Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Faustine et le bel été (1972): A French Teen's Unrequited Love for Professor

In the French film Faustine et le bel été (1972) [English: Faustine and the Beautiful Summer],  instead of staying in Paris, Faustine (Muriel Catala), a high school student, decided to spend her summer vacation in the country. 

After Faustine's arrival, a boy from her neighbor's bourgeoisie estate attempted to seduce Faustine. But Faustine was infatuated with Jean - the boy's middle-aged uncle whom, "[...] is on the French literary faculty at Grenoble."

However, Faustine's age-gap love was unrequited. Or was the literature professor a savvy ephebophile and knew that one of the best ways to engage an inviting nymphet was to show restraint, self-control and poise?

Faustine et le bel été (1972) | Clip

For example, in the clip above, Faustine was impressed that Jean did not mention the ribbon that she left on his pillow after the spending the night hiding in his closet.

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