Sunday, October 27, 2013

Maguire's TAMING THE BEAST: The Making of a Hypersexualized 14-Year-Old Nymphet

Here's Amazon's book description for Emily Maguire's Taming the Beast:

Sarah Clark's life is irrevocably changed at the age of 14 when her English teacher, Mr Carr, seduces her after class. Their affair is illegal, erotic, passionate and dangerous – a vicious meeting of minds and bodies. But when Mr Carr's wife discovers the affair, he has to choose between them and moves to another city with his family.

Sarah is devastated and from that day on her life is defined by a series of meaningless, self-abasing sexual encounters, hoping with each man that she will experience the same delicious feelings she had with Mr Carr.

Seven years later Daniel Carr walks back into Sarah's life and she is drawn once again into the destructive relationship. Is Sarah strong enough to "tame the beast"?

Initially, Mr. Carr was naive about the sexuality of early teens. For example, he believed that Shakespeare's sonnets "[...] couldn't be understood by your average fourteen year old kid. [But] Sarah told him that the average fourteen year old understood plenty about love and lust and longing [...]"

Subsequently, Mr. Carr changed his opinion on the sexual maturity of early teens, and used his new found knowledge to his advantage. Mr. Carr and Sarah, who had "[...] clear skin and shiny brown hair down to the middle of her  back." had sex several times in Mr. Carr's car blocks away from the school. To save time, they began to have sex in the English department's book room, Agricultural storeroom, boy's P.E. locker room, canteen and in the auditorium. And their love making was particularly graphic and violent throughout the book.  

Here's an example from page 18:

Some days, the door was locked and Mr. Carr's trousers [would be] off before Sarah had even put down her school bag. Other days he kept her sitting at his feet while he lectured her on poetry, not touching her at all until it was time for her to leave [...] he would kiss her tenderly and make love to her. Then one time [...] he looked at her with wet, wide eyes as though she had hit him. Then he slapped her, hard [...] He pushed her to her knees, unzipped his pants and with one hand on the back of her head and the other up against the locker room wall, he fucked her mouth until he came."

I've read a lot of ephebophilia themed novels and poetry, but Taming the Beast is the most graphic account of a relationship between a middle-aged teacher and his 14-year-old student. Consequently, I'm not surprised that The Observer called the novel, "shockingly compelling." However, I am surprised that the book isn't on the list of novels to be banned like Lauren Myracle's ttyl, because ttyl's 15-year-old Margaret, who "[...] squirts when she comes." 

Friday, October 25, 2013

Série noire (1979): I'm Good For Nothing Without a [French Nymphet]

We wrote in The Allure of Nymphets and in a previous post that Captain Save a Damsel rarely, if ever, saves the damsel in distress, but he often becomes ensnared in her web of unending drama.

For example, in the French film Série noire (1979), Franck Poupart (Patrick Dewaere), a middle-aged salesman fell in love with Mona, a majorly cute 15-year-old nymphet. 

Mona was forced into teen prostitution by her elderly aunt, but after Frank tried to rescue Mona from a life of harlotry, he found himself in a world trouble and turmoil.

Frank even made the PUA faux pas of saying, "I'm good for nothing without a [young] woman." 

An ephebophile should never seek out a nymphet to feel validated (i.e., out of neediness) or to show-off.

Interestingly, Mona was played by 16-year-old Marie Trintignant who appeared nude in the film. And Série noire was based on an American novel - Jim Thompson's A Hell of a Woman.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Latest Headlines from the Japanese School Girl Prostitute Scene

Here are some of the latest headlines from the Japanese high school prostitute (i.e., Enjo-kōsai/援助交際) scene:

Teens confine girl to car in Tokyo, force her into prostitution

Tokyo (TR) - Officers from the Tachikawa Police Station took the two girls, aged 15 and 16, into custody on coercion charges for forcing the victim, 16, to provide sexual services to 35-year-old office worker...

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police on Thursday announced the arrest a 30-year-old male company employee on obscenity charges after he allegedly purchased the used underwear of a 17-year-old girl in Chiyoda Ward...

Police target teens offering sex online, handle 89 cases...

