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Famous Age-Gap Couple: Demi Lovato (17) & Wilmer Valderrama (29) | Teen Love at First Sight

Deirdre Simonds reported for the Daily Mail that: "[...] Demi Lovato shades ex Wilmer Valderrama over their 12-year age gap - and fact she was only 17 when they started dating [...] "

In the song, which is on Lovato's Holy Fvck, she reminds the listener that Valderrama was 29 and she was, thereby, 17 when their age-gap affair, "teenage dream", and "fantasy" began.

'Finally 29 / Funny, just like you were you at the time / Thought it was a teenage dream / Just a fantasy / But was it yours or was it mine?' 

Subsequent lyrics raises some questions. For example, is Lovato implying that she was "Far from innocent" or Valderrama? And by asking "what the f**k's consent?", is she implying that her age-gap relationship with Valderrama was not consensual? But she did make it clear that Valderrama was not able to resist the allure of a nymphet.

'Just five years of bleeders, student and a teacher / Far from innocent / what the f**k's consent? / Numbers told you not to / but that didn't stop you' 

Wilmer Valderrama (29) & Demi Lovato (18) | 2011

However, in Lovato's documentary Simply Complicated that premiered approximately five years ago in 2017, she shared that after seeing 29-year-old Valderrama for the first time, she confessed, "I love this man [...] I have to have him!". 

“[When] I laid eyes on him for the first time, I was in hair and makeup and he came in and sat down and I was like ‘I love this man’ and ‘I have to have him.'” 

And in the lyrics of the song (Numbers told you not to / but that didn't stop you'), Lovato implied that Valderrama did not wait until she turned 18, but in the documentary, she related that he did wait.

“But I was only 17, so he was like, ‘Get away from me.’

“After I turned 18, we began dating,” she continued. “I think it was love at first sight, and I don’t really believe in that, but I believe that it happened.”

Despite Lovato's seeming contradictions, which are seemingly found in most age-gap memoirs, the famous age-gap relationship lasted six years. #confused

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Karen of MEAN GIRLS (2004): "My [Teen] Breasts Can Always Tell When It's Gonna Rain."

Jake Viswanath posted on Bustle "Amanda Seyfried Reflects On Mean Girls & 'Gross' Remarks That Men Made After It" (May 11, 2022)

In Mean Girls (2004), Seyfried played Karen Smith, a 16-year-old North Shore High student, who could tell when it was raining due to a feeling in her fountains

While squeezing her breasts, Karen Smith shared, "My breasts can always tell when it's gonna rain." Consequently, Karen was given the role of the school's weatherwoman and reported, "Hi. This is Karen Smith. It's 68 degrees." And as she massaged her right and then left breast, she reported, "And there's a 30 percent chance that it's already raining."

But Viswanath wrote that Seyfried said that some fans took the joke that Tina Fey wrote "too far in real life":

Karen Smith from Mean Girls is a bonafide meteorologist icon, but sometimes, fans took the joke too far in real life. Amanda Seyfried, who played Karen, just revealed how male fans would often ask her if it was raining after the premiere of Mean Girls in 2004 [...] Fans’ references to the joke often crossed a line into catcalling, especially given Seyfried’s age at the time. “I always felt really grossed out by that,” Seyfried told Marie Claire in an interview published on May 11. “I was like 18 years old. It was just gross.”

We agree with Seyfried that catcalling is inappropriate, but we were surprised that she mentioned that she was 18 when the catcalling occured. Is she implying that if she were 21, the catcalling would have been (more) appropriate? We're very confident that Seyfried would agree that being catcalled at any age is inappropriate. But that still begs the question: "Why did Seyfried mention that she was 18 when the catcalling occured? #confused However, it appears that it's safe to assume that Seyfried does not condone teen sex work. (e.g., 18-year-old Sami, Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen's daughter, joining OnlyFans.")

And to add to our confusion, Seyfried had nothing but nice words to say about Mark Waters, whom directed Seyfried to massage her teen breasts, and Tina Fey, whom wrote Seyfried's lascivious lines. Seyfried said that Waters made her "look good" and that Fey "[...] wrote the coolest script of all time."

Despite the gross comments she received, Seyfried has only positive memories from filming Mean Girls, the movie that put her on the map, even calling it her “best work” in 2013 [...] it was written so well and so wonderfully directed. Mark Waters (the director) made me look good, he made me funny. And Tina Fey wrote the coolest script of all time. I’m so grateful for every experience.”

