Saturday, April 25, 2020

An Italian Aunt & American Mothers Prostitute [Teens] Nymphets

The Teenage Prostitution Racket (1975): 
An Aunt Prostitutes Her Nymphet Niece

The Teenage Prostitution Racket (1975) [Italian: Storie di vita e malavita (Racket della prostituzione minorile)] is about teen prostitutes in Milan. The Italian film has six stories with the first story being about an aunt who prostitutes her nymphet niece in exchange for a ride.

This scene reminded me of Demi Moore who shared in Inside Out, her memoir, that when she was a 15, her alcoholic mother paraded her in bars. Unable to resist the allure of a nymphet, an approximately 48-year-old wealthy Greek man paid Demi's mother $500 to have sex with the future film star. Subsequently, the man asked Demi, "How does it feel to be whored out [by your mother] for $500?" 

And I was reminded of a story published in the New York Daily News about a mother who was arrested in 2014 for allegedly traveling from Florida to New York City to prostitute her 15-year-old daughter during Super Bowl XLVIII.

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