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Celebrity Age-Gap Couples: Erika Jayne & Tom Girardi | Richard Gere & Alejandra Silva

Sarah Hearon reported for US Weekly  (April 23, 2020): The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star [Erika Jayne]  [...] met her current husband, Tom Girardi, in the ‘90s [1999] when she was working at Chasen’s restaurant in Los Angeles.

Jayne shared that she approached Girardi who is 32 years her senior: “After a year of working in the restaurant, one night I decided to slip Tom my telephone number,” she recalled in her 2018 memoir, Pretty Mess. “We were standing in front of the giant fireplace. ‘Did you hear I was single?’ I asked.”

Here Jayne explains that the significant age gap is insignificant: “Tom is 33 years older than me. It was always a bigger deal to everyone else than it was to either of us. All a couple really needs is to have the same life philosophy. If you see things the same way, then age, race, religion—none of that comes into play,” she wrote in Pretty Mess. "I have a thirst for knowledge and Tom has a wealth of it. He is a great mentor, a great teacher and somebody I really admire … That kind of stuff is a powerful aphrodisiac."

And Leah Bitsky reported for Page Six (April 23, 2020): "Richard Gere, 70, and wife Alejandra Silva, 37, have welcomed their second child together, a baby boy, the actor’s rep confirmed to Page Six [...] Gere and Silva secretly tied the knot in early 2018 after dating for four years.

Lastly, Anna Rumber of Pop Culture (April 23, 2020) related: ¡Hola! reports that Gere and Silva had an "instant connection" when they first met in 2014 at a hotel that Silva was managing in Italy.

Monday, April 27, 2020

MEMBER OF THE FAMILY: Dianne Lake | Teleiophile & Charles Manson's [Former] Teen Prostitute

You may not be able to read it clearly; so, here's the full text of the above book cover:

At 14, I became one of Charles Manson's girls. [At 16, I left the cult after my arrest at Barker Ranch.] At 17, I helped put him in prison. This is my story. Member of the Family: My story of Charles Manson, Life Inside His Cult, And The Darkness That Ended The Sixties.

In a previous post, we wrote about Emma Cline's The Girls of which AM New York wrote:
"Fans of Emma Cline's novel The Girls will enjoy this nonfiction account of the teenager under Charles Manson's cult [...]" "Enjoy" is a strong word, but I'll let you judge for yourself. 

Before joining the Manson Family, a couple who were a "part of the adult film industry" encouraged Dianne to pose for a photographer friend, because 14-year-old Dianne "would make a great subject". The photographer, in his mid-thirties, drove Dianne to the woods where she initially posed in a bathing suit until the photographer asked her to take off her top, "That's it, there is my girl," he said as he snapped the shutter. "Now take off your bottoms. Only you will see how beautiful you are." Dianne elaborated: "The hippie women were not shy about their bodies, so I decided to do what he asked."

Dianne met Kim Fowley, a promoter in his late twenties, at the Fantasy Faire & Magic Music Festival. Dianne wrote that even at 14, she considered Kim "hot" and that he made her feel "intoxicated". Eventually, Kim took Dianne to his apartment where he grabbed her hand, led her to his bedroom, slowly undressed her while telling her how beautiful she was, but, leaving Dianne confused, he did not have sex with the nymphet. 

Subsequently, Dianne met Kenneth, an environmentalist, at Venice Beach. Dianne wrote that Kenneth was "[...] at least ten years older (i.e., 24) [...] which made him even more appealing [...]" Apparently, it was Kenneth's altruism charisma that first attracted the nymphet. Dianne starting hanging out at Kenneth's beach front table where he promoted environmentalism until he noticed Dianne. Shorty thereafter, Kenneth invited Dianne to his house where they "[...] eagerly made love." Dianne shared: "Kenneth opened my eyes up to what sex could be like - and the fact that an older man had educated me was not lost on me." Dianne admitted: "I am not sure he would have pursued me if I had not made myself so available to him." 