The irony. And there were a number of other lascivious lines, scenes and subplots in the film, which we'll compile in a separate post. For example, Karen shared: "I can put my whole fist in my mouth! Wanna see?" But the most relevant subplot to this blog is the love triangle between coach Carr and two Asian schoolgirls - Trang Pak and Sun Jin Dinh whom fought over coach Carr in the hallway of North Shore High.

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

THE BEAUTIFUL PERSON (2008): A French Teen Student-Teacher Sexual Affair

The Beautiful Person (2008) [La belle personne] is about a French love triangle between Mr. Jacques Nemours (Louis Garrel) - a lycée [i.e., high school] teacher. Junie (Léa Seydoux) - a 16-year-old transfer student. And Otto - Junie’s boyfriend. 

In addition, Mr. Nemours is having an affair with Marie, a redhead student, whom tells her boyfriend, “I’m not coming with you tonight,” before she arrived, unannounced to Mr. Nemours’ apartment building. 
Mr. Nemours: “Why are you here?”
Marie: “Guess. Can I come up?”

Marie’s teacher doesn’t allow her to “come up” - this time. (Previously, they had teacher-student sex four “quick” times.) However, Mr. Nemours informed Marie that he wanted to end their age-gap affair. 
“Please just leave.”
“You’re ashamed of me. That’s the truth, you’re ashamed.”
“No. I’m not ashamed. I just want our relationship to stop here. I’m breaking it off.”
“Four quick fucks! You call that a relationship?”
“Fine then. You screwed a teacher.”
“Why are you lying to me? Why not say there’s someone else? Who’s next in line?”
But there is someone else. You guessed it. Junie - the new brunette student. Consequently, before Mr. Nemours kissed Marie on the cheek, he said, “Go on. It doesn’t mean we have to be enemies. OK?” To which Marie replied, “[B]ut it’s very painful to leave you, sir.”

Two interesting conversations about age-gap slash teacher-student affairs took place in a café. After noticing that Mr. Nemours was admiring a photograph of Junie, the propriétaire said, “Young girls ought to be respected.” To which Mr. Nemours replied, “Loving them isn’t disrespecting them.” 

And in a conversation between Mr. Nemours and a math teacher, the math teacher warned, “You shouldn’t fool around with students. It’s too easy.” But Mr. Nemours replied that it wasn’t easy, that he was “love-sick” for Junie, but that Junie couldn’t resist loving him too. 

[Note: The math teacher’s stance that it’s “too easy” to “fool around with students” could be misleading, because in the majority of non-fiction and fiction teacher-student relationships, it’s only “too easy” if the student is initially attracted to her teacher. And this attraction is very often attained without any grooming on the part of the teacher, because, we would argue, most teachers don’t have the audacity or know-how to groom a student; however, admittedly, most teachers, to their often ultimate dismay, do not have the ability to resist the allure of a nymphet. Hence, the plethora of age-gap and student-teacher relationships in fiction and non-fiction. Concepción de León wrote in her New York Times review of Art of Love (2022): “And the film reinforces the fiction that it is often younger women [students] who seduce older men [professors] and not the other way around.” But de León has it (mostly) wrong and the film has it (mostly) right. Thus, Mr. Nemours is an anomaly.]
Mr. Nemours said, “It’s not easy with her. You’ve got no idea […] I’m in a total love-sick mess […] I’m just head-over-heels in love […] I know I’ve got to calm down, get a grip, but I can’t. I just can’t […] That girl will never love me. I’m lying to myself. She can’t not love me.”
Mr. Nemours’ pua technique of assumed attraction was correct, because Junie informed Otto that she was “fleeing” the lycée to avoid falling in love [with Mr. Nemours].
“I’m going away to protect myself from someone here. The truth is, I’m fleeing.” 
“Someone you’re in love with?”
“Someone I don’t want to love […] I’m going away not to fall in love. I respect you Otto. I’m telling you that because I care for you.”
“You care for me but love another.”
Subsequently, to appease Otto, Junie let him massage and kiss her bare fountains - behind the lycée. But Otto was determined to find out Junie’s love interest; so, he asked a classmate to be a spy. And the spy discovered and reported to Otto that Junie’s love interest was Mr. Nemours. Consequently, Otto committed suicide. #smh

In the end, Junie informed her “handsome” teacher that she feared having an affair with him, because she couldn’t “survive” if he left her “to love another”.
“If I give myself to you, you’ll go off […] I’m not a fool. You’re handsome. Everyone likes you […] one day, you’ll leave to love another that you will find more pleasing. And I won’t survive. Not to mention the jealousy. “

“It won’t work Junie. You can’t hold out against our love.” 
And knowing that Mr. Nemours was correct about her not being able to resist their teacher-student love, Junie left Paris. 

