Tuesday, December 28, 2021

‘The Sex Lives of College Girls’ (2021): Teen Handjob(s), Lipstick Lesbianism & Student-Coach Sex

Hannah Chambers' Cosmopolitan piece "‘The Sex Lives of College Girls’ Is the Most Realistic College TV Show…Maybe Ever" described the show well:

The Mindy Kaling–produced HBO Max series follows [the sex lives of] four roommates at Essex College, a prestigious New England school: Whitney, a soccer star whose mother is a powerful U.S. senator; Kimberly (Pauline Chalamet [...], a naive high school valedictorian with a work-study scholarship; Bela (Amrit Kaur), a self-proclaimed “sex-positive” aspiring comic with conservative Indian parents; and Leighton (Reneé Rapp), an entitled Essex College legacy from New York City who’s hiding her queerness [i.e., Leighton had sex with women, young women, and young men. And she confessed in episode 6, "I went to a New York prep school. I've been making out with bartenders since I was, like, 14."].

In addition, Chambers wrote: "For once, it’d be nice to hear stories about what really goes down at college…and that’s exactly what The Sex Lives of College Girls has accomplished."

Thus, let's take a look at, per Chambers, what really does down at college. And let's begin with 18-year-old Bela whom professed in the premier that she desired to have sex with (48-year-old) television host Seth Meyers, and to become a comedy writer for Essex's prestigious Catullan, Bela proclaimed to her roomates, "I gave six handjobs!" (And some opine that [consensual] teen prostitution is a construct.) Also, in episode 3, Bela shared, "[...] I masturbate to [SNL's 37-year-old] Kyle Mooney." (Note: Neither Meyers nor Mooney (directly) groomed Bela.)

As for Whitney, who professed, "I like men - not boys," in addition to being an Essex soccer star, she had an affair with Coach Dalton - her married assistant coach. Whitney informed Coach Dalton, "I'm finding it really difficult to concentrate during practice, because I want to fuck you so bad." Consequently, Whitney and her coach had sex in the coach's office and in his car. 

Whitney wasn't the only Essex coed attracted to Coach Dalton. Here's some quotes from her teammates directed at Coach Dalton:
"Way ahead of you handsome."
"I have a question [...] How'd you get so fine?"
"Okay, daddy."
After the age-gap affair was leaked and Coach Dalton was fired, Whitney was consoled, shielded, and victimizedHead coach: "You're 18. You don't need this following you around the rest of your life." Whitney: "Thank you."

However, Whitney denied that she was a victim. For example, after she was told, "It's not your fault." Whitney replied, "No, it really is, unless someone else was sleeping with him, which I guess is possible." And Whitney confessed to her mother that she was not molested and that she's an (18-year-old) adult. 

And if you think Leighton's lipstick lesbian scenes and her confession "I went to a New York prep school. I've been making out with bartenders since I was, like, 14," were not sexualized, at least partially, for male cisgender viewers, I have a plot of beach on Coney Island that you may be interested in purchasing for a (large) fee.

We've written about a plethora of teen shows that take advantage of the allure of nymphets to get streams. For example, most recently, Amazon Prime's I Know What You Did Last Summer. Thus, why do you think Mindy Kaling decided to produce yet another show featuring raunchy teens, a teen age-gap affair, and teen lipstick lesbianism? That's a trick question. Of course, it's the allure of nymphets.  

In the New York Times piece, ‘The Sex Lives of College Girls’ Pursues an Awkward Education (Nov. 15, 2021), Alexis Soloski asked: "Why is our culture so obsessed with the sex lives of young women?" Pauline Chalamet responded: "There’s a fetishization — a Lolita fetish [i.e., the allure of nymphets] [...]"

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