Monday, February 28, 2022

Law & Order: SVU "The Good Girl" | School Girl Stepfather Sexual Affair & Middle School Sexting

Here's IMDb's synopsis for Law & Order: Special Victims Unit "The Good Girl" (s20e20):

Benson and the team work to uncover a pregnant teenager's secret when she refuses to name the baby's father.

The pregnant teenager is 13-year-old Mackenzie Tolliver - a student at Saint Matthews Middle School. Mackenzie told the NYPD that she was impregnated during a consensual age-gap one-day-stand in a blue BMW in the parking lot of a Whole Foods. Mackenzie shared:

"I'm old enough to make my own decisions [...] I was buying yogurt in Whole Foods. We started talking. It was only one time in his car [...] I wanted to. He didn't force me or anything like that."

Then Mackenzie told the NYPD that she was impregnated by Mr. Dreyfus - her drama teacher

But ultimately, it was determined that Mackenzie was impregnated by Garrett Howard. Shockingly, Garrett was Mackenzie's step-father. Mackenzie shared that when she meet her mother's lover, it was love at first sight:

"[Like Minnie in The Diary of a Teenage Girl] I think I've always loved him. From the first time I saw him [...] when he started dating mom [...] I love him like a wife loves a husband."

After Mackenzie's mother died, Mackenzie and Garrett were married after MacKenzie's father gave his consent to his 12-year-old daughter and her middle-aged fiancé for $10,000.

However, the NYPD arrested Garrett on the suspension that he couldn't resist the allure of a nymphet (i.e., NYPD's assumption Garrett had sex with Mackenzie before they were married.) Benson said to Garret:

"What jury is going to believe that you waited until you were married to sleep with someone that you love so much?"

Lastly, Benson tried to convince Mackenzie that she was victimized, but Mackenzie tried convince Benson otherwise:

Benson: "He manipulated you."
Mackenzie: "I wanted to."
Benson: "No, he made you think that you wanted to."
Mackenzie: "You're just jealous!"

Oh wait, there was a social media post in the episode about Mackenzie and sexting nudes. Why? #theallureofnymphets

Sunday, February 27, 2022

Schulman's THIS BEAUTIFUL LIFE: The Prep School Girl\Teen Porn Star

Previously, we wrote about "Swiffergate", which we learned about from Zachary Kussin's New York Post post"Con artist Danielle Miller, who flaunted lavish, lifestyle facing new reality — and needs a roommate", which is about “Swiffer Girl” (Danielle Miller). Kussin related that in 2004, Miller, an 8th grader at The Bronx's exclusive Horace Mann prep school, produced three (3) self-shot videos masturbating with and simulating fellatio on a Swiffer broom.

Gabrielle Bluestone elaborated on "Swiffergate" in her New York magazine piece, ‘I More So Consider Myself a Con Artist Than Anything’ What Danielle Miller learned at Horace Mann and Rikers" where Bluestone related that after Miller's crush shared the teen masturbation videos, (unsurprisingly) the videos went viral "among New York’s private-school students" and on the Internet:

Initially, Miller was distraught, but by 9th grade, she embraced the attention, and due to "Swiffergate", "Swiffer Girl" became a much sought after high school "It Girl" and teen porn star. 

And in Female Chauvinist Pigs: Women and the Rise of Raunch Culture, Ariel Levy elaborated on Miller's embraced fame as a prep school porn star, which included signing autographs.

Subsequently, Helen Schulman fictionalized "Swiffergate" and “Swiffer Girl” in This Beautiful LifeIn the novel, Daisy Cavanaugh, an 8th grader at The Bronx's Wildwood high, is described as wearing purple lip gloss with clear braces, bleached blond hair and "tiny breast buds".

After she recorded, “Still think I’m too young?”, Daisy “[...] reached below her hemline and lifted up her (short) skirt [...]" to reveal her “[...] shaved pudenda [...]”. Then "[s]he reached out for a little toy baseball bat [...]", masturbated, and emailed the video to Jake - a 15-year-old Upper East Sider and sophomore at Wildwood.

