Wednesday, December 8, 2021

LAW & ORDER: SVU "Exchange [Student]" | Teen Strip Poker & Hotel Sex Party

Talk about the representation of the allure of nymphets in pop culture! Law & Order: SVU "Exchange [Student]" (s20e21) opened with a teen strip poker scene with 15-year-old Emelia in her bra and panties. 

To make a long episode short, shortly thereafter, a sex tape of a three-way between Emilia Barassi (Anna Van Patten) and two men "more than twice her age" was discovered by NYPD on Emelia's iPhone.

Of the sex tape, that was allegedly filmed by Lara, Emilia's sister, at a sex party at the Harper Hotel, Emilia confessed to NYPD's Benson that she wasn't forced to make the age-gap sex tape:

Emilia: "I met him online [...] It was when I first got here [from Italy as an exchange student]. I was just lonely, I guess."
Benson: "Emilia. The men in the video. They were more than twice your age."
Emilia: "I was just once [...] They didn't force me."

And of the sex tape, Lara confessed to NYPD's Rollins and Carisi that Emilia was "into" the three-way and requested a copy:

Lara: "She [i.e., Emilia] was into it."
Rollins: "And you didn't think she was little bit young for this [i.e., sex tape]?"
Lara: "Look. She had to grow up sometime [...] I love her. I wouldn't do anything to hurt her."
Rollins: "Why'd you send her the video?"
Lara: "She wanted it."
Subsequently, we learned that Emilia and Lara lied about being sexually abused by their, now jailed, Italian father, because they were "brainwashed" by Richard - their host parent. And how did Richard brainwash Emilia? Emilia, "With his fingers. He put them inside me and said he loved me."

In addition, Richard had sex with Emilia and Lara, respectively, while Richard's wife watched and (sometimes) applauded. Richard's wife shared with NYPD, "He thought it was funny. The old bitch watching the younger bitches [...] Sometimes he made me applaud his performances."

Interestingly, after Richard's demise, Lara screamed, "I loved him [...] I was the one he really loved!"

Lastly, Emilia and Lara weren't the only nymphets who were housed by Richard. There were seven additional exchange students including a 16-year-old from Ponta Pora whom left Richard's after he showed her, "[...] homemade porn starring Richard and the girl from my town that [sic] stayed with them two years before."

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