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Teen Vanessa Bayer "Lusts" for Older Men


In Samantha Rollins' Bustle piece, "At 14, Vanessa Bayer Was Bad At Sports & Lusting Over Jared Leto", Rollins asked Bayer, "Did you have a celebrity crush at 14?" 

Bayer replied: "Well, yes. I loved [23-year-old] Jared Leto from My So-Called Life. And [26-year-old] Scott Wolf from Party of Five."

In the piece, among other aspects of her life, Bayer shared a lot about her childhood illness, her stint on SNL, and I Love That for You - her new Showtime streamer. 

14-year-old Vanessa Bayer

However, taking advantage of the allure of a nymphet, Bustle choose to highlight Bayer's 14-year-old "lust" for 23-year-old Leto. Wait, Bayer said she had a "crush" on Leto - not that she was lusting after the actor. #clickbait

Jared Leto & Olivia Rodrigo
@ the 64th Annual Grammy Awards

Interestingly, Ashley Gale reported for Newsweek that "Jared Leto Misconduct Allegations Resurface After Photo With Olivia Rodrigo" (4/4/22) And what are these "misconduct allegations"? In Chris Wilson's post for The Post, "HEY, ‘LETO’ GIRL – JARED SHOWS HE’S A TEEN PLAY" (September 12, 2005), Wilson wrote that, after Leto booked a suite the Maritime Hotel in Manhattan, Leto (allegedly) called and texted nymphet models to invite him to his show:
Leto, who booked a suite at the Meatpacking District hotspot while he was in town with his rock band, 30 Seconds to Mars, has become infamous for calling and texting some of his underage objects of desire several times a day, reports one in-the-know snitch.

“He’s been approaching all the girls and inviting them to his shows,” snickers the source.

“Girls from IMG, Elite, Next and Women are staying there, and Jared has been hitting on all of them. He’s a serial texter. He is constantly texting these 16- and 17-year-old girls. It’s really kind of creepy.”

Lastly and unsurprisingly, like Bayer, Rodrigo has a celebrity crush. Per Teen Vogue, Rodrigo proclaimed that 28-year-old Pete Davidson is her "biggest celebrity crush". And apparently, her crush began when she was (at least) 17.

Manguso's VERY COLD PEOPLE: New England Incest, Nude Teens & Student-Teacher Sex

In Sarah Manguso's Very Cold People, which is set in a New England town, Ruthie's mother "glared" at Ruthie for not being boy crazy like Amber - Ruthie's elementary school classmate. (Amber's older brother liked to tickle Amber: "[...] until she dropped her towel.") And Ruthie's mother was "furious", because Ruthie wouldn't make herself: "[...] sexy for people to look at, to convince them I was already grown up." However, after a cashier told Ruthie, "I like your body. It’s slim and trim, like I like." Ruthie's mother smiled at her and said, "Mmmm."

At a party that Bee, who still took showers with her father, held for Ruthie and Charlie: "Bee's towel slipped [in the hot tub], and everyone saw the tiny creased dumpling of her vulva." Subsequently, the (very) young party goers watched a "little dirty" movie about two girls whom: "[...] raced to lose their virginity by the end of the summer."

Ruthie wore T-shirts over her swimsuits, which made it appear that she might be "naked underneath". Consequently, her grandfather told her that she had: "[...] to stop walking about like that."

Amber's niece, a fellow 6th grader, shared with Bee that she looked older than her age (i.e., 13), but the way she said it gave Ruthie the impression that Amber's niece had been told by a number of men that she looked mature. 
“Amber’s niece went to school with us for part of that year. When she introduced herself to Bee she said, I’m still thirteen. I know, I don’t look it, and the way she said it told us that she’d heard it so many times from so many men that it seemed as deeply a part of her as her own name.”

Ruthie, still in middle school and a budding teleiophile, related that she was "in love with Amber's older brother" and that she: “[...] was lit from the inside with a desire that fastened itself to any boy in the vicinity of my body.” And Ruthie “[...] imagined that Winifred’s husband was handsome, dark in a way that none of the boarding school boys were.”

In (high school) study hall, Bee shared with Ruthie, via a note, that she had gone to a boy's house and "bit the big one" but that "milkshake came out instead of pee!" Subsequently, Bee got pregnant, but it was bittersweet, because: "[...] her father wouldn't want to go near her anymore."

