Tuesday, December 28, 2021

‘The Sex Lives of College Girls’ (2021): Teen Handjob(s), Lipstick Lesbianism & Student-Coach Sex

Hannah Chambers' Cosmopolitan piece "‘The Sex Lives of College Girls’ Is the Most Realistic College TV Show…Maybe Ever" described the show well:

The Mindy Kaling–produced HBO Max series follows [the sex lives of] four roommates at Essex College, a prestigious New England school: Whitney, a soccer star whose mother is a powerful U.S. senator; Kimberly (Pauline Chalamet [...], a naive high school valedictorian with a work-study scholarship; Bela (Amrit Kaur), a self-proclaimed “sex-positive” aspiring comic with conservative Indian parents; and Leighton (ReneĆ© Rapp), an entitled Essex College legacy from New York City who’s hiding her queerness [i.e., Leighton had sex with women, young women, and young men. And she confessed in episode 6, "I went to a New York prep school. I've been making out with bartenders since I was, like, 14."].

In addition, Chambers wrote: "For once, it’d be nice to hear stories about what really goes down at college…and that’s exactly what The Sex Lives of College Girls has accomplished."

Thus, let's take a look at, per Chambers, what really does down at college. And let's begin with 18-year-old Bela whom professed in the premier that she desired to have sex with (48-year-old) television host Seth Meyers, and to become a comedy writer for Essex's prestigious Catullan, Bela proclaimed to her roomates, "I gave six hanjobs!" (And some opine that [consensual] teen prostitution is a construct.) Also, in episode 3, Bela shared, "[...] I masturbate to [SNL's 37-year-old] Kyle Mooney." (Note: Neither Meyers nor Mooney (directly) groomed Bela.)

As for Whitney, who professed, "I like men - not boys," in addition to being an Essex soccer star, she had an affair with Coach Dalton - her married assistant coach. Whitney informed Coach Dalton, "I'm finding it really difficult to concentrate during practice, because I want to fuck you so bad." Consequently, Whitney and her coach had sex in the coach's office and in his car. 

Whitney wasn't the only Essex coed attracted to Coach Dalton. Here's some quotes from her teammates directed at Coach Dalton:
"Way ahead of you handsome."
"I have a question [...] How'd you get so fine?"
"Okay, daddy."
After the age-gap affair was leaked and Coach Dalton was fired, Whitney was consoled, shielded, and victimizedHead coach: "You're 18. You don't need this following you around the rest of your life." Whitney: "Thank you."

However, Whitney denied that she was a victim. For example, after she was told, "It's not your fault." Whitney replied, "No, it really is, unless someone else was sleeping with him, which I guess is possible." And Whitney confessed to her mother that she was not molested and that she's an (18-year-old) adult. 

And if you think Leighton's lipstick lesbian scenes and her confession "I went to a New York prep school. I've been making out with bartenders since I was, like, 14," were not sexualized, at least partially, for male cisgender viewers, I have a plot of beach on Coney Island that you may be interested in purchasing for a (large) fee.

We've written about a plethora of teen shows that take advantage of the allure of nymphets to get streams. For example, most recently, Amazon Prime's I Know What You Did Last Summer. Thus, why do you think Mindy Kaling decided to produce yet another show featuring raunchy teens, a teen age-gap affair, and teen lipstick lesbianism? That's a trick question. Of course, it's the allure of nymphets.  

In the New York Times piece, ‘The Sex Lives of College Girls’ Pursues an Awkward Education (Nov. 15, 2021), Alexis Soloski asked: "Why is our culture so obsessed with the sex lives of young women?" Pauline Chalamet responded: "There’s a fetishization — a Lolita fetish [i.e., the allure of nymphets] [...]"

Sunday, December 19, 2021

The Allure of Nymphets: TikTok Edition | Teen Age-Gap Affairs & The Daddy Thing (2021)

The Allure of Nymphets:
TikTok Edition | Teen Age-Gap Affairs & The Daddy Thing
(2021) GIF

We peruse TikTok approximately 15 minutes per week and over the months we've come across a number of TikToks of nymphets (unsolicitedly) expressing their teleiophilia (i.e., age-gap affairs and The Daddy Thing). Consequently, we decided to curate a new cameraless documentary - The Allure of Nymphets: TikTok Edition | Teen Age-Gap Affairs & The Daddy Thing (2021).

In the short doc, Lilia Buckingham shared that she's constantly reminded about the time she returned to middle school after being kissed by two 20-year-old boys on the show Dirt. Buckingham was 15, and her two love interests on the show were played by 20-year-old Blaine Mayeon and 19-year-old Tayler Holder whom Buckingham's middle school classmates "thought were really hot".

