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MEMBER OF THE FAMILY: Dianne Lake | Teleiophile & Charles Manson's [Former] Teen Prostitute

You may not be able to read it clearly; so, here's the full text of the above book cover:

At 14, I became one of Charles Manson's girls. [At 16, I left the cult after my arrest at Barker Ranch.] At 17, I helped put him in prison. This is my story. Member of the Family: My story of Charles Manson, Life Inside His Cult, And The Darkness That Ended The Sixties.

In a previous post, we wrote about Emma Cline's The Girls of which AM New York wrote:
"Fans of Emma Cline's novel The Girls will enjoy this nonfiction account of the teenager under Charles Manson's cult [...]" "Enjoy" is a strong word, but I'll let you judge for yourself. 

Before joining the Manson Family, a couple who were a "part of the adult film industry" encouraged Dianne to pose for a photographer friend, because 14-year-old Dianne "would make a great subject". The photographer, in his mid-thirties, drove Dianne to the woods where she initially posed in a bathing suit until the photographer asked her to take off her top, "That's it, there is my girl," he said as he snapped the shutter. "Now take off your bottoms. Only you will see how beautiful you are." Dianne elaborated: "The hippie women were not shy about their bodies, so I decided to do what he asked."

Dianne met Kim Fowley, a promoter in his late twenties, at the Fantasy Faire & Magic Music Festival. Dianne wrote that even at 14, she considered Kim "hot" and that he made her feel "intoxicated". Eventually, Kim took Dianne to his apartment where he grabbed her hand, led her to his bedroom, slowly undressed her while telling her how beautiful she was, but, leaving Dianne confused, he did not have sex with the nymphet. 

Subsequently, Dianne met Kenneth, an environmentalist, at Venice Beach. Dianne wrote that Kenneth was "[...] at least ten years older (i.e., 24) [...] which made him even more appealing [...]" Apparently, it was Kenneth's altruism charisma that first attracted the nymphet. Dianne starting hanging out at Kenneth's beach front table where he promoted environmentalism until he noticed Dianne. Shorty thereafter, Kenneth invited Dianne to his house where they "[...] eagerly made love." Dianne shared: "Kenneth opened my eyes up to what sex could be like - and the fact that an older man had educated me was not lost on me." Dianne admitted: "I am not sure he would have pursued me if I had not made myself so available to him." 

At the beach, Dianne came across Stevie, "a cute little curly headed boy". Afterwards, Ronald, Stevie's father, told Diane, "You are so beautiful." And, "Your skin is so smooth," before he rubbed her "[...] young stomach and barely there breasts [...]". Dianne shared that she knew that Ronald was married with a pregnant wife and a little boy, and that her entire family was in the next room, but for the first time, Dianne came to see that her sexuality was empowering - something that older men seemed to want. Unsurprisingly, Dianne and Ronald began to secretly meet to make love. But surprisingly, Linda, Ronald's wife, asked Dianne to be the older married couple's "love maiden". "We share everything," Ronald explained. 

After being a "love maiden", 14-year-old Dianne met 26-year-old Jerry. Before the age-gap couple had a few nights of "energetic sex", Dianne told her mother that she was going to San Francisco with Jerry.  Dianne never made it to San Francisco with Jerry, because she left him after he asked her to give his dad "a good blow job". 

Charles Manson & Dianne Lake @ the Manson Trail

As you can see, Dianne had voluntarily been with a number of older men and had threesomes before she joined the cult. And after she joined the cult, she 
voluntarily became a teen prostitute for Manson, she engaged in lipstick lesbian sex, and participated in drug fueled orgies. But one thing was different. After Dianne told Manson, "I want you, Charlie [...] I want you to make love with me" and gave him a little kiss on the check, Manson said, "Oh, you do, do you? [...] "Little girl, you need to know that you can't always get what you want. You need to learn serious lessons about life." Dianne wrote that after those words, Manson pushed her head into the wall, ripped down her skirt, and entered her anally. 

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