The Beautiful Person (2008)  was based on the novel La Princesse de Clèves (1678). And Léa Seydoux won the Best Actress category at the Festival International du Film Francophone de Namur and the Female Revelation of the Year Trophée Chopard Award for her role in the award nominated film.

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Famous Age-Gap Couples: Suede Brooks, Drake & Scott Disick

Eileen Reslen reported for Page Six that "Drake goes ‘yacht hopping’ with YouTuber Suede Brooks in St. Tropez" (July 20, 2022). Reslen's report is relevant, because Drake is 35 and Brooks is 21.

Suede Brooks' TikToks

And per Leah Sarnoff‍'s Entertainment Tonight post "Drake and YouTube Star Suede Brooks 'Having Fun Together' Amid St. Tropez Trip" (July 20, 2022): "They are sweet, whispering in each other's ears and laughing." Aww...

But Drake and Brooks have age-gap associations from the past. For example, in 2018, 31-year-old Drake reportedly dated 18-year-old Bella Harris. 

Marissa G. Muller asked for W Magazine "Who is Bella Harris, Drake’s Rumored New Girlfriend?" In the piece, Muller wrote that: "Drake has a new love interest, but she’s not yet old enough to try his Virginia Black whiskey [...] Who is she? Harris, 18 years old, has known Drake for at least two years." That's correct. The age-gap couple met, when Harris was 16, but didn't, reportedly, start dating until a few months after she graduated from high school. 

And speaking of 16-year-old nymphets, the last time we wrote about YouTuber Brooks, we learned from the Daily Mail that "Scott Disick, 34, keeps his head down as he parties in NYC with teens Suede Brooks, 16 [...]" That's correct. 16-year-old Brooks, along with 18-year-old Madison Beer and 19-year-old Delilah Hamlin, was partying in the Big Apple with the 34-year-old Disick - an open famous ephebophile

Interestingly, like Leonardo DiCaprio, neither Drake nor Disick have received widespread backlash for their inabilities to (openly) resist the allure of nymphets. Why? Well, one reason may be that they all similar vibes that exudes that they're, like Hef, unapologetic about their age-gap relationships. 

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Tao Lin’s RICHARD YATES: A Teen Age-Gap Sexual Affair | Illegal in NY Yet Legal In NJ

Here’s Amazon’s synopsis of Tao Lin’s Richard Yates:

[...] cult favorite Tao Lin presents a dark and brooding tale of illicit love that is his most sophisticated and mesmerizing writing yet.

Richard Yates is named after real-life writer Richard Yates, but it has nothing to do with him. Instead, it tracks the rise and fall of an illicit affair between a very young writer and his even younger--in fact, under-aged--lover. As he seeks to balance work and love, she becomes more and more self-destructive in a play for his undivided attention. His guilt and anger builds in response until they find themselves hurtling out of control and afraid to let go.

In the novel, to assure her mother that 22-year-old Haley Joel Osment (HJO) wasn’t a “creep” and that he wasn’t going to rape her, 16-year-old Dakota Fanning (DF) informed her mother that HJO was a New York University graduate and that he was an “autistic vegan”. Interestingly, DF’s mother assumed that HJO was: “[...] like 35 or something.”

Subsequently, to arrange their first encounter, DF informed HJO, via Gmail chat, that she was going on a field trip to a museum in Manhattan where he: “[...] could find her and sit by her and they could eat together.”

To visit DF, HJO had to take a 10 minute train ride from Penn Station to Secaucus. Then a two hour train ride from Secaucus to DF’s town where the age-of-consent was 16.

With fifty minutes to go before HJO’s return train was scheduled to depart, DF suggested that, instead of going back to Manhattan,: “[...] he could hide in her room. “Your mom,” said Haley Joel Osmet. Dakota Fanning said her mom wouldn’t know.”