At the beach, Dianne came across Stevie, "a cute little curly headed boy". Afterwards, Ronald, Stevie's father, told Diane, "You are so beautiful." And, "Your skin is so smooth," before he rubbed her "[...] young stomach and barely there breasts [...]". Dianne shared that she knew that Ronald was married with a pregnant wife and a little boy, and that her entire family was in the next room, but for the first time, Dianne came to see that her sexuality was empowering - something that older men seemed to want. Unsurprisingly, Dianne and Ronald began to secretly meet to make love. But surprisingly, Linda, Ronald's wife, asked Dianne to be the older married couple's "love maiden". "We share everything," Ronald explained. 

After being a "love maiden", 14-year-old Dianne met 26-year-old Jerry. Before the age-gap couple had a few nights of "energetic sex", Dianne told her mother that she was going to San Francisco with Jerry.  Dianne never made it to San Francisco with Jerry, because she left him after he asked her to give his dad "a good blow job". 

Charles Manson & Dianne Lake @ the Manson Trail

As you can see, Dianne had voluntarily been with a number of older men and had threesomes before she joined the cult. And after she joined the cult, she 
voluntarily became a teen prostitute for Manson, she engaged in lipstick lesbian sex, and participated in drug fueled orgies. But one thing was different. After Dianne told Manson, "I want you, Charlie [...] I want you to make love with me" and gave him a little kiss on the check, Manson said, "Oh, you do, do you? [...] "Little girl, you need to know that you can't always get what you want. You need to learn serious lessons about life." Dianne wrote that after those words, Manson pushed her head into the wall, ripped down her skirt, and entered her anally. 

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THE TEENAGE PROSTITUTION RACKET (1975): An Aunt Prostitutes Sexulized Italian Teen

Storie di vita e malavita (Racket della prostituzione minorile) [English title: The Teenage Prostitution Racket (1975)] portrays six teen prostitutes. 

In the first story, via hitchhiking, an elderly aunt procured a john for her nymphet niece. Once the truck driver stopped, the elderly aunt gave the teen prostitute and the middle-aged john some privacy. Consequently, the teen removed her white cotton underwear, which the aunt previously flashed to entice the truck driver, but the john nervously settled for oral sex. After the john was done, the aunt gave her niece a beverage to rinse her mouth and the john paid the aunt. "Grazie!"

As we viewed the film without subtitles or dubbing, lets reference IMDb\Lazarillo for a description for the next five stories:
In the longest and most touching story, a naive sixteen-year-old orphan comes to Milan to work in her cousin's sweatshop and is seduced into prostitution by a smooth-talking pimp who promises to marry her. 

In another, more preposterous story another teen is actually a virgin from a respectable family, but after she is tricked into taking off her clothes and photographed at a swinging party, she is blackmailed into becoming a pro, "pleasing" her male clients in ways that don't technically compromise her virginity [...] 

Another girl takes up prostitution to rebel against her father, who she finds out is himself patronizing teen hookers her age. 

Another girl is a man-hating lesbian [...] 

First scene of the film reminded me of Demi Moore who shared in her memoir, Inside Out, that when she was a 15, her mother paraded her in bars. Unable to resist the allure of a nymphet, an approximately 48-year-old wealthy Greek man paid Demi's mother $500 to have sex with the future film star. Subsequently, the man asked Demi, "How does it feel to be whored out [by your mother] for $500?" 

And I was reminded of a story published in the New York Daily News about a mother who was arrested in 2014 for allegedly traveling from Florida to New York City to prostitute her 15-year-old daughter during Super Bowl XLVIII.

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Emma Cline's THE GIRLS: Teen Cultists Sex with Older Men

Here's part of Amazon's plot summary for Emma Cline's The Girls:

Northern California, during the violent end of the 1960s. At the start of summer, a lonely and thoughtful teenager, [14-year-old] Evie Boyd, sees a group of girls in the park, and is immediately caught by their freedom, their careless dress, their dangerous aura of abandon. Soon, Evie is in thrall to Suzanne, a mesmerizing [19-year-old] older girl, and is drawn into the circle of a soon-to-be infamous cult and [Russel] the man who is its charismatic leader.

It you didn't already infer it, The Girls is inspired by Charles Manson, the Manson Family, and Sharon Tate's murder.

In the novel, Evie Boyd was living temporarily with a friend when she happened upon the homeowner's son Julian who: "[...] looked twenty or so, in cargo shorts." and his girlfriend who was: "[...] just a little thing. Fifteen, sixteen, her pale legs tinged with blue." Evie said, "He didn't remember me, and why should he? I was a woman outside his range of exotic measures." However, Julian did recall that Evie was a member of a cult, which caused her to reminiscence about her experience as a 14-year-old cultist. 

