Thursday, August 29, 2013

Famous Ephebophile: Bradley Cooper

Suki Waterhouse (21) Bradley Cooper (38)

38-year-old Silver Linings Playbook star Bradley Cooper reclined on his girlfriend, 21-year-old Vogue model Suki Waterhouse, in a Paris park last Sunday while he fittingly read a copy Nabokov's Lolita(Calling Cooper an ephebophile is a bit of a stretch, but he has been dating Waterhouse since she was 20; so, that's close enough.)

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

BABY LOVE (1968): Teen Teleiophile Rejects Teen, "Stupid Little Boy!"

Teenage boys/young men and middle-aged women are generally opposed to age-discrepant relationships. The main reason being the competition factor:

  • teenage boys/young men vs. middle-aged men in competition for nymphets
  • nymphets vs. middle-aged women in competition for middle-aged men
I'll add here that, in general, the only middle-aged males that you'll find that are opposed to age-discrepant relationships are those that haven't had the privilege of being propositioned by a nymphet. 

In Baby Love (1968), which is a British movie based on the novel by Tina Chad Christian, after her mother commits suicide, Luci (Linda Hayden), a 15-year-old nymphet teleiophile and lipstick lesbian, seduces the mother and attempts to seduce the father of her adoptive family. However, Luci  repeatedly rejects the advances of, Nick, the teenage son of the family. 

"You stupid little boy...grow up!" Luci demanded.
"You like old men like my father." Nick conceded reluctantly. 

In addition, Nick becomes infuriated after Luci lets a older man sensuously rub her right thigh in the theater.

Linda Hayden was 15-years-old when Baby Love was filmed and was nude in multiple scenes; however, they were non-sexual scenes and thus "permissible" despite her age.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Simon Cowell's Lauren Silverman and Her English Teacher

The only story that could overshadow the news that celebrity judge Simon Cowell got his friend's wife, Lauren Silverman, pregnant is that Silverman had a previous affair with Steve Lewis, her married high school English teacher. 

Allegedly, Silverman was a 16-year-old nymphet when she and her 26-year-old English teacher had a two-month sexual affair that included, à la Pretty Little Liarsmake-out sessions in his private school classroom. 

The affair, which allegedly took place in the mid-1990s, ended after Silverman's mother reported it to the headmaster. Lewis was fired and Silverman transferred to another private school. 

Lewis denies that he had an affair with Silverman; however, he does admit to flirting and a "drunken phone call."

Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

SHAMELESS (2011): Teen Oral Sex, Lesbian Sex, Webcam Sex and Orgies

Feminists denied the fact that nymphets desired to be sexually active and blamed the nymphet's promiscuity on "dirty old men"; thus, the age-of-consent laws were born near the turn of the nineteenth century. 

However, Mary E. Odem shared in Delinquent Daughters: Protecting and Policing Adolescent Female Sexuality in the United States, 1885-1920 that despite the implementation of age of consent laws, the level of teen promiscuity got so bad that during World War I the military had to implement a five-mile radius moral zone around military bases where alcohol and teen prostitution were prohibited. Despite those measures, over the course of the war thousands of young girls were apprehended for illicit activities, prostitution and suspicion of spreading venereal diseases.

On episode eleven of the first season of Shameless, Karen, a high school sophomore, attended a Purity Ball with her father with the idea that Karen would vow to re-purify and remain pure until she got married. As part of the ceremony, the nymphets were asked to share their previous impure activities in front of their fathers. 

Patty shared that she let a choir boy touch her breasts through her shirt and bra and that she felt his “rod” touch her leg. After Patty was thanked for her courage to confront her struggles with desire, Karen, in a pure white dress, disclosed the following:
“I started having oral sex at a very young age, maybe 13, with guys around the neighborhood. Three of four at first. Then well, more than three or four. I didn’t have intercourse until the 8th grade. I didn’t like it at first, but then around the 6th time it started to feel good - really good. But I didn’t feel good about it. Umm, there was [sic] a few times where I got high and started experimenting with guys and girls - at the same time. I wouldn’t necessarily call it an orgy, but there were a lot of naked body parts flying around, which felt very good, but kinda bad all at the same time. And then there was the time at Mindy Karlson’s sleepover when we all got in the shower and started soaping each other up. Then her mom walked in and freaked out when she saw Mindy in the shower with a big black strap-on dildo. To which Karen's father interjected: “You whore!” 