HJP was reassured after he remembered that: “Dakota said she sleeps naked and her mother is afraid of seeing her naked and so never opens her door at night.” And DF had previous age-gap relationships (e.g., “[...] with a 26-year-old and a 28-year-old.”). She even ran away to Philly to be with a man.

They didn’t have sex that first night, but they kissed:

“Around 2:00 a.m. their heads and bodies were under blankets with their lips touching but not kissing. Haley Joel Osment stared at Dakota Fanning’s face. After a few minutes she kissed him with dry lips. He licked her lips and kissed her[...]”

Unsurprisingly, HJO returned a week later where, on her mother’s king size bed, DF performed oral sex on HJO. 

For their next age-gap rendezvous, DF skipped school and traveled to Manhattan where: “[...] they walked to Union Square and went to bookstores and ate at Whole Foods.” But on DF’s subsequent visit, she stayed the night at HJP’s three-person apartment on Wall Street where they had sex after DF suggested that HJP “Just pull out,” because “[...] she could only get pregnant at certain times.”

Interestingly, in a scene that feminists would consider counterintuitive, DF informed HJO, “I’m going to rape you” and sat on him and began to rape him and then they had sex.”

And that’s the essence of the novel, HJO and DF watched independent films like at the Angelika Film Center, they stole books from Barnes & Noble, they stole clothes from American Apparel, they ate porridge at restaurants on the LES, and they had sex in Manhattan, where it was illegal, and they had sex in New Jersey, where it was legal - sometimes outdoors and (eventually) with the consent of DF’s mother. 

Tao Lin (≈ 23) and Ellen Kennedy (≈ 17) | Circa 2006

Lastly, Tao Lin’s Richard Yates (2010) is an autobiographical novel. Consequently, per Jezebel, in 2014 and approximately nine years after their age-gap affair, DF (Ellen Kennedy) accused Lin of statutory rape and verbal abuse.

Wait, it turns out that Ellen's a writer too. Here's an excerpt from "i like every time we have sex". The piece was posted on 3:AM Magazine (March 27th, 2007) and it appears that Ellen wrote "i like every time we have sex" when she was approximately 18.

Saturday, June 25, 2022

NEW YORK's "Canceled at 17": Should Teen Girls Avoid Sexting?

In Elizabeth Weil's, seemingly viral, New York cover story "Canceled at 17: When kids make mistakes, and classmates never forgive", Weil profiled 17-year-old Diego whom was "cancelled" by a number of his "elite performing arts high school in San Francisco" schoolmates after he "showed a nude of [Fiona] his beautiful girlfriend to a few kids". 

To the dismay of some of the article's commenters, this is how Weil described Fiona:
Fiona was Diego’s first real girlfriend, and she was almost psychedelically beautiful: pale, celestial skin, a whole galaxy of freckles, a supernova of lush hair. 

It appears that the readers of the Weil's cover story are mostly divided between team Diego and team Fiona. Team Diego are of the opinion that Diego made a regrettable mistake by sharing Fiona's nude, and, at the risk of being blamed for "victim blaming", team Diego advised Fiona to avoid taking nudes in the future. 

Team Fiona are of the stance that Weil's article is too forgiving of Diego, Diego is an abuser, and, despite the fact that Fiona's teen nude was produced with her full consent, Fiona was victimized

However, per Diego, he had the following conversation with Fiona where she said that Diego was not an abuser:

Diego, "I don’t appreciate getting treated like an abuser."
Fiona "I don’t think you’re an abuser at all. I know that."
Weil: "But this had grown way beyond them."

Consequently, wanderfranco113513 commented: 

Even Fiona told him she knew he was not an abuser" Half the people commenting did not even read this. Or at least chose to ignore it. Probably the most important part of the article

Still, some commenters suggested that Diego committed a sexual offence and that he distributed child porn, but, unlike mrs.danvers, not a lot of commenters suggested that Fiona should be charged with producing child porn too - thereby, avoiding being accused of "victim blaming":

mrs.danvers: I fail to see why the police have any call to involve themselves, he didn't commit a crime. I've heard some in this thread suggest that the photos was "child porn" but that seems rather a stretch. Who would the cops arrest-- Diego, for possessing alleged child porn; or Fiona, for creating alleged child porn?