Just like IRL, Daisy's selfie went viral. For example, nymphets were even viewing the video in the school's library: “The Upper School librarian had caught sight of the video over some girl’s shoulder on one of the school’s PCs and that was that.” At Wildwood the “lesbians and feminists” didn’t “get it” but the “Nice girls. Sluts.” did. 

Consequently, Daisy became a(n) (amateur) teen porn star - autographing toy baseball bats and joyfully posing for pictures with her teen fans on Wildwood's campus:

“She was autographing baseball bats. Some of the kids on the team had brought them to her as a goof. They were taking pictures of her with their cell phones and she was posing […] “She was famous now. He’d made her famous. She was autographing the bats and smiling a big, broad, winning smile.”
Riverdale (The Bronx) Park Hiking Trails

And Jake reaped rewards too. After returning to school from a brief suspension, Jake was greeted with a "blur of backslapping" and Rachel Potter, one of the hottest and most popular girls at Wildwood, performed oral sex on Jake - in the woods behind their prep school.
“On Friday, Rachel Potter asked Jake out. Rachel Potter was one of the hottest girls in his grade and one of the most popular. She had all this great curly blond hair.”

In "[…] the woods behind school, Rachel had knelt down in the dirt and leaves and sticks on her bare knees and took his dick in her mouth; about how blue and luminous her eyes were as she looked up at Jake while she sucked him off; or about how he’d taken her head in his hands and moved it, gently at first and then roughly, back and forth around his dick [...] he grabbed her head and he pushed it back and forth as hard as he liked it, so hard it seemed that he might hurt her neck or that Rachel might even choke [...] it was like he was jerking himself off in Rachel’s mouth and when he looked down, her eyes were half closed; he could no longer see any of that crazy blue, just white, and then his dick slipped out of her mouth and she gasped for air and he came on Rachel’s face, shooting across her cheek, some of it landing behind her ear, in her beautiful angel hair.”

Interestingly, Jake's mother Googled "'teen masturbating,' which had nothing on Daisy." 

Lastly, Schulman included some nympholepsy in This Beautiful Life when she name dropped Nabokov, Jimmy Page, and wrote that Uptown Prep's principal was soliciting school girls for (online) sex:

“Threadgill isn’t the first private school headmaster in NYC exposed as a lover of ‘hard candy’ [i.e., very young porn] — because last fall, at Uptown Prep, the principal was caught inviting fourteen- and fifteen-year-old girls to have sex via online chat rooms.” ”

Monday, February 21, 2022

The Daddy Thing | From Fashion to TikTok: "It's Officially Zaddy Season"

In Teens Love and Want to F*ck James Franco: A Study of a Life and Works, we wrote an entire chapter on The Daddy Thing. And we've written a number of posts on this blog about The Daddy Thing 

For example, we wrote about Dr. Phil's TikTok where he pleaded with TikTokers to stop calling him "Daddy". And we even produced The Allure of Nymphets: TikTok Edition | Teen Age-Gap Affairs & The Daddy Thinga [cameraless] documentary. 

But most recently, Alexandra Hildreth posted that "It's officially zaddy season" on i-D\Vice (04 February 2022). Hildreth wrote that, it's official, middle-aged masculinity is hot. And that (skater) boys are out but men substance (e.g., money) are in.

We’re calling it: middle-aged masc is officially hot. Skater boys: out! Men with substance, and even more substantial wallets: in!

And Hildreth (unsurprisingly) related that Dr. Phil isn't the only zaddy on TikTok:

[...] a quick scroll through TikTok or Instagram and you’ll no doubt come across countless sugar daddy memes and clips of Gene Kelly’s character in The Pirate; Eric Dane, a certified zaddy for millennials as McSteamy, now stars as Euphoria’s Cal Jacobs; and then there are  those paparazzi shots of Willem Dafoe (often referred to “Willem Dripfoe” or Willem Da Goat” on TikTok) and Daniel Day-Lewis, which have resurfaced to elicit a collective sigh of desire. 