Ruthie's middle school gym teacher put his hand on her: [...] ass, moved it around as if trying to get the dimensions of it, to quickly memorize its shape in the full light of the gym [...]" 

Ruthie found her gym teacher's carassing "old-fashioned" and "almost tender". She referred to his feeling as a "so-called molestation" that she admitted was "wrong". But her first thought was that it was "sweet", and she shared:  "I knew that, on some level, he liked me.”

In 9th grade, Charlie, Ruthie's wealthy friend, was: "[...] picked up by a cop. She had been running through the field at school, screaming. And she was naked. Just screaming.” By high school, the nymphet exhibitionist, had a student-teacher affair with her tennis coach. After practice, Charlie and her coach would have sex in his car. Interestingly, Charlie liked to keep him inside her after. But, like Ben Kalmen (Michael Douglas) in Solitary Man, the coach became needy

In high school Charlie joined the tennis team and almost immediately started sleeping with the coach. Charlie’s mother often chatted on the phone with me if I called when Charlie was at an imaginary tennis practice, having sex with the coach in his car, down by the brook.

Charlie had said that she liked to keep the tennis coach inside her for as long as possible afterward so that she could still feel him. 

Charlie despised the tennis coach for being in love with her. She told me that she’d stopped sleeping with the tennis coach long before she actually stopped, if she ever had stopped.

And in another example of the shadowy side of nympholepsy, Uncle Roger raped Debbie, his daughter,: "[...] for fourteen years, starting when she was two." And Ruthie observed Uncle Roger seducing Brett - his granddaughter:

At the other end of the table Uncle Roger tickled Brett, [his granddaughter] his fingers in her ear like a lover’s. Wrapping her hair around his fingers, kissing her neck, whispering in her ear. She beamed. She was eight or nine years old, in hair ribbons.

Alexandra Jacobs' wrote in her New York Times review of Very Cold People, that Manguso: 
"[...] shows how feminine identity in America can be built up with material objects — dolls, Girl Scout insignia, barrettes, makeup [...] — and then torn down by violation, sexual and otherwise. A gym teacher’s inappropriate touch; a shoe salesman’s remark; a friend’s creepy dad; frottage on the commuter rail. All these things happen, in an era when such events were often considered not reportable offenses but just a part of growing up — character-building, even."

Very Cold People and Jacobs' "just a part of growing up" reminds me of a colleague whom shared with me in Manhattan that incest slash sexual abuse was rampant back in her suburban middle class neighborhood near Chicago. And it's safe to surmise that due to the allure of nymphets, but the disregard for even legal age gap relationships, incest slash sexual abuse is still rampant in my old colleague's neighborhood and in neighborhoods around the world. 

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CRUSH (2020): GIRLS GONE WILD and/or Teen Lipstick Lesbian Liaison

Here's the (vague) Movie Info for Hulu's Crush (2022) from Rotten Tomatoes:

When a young artist is forced to join her high school track team, she uses it as a chance to pursue the girl for whom she's been harboring a crush. But she finds herself falling for an unexpected teammate and discovering what real love feels like.

To put it more bluntly, Crush is about a love triangle between three Miller High School bi-sexual classmates. Paige, an 11th grade artsy type, is initially attracted to Gabby - a lipstick lesbian in a hot pink spandex bottom and midriff baring tee. (Paige's attraction to Gabby began in middle school.) However, Paige becomes more attracted to AJ - an artsy type and Gabby's twin sister. 

Angie, Paige's mother, fully condoned Paige's teen sexuality to the point that Angie purchased Paige (oral sex) dental dams. Angie washed Paige's sex toy - in the dishwasher. And Angie opined that the teen sex toy was too small:

"[I got you] [g]low in the dark dental dams. They make your puss kind of glow. It's so pretty."

"Paige, I took the liberty of washing your sex toy. By the way, this is very small. It could totally get lost up there."

Interestingly, Crush reminded us, like Amazon's I Love Dick (s01e03), that the Daddy Thing isn't limited to teleiophiles.

Paige: "Do I at least look like a top?"
Dillon: "Total bottom. Maybe a power bottom."
Stacey: "Like, you call her daddy, and she calls you her sweet little prince."

There's an unwritten rule that when a film contains a lipstick lesbian affair, there's at least one age-gap affair in the film as well. In Crush, Paige's mom shared that when she was a nymphet, after a rager, she entertained the lead singer of a cover band in the back of band's van.