In agreement with most orthodox Jews and Muslims, crissiegirld suggested that teen girls should "forcefully resist" sexting, and mjg suggested "single sex schools":
crissiegirld: But altho the boys who share nude photos of girls are certainly jerks, they couldn’t do that if the girls hadn’t agreed to have the photos taken in the first place. Isn’t it a better idea for teens to forcefully resist the taking of intimate photos? 

mjg: But I would posit that sending kids to single sex schools and not getting them phones until they're much older would prevent many cases like this one. 
However, kundalina disagreed with crissiegirl and opined that teen girls should not be discouraged from sexting.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
kundalina: Yes let’s keep insisting girls simply forcefully resist their own abuse in a culture that continues to excuse their assault, exploitation and oppression 

Interestingly, paisleypie commented: "Teen sexting. What else is new?" And if you read this blog and/or our books, you'll know that paisleypie's correct. For example, we wrote a post about Lily Puckett's Teen Vogue article "How to Sext: The Best Tips and Tricks" (APRIL 13, 2017)

Relatedly, Weil wrote that a group of students at Oakland School for the Arts had been swapping nudes of coeds, it was shared in the comments that castrozb28's "17 year old son gets unsolicited nude photos in his DM‘s several times a week", and rsladester caught her 7th grader attempting to take a "quasi-nood" for her BF. [Emphasis added]

oasisgirl girl even opined that Fiona will "likely send nudes to guys in the future":
oasisgirl: What’s interesting is that he [Diego] will never do what he did ever again because he’s been so traumatized. She however will more than likely send nudes to guys in the future and tell him “please don’t share these pics with anyone. Someone did that to me once and it really sucked” 
In the end, k2maj5 may have summed it up best: "Started with a nude photo. Don’t all these incidents go back to photos and social media. HELLO? Very long article just to warn my kids 'don’t take nude photos'"

Sunday, June 19, 2022

GAME OF THRONES' [Violent] Teen Sex Storyline | Daenerys Targaryen (13/16) & Khal Drog (30)

Years ago, while walking up 9th avenue in Manhattan, I overheard a man say to his companion, "The only reason people like Game of Thrones (GOT) is because of the violence and sex."

Unlike a lot of people, we never got into GOT; however, over the years, we've seen a number of images and clips of Daenerys Targaryen and Khal Drog; however, we were unaware that Daenerys was a nymphet when she was given to Khal. 

In the pilot of the HBO series, Daenerys is reported to have been (approximately) 16-years-old when the age-gap marriage was violently consummated. But in George RR Martin’s Song Of Fire And IceDaenerys was a whopping 13-year-old nymphet who was sexually assaulted - repeatedly. 

JJ Rankin elaborated in the Screen Rant post "How Old Is Daenerys Targaryen & 9 Other Things You Didn't Know About Her" (AUG 04, 2020):

In the books, Daenerys is just 13 years old when she is married off to a Dothraki warlord named Khal Drogo, in exchange for an army for Viserys, Dany’s older brother who wanted the Iron throne.

But in the TV series, Dany is depicted to be slightly older, and is believed to be 16 years old when she meets Khal. 

(Per Katie Baillie's Metro post "Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow are HOW old in Game Of Thrones?(26 Aug 2017), Daenerys was 17 in the streaming series: "Daenerys [...] is 17 in the HBO series, which can be worked out from the fact the first season is set 17 years after Robert Baratheon’s rebellion.")

And per Kim Renfro of Insider, Khal was approximately 30-years-old when he "consummated" the age-gap marriage. 

Recently, Daenerys and Khal's violent wedding night has been discussed, because some writers wonder if House of the Dragon, GOT's prequel, will have less rape scenes.

For example, Emma Baty asked on Cosmopolitan "Will the New ‘Game of Thrones’ Be Any Less Cruel to Women?" (MAY 5, 2022). Baty posted:

I’m talking about the many, many rape scenes. The complete lack of agency for female characters. The disproportionate physical abuse of women compared with men.

Allow me to further refresh your memory with some specifics: A very young Daenerys Targaryen is sold into marriage, raped by her husband, and then…falls in love with said husband. 

Nonetheless, per GOT's wikipedia page, the series: 

"[...] was nominated for thirteen Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Drama Series, Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series (Tim Van Patten for "Winter Is Coming"), and Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series (David Benioff and D. B. Weiss for "Baelor"). It won two [...]

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

18-Year-Old Sami Joins OnlyFans: The Paywall of [Teen] Porn

Bernie Zilio posted on Page Six that "Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen's daughter Sami, 18, joins OnlyFans".

