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THE DIARY OF A TEENAGE GIRL (2015): Teen Nympho Sex with Mother's Boyfriend

In Phoebe Gloeckner's graphic novel, Minnie, who was a green-eyed sophomore, was described as “[...] (about 5'4”), with broad shoulders and broad lips and a little waist” with growing breasts.

Minnie's affair began with Monroe, her mother's 35-five-year-old boyfriend, after Monroe rubbed Minnie's breast through her white and blue striped flannel nightgown. 

Monroe was described as “the handsomest man in the world” with blond hair, blue eyes and “two big strong muscular thighs” who was into “waspy-looking girls with small tits” and was a fan of David Hamilton. 

Minnie “half-felt” that it was “rude and presumptuous” to think that Monroe did it on purpose, but she backed away, because she didn't want Monroe to know how small her breasts were. In addition, Minnie had a “strangely calming feeling” that even if Monroe had intentionally touched her “tits on purpose, that is was probably all right because he's one of our best friends and he's a good guy and he knows how it goes […]”

Two nights later, Minnie's mother suggested that the nympholept and nymphet go out. They went to a nightclub where, after a number of drinks, Monroe kept feeling on Minnie's “tits” before Monroe said, “Oh look you're giving me a hard-on […]” Subsequently, he put Minnie's hands down his pants, which caused Minnie to shockingly ask Monroe to “f_ck” her. Back in the car Monroe asked, “You really do want me to f_ck you, don't you?”

On a subsequent night, after Minnie's mother went to bed after viewing an episode of Mary Hartman Mary Hartman, Monroe slipped his hands between Minnie's legs. Minnie attempted to return the favor and give Monroe a “blow-job and everything else”, but they decided that it was too risky. 

However, on the following Tuesday, Minnie skipped school, Monroe drove her to his apartment in the Russian Hill section of San Francisco where the nymphet gave her mother's boyfriend her virginity. Minnie commemorated the event by drawing an “X” in blood on Monroe's leg before Monroe said that he couldn't believe that the 15-year-old wasn't a virgin. Minnie shared that she hadn't even kissed a boy.

After they had sex three more times, Monroe began to feel guilty about the affair. Not only did Minnie feel “unguilty”, she became filled with sexual energy. So much so, that she picked up a cute 16-year-old at the Golden Gate Park, began giving him a hand-job in the aquarium, which ended in the bushes where she “sucked his d_ck” and “rubbed it until he came all over his brand - new grass - green shirt.”

That was the beginning of Minnie's affair and her journey into raunchy teen behavior. Without going into details about the affair and Minnie's numerous sex scenes, I'm going to share some relevant excerpts from the book:
When Minnie was in the 8th grade at the Hamlin School for Girls, she was in love with Sarah S----. Minnie shared “I remember trying to accidentally rub my chest against hers – we wore white cotton midi blouses and neither of us wore a bra.”

Pascal, Minnie's Manhattan based stepfather, slept with Elizabeth, Minnie's 16-year-old friend – once when Elizabeth visited the east coast and again when Pascal was in LA on business. However, Minnie's mother wasn't surprised by the affair. She shared that her ex-husband had an affair with his 16 or 17-year-old tutee while he worked as a calculus professor in Philadelphia. The news of Pascal's affairs with nymphets made Minnie question Pascal's sincerity about his ongoing concern about her well-being. She suspected that he secretly wanted to have an affair with her as well.

Kimmie Minter, Minnie's best friend, tried masturbating but it hurt due to her three-inch, “always painted”, nails. 

Kimmie  got crisp one-hundred dollar bills from old man Mr. Coltos for engaging in acts like letting him rub suntan lotion on her bikini clad body in the backyard while his wheelchair bound wife watched Dialing for Dollars in the living room

Kimmie used to baby-sit “for a mixed couple with two little boys.” After Marcus, the black father, came home from bowling while his white wife was still out “with her girlfriends”, Kimmie gave him blow jobs after she put Vaseline all over her mouth, because Marcus' d_ck was so big that it felt like her mouth was going to rip at the corners.

Minnie and Kimmie met with Marcus for the purpose of engaging in a three-way in a cheap hotel, but the nymphets changed their minds at the last minute.

Minnie loved black guys because “they look so tough” and “smell so gutsy”.

Minnie wondered if she could ever “f_ck” her own father. She shared that she used to have dreams about her grandfather. “We were both nude, but I'd look down, and there was nothing there [...]”

At least once, Minnie had sex with a teen (e.g., Ricky in Julius Kahn Park.) and Monroe on the same day.

Minnie went on a three-day trip to Paradise, California with Kimmie and her mother to visit Kimmie's cousin Doreen and her husband. “Kimmie was obsessed with the idea of fucking Doreen's husband,” which she did – twice.

Minnie, Kimmie and Monroe had a three-way in Monroe's apartment. Here's Minnie's description of the event: “He f_cked both of us and he came inside both of us […] We both sucked his c_ck and he ate us out and we ate each other out […]”

Minnie found boys her own age a “bore” and couldn't “get really interested in them”.

Minnie had a lipstick lesbian affair with Tabatha, a 16-year-old girl with “a tough, feminine style.” Tabatha had a drug problem and let two Black men, Arthur and his brother, have sex with a drugged Minnie for a bag of Quaaludes. (Interestingly, the first edition of the book was even more graphic than the second. For example, in the first edition, there's a mind-bending picture of Tabatha having oral sex with a transvestite for drug money.)

Dr. Wollenberg, Minnie's psychiatrist, prescribed her a Sunbeam Personal Massager; however, Minnie found the orange vibrator to be “too intense”.
Phoebe Gloeckner

There was an off-broadway stage adaption of the graphic novel and the movie received a 94% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on 119 critics, with an average rating of 8/10. 

The film won an Jury award at Sundance and was shown in Manhattan at the high-brow Lincoln Center - where it was well-received. 

Chris Dodge of the Utne Reader wrote: 
“What's unusual and wonderful about Gloeckner's writing and art is its unflinching engagement with messy truths. The Diary of a Teenage Girl is shocking – and refreshingly – frank, strongly conveying what it's like to be a sexual girl [...]” 
And Peggy Orenstein of the New York Times opined “Gloeckner is arguably the brightest light among a small cadre of semiautobiographical cartoonist.”

Hillary Chute, an associate professor in the department of English at the University of Chicago, wrote in the foreword: 
The Diary of a Teenage Girl is a totally uninhibited object. The protagonist Minnie, who lives in San Francisco and starts an affair with her mother's boyfriend when she is only fifteen, keeps an expressive diary that constitutes a large portion of the book [...] Diary stands as a brave, unabashed take on the complexity of life at this age.”
Lastly, we'll end with a statement from the author, who is an associate professor at the University of Michigan in the Stamps School of Art and Design. She wrote in the preface of the revised edition: 
“Minnie is, first and foremost, a human being. That she is female and young are secondary […] Although I am the source of Minnie, she cannot be me – for the book to have real meaning, she must be all girls […]”

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