Sunday, December 29, 2013

BLUE BEARD (2009): Marry Sincere Maidens

Catherine Breillat's version of Bluebeard (French: La Barbe bleue) is yet another example of an ephebophile playing the role of Captain Save a Ho Nymphet. 

Since Bluebeard doesn't understand that natural looks are one of the least important characteristics of an ephebophile and that as long as one is neat and clean, one's mental make-up is the most important characteristic that is needed to properly attain a nymphet. For example,  possessing a high self-confidence, having self-control (i.e., power), and being focused (i.e., consistently being in The Now) are far more important than being naturally handsome. 

Bluebeard is self-conscience about his unattractive looks - especially his blue beard; therefore, after Marie-Catherine's father dies and leaves her with no dowry, Bluebeard invites Marie, her sister and a bevy of other poor maidens to the castle, because he is "generous" and is willing to help one of them escape poverty through marriage without the need of a dowry. 

Despite their wide age-gap, Bluebeard's blue beard, and his low self-esteem, Marie is extremely eager to marry Blue Beard. But not because she is (initially) attracted to him, it's because she wants to escape poverty. And like most Captain Save a Ho Nymphets,  in the end, Blue Beard suffers greatly due to Marie's initial insincerity. 

Sunday, December 22, 2013

AMERICAN REUNION (2012): High School Chicks? It's On!

Stifler (Seann William Scott) an Unabashed Ephebophile.

I wrote briefly about the popular American Pie series in The Allure of Nymphets. I mentioned that the main theme of the series was loss of virginity. That was when the characters were in high school. Now that the characters in American Reunion are approaching middle-age and have all lost their virginity, they decided to return to East Great Falls, Michigan for a reunion. But this time it's Kara (Ali Cobrin), Jim Levenstein's (Jason Biggs) teenage neighbor, whom he used to babysit, who desperately wants him to take her virginity on her 18th birthday. 

In another example of how art often imitates life. The nymphet Kara is the initial aggressor in the relationship. In one scene, after Kara goes topless in here Mini Cooper, she attempts to perform oral sex on Jim while he is driving. 

Kara Propositions Jim

And in the opening scene, Jim, who is an abashed ephebophile, attempts to masturbate while his wife is taking a bath. And what porn sites does he have bookmarked? The majority of them are teen related sites like Latina Babysitters, Young Tits and Naughty Cheerleaders. 

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Vivienne Mok: "Personal" Photos of Nymphets

Vivienne Mok Photography

I wrote in The Allure of Nymphets and on this blog about photographers and painters of nymphets like Jacques Bourboulon, David Hamilton, Serge MarshennikovFrank Herholdt, Richard Kern, and Balthus - all of whom are men. However, I was recently introduced to 27-year-old female photographer Vivienne Mok.

Mok was born in New York, and up between Paris and Hong Kong, but after she graduated from Parsons School of Design in Manhattan, she took a job as a designer in Paris at the Fashion House of Anne Valerie Hash, and subsequently took up photography.

In an interview on the James Robinson Photography blog, Mok was asked, "... why the genre of photography you have chosen? Mok replied, "I don’t know if I have chosen this style of photography, it happened quite naturally, I think that it’s something I have in me because it is very personal." And in an interview on Les Filles, Mok said, "I would describe my work as feminine, dreamy, personal."

Thus, Mok described her photographs of nude and semi-nude nymphets as "personal", which could mean that the true meaning behind her photographs is private. 

Photographer Vivienne Mok

Monday, December 9, 2013

SPY Magazine: The Power of Sexy Little Girls

I saw the cover for Spy magazine's JAILBAIT 1997 The Sudden Thor-like Rise to Power of Sexy Little Girls on Tumblr and I was able to find the article in the Spy archives in Google Books. 

The 1997 article claims that "... in the last five years or so, our own civilization has developed a bit of a thing for teenage girls...every man, woman, and child among us has become a vile, pulsating pedophile" and that "Nabokov's 'great art' [Lolita]...did more than investigate the idea that pubescent girls can be sexually attractive, he proved it."