"When I was a teenager, I went to this rager, and I ended up in the back of a van with the lead singer of an Aerosmith cover band."

In the end, due to the multiple teen girl-on-girl kissing scenes, we opine that Crush, an American High film, is more like a Girl Gones Wild CD, accompanied by a storyline, than anything else.  

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Brooke Shields' Calvins Return to Sexualize Teen?

In Vogue's YouTube channel video, "Brooke Shields Tells the Story Behind Her 80's Calvin Klein Jeans Campaign" (Oct 28, 2021), Brooke Shields shared that she was naive about the sexual nature of the "Nothing Comes Between Me & My Calvins" advertisement:
"I was naive. I didn't think anything of it. I didn't think it was - [it] had to do with underwear. I didn't think it was sexual in nature [...] I was a kid. And where I was - I was naive. I was a very protected, sequestered kind of young woman [...]"
Although, Shields claims that she was naive at 15, is it safe to assume that Shields' mother was in on the sexual innuendo? #rhetoricalquestion 

However, now at middle-age, Shields appears to condone the Calvin advertisement by admitting that (teen) sex sells:
"Yeah, at 56, I can go back and look at the camera, and say, "Oh well it's zooming in. And yeah, it's sort of on my crotch area. And then it comes to my face." Like, okay, but sex has sold since the dawn of time." 

Shields even admitted that, due to the allure appeal of nymphets, her Calvin campaign was "extremely successful", she admitted that Richard Avedon, the photographer, and Klein "knew exactly what they were doing", and she shared that her Calvin campaign was life changing for her and Klein. #intherightplaceattherightime

"The campaign was extremely successful."

"There's an appeal to it that is so undeniable. And they tapped right into it. You know, they knew exactly what they were doing."

"[...] he [Calvin Klein] said it changed his entire career and life. And it put Calvin on the map [...] which was what I think they had hoped for it."

"He said, 'You know, you changed the course of my life and my career.' And I said, 'Well, you did mine too.' We were in the right place at the right time." 

Tara Lewis, Survival of the Fittest (2022)
Source: Louis K Meisel 

Thus, it's no surprise that Shields shared with Katie White in the artnet news interview "[...] Brooke Shields on Why She [...] Volunteered to Model for Her Latest Work" (Wed Apr 27 2022) that not only does Shields still have the, what White referred as "iconic", Calvins from the infamous (sexualized teen) advertisement but Shields gave the Calvins to her 15-year-old daughter (to volunteer) to pose in two Tara Lewis paintings.
Shields: I even went into the archives and pulled out my very original Calvins. 

White: Oh, wow, the Calvins you wore in the famous ad?

Shields: Yes! I don’t fit in them anymore, but my 15-year-old does so she’s wearing them in one [sic] [two] of Tara’s paintings, recreating a pose from that shoot. 
Tara Lewis, Family Jean (2022)
Source: Louis K. Meisel

In the Balthus like paintings, we can only imagine how Nicholas Fox Weber would describe Lewis' paintings of Shields' 15-year-old with the nymphet's peek of (bare) midriff and proposing posterior. 

Unsurprisingly, Survival of the Fittest 2021 has sold. But surprisingly, Family Jeans 2022 is available, which will be on view at the aptly named “Role Modeling” exhibit at Louis K. Meisel Gallery in SoHo starting May 4, 2022.

Richard Prince's Spiritual America (1983)

White wrote that Shields: "[...] has famously played muse for photographers, from Richard Avedon to Bruce Weber, and artists, including the painter Eric Fischl." But White failed to mention Richard Prince’s Spiritual America exhibit at the Guggenheim where a photograph of a nude 10-year-old Shields was on display. Interestingly,  Shields' mothers reportedly sold the photograph to Playboy Press for a whopping $450.

Nor did White mention Shields' 13-year-old "womanly" bikini pose in Life magazine that was written about in the Vanity Fair piece "The Photo That Changed My Life". 

Pretty Baby (1978)

But maybe it wasn't relevant for White to mention Shields' role as a pre-teen prostitute in Pretty Baby (1978), where her virginity was sold for a whopping $400.

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Slate's ICYMI: Why Are Adults Obsessed with Teen Sex?

On Slates ICYMI podcast, "The Girlboss-ification of Casual Sex" (April 23, 2022), Rachelle and Sarah Marshall attempted to answer "the big question".

