Saturday, April 25, 2020

THE TEENAGE PROSTITUTION RACKET (1975): An Aunt Prostitutes Sexulized Italian Teen

Storie di vita e malavita (Racket della prostituzione minorile) [English title: The Teenage Prostitution Racket (1975)] portrays six teen prostitutes. 

In the first story, via hitchhiking, an elderly aunt procured a john for her nymphet niece. Once the truck driver stopped, the elderly aunt gave the teen prostitute and the middle-aged john some privacy. Consequently, the teen removed her white cotton underwear, which the aunt previously flashed to entice the truck driver, but the john nervously settled for oral sex. After the john was done, the aunt gave her niece a beverage to rinse her mouth and the john paid the aunt. "Grazie!"

As we viewed the film without subtitles or dubbing, lets reference IMDb\Lazarillo for a description for the next five stories:
In the longest and most touching story, a naive sixteen-year-old orphan comes to Milan to work in her cousin's sweatshop and is seduced into prostitution by a smooth-talking pimp who promises to marry her. 

In another, more preposterous story another teen is actually a virgin from a respectable family, but after she is tricked into taking off her clothes and photographed at a swinging party, she is blackmailed into becoming a pro, "pleasing" her male clients in ways that don't technically compromise her virginity [...] 

Another girl takes up prostitution to rebel against her father, who she finds out is himself patronizing teen hookers her age. 

Another girl is a man-hating lesbian [...] 

First scene of the film reminded me of Demi Moore who shared in her memoir, Inside Out, that when she was a 15, her mother paraded her in bars. Unable to resist the allure of a nymphet, an approximately 48-year-old wealthy Greek man paid Demi's mother $500 to have sex with the future film star. Subsequently, the man asked Demi, "How does it feel to be whored out [by your mother] for $500?" 

And I was reminded of a story published in the New York Daily News about a mother who was arrested in 2014 for allegedly traveling from Florida to New York City to prostitute her 15-year-old daughter during Super Bowl XLVIII.

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