Karen was so distraught after her father called her a whore in front of the other Purity Ball attendees that she decided to get revenge by creating Daddyz Girl, an online diary, and stream a live teen sex show with her mother's (married) boyfriend.

And on the pilot episode of Shameless, Karen's father caught the teen performing oral sex under the kitchen table while her mother chopped veggies only three feet away.

Thus, Karen's character can be viewed as an example of art imitating life. 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Ray's A CERTAIN AGE: 14-Year-Old Loses Virginity to 31-Year-Old

The back cover of the novel A Certain Age by 17-year-old Rebecca Ray reads: "When I was fourteen I lost my virginity to a twenty-seven-year-old man. And on a school night too."

However, at the age of 11, before the unnamed submissive protagonist lost her virginity to Oliver, who turned out to be 31, she used to pretend that her best friend was raping her, which counter-intuitively isn't an unheard of fantasy for some females as exhibited in  Nancy Friday's non-fiction book My Secret Garden: Women’s Sexual Fantasies.

At the age of 13 she shared that she: "[...] started letting boys feel me up. There was a whole bunch of them, four or five..." She let the boys touch her, because she had to find: "[...] a way of getting along. I had to let them feel me up." She said that she typically wore clothes "[...] just thin enough to show my nipples." And graphically made out (e.g., oral sex) with, Robin, another teen during lunch down by the river. 

High school coeds performing oral during lunch reminds us of Tom Wolfe’s Hooking Up where Wolfe wrote that in high schools and junior high schools  - from the plush suburbs of Washington to the underprivileged schools of the South Bronx, that there are 13 and 14-year-old girls performing fellatio on boys between classes.

Unsurprisingly, she dumped Robin after he made the relationship faux paus of telling her that he loved her.

She met Oliver when her father took her to Audiovision to buy a CD player. Oliver got her phone number under the guise of calling her to see if the new CD player was installed correctly, but he called to ask her out to dinner, which eventually led to her first full sexual experience back at his apartment. 

What stood out to us about the book was that the nymphet's parents were accepting of her age-discrepant relationship. The mother was encouraging and the father was accepting - even to the point of Oliver being invited to their house for dinner on multiple occasions. A Certain Age reminded us of  An Education (2009) and Fat Girl (2001) [French: À ma soeur!] where, in both instances, the ephebophile was invited to the nymphet's house for dinner. 

A Certain Age ended on a dramatic cliffhanger, with the father not being as accepting of the age-discrepant relationship as he was initially, which was partly due to a personality conflict with Oliver and because Oliver initially lied about his age. The fact that Oliver knew that it would be more acceptable for 27-year-old to be in a relationship with a 14-year-old than a 31-year-old is revealing.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

THE NIGHT OF THE IGUANA (1964): "Lolita" Seduces a Priest

Here's part of the storyline posted on IMDb for The Night of the Iguana (1964):

The Rev. T. Lawrence Shannon has been living in Mexico for two years, working as a tourist guide for a cut-rate travel agency. Shannon lost his church and was defrocked after taking liberties with one of his parishioners. He's now accompanying a group of middle-aged ladies from Texas whose leader, Judith Fellowes, is keeping a close eye on her teenage ward, Charlotte Goodall [(Sue Lyon)], who definitely has an interest in the former priest. After Charlotte and Shannon spend the night together, Fellowes is out to have him fired [...]

Lolita (1962) fans are well-aware that Sue Lyon was 14 when she was cast into Stanley Kubrick's adaptation of Nabokov's novel. However, did you know that Lyon played a similar role, at the age of 17, in The Night of the Iguana (1964), which is based on Tennessee Williams' play?

In The Night of the Iguana (1964), Charlotte Goodall (Sue Lyon), a nymphet, enters Reverend Shannon's bedroom and seduces the Episcopal priest, who was played by the alleged real-life ephebophile Richard Burton. 