Why are adults so obsessed with how much sex teens are having? i.e., "[...] how and why and where are teens fucking?"
Before answering the question, Rachelle described the history behind what she referred to as "The Invention of Teenager" where she related that the teenager is an invention of capitalism:
"It's kinda important to note that teenager as a concept didn't exist until about the 1940s [...] it's all about capitalism baby [...] they became their own distinct social class because at this point teens were another market to access [...] It's kinda all a big marketing scam."

And Rachelle went on to relate that before the invention of the teenager, teen sex wasn't a concern to "adults" because it was normal for teens to have [post-marital] sex and concieve: 

"Before the invention of teenager [...] teen sex wasn't a concern because "[married] children were having children and that was just normal."

18-year-old Olivia Rodrigo

Consequently, the invention of the teenager has been a success, because sex sells to teenagers and teen sex sells. #theallureofnymphets

Marshall said that the Internet gives teens "unthinking access to sexual content" that they are experienced at accessing:

"Once the Internet entered the picture, suddenly it's a whole new rodeo; so, the Internet offers a sexual experience that's entirely unmitigated by geographic boundaries, by parents [...] Before the Internet, teens could only get sexual content via physical objects (e.g., Their dad's Playboy magazine); however, the Internet offers unthinking access to sexual content, which teens are more proficient than [most] of their parents at accessing."

Rachelle shared that she began watching porn as a child and that the extremely graphic but viral Two Girls One Cup was viewed in her middle school band room:

"[...] Two Girls One Cup was passed around in my middle school band room [...] but, like, thinking about Two Girls One Cup in the band room - I'm just like, "Wow, that's cute." Like, I'm sure there's something far worse out there right now, and it's just all normal, and it washes over you."

Gossip Girl

Rachelle and Marshall opined that the plethora of "The Dangers of Online" exposes are full of hyperbole, which Marshall said is a variation of the same fear that came out after teen dramas became "ubiquitous". Marshall referenced: Beverly Hills 90201Dawson's Creek, DegrassiThe Secret Life of the American Teenager, Gossip Girl  and Euphoria


And Marshal elaborated:

"These shows all helped build a cultural understanding of what teenagers are doing and that has always included [teen] sex."

In the end, Rachelle and Sarah Marshall didn't (clearly) answer their question: "Why are adults so obsessed with how much sex teens are having? i.e., "[...] how and why and where are teens fucking?" Of course, the answer is the allure of nymphets. 

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STREETWISE (1984): "Dates" for Sex | Seattle's Teen Prostitutes

Here's is part of the Criterion Channel's synopsis for Streetwise (1984):

Seattle, 1983. Taking their camera to the streets of what was supposedly America’s most livable city, filmmaker Martin Bell, photographer Mary Ellen Mark, and journalist Cheryl McCall set out to tell the stories of those society had left behind: homeless and runaway teenagers living on the city’s margins [...] “Streetwise” follows an unforgettable group of at-risk children—including iron-willed fourteen-year-old Tiny [Erin Blackwell] [...] who, driven from their broken homes, survive by hustling, panhandling, and dumpster diving. Granted remarkable access to their world, the filmmakers craft a devastatingly frank, nonjudgmental portrait of lost youth growing up far too soon in a world that has failed them.

It turns out that Tiny starting "hustling" when she was 13. The synopsis refers to Tiny's teen prostitution as "husting", and Tiny referred to her johns as "dates". Tiny said that her older dates are strange but she likes the money.

"I think it is very strange that older men like little girls [...] I mean, I like the money but I don't like them."
Tiny [Erin Blackwell]

How much did Tiny make as a teen prostitute, and how often did she work in downtown Seattle? Tiny made up to $400 - just about every day.

"I used to at least bring in $300, $400 and for a blowjob it would be 30 on up. And for a lay it would be like 40 on up."

"[...] I used to turn dates lots and lots of times just about every day I be pulling dates day and night."

And Tiny shared that the older prostitutes charged more "[...] than us little kids do." 

Tiny didn't know her "real" father. Consequently, she feared that she may have "dated" him: 

"My real dad I've never known [...] I could have dated him for all I know."

Kimberly Marsh

Tiny's (biological) mother reluctantly condoned Tiny's "hustling" and referred to it as a "phase". And so did Kimberly Marsh's (adopted) mother.  Consequently, Kimberly's mother was flabbergasted to learn that Kimberly wouldn't loan her any money.