That's correct, in the vain teen rapper Bhad Bhabie who, per Variety, earned $1 million dollars in six hours after joining OnlyFans (OF) as an 18-year-old, 18-year-old Sami, Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen's daughter, announced on her Instagram account, while posing invitingly in a black bikini top, that she joined The Paywall of [Teen] Porn. 

The new teen sex worker exhorted: “Click the link in my bio if u wanna see more 💋” 

And Sami encouraged on her OF bio: “hey 😉 subscribe to see exclusive content 💋 😏.” However, she didn't say if her teen content, which she said would be uploaded 2 to 3 times per week, would be nude or semi-nude. 

In addition, she invited teen boys men to DM her: “My messages are open so come talk to me!!”

@samisheen | TikTok

It appears that the nymphet has given revealing previews of her OF content on her TikTok account, a source of self-sexualized teens, where she revealed her back tattoo, sans bikini top, and she raised her spandex bottom to expose her bottom while dancing with two other nubile nymphets. 

Denise Richards told Page Six that she has trust in Sami's judgment and that her teen daughter "makes her own choices":
“Sami is 18, and this decision wasn’t based on whose house she lives in. All I can do as a parent is guide her and trust her judgment, but she makes her own choices.”

Per Yahoo! Entertainment, Charlie Sheen urged his teen daughter to keep her OF content classy and creative:
"I do not condone this," Charlie says via his publicist Jeff Ballard, "but since I'm unable to prevent it, I urged her to keep it classy, creative and not sacrifice her integrity."
We wonder if Charlie and Denise would have been supportive of Sami if she would have become Leonardo DiCaprio or Scott Disick's latest teen squeeze. We doubt it, because we presume that Sami's parents would prefer that she be a teen sex worker than be in an age-gap relationship - even with a celebrity

In the end, some groups, like Orthodox Muslims and Jews, would advise teens and non-teens to avoid OF, but they wouldn't be opposed to an invitation to an age-gap wedding à la Elvis and Priscilla

[Update Sun Jun 26, 2022] 

Sophia Melissa Caraballo Piñeiro reported for Page Six that "Denise Richards joins OnlyFans one week after daughter Sami Sheen’s debut". (June 23, 2022) Piñeiro wrote that 51-year-old Richards, a former bravolebrity on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” , announced her OnlyFans debut on Instagram, “Ready…here we go💛” “#onlyfans", which will cost $25 per month for a subscription. 

Our question is: "Is Richards trolling Sami in an attempt to get Sami to abruptly shut down her teen OnlyFans account?" Like, does Sami really want to be on OnlyFans with her mom? 

Or is Richards attempting to cash in like Larsa Pippen, a current bravolebrity on "The Real Housewives of Miami", whom shared that she made a whopping "like $200,000" in two weeks on OnlyFans?

Thursday, June 9, 2022

Teens, Sex and Adult Dating Apps

We related in The Allure of Nymphets that Mary Odem shared in Delinquent Daughters that, by 1920, the age of consent was raised from ≈ 10-years-old to 16 and 18 in almost every US state. However, feminists were dismayed to learned that it wasn't dirty old men whom were to solely blame for the raunchy behavior of teen girls (i.e., It was a two-way street).
To give an example of how raunchy things got, Odem related that during World War I, when the problem of female sexual delinquency assumed national proportions with the spread of prostitution and consequently venereal diseases among soldiers, a five-mile radius moral zone was implemented around military training camps. 

In those moral zones, alcohol and prostitution were prohibited. Surprisingly, the military discovered that it was not professional prostitutes whom were loitering around military bases - it was teenage girls. Over the course of the war approximately 30,000 (very) young women were apprehended for illicit activity, (teen) prostitution, and suspicion of spreading venereal diseases.

Over 100 years later, Moises Mendez II wrote in the post "The Teens Slipping Through the Cracks on Dating Apps" for The Atlantic that it's easy for teens to create profiles on adult dating (e.g., Tinder, Hinge, Bumble and Grindr), and despite the apps efforts, it has been difficult to keep teens off the apps. 

Mendez wrote that he: "[...] spoke with three young people who[m] said they online-dated while under 18, easily lying about their age to create profiles."