Here's the first scene that Evie recalls from that summer of 1969: "I'd been fourteen ["but looked much younger"] that summer. Suzanne had been nineteen [...] Suzanne reading aloud from a back issue of Playboy. The obscene and luminous Polaroids were secreted away and traded like baseball cards."

But before joining the cult, Evie shared that Connie, her best friend, advised her, "The best way to get over someone is to get under someone else." And that she and Connie "[...] licked batteries to feel a metallic jolt on the tongue, rumored to be one-eighteenth of an orgasm."

In addition, Evie shared that when she was young, she masturbated to images of women:

When I was young, I'd seen magazines in a drawer of the bathroom, my father's magazine [...] My favorite girl had a gingham ribbon around her throat in a bow [...] I visited the magazines with the regularity of a penitent [...] Locking the bathroom door with breathless, ill pleasure that quickly morphed into rubbing my crotch along the seams of carpets, the seam of my mattress. The back of the couch. [...] That by holding the hovering image of the girl in my mind, I could build the sensation, a sheet of pleasure that grew until it was compulsive, the desire to feel that way again and again.

In addition, Evie shared: "[...] Connie and I occupied ourselves with: What would you do if your father died? What would you do if you go pregnant? What would you do if a teacher wanted to fuck you, like Mr. Garrison and Patricia Bell?

Eventually, Connie and Evie's friendship would end, and Evie spent a lot of time alone. She made martinis the way her father taught her, she tried reading parts of books she liked when she was (even) younger, and she spent hours masturbating - her face pressed to her pillow until she got a headache, her muscles jumped, her legs became tender and quivered, as her underpants got wet. 

When asked, "You ever hear anything about Russell?" Evie shared that she heard rumors: "[...] about orgies, about frenzied acid trips and teen runaways forced to service older men."

Russel was described as being unlike any other human who could receive messages from animals, who could heal the ill, and who could: "[...] stitch the empty parts of your life together [...]" Russel looked the age of Evie's mother. His voice was "smooth" and "[...] full and slow, never hesitating." Evie felt as if Russel could read her "[...] thoughts as easily as taking a book from a shelf."

As her initiation into the cult, Russel stroked himself into he came into Evie's young mouth: "When he came, he gasped. The salt damp of semen in my mouth, the alarming swell [...] But maybe the strangest part - I liked it, too."

Per Amazon, unsurprisingly, The Girls was an instant bestseller, and the novel was named one of the best books of 2016 by:

The Washington Post • NPR • The Guardian • Entertainment Weekly • San Francisco ChronicleFinancial TimesEsquireNewsweekVogueGlamour People The Huffington PostElle Harper’s BazaarTime Out • BookPage • Publishers WeeklySlate

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Louis C.K.'s I LOVE YOU, DADDY: Teen Girls with "Boners" for Older Dudes | Old\Young

This is IMDb's plot summary of Louis C.K.'s I Love You, Daddy (2017):

"When a successful television writer's [Glen (Louis C.K.)] daughter [China (ChloĆ« Grace Moretz)] becomes the interest of an aging filmmaker [Leslie Goodwin (John Malkovich)] with an appalling past, he becomes worried about how to handle the situation."

Wikipedia elaborated:

"C.K. plays television writer and producer Glen Topher, who becomes disconcerted after his teenage daughter is seduced by a much older film director. The film premiered at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival on September 9, 2017. Initially scheduled to be released in the United States on November 17, 2017 by The Orchard, the film was dropped following sexual misconduct accusations made against C.K. a week prior to the intended debut."

[Note: Although I Love You, Daddy (2017) was never released, we were able to do a review after a critic shared his or her copy.]

Towards the beginning of the film, Maggie (Pamela Adlon) complimented China on her tan. China developed that tan while on her senior year of high school spring break where she participated in "Mother May I" - a (teen) sex game:

Maggie: "Oh my God! Look at you. You got so fucking tanned. Fuck off! Baby. It's March in New York, and you look like a Schvartze came all over you."
China: "What's a Schvartze?"
Glen: "It's Jewish for n_gger."
Maggie: "No it's not. Yes it is. But not in a bad way."

