Saturday, April 14, 2018

Prose's BLUE ANGEL: The Professor & Student "Little Slut" | Old\Young Sexual Affair

Francine Prose’s Blue Angel is a national bestseller and National Book Award finalist.

Here’s part of Publisher’s Weekly's plot summary:
Trust the iconoclastic Prose to turn conventional received wisdom on such subjects as predatory professors, innocent female students and the necessity for a degree of political correctness on campus on their silly heads […] He is [47-year-old] Ted Swenson, a happily married and reasonably content novelist who teaches creative writing at a much less than Ivy League college in darkest Vermont. Stuck on his own latest book, he is nevertheless charmed and intrigued by the writing skills of the unlikely, ungainly and punky [freshman] Angela Argo […]
Per usual, the jeune femme in the age-gap affair is deemed “innocent”. Not only did “innocent” Angela seduce her professor but she recorded and submitted a conversation she had with Professor Swenson to the college’s administration admitting, “The only reason I let you fuck me [in her dorm room] was so you would help me get this novel to someone who could do something---“

Angela’s novel and poetry are of interest too. In the novel, which I learned about while reading “The Real Scandal in Academia” in The Paris Review, the nymphet protagonist is having a sexual affair with Mr. Reynaud, her high school music teacher.

“All that summer […]” after her sophomore year (15-years-old?), the nymphet daydreamed about Mr. Reynaud. And shortly after her junior year began, the nymphet and her music teacher had rough sex in the shed behind her house:
“He took my hand with his free hand and closed my fingers around his, the one that held the egg. He pressed until the egg cracked […] he released my hand and reached down and opened his pants. Then he took my hand again, still slippery from the egg, and wrapped it around his penis […] Actually, it felt sort of nice, velvety and warm […] Maybe he knew I was thinking that, because he got rougher, angrier, and he picked my skirt up and pushed down my tights, and pushed himself hard inside me […] I began to cry because it hurt, and it was unromantic to think that there was raw egg on his penis inside of me […] At the same time I felt happy because he wanted me […] My parents were across the yard […]”
It turns out that Angela’s novel was semi-autobiographical. A biology teacher at her high school was, “[…] messing around with a whole bunch of girls. He had himself a regular harem. Friends of Angela’s, too.”

And Angela’s poems are often about a “[teen] phone-sex worker’s sexually abusive father.” Here’s one:

There's a reference to two famous ephebophiles in the Blue Angel: In reference to Poe, a student asked, 'Are you telling us that we've been studying the work of a child molester? And referring to a Chaplin poster on the wall of Angela’s dorm room, the professor asked, “What’s Chaplin got to look gloomy about? He slept with harems of [very young] women!”

In this New York Times Notable Book, despite being a college freshman, Prose and the professor referred to Angela as “little girl”, “child” and “little slut”.

Lastly, Blue Angel was adapted into Submission (2017)

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Famous Ephebophile: Michael Kennedy's (Old\Young) Sexual Affair with Teen Babysitter

Michael Kennedy & Marissa Verrochi

I was reading the March 18, 2018 New York magazine feature, “What HopeHicks Knows”, when I read about Martin Gould, a New York based reporter, whom outed Hicks and Porter in the Daily Mail, but more relevantly, Gould: 
“[…] was charged with driving Victoria Gifford Kennedy, the estranged wife of Michael Kennedy, off the road in pursuit of a photo after she’d left her husband over his affair with [Marissa Verrochi] their [14-year-old] babysitter.”
Unsurprisingly, ephebophilia runs in the Kennedy family. We wrote about Kennedy Sr.’s sexual affair with his 17-year-old French caddie and about the NBC Rock Center profile on Mimi Alford, who was 19 she began an eighteen-month affair with President John F. Kennedy.

According to New York Daily News
  1. Michael Kennedy’s affair with his nymphet babysitter lasted for five years 
  2. When the nymphet was 17, “[…] Kennedy flaunted the relationship by taking the teenager along on a whitewater rafting trip to Maine with friends where they shared a tent […]” 
  3. The affair ended after Verrochi started her freshman year at Boston University. 
  4. And “[t]he affair apparently triggered the breakup of Kennedy's 16-year marriage to his wife, Victoria, 40, daughter of former Giants football great Frank Gifford."

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Chanel vs Kaia Gerber: Who Uses the Allure of Nymphets the Best?

Unity Blott posted for Daily Mail:

Chanel has come under fire for using Cindy Crawford's teenage daughter in its latest accessories campaign.

The French fashion house snapped up Kaia Gerber, 16, to model its SS18 handbag collection but has divided shoppers over images posted online which show the model reclining on a sofa in Gabrielle Chanel's Parisian apartment.

Reacting on Facebook and Instagram this week, customers vented their fury at Chanel's choice to use the model, claiming she is 'too young' and claiming she is 'barely dressed' in the photos.

However, some of Kaia's social media postings and a number of paparazzi photographs taken of the teen model are far more revealing than the Chanel advertisement. Here are some recent photographs of the nymphet sunbathing and frolicking in Miami. 

Not only is Chanel using the allure of nymphets to sell (overpriced) handbags but Kaia is using the allure of nymphets for self-promotion. Don't think for a second that Kaia didn't anticipate that pictures of her red (cheeky) thong wouldn't be all over the Internet within minutes after she exited her swanky hotel room. 

Update 6/11/18: Here's the advertisement in the Summer 2018 issue of Vanity Fair.