In the doc, a 17-year-old expressed, through song, to her friends that it's not a big deal that "he's 33".

16-year-old @rosesyari went on a Tinder date with a 24-year-old whom didn't mind that @rosesyari was a nymphet. (We're assuming that the Tinder date took place in a state, like Maine or Rhode Island, where the age of consent is 16.) 

@exquisitemariia reenacted a scene in which she seductively distracted "an old man from getting the last sanitizer and toilet paper at the store".

A teen captioned her TikTok "me dating my hs teacher that i had a crush on for ever".

And addition to other age-gap TikToks, we included Dr. Phil's TikTok where he implored "You have to stop commenting "daddy" on my posts". 

Note: No grooming took place in curating of this cameraless documentary.

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Columbia Sorority Sister's Electra Complex: “I’m in Love with my Father."

Brock Colyar posted on New York magazine's The Cut "I Go To an Actual Frat Party". In the piece, Colyar met: "[...] two darkly funny sorority sisters: “Hillary,” a Barnard junior, and “Brooke,” a Columbia senior, both international students [...]" 

Hillary and Brooke invited Colyar to a ($15 via Venmo) Upper West Side frat party. Brooke invited her other sorority sisters via Slack. The part of the party that's relevant to this blog is when, at 1:21 am, Brooke shared with Colyar and Hilary that she's in love with her father (i.e., : 
1:31 a.m. | On a couch upstairs, I gossip with Brooke and Hillary over boy troubles.
King. I’ve never had a boyfriend ever,” Hillary says. 
Brooke has a different problem: “I’m in love with my father, an Electra complex*.” Then we all look at photos of her silver-haired, broad-shouldered dad shirtless on a beach trip somewhere. 
“I wish we had a J to facilitate conversation. An aperitif,” Hillary says, though I think we’ve had enough, now that we’re all drooling over these daddy pics.
*Electra complex: the female counterpart of the Oedipus complex, involving the daughter’s love for her father, jealousy toward the mother, and blame of the mother for depriving her of a penis! (The American Psychological Association)

We weren't (completely) shocked by Brooke's admission of her attraction to her father. Besides, we wrote an entire chapter on the Daddy Thing in Teens Love and Want to F*ck James Franco: A Study of a Life and Works

And we've done a number of posts on this blog about the topic. For example, to name a very few, we wrote about Dr. Phil's TikTok where he beseeched girls to stop calling him Daddy. 

Netflix's Insatiable "I'm super tight."

We wrote about Netflix's Insatiable where 17-year-old Patty attempted to seduce Bob - her beauty pageant coach and asked Bob, "Can I call you daddy?" 

Netflix's Insatiable "Can I call you Daddy?

And we wrote about Nancy Friday's My Secret Garden: Women’s Sexual Fantasies where Bella shared that since she was 8-years-old, her father has always been her "fantasy lover during masturbation".

Curiously, and (some) feminists may find this intriguing, in every situation, it didn't appear that the older men did any grooming

Sunday, December 12, 2021

Celebrity Age-Gap Couple: Casey Affleck (46) & Caylee Cowan (23)

Jessica Bennett posted on Page Six (November 27, 2021) that "Casey Affleck, 46, goes Instagram-official with actress Caylee Cowan, 23". Of the celebrity age-gap couple, Bennett wrote:

Days after Page Six published first photos of Casey Affleck, 46, making out with actress Caylee Cowan, 23, the Oscar-winner has gone public with their relationship.

Affleck confirmed his romance with the young star (e.g., Willy Wonderland (2021)) in an Instagram post encouraging followers to donate blood to The Red Cross, referring to the beauty as “my love.”

“she is MY [young] Love, and she ALWAYS shows up when it counts…,” Affleck declared, while explaining Cowan’s own hesitation when it came to donating blood.

In addition, Bennett shared that Affleck's previous (longtime) girlfriend was 40-year-old actress Floriana Lima:
This latest post also officially confirms Affleck’s split from longtime girlfriend, actress Floriana Lima, 40. During their time together, the couple avoided the spotlight and rarely posted pics of each other to their respective social media pages.

But Claire Carusillo warned on Gawker "Watch Out Casey Affleck, Here Comes the Age Gap Police: The #MeToo survivor’s new girlfriend was born a year after his supporting turn in ‘Good Will Hunting’". (Nov 29, 2021) But Carusillo referred to the age-gap couple's love as "regular and true" and wished the famous age-gap couple all the best:

I think their love is regular and true, and if any jealous hag prudes come out decrying their age gap, I want you to know that I did graduate with a women’s studies degree from a mid-ranked liberal arts college in 2013, and I think this May-December romance is a total boon [...] I wish these two a normal relationship.