But don't forget that these parasocial age-gap relationships are on one-way streets, because if, say, Dr. Phil or Daniel Day-Lewis (openly) expressed their attraction to [very] young women, they would be called creepy and possibly be canceled. 

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Liara Roux's WHORE OF NEW YORK: (Pre) Teen Outdoor Lesbian Sex & Teen Escorts

Just like Vanessa Springora's Consent: A Memoir, Traci Lords' Underneath It All, and Kate Elizabeth Russell's My Dark Vanessa, Liara Roux's memoir, Whore of New York: A Confession, is peppered with (pre) teen sex and contradictions. 

The first contradiction is that, despite the book's title, Roux, who grew up on the UES of Manhattan, did most of her escorting slash prostituting, that commenced when she was a teen, in California, but the Whore of San Francisco doesn't sound as alluring. 

Catskills in Upstate NY

As for Roux's pre-teen sex scene, she shared that in fifth grade (≈ 10-years-old), she had (lipstick) lesbian sex with the "very beautiful" Melissa. Outdoors. In the woods. During a youth retreat in the Catskills. The nubile nymphets met by the bonfire before Melissa looked into Roux's and licked her fingers:
[...] Melissa. I would sometimes stare at her without realizing, thinking she would never notice.

One day, late at night, when the youth pastors had built a huge bonfire [...] I let her pull the marshmallow off the stick and watch her eat it. Bits of gooey marshmallow still clung to her fingers, and she looked me in the eyes as she licked them. “So good.”

[...] all I could pay attention to was how close her leg was to mine, how she touched my arm when she laughed, how she rested her head on my shoulder as the fire started dying down, her hand on my thigh in the darkness.

Subsequently, Melissa led Roux into the woods where they kissed, Melissa put Roux's young fountain into her bouche, and her hand upon Roux's mound.
One day, when we were walking to whatever activity was next, she asked me if I wanted to skip it [...]  As we got further away from the camp, she stepped off the trail. I followed her. We wandered through the trees, and I tripped over a rock hidden under the snow.

We got to a clearing and she plopped on the ground, then started making a snow angel. “What about your pants?” I asked. “Won’t they get wet?” [...] “They already are.” I blushed at the implication. Seeing my flushed face, she stood up, walked to me, and kissed me [...] I couldn’t hold myself back. I kissed her, putting my hands around her neck, pulling her in.

[...] I pressed myself against her and we fell in the snow [...] I rolled on top of her, kissed her again [...] She wiggled, unzipping her coat, unzipping mine, and our hands were on each other’s chests, grasping at softness. I kissed her neck; she moaned and put my breast in her mouth [...] After much maneuvering, she pulled off her glove and stuck her hand down my pants. The chill of her fingertips pressing into me.

“We walked back to camp, our faces flushed.”

And like Springora, Lords and Russell, Roux contradicts her stance on age-gap relationships. Roux appears to condemn heteroesexual age-gap romantic relationships, but she condones heteroesexual age-gap relationships between (married) johns and escorts\prostitutes. And she condones lesbian age-gap romantic relationships. #perplexed

As for heteroesexual age-gap romantic relationships, Jeremy Lin, an older writer, gave 16-year-old Roux a "thrill" due to his "sexual attention". And Roux entrapped* older literary men on Facebook with the promise of teen sex. 

As with most writing circles, there were certainly older men who loved the idea of access to all these young and eager teenage girls. Most of them were obviously awful, like Jeremy Lin, who wrote an entire novel based [Richard Yates (review forthcoming)] on an abusive relationship he had with a sixteen-year-old. I enjoyed the thrill of hanging out with him and his sexual attention, so I made a grotesque game of it: I would find an older literary man online, add him on Facebook, lead them on, let them think that I would fuck them, then disappoint them.
*I wrote entrapped, because if those writers had been exposed, they would have been accused of grooming poor Roux before probable jail time. Interestingly, on a related note, Roux noted: 
"No one I knew who started [escorting] while underage was honest with their clients about it. They always said they were eighteen or nineteen, if not twenty-one. They had fake IDs and everything else."

