Saturday, April 9, 2016

LOVE & POP (1998): Enjo Kosai | Japanese Schoolgirl Prostitutes for Hire

Here's IMDb's description of Love & Pop (1998) [Japanese: ラブ&ポップ]: 
A high school girl engages in compensated dating in order to buy an expensive ring before the day ends.
Love & Pop was adapted from Ryū Murakami' s novel Topaz II, which unsurprisingly is about enjo kosai [援助交際] (i.e., the practice of Japanese high school students accepting payment to go on dates with men.)

The first "date" took place after two teens were paid 10,000 yen to have lunch with a middle-aged businessman. Subsequently, the nymphets were approached by a man who offered them 7,000 yen to have lunch in his apartment. In an effort to raise money to buy a ring, the girls accepted 50,000 yen to go to karaoke. After singing and eating with the schoolgirls the man fetishly collected the girl's saliva covered muscats. 

And the next to last ephebophile forced one of the nymphets to give him a hand-job while they were on a "date" in a video rental store.

Of course some of these dates lead to more than just lunch, karaoke and even handjobs. Like the schoolgirl shared in the above GIF, "I've gone all the way on some occasions."

We wrote a short post about Stop The Bitch Campaign (2001), which is another enjo kosai film, but we've written, somewhat, extensively about Japanese schoolgirl prostitutes and JK cafes where men pay about $30 per hour to "chat for half an hour" with nymphets.