Monday, August 5, 2019

[TAN Digest] TTYL's 10 Anniversary, DiCaprio’s Young GF, and NYC Prep School Girls Gone Wild (e.g., Nude Teens & Porn)

Ironically, Olivia Nuzzi's "71 minutes with ..Andrea Catsimatidi" was printed in the July 22-August 4, 2019 issue of New York Magazine. We write ironically because the cover story for the issue is about Jeffery Epstein, and we learned for Nuzzi's minutes with Catsimatidi, that Catsimatidi met Christopher Nixon Cox, her 29-year-old (ex)husband when she was a 17-year-old prep school schoolgirl at The Hewitt School. 

The age-gap couple met when Richard Nixon's grandson, who was working on Senator John McCain’s presidential campaign, appeared on a debate panel at the Upper East Side private school. 

The naive would find this hard to believe, but Catsimatidi related in the New York Times "Vows" section that, “All the girls were cutting me in line [...] They all wanted to meet the cute McCain guy.” 

Leonardo DiCaprio’s GF Responds To  Comments About Their [Age-Gap] Relationship

Perez Hilton's post "Leonardo DiCaprio’s New GF Responds To Nasty Instagram Comments About [Age-Gap] Relationship!" relates that 44-year-old Leonardo DiCaprio‘s 22-year-old girlfriend, Camila Morrone, responded via an Instagram video to trolls who left disparaging comments about her two-year relationship with DiCaprio. (That's correct. They met when she was a nymphet.) 

Trolls left comments like: “Leo only cares about your body” and “You only have a couple more years before he dumps you girl! Collect your bag 😍”.

Never Goin' Back (2018)
We know Morrone from her role as a naughty teen in Never Goin' Back (2018). 

We didn't realize that the 10th anniversary edition of ttyl had been published. Apparently, the  Young Adult (YA) novel has been updated. Is there an update on 15-year-old Margaret, who "[...] ejaculates [...] [and] she squirts when she comes" ?

Vanessa Grigoriadis' cover story for the August 5-18 issue of New York Magazine is about Ivanka Trump who, per Grigoriadis, threw a wild birthday party in middle school with topless schoolgirls in limos and nude nymphets watching porn in the Taj Mahal hotel in Atlantic City:

Ivanka was always a good student, but she was no kind of good girl. For her birthday party in junior high, she invited about 20 girls from Chapin, her Upper East Side all-girls school, to the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, all of them crammed into stretch limos without chaperones, which other parents would never have allowed had Donald actually told them about this plan. The girls acted crazy: flashing people out the windows, whipping off bras and putting them on the limos’ antennae. In the hotel suite, they rented porn and ran around naked. Classmates who remained at home heard about the trip in excruciating detail and felt horribly left out. 

And per Grigoriadis, Ivanka was smoking, drinking, taking drugs and making out upon pool tables in bars and nightclubs as a nymphet:

So when Ivanka started smoking, drinking, taking drugs, hanging out at bars and nightclubs, and making out with guys on pool tables at pre–voting age, she had to keep all of that secret from her father, and it does not seem he has ever known about it or wanted to know. 

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