As for heteroesexual age-gap relationships between (married) johns and escorts\prostitutes, Roux, who started "devouring" information about sex workers - in high school, wrote that her favorite aspect of being a whore is giving (older) [married] clients pleasure:

That’s my favorite part of my work as well — making my clients feel pleasure.

Only last week I was sprawled on the bed of a luxury hotel in silk pajamas, eating berries while an older married man sucked my toes [...] He gave me a massage and admired my body. I came while watching him jerk off into a champagne glass [...]
Is it wrong that I feel comfortable fucking an older man who's paying me? 

Yet Roux admits that when she was underage (16), she was groomed by Anna, a 25-year-old lesbian, whom Roux latter "married":

The way my future wife, Anna, groomed me was more insidious. We became Facebook friends when she was in her late twenties and I was underage. She was lightly flirtatious, but nothing over the top. She acted kind and nurturing, helping me out with an art project I was working on for high school. I began writing for her art blog and she said she would mentor me. I totally had a crush.”

“One day she commented on one of my photos, “You look so young.” It made me feel nauseous, uncomfortable, for a reason I couldn’t quite put my finger on. I didn’t want her to see me as young.”

Lastly, Molly Young opined in her New York Times review of Whore of New York that the childhood section was the least interesting part of the book:
As with most memoirs, the “childhood” section of the book is the least interesting. Things get cooking when Roux finds her calling [as a Whore of San Francisco].

Sunday, February 6, 2022

AND JUST LIKE THAT (2021): Sexy Teen [Asian] Selfies

Here's IMDb's description of And Just Like That  - the Sex and the City reboot: 

The series will follow Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte as they navigate the journey from the complicated reality of life and friendship in their 30s to the even more complicated reality of life and friendship in their 50s.
Lily, Charlotte & Rose

From the description, it doesn't appear that the HBO Max streaming series has anything to do with nympholepsy or nymphets but what IMDb leaves out is that Charlotte has two teen daughters: Rose Goldenblatt and Lily Goldenblatt.

Rose is a confused nymphet who doesn't seem know if she wants to be Jewish or atheist, cisgender or (butch) lesbian, human or alien. And if it turns out in, possible, subsequent seasons that Rose is a (butch) lesbian - that could make for some disturbing age-gap story lines

Rose's "Sexy" Workout Wear IG Selfie

On the other hand, we learned in s01e08 that Lily is a sneaky nymphet who has a "private" Instagram account where she posts selfies in what she described as "workout wear" (i.e., crop top and spandex bottom).

Mare of Easttown

Lily reminded me of Mare whom said, "Trust me. Teenage girls are fucking sneaky."

However, Charlotte said that Lily's workout wear selfie was "sexy" and that Lily had a [seductive] "look" in her eye. 

colin55 opined that Lily's crop top, spandex bottom, and look in her eye was "hawwwwwwwt"; however, Charlotte wanted to know if Lily was a teleiophile and if Colin is 55-years-old. 

In the next episode, Lily decided that she wanted to learn how to use a tampon. After Charlotte reminded, "[...] there's really only one hole that it can go into." Charlotte demanded that Lily, "Just stick it in! Jam it up there Lily! Just do it!" Ultimately, Lily shared, "It's in." #voila

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

It appears that And Just Like That is going to use the Tina Fey approach to portraying nymphets, which is peppering nympholepsy throughout the series, which is unlike Mindy Kaling who focuses her series' around nubile nymphets. 

Never Have I Ever

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Cornith's "Self-Portrait with his [Topless Young] Wife and a Glass of Champagne" (1902)

In 1901, Lovis Cornith, the German artist and writer, opened an all-girls private art school. Days later, 41-year-old Cornith fell in love with his very first student - 21-year-old Charlotte Berend whom he subsequently married after he painted her topless in Self-Portrait with his Wife and a Glass of Champagne (1902).