Monday, December 9, 2013

SPY Magazine: JAILBAIT | The Power of Sexy Little Girls

I saw the cover for Spy magazine's "JAILBAIT 1997 The Sudden Thor-like Rise to Power of Sexy Little Girls" on Tumblr, and I was able to find the article in the Spy archives in Google Books.

The 1997 article claims that "[...] in the last five years or so, our own civilization has developed a bit of a thing for teenage girls [...] every man, woman, and child among us has become a vile, pulsating pedophile" and that "Nabokov's 'great art' [Lolita]...did more than investigate the idea that pubescent girls can be sexually attractive, he proved it."

The article gives a reason for the seemingly sudden rise in "Lolitocracy," which is that prior to 1997, a pubescent girl would rarely be asked to play the role of a pubescent girl. Those roles were filled by older actresses like Liz Taylor and Judy Garland whom made "[...] careers out of playing pigtailed pubescent girls." 

For example, in Addams Family Values: "Under the nefarious direction of Barry Sonnenfeld, slow-zoom after slow-zoom [he] lovingly irrigated every fissure of the 11-year-old [Christine] Ricci's haughty porcelain exterior." I didn't see Addams Family Values, but I noticed that Lindsay Lohan's teen exterior was "lovingly irrigated" in Herbie Fully Loaded.

But the most plausible reason for this upsurge in attraction to nymphets is that there isn't an upsurge. The attraction as always been there, but due to cultural influences, more ephebophiles are slowly coming out of the closet. 

"In fact, the most obvious explanation for the entire jailbate takeover is that men want it to happen. Presumably, the fetish has been lying dormant, and some recent, further weakening of our culture's moral underpinnings has flushed it, ebola-like, out into the open."

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