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From the Bunnie's Mouths: How Hefner Procured Young Women

We wrote a review of Steele's How to Marry Nymphets for Men Over 35, but it may be worth analyzing how Hugh Hefner procured young girls over the years.

Izabella St. James wrote in Bunny Tales Behind Closed Doors at the Playboy Mansion that she first saw the seventy-four-year-old Hugh Hefner when she was in her early twenties at the Sunset Room in Hollywood and was “…intrigued by Hef and attracted to him…” While Hef was surrounded by a bevy of beautiful young women, Izabella went to say hello. Consequently, Dr. Mark “Doc” Saginor, Hef’s physician and friend, invited Izabella to sit in Hef’s booth. 

Hef and Izabella St. James
Izabella said that Hef was very polite, very sweet, had a warm smile, made her feel welcomed and relaxed. After drinks, Doc asked Izabella for her phone number and invited her to a “Fun in the Sun” party at the Playboy Mansion that was subsequently followed up by invitations to other parties at the Mansion.

Approximately, a year after Izabella returned from studying abroad in Poland, she ran into Hef on Wednesday at Las Palmas and Friday of the same week at Barfly. After she went over to say hello, Hef invited her to join him and his entourage the following Friday which turned out to be a recruitment session. 

At the club the following Friday, a number of Hef’s girlfriends told Izabella “…how much fun they were having, how much money they made, and what a great opportunity it was to live at the Mansion.” Furthermore, they told Izabella that Hef was “interested” in her and that she should consider being one of his girlfriends. However, when Izabella was told about “the bedroom” she wrote I “…went home as fast as I could.” (We'll elaborate on “the bedroom” below but for now, "the bedroom" is where, after taking a Viagra pill and lathering in baby oil, the girls take turns “riding” Hef after he has been serviced orally.)

Hef was persistent and invited Izabella out on several more occasions. She accepted his invitations, and that was when she began to be “…seduced by the Playboy lifestyle. The private jet, the parties, the limos, the Grammys, and the carefree lifestyle…”  Eventually, Izabella and Hef had a bitter breakup which may explain why Hef changed his seduction approach with Kendra Wilkinson.

Hef and Kendra Wilkinson

Kendra Wilkinson wrote in her memoir, Sliding into Home, that after she posted her photograph on One Model Place, the initial call she received from Playboy was to ask her if she wanted to be a “painted girl” (i.e., nude waitress) at Hef’s seventy-eighth birthday party. She received another call two days later informing her that Mr. Hefner saw a photo of her and wanted to call her personally. And what did the almost eighty-year-old Hef say when he called the eighteen-year-old Kendra the next day, “I look forward to seeing you at my birthday…Also, I’d like you to consider being my girlfriend.” 

After meeting Hef for the first time Kendra wrote “He was very charming; he had a powerful way about him, and I liked it…he was just so cool. The way he acted and the things he said were unlike anything I had seen or heard.” 

If you are having trouble wrapping your fingers around exactly what charisma means, Olivia Fox Cabane explained it well in The Charisma Myth. She divided charisma into three main categories: 

Presence charisma – you should be in The Now and avoid constantly thinking and/or worrying about the past or the future. Specifically, when speaking to a nymphet, you should give her your undivided attention. 

Power charisma – you should have power over yourself and self-control (e.g., You have the discipline to work on your novel every day for an hour no matter what happens.), which will organically equate to having power over young women. 

Warmth Charisma – inwardly you should have a high self-esteem, self-confidence and self-compassion. Outwardly, you are altruistic (e.g., Like Hef, you believe that you are the best thing that could happen to a young woman and you want to give her the opportunity to be happy.).

In addition, Kendra loved the fact that, despite the bevy of beauties that was surrounding Hef, he kept looking at her and they kept staring at each other. At the end of the night, Hef gave her a key, asked her to spend the night, and inquired, “Will you be my girlfriend?” 
What was Kendra’s response? “There was only one thing I could say: ‘Umm, okay.’”

Why did Kendra say yes so quickly? Well, she said that their age difference was not a factor, nor was the fact that Hef already had, not one girlfriend, but “ten times more girlfriends than most”, but it was a factor that he boosted her self-esteem, he was “a true gentleman” and he was trustworthy. 

One may assume that most of Kendra’s reasons are counter-intuitive. Are you not surprised that the eighteen-year-old Kendra considered the seventy-eight-year-old Hef to be “a true gentleman” even after he asked her to “spend the night” and asked her to be one of his concubines - on the first night that they met. Well, it turns out that there are at least nine different ways for men to approach women. 

Here’s a list with examples:

Direct - “You’re beautiful!”

Indirect - “Can I get your opinion on something?”

Guerrilla - “I want to make love to you. Immediately!”

Inebriate - “Here, have another drink.”

Trite - “Is that a mirror in your pocket, because I can see myself in your pants.”

Open - “I’m the prize. Ravishing women will desire and approach me.” 

Arranged/Inner-Circle - “But your cousin’s a cardiology intern and lives in the Village - with no roommate!”

Wine and Dine – “I have a huge loft in SoHo, so I usually take car service and park my black Porsche in the garage on Prince Street.”

As you can see, Hef choose the Wine and Dine approach with Izabella and a combination of the Direct and Guerilla approaches with Kendra. Guerilla in the sense that he asked her to “stay the night” on the first night that they met and Direct in the sense that he asked her to be his girlfriend after only a casual conversation. 