"I know that you're a [teen] prostitute and everything and I know what you're doing and stuff. And I know that you got money [...] Fine! Thanks a lot! I'll remember this!"

Kimberly decided to become a sex worker after a friend informed Kimberly that (teen) prostitution was "great" because she was making a lot of "easy" money.

"Oh yeah, it's great man [...] I'm making so much money. And it's so easy. Money comes so easy and everything. It's great! You oughta do it!"

Consequently, Kimberly would call jonhs, repeatedly, from a payphone to see if they wanted a "date".

"Hi Dan. This is Kimberly again. Yeah. So, have you decided? Do you want a date tonight?"

In end, we have some (rhetorical) questions. Why were Bell, Mark and McCall "nonjudgmental". Why didn't they call the police on the underage prostitutes? (The age-of-consent in Seattle is 16.) And why were Tiny, Kimberly and the other teen prostitutes able to openly "hustle" in downtown Seattle? #theallureofnymphets

Lastly, the Streetwise documentary reminded us of the German teen prostitutes in We Children From Bahnhof Zoo - more so than the Roman teen prostitutes in the wealthy district of Parioli.

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Famous Age-Gap Couples: Noor Alfallah, Mick Jagger & Al Pacino

Caroline Blair reported for Page Six that "Al Pacino, 81, grabs dinner with Mick Jagger’s ex Noor Alfallah, 28 (April 11, 2022)

Al Pacino (81) & Noor Alfallah (28)

That's correct. 81-year-old Al Pacino was reportedly on a date with 28-year-old Noor Alfallah whom, reportedly, previously dated 74-year-old Mick Jagger, which was when Alfallah was 23. 

 Mick Jagger (74) & Noor Alfallah (23) 

But Boshwell and Parker posted for the Daily Mail that Alfallah, who appears to be a total teleiophile, denied that she was dating then 88-year-old Clint Eastwood. The denial came after 23-year-old Alfallah was spotted in the backseat of Eastwood's car while leaving West Hollywood's Craig's.

Noor Alfallah (23) and Clint Eastwood (88)

However, it was additionally reported by Boshwell and Parker that 24-year-old Noor dated 60-year-old Nicolas Berggruen, a billionaire philanthropist, in 2018. 

Noor Alfallah (24) & Nicolas Berggruen (60)

Lastly, we would imagine that Noor's father, a Kuwaiti, condones age-gap relationships, but we would figure that he would prefer that Noor would marry. And we would imagine that Noor (Arabic: نور), for obvious reasons, has not had premarital sex with Pacino, Jagger nor Berggruen. 

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Noah Hawley's ANTHEM: Like Jeffrey Epstein, The Wizard's Insatiable for Teen Sex

We learned about Hawley Noah's Athem from the New York Times post "16 New Books Coming in January". Here's the book's synopsis from the post:
A cast of teenagers defend against a number of adversaries — from a widespread mental health crisis years after the outset of the coronavirus pandemic to a malevolent man resembling Jeffrey Epstein — in this new thriller from Hawley, known for his work on TV series such as “Bones” and “Fargo.”

Naturally, we focused on the "malevolent man resembling Jeffrey Epstein" (i.e., E. L. Mobley) whom is profiled in the chapter "The Wizard", which opens with materialistic similarities between Mobley (aka The Wizard) and Epstein:

When they write about E. L. Mobley, they often describe him by the things he owns. The private 737, the six-story, fifty-room mansion off Madison Avenue, the five other palatial estates from Florida to Tokyo to Rome. He is a man with his own Caribbean island and possibly a gold mine in West Africa. Journalists list the presidents he befriended, the Russian oligarchs and Chinese party leaders who call him on his cell phone.

By the second paragraph, we learn that The Wizard "[...] likes women, the younger the better." e.g., "[...] some as young as fourteen." And that, "He has slept with thousands. [Because] [i]n New York City they are plentiful and cheap." He calls them "animal brides" and "[...] in a special chamber [...] he violates them, their cries ringing inside the perfectly honed acoustic bowl."

Like Epstein, The Wizard has "rabbateurs" whom procure “[...] young women for his entertainment, his amusement, his consumption [...] sometimes seeing three different girls a day [for "massages"]."

