Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Stacey Dooley's BBC YOUNG SEX FOR SALE IN JAPAN (2017): Sexy Japanese Schoolgirls

Stacey Dooley opened Young Sex for Sale in Japan (2017) by sharing that, although it was illegal to distribute and produce child pornography in Japan, it wasn't illegal to own child pornography until 2014. 

Dooley's BBC documentary shows that Japanese nymphets are used in outdoor and indoor advertisements for everything from music to used underwear.

There’s a bustling street named JK Alley (i.e., Schoolgirl Alley) where, Monday through Sunday, teenage girls in school uniforms solicit men to hold hands, go for walks, take naps on their young laps, and/or patronize a JK cafe.

Dooley related that there are 300 JK cafes in Japan where approximately 5,000 nymphets, as young as 15, cater to men.

In the cafe Dooley visited, £35 will get a man 40 minutes with the schoolgirl of his choice and free booze. Some men pay extra to have a threesome where, among other subjects, they talk about sex. The most popular nymphet in the featured cafe is so because she’s “good at talking dirty”.

Interestingly yet unsurprisingly, a patron shared, “A girl wearing a school uniform seems beautiful.”

A 17-year-old Japanese prostitute shared with Dooley that she has sex with between 15 to 17 men per week and that, “Girls in my line of work either have issues at home or are lonely. Or course, some do it to pay their school fees. I probably do it as a form of self-harm. A desire to commit suicide. Like I have suicidal thoughts.”

Dooley stated, “Well, I don’t have an issue with women who are over 18 and have given their consent - selling themselves, entertaining men - doing whatever they want to do because it’s their body.”

But 17, 18 and 28-year-old prostitutes have the same issues. The problem is not the age of the prostitute - in this case, unforced prostitution is the problem, which is the choice to use one’s sexuality for financial gain instead of seeking an alternative route to earning money. 

A Japanese lady who heads an NGO said, “Girls know youth have value [...] Girls know that being a JK girl will get them attention. But these men are adults and [are] more cunning than the girls.” 

Unless they're a pickup artist or a pimp, most men are not more cunning, but they have the money that the girls want; thus, the girls may push their boundaries to get more and more money. Thus it’s unsurprising that the NGO head added, “They know that ‘JK’ is a brand, they know now is their moment. Some don’t want to throw away their school uniforms, because they want to look like high school girls.” 

Dooley described the nymphets as impressionable, but clearly the men are impressionable as well. 

Lastly, while nympholespsy may be more open in Japan via advertising, JK cafes, chako ero (i.e., erotically clothed nymphets), and Lolicon manga (i.e., sexual depictions of pubescent girls), Dooley shared that in the UK between 2015 and 2016, there were more that 5,000 arrests for possession of child pornography.

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