TOKYO (Kyodo) -- Police in Tokyo and eight other Japanese prefectures dealt with 89 teenagers between April and September for offering sex or selling underwear over the Internet, the National Police Agency said Thursday.
With an average age of 16 and the youngest a 13-year-old junior high school girl, 53 offered to sell underwear, 33 offered sex and three offered both.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

BELINDA by Anne Rice: Captain Save a Nymphet

I wrote in The Allure of Nymphets that a trap that older men should diligently avoid is adopting the role of “Captain Save a Hoe” or more specifically "Captain Save a Nymphet". Captain Save a Nymphet is one who gets into a relationship with a nymphet to save her (e.g., from an abusive boyfriend, a life of poverty, an inadequate education and/or to expose her to culture, etc.). However, Captain Save a Nymphet rarely, if ever, saves the teen in distress, but often becomes ensnarled in her web of unending drama.

In Belinda by Anne Rice (writing as Anne Rampling), 16-year-old blond and tanned Belinda attended 44-year-old famous author and artist Jeremy Walker's book signing and after he noticed her he imagined, "Reaching under her short little Catholic school plaid skirt and touching the silk of her naked thighs [...] kissing her, seeing if her face was a soft as it looked-baby flesh."

Jeremy asked Belinda if she wanted to go to a publisher's party at the Saint Francis hotel. In a hotel room at the party, Walker asked Belinda for permission to paint her at his house. He promised her that he didn't have any ulterior motives and that he was "perfectly sincere."

Belinda replied, "Why shouldn't I believe that. I know all about you, Mr. Walker. I've read your books all my life." But it was Belinda who had ulterior motives. After she locked the door and turned the latch, she whispered into Jeremy's ear, "Come on. Don't you want to do it before they come and ruin everything?" And that was the beginning of their age-discrepant affair.

However, Jeremy wasn't Belinda's first affair with an older man or woman. Belinda was banned from her mother's house after it was revealed that 15-year-old Belinda was having an affair with Marty Moreschi, her step-father.  And Belinda shot a lipstick lesbian scene when she was 14, and she had "[...] a two-week Christmas holiday affair with an Arab prince when she was thirteen."

Interestingly, Belinda was well-bred and cultured. For example, in one scene she asked for a "fish knife" as she held her "fork in her left hand, Continental style," she had lived in museums all over Europe, and she could read and write in French, Italian and English. 

However, Belinda was living in a half-way house when she met Jeremy, which should have been a clear warning to Jeremy that something was amiss and that he should have ended their affair immediately. However, the allure of the nymphet was too strong for him to pull away and he precariously put his career and life into jeopardy.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Robert Krepps' FANCY: A Ripe Nymphet

Here are some highlights from Fancy's dust jacket:

Meet 19-year-old [bi-sexual] Fancy, the most beguiling, unsettling, and totally disarming young hoyden to leap from the pages of a book in many a day. Shockingly frank, with an avid appetite - whether for food, drink, sex, love or self-knowledge - Fancy Kittay is a genuine original.

Mistress to 46-year-old Luther Mustaff, the self-made glass king of Pittsburgh's industrial royalty [...] She was raised by her Daddy to use her mind, and having read voraciously for years, she is a grab bag of allusions, quotes, songs and sayings.

Her hair is sable, her skin is rosy brown, and although she wishes that she had a little more balcony and a little less butt, the year is 1925 and figures like Fancy's are fashionable.

Her emergence from ripe nymphethood to young maturity is recorded with relish, wit and sympathy.

In the novel, after two years of being Mustaff's mistress, one night Fancy decides to leave him. She said, "I won't live off somebody who keeps me around because I'm young, a good lay and can be bullied..."

Fancy considers leaving Mustaff for Paul Hawkins, the young "private poet and plaything" of Mrs. Ardyth Rushingford, a middle-aged socialite . However, Fancy is turned off by Hawkins' dependency upon Mrs. Rushingford. She said, "And I won't bunk with anyone who hasn't the nerve to be a man, either."

Fancy decides to move in with Mrs. Rushingford, but their bi-sexual affair is short lived after Fancy is freaked out by Mrs. Rushingford over-the-top milk bath. 

