Sunday, December 12, 2021

Celebrity Age-Gap Couple: Casey Affleck (46) & Caylee Cowan (23)

Jessica Bennett posted on Page Six (November 27, 2021) that "Casey Affleck, 46, goes Instagram-official with actress Caylee Cowan, 23". Of the celebrity age-gap couple, Bennett wrote:

Days after Page Six published first photos of Casey Affleck, 46, making out with actress Caylee Cowan, 23, the Oscar-winner has gone public with their relationship.

Affleck confirmed his romance with the young star (e.g., Willy Wonderland (2021)) in an Instagram post encouraging followers to donate blood to The Red Cross, referring to the beauty as “my love.”

“she is MY [young] Love, and she ALWAYS shows up when it counts…,” Affleck declared, while explaining Cowan’s own hesitation when it came to donating blood.

In addition, Bennett shared that Affleck's previous (longtime) girlfriend was 40-year-old actress Floriana Lima:
This latest post also officially confirms Affleck’s split from longtime girlfriend, actress Floriana Lima, 40. During their time together, the couple avoided the spotlight and rarely posted pics of each other to their respective social media pages.

But Claire Carusillo warned on Gawker "Watch Out Casey Affleck, Here Comes the Age Gap Police: The #MeToo survivor’s new girlfriend was born a year after his supporting turn in ‘Good Will Hunting’". (Nov 29, 2021) But Carusillo referred to the age-gap couple's love as "regular and true" and wished the famous age-gap couple all the best:

I think their love is regular and true, and if any jealous hag prudes come out decrying their age gap, I want you to know that I did graduate with a women’s studies degree from a mid-ranked liberal arts college in 2013, and I think this May-December romance is a total boon [...] I wish these two a normal relationship.

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