The seduction comes after Reverend Shannon was seduced (off screen) by "a very young Sunday school teacher." However, in both cases, the Reverend was accused of being the aggressor and in the wrong.

It may sound counter-intuitive that a 17-year-old may be attracted to a priest or monk, but the mindset of priests and pimps are similar. Consequently, they're similarly attractive to (young) women.

The teleiophile themed The Night of the Iguana won an Oscar, grossed $12 million worldwide at the box office, earned $4.5 million in US theatrical rentals, and was the 10th highest grossing film of 1964. And Time magazine said the film, " [...] excites the senses, persuades the mind, and even occasionally speaks to the spirit—one of the best movies ever made from a Tennessee Williams play."

Friday, August 9, 2013

EYES WIDE SHUT (1999): A Teen's Orgy with Japanese Businessmen

In Eyes Wide Shut (1999), Dr. Harford (Tom Cruise) went to the Rainbow costume boutique to purchase a cloak and mask to attend a masquerade (i.e., orgy). While perusing the racks, Milich, the owner, discovered his young daughter (Leelee Sobieski) having a three-way with two middle-aged Asian men. 

After Milich, understandably yet violently, confronted the Asian men, he was informed by one of the Asian men, "Are you crazy? We were invited here by the young lady." To which Milich replied, "Young lady. This is my daughter. Couldn't you see she's a child?" However, Milich exclaimed, "You little whore!" to his daughter before he tried to grab her to apply some corporal punishment. 

However, in a subsequent scene, Milich consented to the three-way between his "child" and the two Asian men.

Per the "Eyes Wide Shut, Part 1 (Erotic 90's, Part 20)" episode of the You Must Remember This podcast, Sobieski was 14 when her Eyes Wide Shut scenes were filmed, but she 16 when the film was released, which is when she appeared of the August 1999 cover of Details magazine with the lead article line READY OR NOT: LEELEE SOBIESKI GROWS UP FAST IN EYES WIDE SHUT

Understandably, Milich didn't believe the Asian ephebophile's claims, but their claims are  realistic, because contrary to popular belief, it is not uncommon for age-discrepant relationships to be initiated by teens. However, ephebophiles need to be aware of the age-of-consent laws in their respective states before consenting to the advances of alluring nymphets.

Lastly, Eyes Wide Shut was nominated for a César Award for Best Foreign Film, and the erotic drama is based on Arthur Schnitzler's 1926 novella Dream Story.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Faustine et le bel été (1972): A French Teen's Unrequited Love for Professor

In the French film Faustine et le bel été (1972) [English: Faustine and the Beautiful Summer],  instead of staying in Paris, Faustine (Muriel Catala), a high school student, decided to spend her summer vacation in the country. 

After Faustine's arrival, a boy from her neighbor's bourgeoisie estate attempted to seduce Faustine. But Faustine was infatuated with Jean - the boy's middle-aged uncle whom, "[...] is on the French literary faculty at Grenoble."

However, Faustine's age-gap love was unrequited. Or was the literature professor a savvy ephebophile and knew that one of the best ways to engage an inviting nymphet was to show restraint, self-control and poise?

Faustine et le bel été (1972) | Clip

For example, in the clip above, Faustine was impressed that Jean did not mention the ribbon that she left on his pillow after the spending the night hiding in his closet.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

LA FIGLIASTRA (1976): Pretty Face + Nice Figure + Youth = Nymphet

I wrote in The Allure of Nymphets that Matt Ridley related in the New York Times Notable Book, The Red Queen, that men are attracted to a trinity of qualities: youth, figure, and face. Therefore, even if an older female has a nice figure and a beautiful face - without the youthfulness, she'll often lose out to a nymphet. 

Ridley's research may explain why Peter Cook left Christie Brinkley and Ashton Kutcher left Demi Moore for nymphets.

In the Italian comedy La figliastra (1976), despite the fact that the two middle-aged men have wives with nice figures and beautiful faces, the ephebophiles cannot keep their eyes off of their lovely young (teasing) step-daughters. 

 La figliastra (1976) Clip