Sunday, December 15, 2013

Vivienne Mok: "Personal" Photos of Nymphets

Vivienne Mok Photography

I wrote in The Allure of Nymphets and on this blog about photographers and painters of nymphets like Jacques Bourboulon, David Hamilton, Serge MarshennikovFrank Herholdt, Richard Kern, and Balthus - all of whom are men. However, I was recently introduced to Vivienne Mok - 27-year-old female photographer .

Mok was born in New York and grew up between Paris and Hong Kong, but after she graduated from Manhattan's Parsons School of Design, she took a job as a designer in Paris at the Fashion House of Anne Valerie Hash and subsequently took up photography.

In an interview on the James Robinson Photography blog, Mok was asked, "[...] why the genre of photography you have chosen? Mok replied, "I don’t know if I have chosen this style of photography, it happened quite naturally, I think that it’s something I have in me because it is very personal." 

And in an interview on Les Filles, Mok shared, "I would describe my work as feminine, dreamy, personal." Thus, Mok described her photographs of nude and semi-nude nymphets as "personal", which could mean that the true meaning behind her photographs is private. 

Photographer Vivienne Mok

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