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Ivanka Trump & NYC Prep School Girls Gone Wild: Nude Teens, Porn & Booze [And Teen Abortions?]

Vanessa Grigoriadis' cover story for the August 5-18, 2019 issue of New York Magazine is about Ivanka Trump who, per Grigoriadis, threw a wild birthday party in middle school with topless schoolgirls in limos and nude nymphets watching porn in Atlantic City's Taj Mahal hotel:
Ivanka was always a good student, but she was no kind of good girl. For her birthday party in junior high, she invited about 20 girls from Chapin, her Upper East Side all-girls school, to the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, all of them crammed into stretch limos without chaperones[...] 

The girls acted crazy: flashing people out the windows, whipping off bras and putting them on the limos’ antennae. In the hotel suite, they rented porn and ran around naked. 

Classmates who remained at home heard about the trip in excruciating detail and felt horribly left out. 
And per Grigoriadis, as a nymphet, Ivanka was smoking, drinking, taking drugs and making out upon pool tables in bars and nightclubs:
So when Ivanka started smoking, drinking, taking drugs, hanging out at bars and nightclubs, and making out with guys on pool tables at pre–voting age, she had to keep all of that secret from her father, and it does not seem he has ever known about it or wanted to know.

In episode 4 of the Luminary Media/New York Magazine podcast The Making of Ivanka Trump, Grigoriadis elaborated that, in addition to flashing people out of the limousine's windows, the prep school nymphets would: "[...] put their butts through the moonroof. They'd knocked on the driver's window and make him turn around and see what they were doing."

After Grigoriadis shared that Ivanka was: "[...] famous in New York for being a wild child," Emily Jane Fox related a raunchy middle-school incident about Ivanka from her New York Times Bestseller Born Trump: Inside America's First Family
"She was in class. And Chapin is right up against a park on the Upper East Side -  on the far east side [...] So, she was in a third floor [8th grade]classroom and looked down into the park and there was a hot dog vendor. And she and her girlfriend[s] flashed the hot dog vendor from the school window."
Lysandra Ohrstrom took part in the “flashing the hot dog man” incident at Chapin. Ohrstrom imparted some details about the incident in her Vanity Fair piece "Ivanka Trump Was My Best Friend Now She's Maga Royalty":
"One of the earliest memories I have of Ivanka from before we were friends is when [...] she goaded me and a few other girls into flashing our breasts out the window of our classroom in what has since been labelled the “flashing the hot dog man” incident in Chapin lore. Ivanka had basically been the ringleader, but she pleaded her innocence to the headmistress and got off scot-free. The rest of us were suspended."

Daniel Bates elaborated for the Daily Mail on Ivanka's young breasts by writing that Donald Trump suggested that Ivanka "[...] get breast implants to help further her modeling career." And Bates wrote that Ivanka learned how to give oral sex during her sophomore year of high school. (A classmate modeled the procedure using a banana.)

Donald Trump & 14-year-old Ivanka

Subsequently, Ivanka transferred from Chapin to Choate, a boarding school in Connecticut, but she was forced to submit to a drug test, and she was put on restriction after attending a party at Charles Timlin's house. And who was Charles Timlin you may ask? He was Ivanka's English teacher.

[Update: June 29, 2022] 

Alexandra Stone posted on Radar that "IVANKA TRUMP HAD ABORTION IN HIGH SCHOOL...According To Manhattan Socialite Lauren Santo Domingo" (June 25 2022). That's correct, per Domingo, Ivanka was having unprotected teen sex in high school. 

In light of the Supreme Court's overturning of Roe v. Wade and based on her relationship with Ivanka, Domingo tweeted, which has since been deleted:
"@IvankaTrump you are noticeably quiet today. The high school friends who took you to get an abortion are not."
Stone wrote that Domingo and Ivanka used to be close:
"The two socialites used to be close years ago and were frequently spotted out and about together in New York, but they no longer appear to be on friendly terms."

And Brooke Hammerling shared in "Pop Culture Mondays/6.27.22", a Medium newsletter,  that Domingo and Ivanka: "[...] grew up together as wealthy NYC girls who run in similar circles."

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