Hef and Holly Madison

Holly Madison provides another view of Hugh Hefner in her best-selling book Down the Rabbit Hole: Curious Adventures and Cautionary Tales of a Former Playboy Bunny. She wrote that when she met Hefner he “He had the “nice guy” act down pat and it worked [...] he had a certain swagger. There was a gentlemanly air about him...” But that to reduce the high turnover rate of girlfriends, Hefner starting keeping his girlfriends “broken and needy”. 

Madison wrote “I found myself constantly trying to compete with the other girlfriends who were all caught up in who was prettiest.”  And she opined that “It was in his best interest to have us wallowing in our own insecurities and pawing for his acceptance. Girlfriends that didn’t get along gave him the feeling of being fought over—and being fought over made him feel desire...”  And how did the girls try to gain Hefner’s acceptance? Madison wrote “When he would complement a girl on a particular dress, pair of shoes, or even the way she wore her hair, we all felt the need to replicate if for our next evening out.” 

Allegedly, Hef particularly like to pit the old(er) Bunnies against the young(er) Bunnies. Madison was advised by an old(er) Bunny, “He always plays the oldest one against the youngest one,” Vicky explained, eager to share her expertise on the topic as we gossiped about the situation. “Tina may be his main girlfriend, but she’s older, so he likes to play on her insecurities by playing favorites with whoever the youngest one is.” Consequently, Madison shared that she started wearing clip-in extensions to give her “the long hair Hef preferred.”

Furthermore, Madison wrote that Hef “was obsessed with women looking as young as humanly possible.” Madison even shared that “Kendra confessed: “I’m very insecure right now about my face. I get scared with Hef looking at me at the mansion and maybe thinking I’m ugly.” 

According to Madison, Kendra “had already hooked up with Hef” prior to him asking her to be his girlfriend.” She elaborated “In Kendra’s book Sliding into Home, she describes Hef asking her to be a girlfriend and handing her a house key before he invited her up to the bedroom. Now, I don’t know if Kendra is trying to sound extra-desirable, innocent, or if her memory is just super rusty, but of course that’s not how it really went down. Hef isn’t stupid. He never asked anyone to become a girlfriend before they joined him in bed. And he never made a habit of carrying around extra sets of room keys. 

Here's Madison’s description of "The bedroom":

As Tina led me into the bedroom, I stumbled over and weaved through massive piles of junk covering the floor. It appeared that Hef liked to collect more than just women. Ceiling-high piles of videotapes, stuffed animals, art, and gifts littered the room. It was like an episode of Hoarders. But perhaps in his case it would be more appropriately titled Whore-ders. Two huge television screens projecting graphic porn lit up the otherwise dark bedroom. In the middle, a very pale man was tending to his own business (if you’re catching my thinly veiled innuendo) and puffing on a joint before passing it around to the nearest blonde. 

The girlfriends, in various stages of undress, were sitting in a semicircle at the edge of the bed—some kneeling, some standing, and some lying down. I sat myself on the edge of the bed—unsure of what to do next…My eyes had adjusted to the darkness and I could see that all the girls, backlit by the large screens, were putting on a show: …they were getting it on or making out with each other… The girlfriends, and Vicky, it seemed to me in particular, were desperate to bring as many new girls up into the bedroom as possible…. “Heeeef . . . don’t you want to be with the new girl?” 

Vicky screamed over the loud music as she reached over and pushed him towards me. Much to my surprise, my turn was over just as quickly as it started. By the time I was able to wrap my head around what was happening, Hef had already moved on to Candice, then to a few of his actual girlfriends before finishing off by himself, as he always did…Some of the girls leaned over and quickly picked Hef on the cheek…The girls began filing out of the room, offering Hef a few candy-coated “good nights.” 

Quickly, I pulled on my pajamas and followed Vickey down the hall and into her bedroom…Vickey ordered cheeseburgers and fries to the room as if it were any other night, but I passed out the food even arrived.” Yet, despite the fact that it did not appear necessary, Madison claimed that “Hef was a notoriously lecherous 70-something old man offering me Quaaludes that he referred to as “thigh openers.””


Madison went on to write that “Most of the girls that ended up becoming girlfriends reacted the same way: they were very nonchalant about their “initiation.” 

And Madison related the history behind Hef’s biweekly night out on the town with the Playmates.

“For decades, Hef was an infamous homebody. After all, he created his own version of paradise at the Playboy Mansion, so why would he ever want to leave? Throughout the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s, it was extremely rare to see him out and about. In 1999, when he separated from his wife of almost 10 years, Kimberley Conrad, a few of his friends persuaded him to leave his compound for a night on the town. What happened next was a surprise to everyone. People went absolutely crazy to see this 70-something icon from another era at an L.A. nightclub. Shortly thereafter Hef instituted his biweekly club nights. Rolling Stone magazine called it “Hugh Hefner’s Resurrection.””

Interestingly, like a high level Hustler, Hugh was a recluse for many years; however, like a Mack he came to surround himself with friends and girls possibly to validate his existence. 

From the three former Bunnies we can cull the following about Hef's characteristics\techniques. Hef was:

very polite
very sweet
possessed a certain swagger
had nice guy "act"
pitted bunny against bunny, and
played on insecurities

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