Later, Grace (Rose Byrne) threw a party at her house in The Hamptons for the famous writer and director - Leslie Goodwin (John Malkovich). Grace admitted, "I like to throw him these parties so he can scam on all the young girls [...] He loves it. He's an old perv."

Upon entering the party, the following conversation took place between China, China's dad, and China's schoolmate - Zasha (Ebonee Noel).

Glen: "Oh my God."
China: "What?"
Glen: "That's Leslie Goodwin. I've wanted to meet him my whole life."
China: "Eww, wasn't he a child molester?"
Zasha: "Allegedly."
Glen: "That's just a rumor."
China: "Dad. He's a child molester."
Glen: "You don't know that China. That's just a story."
China: "Ah. God, he's gross."
Zasha"Yeah, but he's sexy."
China: "Zash, come on."
Glen: "You know China, you shouldn't say things like that about a person you don't know - who you just heard rumors about."
China: "OK, well. He also dates really young women. And he's, what, like 80-years-old?"
Glen: "He's a great artist. Probably the best writer filmmaker in the last 30 years or more."

Subsequently, Leslie sparked up an engaging conversation on feminism with China by asking her what type of feminism she followed. And China appeared to be smitten when Leslie asked, "What do you think?" Eventually China shared, "I feel really weird talking to you [...] and I don't like you [...] It's what I've heard about you."

Leslie replied, "OK, well look, I haven't heard anything about you - for instance. I can only go by what I see in front of me - in meeting you. In my experience, that's the best thing to go by. And as far as I can see, you seem like a boorish and rude person with no boundaries. In other words, I think you're terrific. And if I read something terrible about you later, I won't believe it."
Glen was supposed to have lunch with his idol Leslie, but Glen was disappointed after Leslie's office called and canceled. But Glen was shocked that his daughter knew why Leslie canceled. 

China: "Oh well, he's going to Europe tonight [...] I was just with him."
Glen: "You were with Leslie Goodwin?
China: "Yeah. Isn't that weird." 
Ralph (Charlie Day): "Well, it's not that weird. He likes young girls."
China: "Oh. Yes. He. Does."
Glen: "Why were you with Leslie Goodwin?"
China: "I was shopping for shorts at Barneys, and there he was [...] he goes there to, get this, to look at young girls."

In a flashback to Barneys, Leslie shared with China, "Oh, I actually come her quite often, because this is where all of Manhattan's elite girls come, and I like looking at them."
China: "You like looking at young girls?"
Leslie: "Sure, who doesn't. I mean if you had a choice between looking at a pretty girl your age or a retired bus driver, who would you choose?"

Leslie confessed to China that he was different than the other nympholepts who go to Barneys to leer at nymphets. Leslie, "[...] I'm interested in the whole person. It's not just about your perfect body, it's about where you are in this journey of life and humanity." 

Subsequently, Leslie encouraged China to try on a Barneys bikini before they went to Madison Square Park where Leslie purchased and distributed ice cream to the park-goers.  Afterwards, China shared with her dad, "God, it was the best fucking time I have had in years."

Later, Glen found out that China had plans to go to Paris with Leslie. Despite Glen's objections, "You're a minor! And you're 17!", China went to Paris on a private jet with Leslie. (Note: Actually, the age-of-consent in New York is a 17.)

After her birthday party that was held in Central Park, China went to Leslie's place to inform him, "Well, I'm officially 18. No longer a minor." (Once again, the age-of-consent in New York is 17.) After China straddled Leslie, she repeated, "I'm 18. I'm 18, and you're 68. And my friends. My friends think I'm crazy. They go, "China!" And I'm like, "Yeah, I know. He's 68. That's how long it takes to make a good man."

In the end, Glen told China that he had forbidden her from seeing Leslie. After a heated talk, Glen asked his daughter, "What about Leslie?" China chuckled and replied, "That's none of your business Glen," and left the house.

When Zasha arrived to pick up some things for China, Leslie reiterated to Zasha that he didn't want China to have a relationship with Leslie, because Leslie's is a pervert.