For example, after 15-year-old Ellie violated Tinder and Bumble's terms of service, she got a lot of attention and, consequently, went on dates with "a number of college-age men":

Ellie, a 19-year-old based in California who requested to be referred to by her first name only to protect her privacy, was just 15 years old when she made her first profiles on Tinder and Bumble. She quickly found that “a lot of guys” were into how young she was. She said she met up with a number of college-age men [...] [Emphasis addded]

Mendez related that another teen, like Ellie, started on an adult app at 15, and like Ellie, received a lot of attention from older men but, despite the app's effort to flag and take down the teen's accounts, "several times", the teen kept making new accounts. 

Unsurprisingly, Mark White reported for SkyNews that some British teens are circumventing the age requirements on adult dating apps as well. For example, a 12-year-old Hertfordshire nymphet violated a dating app's terms of service before meeting a man for sex. 

Mendez ended his piece by writing that apps need "more in-depth screenings" (e.g., ID and/or credit card verifications) to protect "vulnerable minors" from violating the terms of service on adult dating apps. 

But just like the Woman's Christian Temperance Union who lobbied to have the age of consent raised, Mendez and White don't appear to be looking both ways. It's a two-way street. Of course, adults should not meet nymphets on dating apps for (illegal) sex, apps should attempt to do more to protect nymphets from voluntarily violating the apps terms of service, but more needs to be done to protect teens from themselves like other teens, for example, whom create illegal accounts on sex cam sites.

Mare of Mare of Easttown

Remember what Mare of Mare of Easttown said, "Trust me. Teenage girls are fucking sneaky.

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

LOVE ISLAND: Teen Gemma's Age-Gap Italian Stallion | A Gemma (19) + Davide (27) Timeline

Dusty Baxter-Wright posted on Cosmo UK (6 JUN 2022) that "Love Island Gemma [Owen] sparks same reaction from fans during launch episode". 

Gemma is an international dressage rider, she's the daughter of former England footballer Michael Owen, and she's an old(er) nymphet at a whopping 19. Consequently, Love Island fans were taken aback by her age. 

Holli tweeted: "She's 19?! I'm 19 and get ID'd for a red bull #LoveIsland. And Dani APG tweeted: "Gemma and I are the same age I'm at uni and she's on Love island #LoveIsland

And Annabel Nugent posted on the Independent that "Love Island viewers urge show to impose a minimum age restriction after ‘mad’ age gaps in first episode", because, after initially being chosen by the second youngest player on island, 22-year-old Liam Llewellyn, Gemma repeatedly shared with the other Love Islanders that she was attracted to Davide Sanclimenti -  a 27-year-old Italian Stallion. Gemma confessed:

"He's like tall, muscular. He's just Italian. Italian's [are] just fit."

"Davide is the guy I'm most attracted to."

Gemma (19) & Davide (27)

Towards the end of episode 1, during a game of game of Dare, Davide commanded: "Kiss the islander you want to share a bed with." Consequently, to Liam's dismay, Gemma kissed the older Italian Stallion; thereby, letting him know that she wants to share a bed with him. 

However, netra tweeted: "Please please please have a minimum age requirement of 21 I don't want to see a 19 year old kissing someone who's pushing 30 #loveisland

It's almost as if netra is blaming Love Island and the Italian Stallion for Gemma's age-gap attraction. If were a betting man, I would "Bet the house" that netra was pro (teen) sex worker and pro (teen) porn star whose typical clients  and co-stars are not teens.

(Note: As Davide was a surprise addition to the reality cast, it appears that no grooming was involved in the formation of this age-gap relationship.)

Gemma (19) & Davide (27)

Unsurprisingly, by the end of episode 2, the Italian Stallion took Gemma, the youngest of the young women on the island, from Liam.

Update 6/9/22

Gemma (19) & Davide (27) Share a Bed

On episode 3, Gemma said that she was excited that she and Davide were an [age-gap] couple, and that she was really looking forward to the future of their relationship. Relatedly, Davide said that he was “really happy”. And Gemma and Davide shared a bed, which Gemma said was “nice”.

Gemma, “So, Me and Davide are now a couple, which I’m quite excited about. I’m really happy. I’m really looking forward to get[ing] to know him a bit more and just see where it goes.”

Davide, “I’m feeling really happy [....] I’m in a couple now with Gemma. And I’m really happy that she actually felt the same as me. I feel there is something good between us; so, I want to know Gemme better here.”

Gemma, “First time sharing a bed with Davide was nice [...] having someone fit in your bed’s always nice; so, yeah, [I’m] really happy this morning.”