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

LAW & ORDER: SVU "Exchange [Student]" | Teen Strip Poker & Hotel Sex Party

Talk about the representation of the allure of nymphets in pop culture! Law & Order: SVU "Exchange [Student]" (s20e21) opened with a teen strip poker scene with 15-year-old Emelia in her bra and panties. 

To make a long episode short, shortly thereafter, a sex tape of a three-way between Emilia Barassi (Anna Van Patten) and two men "more than twice her age" was discovered by NYPD on Emelia's iPhone.

Of the sex tape, that was allegedly filmed by Lara, Emilia's sister, at a sex party at the Harper Hotel, Emilia confessed to NYPD's Benson that she wasn't forced to make the age-gap sex tape:

Emilia: "I met him online [...] It was when I first got here [from Italy as an exchange student]. I was just lonely, I guess."
Benson: "Emilia. The men in the video. They were more than twice your age."
Emilia: "I was just once [...] They didn't force me."

And of the sex tape, Lara confessed to NYPD's Rollins and Carisi that Emilia was "into" the three-way and requested a copy:

Lara: "She [i.e., Emilia] was into it."
Rollins: "And you didn't think she was little bit young for this [i.e., sex tape]?"
Lara: "Look. She had to grow up sometime [...] I love her. I wouldn't do anything to hurt her."
Rollins: "Why'd you send her the video?"
Lara: "She wanted it."
Subsequently, we learned that Emilia and Lara lied about being sexually abused by their, now jailed, Italian father, because they were "brainwashed" by Richard - their host parent. And how did Richard brainwash Emilia? Emilia, "With his fingers. He put them inside me and said he loved me."

In addition, Richard had sex with Emilia and Lara, respectively, while Richard's wife watched and (sometimes) applauded. Richard's wife shared with NYPD, "He thought it was funny. The old bitch watching the younger bitches [...] Sometimes he made me applaud his performances."

Interestingly, after Richard's demise, Lara screamed, "I loved him [...] I was the one he really loved!"

Lastly, Emilia and Lara weren't the only nymphets who were housed by Richard. There were seven additional exchange students including a 16-year-old from Ponta Pora whom left Richard's after he showed her, "[...] homemade porn starring Richard and the girl from my town that [sic] stayed with them two years before."

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Law & Order: SVU "Nightmares in Drill City" | Sex Trafficked Teen or Sexy Teen?

Here's IMDb's description of Law & Order: SVU "Nightmares in Drill City" (Nov 11, 2021):

A fringe, possibly trafficked [Tori Warshofsky] 17-year-old leads her rap crew to a rival's hideout under the guise of a hookup text. Homicide gets involved, and her mere involvement vs. masterminding come to question.

And that's the question posed in this episode. Was Tori, an honor roll senior at Edward F. Murrow high school, "[...] a thrill seeking teen who set this whole tragedy in motion or a sex trafficking victim [...]"?

Before attempting to answer the question, let's take a look at Tori's background.

15-year-old Tori met and had sex with 19-year-old G. Of the age-gap affair, Tori shared with NYPD, "I wanted to please him [...] I let G have sex with me."  

Soon after having sex with G, Tori was, "[...] was stripping in a sleazy club in Queens and turning tricks in a room above it."

Tori even had a YOUNG prostitute advertisement posted online: 

Hey guys,
Sexy YOUNG girl at your service
Available at nigh to make your
dreams come true
100% Real Amazing Body

Of Tori's guilt or innocence, Jasmine, Tori's accomplice told NYPD, "She was looking for action [...] She got hooked [...] Drugs, sex, the videos. She was down for whatever - the wildest one."

Interestingly, Tutuola (Ice T) agreed with Jasmine's assessment, "We agree she got turned out (i.e., coerced by G). But once she got a taste for the life? [...] Anybody can go wrong." 

And Carisi, the prosecutor, appeared to agree with Jasmine and Tutuola. Carisi told Tori:

"You went to Poland on a two-week vacation and resumed our double life."

"You were never locked in a room. You took drugs. You received expensive gifts. And you partied with celebrity rappers. In fact, you never told anyone that you were being exploited until you were arrested for murder."

In the end, Tori's murder charge was reduced to robbery. Her punishment? 200 hours of community service, mandatory counseling, and ten years of probation.   

But after Benson gave Tori a warning about missing two counseling sessions (i.e., violation her probation), Tori shared, "I miss the excitement of the life (i.e., drugs, sex, the videos) sometimes."