Zasha replied, "China's the real pervert here."
Glen: "China's a pervert?"
Zasha: "Yeah, she has such a boner for Leslie. Hilarious. That's always been our thing. She had a teacher in 9th grade who she tried to get to come on to her. Mr. Hoffman [...] Older dudes are sexy."

Lastly, Zasha shared with China's dad: "I used to have a boner for you throughout my teens. It's so normal [...] Who cares how old you are and who you are? [...] I had a thing for you when I was 14. So what?" 

The Guardian's Peter Bradshaw gave I Love You, Daddy four stars and opined that Louis C.K.'s film: "[...] contrives to be a very funny and recklessly provocative homage to Woody Allen, channelling his masterpiece Manhattan and brilliantly finding a fictional way to tackle his personal reputation head-on."

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THE NEW YORK REVIEW OF BOOKS: Musil's "INTIMATE TIES" [Teen] Nymphet Bestiality

I learned about Robert Musil's Intimate Ties: Two Novellas [German: Vereinigungen] (translated from German by Peter Wortsman) from the The New York Review of Books (MAR 26, 2020) where Michael Hofmann described "The Temptation of Silent Veronica", the second novella, this way:

Here's an excerpt that describes how Veronica was aroused and became "hot" by the sight of the dog's penis:

And when she noticed that her little pointed breasts rose and sank in rhythm [...] the dog now stood up straight and stared at her. And then all at once she noticed that something pointed, red, woefully twisted had silently poked its way out of his meerschaum yellow fleece, and at that very moment she now wanted to get up she felt the tepid touch of a tongue against her face. And feeling stunned, unable to was as she herself were also an animal, and despite the terrible fear that gripped her, something cringed hot inside birds squawking and feathers fluttering in the hedgerow, till all falls silent and soft like a flurry of floating feathers...

Veronica reminded me of Dawn and Nina who shared the following in the bestseller Nancy Friday's My Secret Garden: Women’s Sexual Fantasies:

When Dawn was 15, she enjoyed sauntering around her house in the "[...] summer when her parents were out [...]" and having breakfast in the nude. On one such morning, she noticed that her dog, "[...] had this huge hard-on [...]" while he tried to climb upon her. And since that day she said that she has fantasized about that scene "[...] a thousand different ways, complete with the dog's prick inside me, and my family walking in on the scene [...]"

Nina "[...] discovered the delights of masturbation, at the age of seven [...]" She used to imagine that her girlfriend was rubbing between her legs or that her girlfriend's dog was licking her vagina.

Cover Art by Marcos Sanches

Note: If you plan on reading Musil's Intimate Ties: Two Novellas, I must point out that you may find that it's very difficult to read. 
Wortsman shared in the afterword that Musil wrote in his journal, "I almost drove myself out of my mind [writing Intimate Ties: Two Novellas]." Wortsman wrote that the book is "[...] far outside the excepted norms of European art, he [Musil] thought of it rather as a verbal collage, a kind of medieval illuminated manuscript."

Reality TV Stars & A-List Celebrities in Age-Gap Relationships

Unlike Elvis, some celebrity men (openly) play it safe and have age-gap relationships with young women who are a few years past the age of consent. For example, in 2008, 82-year-old Hugh Hefner practiced this type of age-gap relationship with the 19-year-old Shannon twins. 

Hefner & The 19-year-old Shannon Twins 

More recently, a number of reality TV stars and A-list celebrities have been revealed to be in 
Hugh Hefner type age-gap relationships.

For example, the premier of MTV's Siesta Key (JAN 7, 2020) revealed that 25-year-old Madisson Hausburg was dating 45-year-old Ish. Hausburg and Ish met when Hausburg was 23 and Ish was a Siesta Key producer. 

TikTok star Daisy Keech

Deirdre Simonds reported on The Daily Mail that 36-year-old Brody Jenner "[...] appears to quarantining with 20-year-old TikTok star Daisy Keech [...]".

We already did a post on Perez Hilton's post (JUL 26, 2019) "Leonardo DiCaprio’s New GF Responds To Nasty Instagram Comments About [Age-Gap] Relationship!" where Hilton related that 44-year-old Leonardo DiCaprio‘s 22-year-old girlfriend, Camila Morrone, responded via an Instagram video to trolls who left disparaging comments about her two-year relationship with DiCaprio. 