Ultimately, Fancy went full circle and moved in with Yancey, a 32-year-old mysterious ephebophile.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Famous Ephebophile: Roman Polanski

Roman Polanski & Samantha Geimer

I wrote in The Allure of Nymphets that Academy Award nominated film director Roman Polanski gave drugs to thirteen-year-old Samantha Geimer before he raped and sodomized her, that Polanski fled the United States to France in 1978 to avoid going to jail, and that he has avoided extradition by not visiting any countries that may have been sympathetic to America.

What I wrote is true, but in fairness to Polanski it needs to be explained in more detail. I’ll do that by summarizing James Fox’s ‘Roman ‘Holiday’” article that was featured in last month’s Vanity Fair (October 13, 2013):

In 1977, despite feeling that it was consensual and that Geimer was responsive, Polanski pleaded guilty to having unlawful sex with a minor and for his punishment he was sent to a California institution by Judge Laurence J. Rittenband for a 90-day evaluation. 42 days later, Polanski’s psychiatric report recommended that he be released with time served.

[So, contrary to popular belief, Polanski did not flee the country to escape imprisonment. He fled the country after he confessed and was evaluated, which was enough for Geimer’s family to drop the charges of lewd and lascivious acts upon a child under 14, rape by use of drugs, perversion, and sodomy among others charges.]

As a matter of fact, Geimer stated to director Marina Zenovich for her documentary Roman Polanski: Odd Man Out (2012) that Polanski was not a “molester”, “pedophile” or “child rapist.” And despite the fact that Polanski drugged and sodomized her when she was a 13-year-old, she stated in 2011 on an episode of Good Morning America that the judges, “[…]caused way more damage to me and my family than anything Roman Polanski has ever done.”

[Typically, Samantha didn't tell the police or her mother what happened between her and Polanski. She told her boyfriend, but her sister overheard the conversation and told their mother who was advised to call the police.]

The real reason Polanski fled the country was because he was informed that untrustworthy Judge Rittenband planned to have Polanski undergo an additional “evaluation” that could last up to 50 years. Subsequently, French-born Polanski fled to France where he would be exempt from extradition; however, a bench warrant was issued for his arrest.

After Polanski returned to Europe, not only did he make another movie, Tess, which won three Oscars, he began a relationship with Nastassja Kinski, the 15-year-old star of the movie.

Roman Polanski and 15-year-old Nastassja Kinski

No effort was made to arrest Polanski for 30 years after he returned to Europe until he landed in Switzerland to attend a film festival on September 26, 2009; however, after being detained for almost ten months, on July 12, 2010, the Swiss government refused to extradite Polanski to the U.S. and freed him, because the U.S. government could not prove to the Swiss that Polanski hadn't already served his sentence for the crime.

Roman Polanski and 16-year-old Charlotte Lewis

Lastly, Polanski, who is an unabashed ephebophile, was also accused of molesting 16-year-old Charlotte Lewis, who had a role in Polanski’s Pirates (1986), but no charges were filed.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

L'Annee Meduses (1984): How to Lose a Nymphet

Here's the IMDb plot summary for Year of the Jellyfish (1984) [French: L'Annee Meduses]:

Chris, a sexy teenager who appears mostly bare-breasted on the French Riviera, has a crush on Romain, her mother's lover. In reaction to her inability to attract his attention, she experiments with other risque affairs.

The experimental risque affair deals with Vic, the middle-aged (married) friend of the family. 

It's Vic's first affair with a nymphet, and consequently he loses his composer. He calls Chris during dinner with his wife, he sneaks into her room while her father is downstairs, he has sex with her without a condom, and he's at her "beck and call" - all of which leads Chris to tell Vic, "This is where it ends Vic. Don't try to talk or look at me. Don't call or write me, okay?"

Vic's problem is that he didn't follow R. Don Steele's unspoken (attitude) rule that Steele related in Date Young Women for Men Over 35:

"I'm the catch here, not you. I'm not going to chase you. I'm attracted to you, [and] you're attracted to me." We’re both adults. You’re a young(er) adult, and I’m an old(er) adult, but we’re both adults.