps me around because I'm young, a good lay and can be bullied..."

Fancy considers leaving Mustaff for Paul Hawkins, the young "private poet and plaything" of Mrs. Ardyth Rushingford, a middle-aged socialite . However, Fancy is turned off by Hawkins' dependency upon Mrs. Rushingford. She said, "And I won't bunk with anyone who hasn't the nerve to be a man, either."

Fancy decides to move in with Mrs. Rushingford, but their bi-sexual affair is short lived after Fancy is freaked out by Mrs. Rushingford over-the-top milk bath. 

Ultimately, Fancy went full circle and moved in with Yancey, a 32-year-old mysterious ephebophile.

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