Bobby Finger reported on Jezebel (JUN 10, 16) that Megan Fox shared the following anecdote about Will Arnett:

“He was sort of dating a lot and every other week there was a new girlfriend and he would bring them to set [of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (2016)]. They were progressively getting younger and younger as the weeks went on, and it got to the point where I was like, ‘Buddy, I’m worried. Should I talk to craft service and make sure they have Lunchables for your girlfriend?’”

And Melissa Roberto reported on Fox News (APR 9, 2020): [24-year-old] Florence Pugh gave an ultimatum to her Instagram followers on Wednesday: if you don't support her relationship with [45-year-old] Zach Braff then simply hit the "unfollow" button.

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TikTok Teen Feminists: Teen Abortion, Braless Teens, Teen Lipstick Lesbians, and Masturbating Teens

Just in case you somehow didn't know this, per Wikipedia: 
TikTok is a [popular] Chinese video-sharing social networking service owned by ByteDance, a Beijing-based company founded in 2012 by Zhang Yiming. It is used to create short dance, lip-sync, comedy, and talent videos. The app was launched in 2017 for iOS and Android in markets outside of China. 
We would argue that TikTok would not be TiKTok if not for the apps use of the allure of nymphets. And it turns out that teen feminists are using the app to promote their causes:

Feminist Teen Abortion

Feminist Braless Teens

Feminist Teen Lipstick Lesbians

Feminist Masturbating Teens 

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The May 2020 issue of Cosmopolitan contains a piece by Taylor Andrews titled "Your yes/no/maybe foreplay generator: It's like a sexy homework assignment, but instead of an A, you'll get an orgasm."

The readers are told to: "Consider this worksheet your shortcut to the kind of sex life you already masturbate to, filled with everything you love and...everything you're about to love." 

And, relevant to this blog, under the Role-Play Fantasies section is the option to choose: 

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TEEN VOGUE: "Health Benefits of [Teen] Masturbation"

We've written a number of posts about the use of teen masturbation in pop culture as a form of entertainment. 

For example, we wrote about Erica Garza's Getting Off, which is a memoir about Garza's addiction to masturbating to pornography that began when she was 12-years-old.

We wrote a post titled "Hulu's PEN15: Middle School Girls | Masturbation, Thongs and Handys" where an actress playing 13-year-old Maya discovers masturbation and gets so overwhelmed that she can’t stop touching herself - even grinding away in her middle school's bathroom stall.

And we wrote about TBS's The Detour  where Delilah, a nymphet, got The Big O while riding Suzy, a snow machine. She shared with her father that she spends "a lot" of time with Suzy, because Suzy gives her the "greatest feeling" in her life. Subsequently, Delilah's dad purchased her a Rapid Bristle electric toothbrush that came with a card that read "For your "teeth" Love, Dad" that gave Delilah the ability to masturbate privately in the comfort of her bedroom instead of in front of the house upon Suzy. 

The latest example is Sammy Nickalls' Teen Vogue article "Health Benefits of Masturbation: It's a win-win" (APRIL 1, 2020). Here are the purported health benefits:

1. It relieves stress

“During a time when everything is chaotic and the public is facing a high level of anxiety [due to COVID-19], masturbation is a private and safe technique to relieve that stress,” Dr. Wiggins [sex expert and owner of Health Over All] tells Teen Vogue.

2. It improves immune function

Dr. Wiggins also cited improved immune function as an essential benefit of masturbating [...] some studies have shown that orgasm can give your immunoglobulin levels a boost, thus strengthening your immune system and fending off illness 

3. It strengthens pelvic floor muscles

Masturbation can tone those same muscles, which leads to better [teen] sex and less of a risk of uterine or bladder prolapse! Both of those things are good, but one is admittedly sexier than the other.

4. It alleviates pain

“Orgasm can be a natural pain reliever,” Dr. Wiggins explained, highlighting that it can also relieve headaches and menstrual cramps.

5. It helps you sleep

According to Women’s Health Network, through both hormonal and tension release, masturbation can help prevent insomnia due to the calming effects of good ol’ oxytocin and endorphins, which can help you drift to sleep.

Thus, it appears that, unlike the feminists who lobbied the government to have the age of consent laws passed, Teen Vogue is cognizant of teen sexual desires and is using that knowledge to sell a lot of magazines