Subsequently, Gemma received a text informing her to “please get ready” for her date with Davide: 
"It’s time for your first date, please get ready to leave the Villa #simplythezest #firstdatevibes"

First Date: Gemma (19) & Davide (27)

netra and Twitter may not have been happy about the age-gap date, but Gemma's castmates were overjoyed as they shouted, “Date! Date! Date!”

On the date, the age-gap couple discussed marriage and the number of kids they would like to conceive. Genna 4. Davide 2. And Davide told Gemma, “I mean, since I entered [Love Island], I noticed you straight away.”

After the date, Gemma related to the other young women, “I’m [even] more into him [...]” Aww...

Gemma (19) & Davide (27)

Update 6/10/22

Prior to episode 4, there was no clear indication that Davide knew that Gemma was 19, but towards the middle of the episode 4, Davide asked Gemma, “What do you think about the fact that I’m much older than you? I mean you are not worried about that?”
Gemma, “No it’s not an issue for me - at all. I feel like if it was then I wouldn’t of wanted to get to know you in first place. And as I’ve said, like, I’ve been speaking to guys and seeing guys that”

Davide, “[Are] [m]uch older than you.”

Gemma, “Yeah, so it’s not, it’s not something that I’m not used to or you’re the only one or anything like that. It’s very normal for me.”
Thus, we learned from Gemma that, prior to Davide and to the dismay of netra and Twitter, she has speaking to and seeing much older guys, which is "very normal" . 

Luca Steals Gemma from the Italian Stallion

Update 6/13/22

At the end of episode 4, Gemma and 23-year-old Luca had a chat, which Davide didn’t take well. Consequently, in episode 5, Davide expressed to Luca that Luca should have had “the balls” to chat with Davide before chatting with Gemma. 

The confrontation between Davide and Luca caused Gemma to imply that the conflict could have been avoided if she would have, initially, chosen Luca over Liam. Thereby, implying that she would not have left Luka for Davide. 

And after her chat with Luca, Gemma shared that she was “definitely more interested in getting to know him more [than Davide].” But during a chat with Ekin-Su, Davide informed her, “I coupled with Gemma; so, of course I’m interested in her, but as well, I’m interested in knowing you better.”

In the end, the age-gap Love (Island) affair between Gemma and the Italian Stallion ended after “snakey” Luca took Gemma from Davide - leaving Davide to couple with Ekin-Su.

Update 6/18/22

Jacques O’Neill and Gemma Reunite

On episode 6, 23-year-old Jacques O’Neill joined the Love Island; thereby, revealing that Gemma was being honest with Davide when she confessed that it was “very normal” for her to be in an age-gap relationship, because Jacques and Gemma are exes. 

The former age-gap couple seperated, per Gemma, “like a year and half ago” - in other words, they seperated when Gemma was 17 and Jacques 21. 

And Gemma shared that they were together for eight months, which implies that Gemma was 16 when she started dating 20-year-old Jacques. 

Unsurprisingly, Gemma shared with the other young ladies: 
Gemma, “[...] I still do fancy him. Like 100%. I look at him and think, ‘You are fit.’ No question.”
Ekin-Su, “Davide 2.0” 
Gemma, “Yeah. Yeah.”

Gemma Kisses Davide

We shared previously, that towards the end of episode 1, during a game of game of Dare, Davide commanded: "Kiss the islander you want to share a bed with." And to Liam's dismay, Gemma kissed the older Italian Stallion; thereby, letting him know that she desired to share a bed with him. 

But, consequently, Iona Rowan posted on Digital Spy "Love Island hit with over 200 Ofcom complaints after Gemma Owen and Davide kiss" (16 JUN 2022) with the age-gap kiss provoking 167 complaints alone. 
Love Island has received over 200 Ofcom complaints from viewers over Gemma Owen and Davide Sanclimenti's eight-year age gap.

The pair were coupled up in the first week of the ITV2 dating show, but there has been much debate about Gemma, 19, being too young for Davide, 27, and their kiss in an episode airing on June 7 sparked some controversy.

Following the kiss, Ofcom has released its list of complaints for the previous week, revealing that this episode of Love Island received 167 complaints.
Rhetorical question: If Gemma would have announced on the island that after the show, she planned to use her newfound fame to launch a teen OnlyFans account to entertain (older) men for pounds, would that pronouncement have garnered a single complaint to Ofcom?