The article gives a reason for the seemingly sudden rise in "Lolitocracy," which is that prior to 1997, a pubescent girl would rarely be asked to play the role of a pubescent girl. Those roles were filled by older actresses like Liz Taylor and Judy Garland whom made "... careers out of playing pigtailed pubescent girls." For example, in Addams Family Values "Under the nefarious direction of Barry Sonnenfeld, slow-zoom after slow-zoom [he] lovingly irrigated every fissure of the 11-year-old [Christine] Ricci's haughty porcelain exterior." I didn't see Addams Family Values, but I noticed that Lindsay Lohan's teen exterior was "lovingly irrigated" in Herbie Fully Loaded.

But the most plausible reason for this upsurge in attraction to nymphets is that there isn't an upsurge. The attraction as always been there, but due to cultural influences, more ephebophiles are slowly coming out of the closet. "In fact, the most obvious explanation for the entire jailbate takeover is that men want it to happen. Presumably, the fetish has been lying dormant, and some recent, further weakening of our culture's moral underpinnings has flushed it, ebola-like, out into the open."

Saturday, December 7, 2013

MADRID,1987 (2011): Gorilla Seduction of a Nubile

Madrid, 1987 (2011)
I peruse the Village Voice every Wednesday to see if there are any movies that are showing in Manhattan that are relevant to this blog. A review of Madrid, 1897 (2011) was recently written in America's largest weekly. The Spanish movie is about married ephebophile and journalist Miguel (José Sacristán) who takes Angela (María Valverde), a young journalism student, back to his artist friend's apartment to seduce her.
I wrote in The Allure of Nymphets and on this blog about the different strategies an ephebophile can use to seduce a nymphet. In Madrid, 1987, Miguel used the Gorilla approach, which is an aggressive style of seduction where the seducer unabashedly commands his subject to submit  to his commands. For example, instead of asking Angela to take off her clothes, Miguel told her, "I'd like you to take off your clothes..." 

And Miguel wasn't needy i.e., he didn't allow Angela to use him for his knowledge and not expect something in return. For instance, he asked, "We are gonna fuck, aren't we?" Miguel's behavior was unlike many men who would be happy to just be in the company of a nymphet, and wouldn't have the wherewithal to even attempt to seduce her. 

However, Miguel committed a seduction faux paus when he used the pronoun "I" too much in his desire to share his views on literature, writing, art and politics instead of being charming and using the Bounce Back Technique* that Cabane related in The Charisma Myth to allow Angela to share her views.

*Bounce Back Technique:

  1. Answer any question with a fact
  2. Add a personal note
  3. Redirect the question 

For example:

"Do you like museums?" Question

"I hate museums." Fact 
"They don't let you touch and they don't smell anymore." Personal Note 
"How do you feel about museums? Redirection

Madrid, 1987 (2011) Trailer

Nude Selfies by Actresses Who Play Teens

I wrote in The Allure of Nymphets that teen exhibitionism is not restricted to Girls Gone Wild videos or webcam videos posted on amateur pornography websites like Amateur Masturbations. A number of teen celebrities and/or actresses that play(ed) teens have nude pictures on the Internet. For example, former Disney stars Vanessa Hudgens and Miley Cyrus, teen dramaTwilight star Ashley Greene, and Blake Lively, who played a high school teleiophile on Gossip Girl, all have nude "selfies" on the Internet.

Are teens who post nude pictures and videos on the Internet negatively influenced by young celebrities or are young celebrities negatively influenced by common teens? According to Douglas Rushkoff, “It’s a giant feedback loop."

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Monday, December 2, 2013

Serge Marshennikov: Russian Figurative Painter of Nude Nymphets

In the spirit of Balthus, Serge Marshennikov [Сергей Маршенников] is a 42-year-old Russian figurative painter of nymphets. According to the website Tutt 'Art, Marshennikov graduated from Ufa Art College, attended the prestigious Repin Academy of Fine Art in St. Petersburg, Russia, and did distinguished post-graduate work at the studio of Professor Milnikov.

The Hallmark Gallery website shared that Marshennikov's first solo exhibition was in 1995 at the Sangat gallery in Ufa Art College. Subsequently, he has had solo exhibitions at prestigious art galleries in a number of universities in Russia, his works have been up for auction at Christie’s of London and Bonham's in Knightsbridge, his paintings are on display at the El Paso Museum of Modern Art and the The Grace Museum in Abilene, Texas, and his paintings of nude nymphets are in private collections in Russia, England, Denmark, France and Japan. 

Thus far, there has been no controversy surrounding Marshennikov work; thus, in the opinion of art aficionados, 
his works fall on the side of art in the art versus (soft-core) pornography debate.