Massages, that’s what he pays them for. Have you ever given a massage, sweetie? And then you see how far they will go once you’re naked on the table. If you roll over and lower the sheet. If you put their hand on it, force their heads down.

Interestingly, like Epstein's masseuses, Hawley portrays The Wizards masseuses as "helpless" and “[...] girls with trauma in their past, girls with self-esteem issues, eating disorders. Victims, in other words.” And like Epstein, The Wizard has a high school student, the Troll, whom “[...] bribes young girls to come to the Wizard’s parties.”

Per Netflix's Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich (episode 1), one of Epstein's Trolls was 16-year-old Haley Robson. Interestingly, Robson didn't appear to have the characteristics of a victim as she was a competitive equestrian (#moneyteam), her mother was a banker (#moneyteam), and her father was a police officer (#WTF).

Haley Robson

In the documentary, Robson shared that she volunteered to deliver Epstein nymphets for $200 per head!
Detective: The girl that was going knew she would have to massage him?
Robson: She knew everything.
Detective: How long have you been working for him?
Robson: I probably worked for him for a year.
Robson went on to share with the documentarians, "I probably recruited maybe 24 [underage] girls."
Robson: Those girls brought other girls, too.
Detective: Okay.
Robson: So, it's like a train.
Detective: Who else was underage?
Robson: Under 18? All of them.
In addition, Robson informed the documentarians that she recruited her high school friends ($200 per head) whom she drove to Epstein's house: 
"I would recruit girls that were friends. I would just casually bring it up. And we would drive together to his house. I would take them to the room, and then I would walk out. Sometimes I would wait out by the pool. When the girls would leave, Jeffery would come outside to pay me [...]"
Somehow, unlike Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, Robson was never charged with a crime. This is despite the fact that a detective informed Robson that she clearly implicated herself in a second-degree felony:
Detective: "At this point, you've clearly implicated yourself in a crime. Okay? You've taken girls to somebody's house for the purposes of [teen] prostitution [...] Now that's a pretty significant second-degree felony."

In addition, it appears that Hawley's Bathsheba DeWitt is based on Epstein's Maria Farmer

Maria Farmer's Nude Teen Paintings

Per Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich (episode 1), Epstein and Maxwell asked Maria to do an artist-in-residency in a 26,000 square foot home behind Les Wexner's house in New Albany, Ohio. For an unexplained reason, Maria decided to do a series of paintings "[...] about puberty - girls partially nude [in] voyeuristic kind of private moments but not sexual." The paintings were based on nude photographs that Maria took of her nymphet sisters. For example, Annie was 12-years-old in her nude photograph! #art

Lastly, Hawley wrote that DeWitt "[...] was seduced by her math teacher when she was just fifteen, after a long campaign of notes and calls ending in her deflowering in the back of his Volkswagen."

But in IRL and in fiction, unlike popular assumptions about student-teacher affairs, typically, the student is the seducer of the teacher whom can't resist the allure of a nymphet. Hawley even wrote of DeWitt:
At first her [young] body would give her power [over boys and men]. She would be the puppet master, Salome on a dais, and they would follow her with their eyes the way dogs will follow the food in your hand.
And the same goes for teen prostitutes. In a number of cases, they're underprivileged teen prostitutes, but in a number of cases, IRL and in fiction, like Robson, they consensually exchange teen sex for money

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Charlie Puth & Teen Charlotte Lawrence: The Worst Age-Gap Sexual Affair

In July of 2020, we wrote a post about the age-gap affair between, then, 27-year-old singer-songwriter Charlie Puth and, then, 18-year-old singer-songwriter and model Charlotte Lawrence. 

In the post, which was a book review of My Dark Vanessa, a student-teacher age-gap book, that Lawrence did on Instagram Live with Kaia Gerber, we learned, per Capital FM, "The UK's No.1 Hit Music Station", that Puth was the inspiration for Lawrence's "Everybody Loves You".

Here are some of the lyrics to "Everybody Loves You" from the alluringly titled Young:

I am so tired, I have to tame my mind before I get too frustrated
Can't go back in time to change in someone's eyes
That I was not something to play with
It's my body and I'm trying to hate you 'cause I want to
It's my body and I'm trying to while everybody loves you
It's my body and I'm trying to forgive you, I don't want to
It's my body and it hates you, why does everybody love you?
Why does everybody love you?
They don't know enough about you
Do they know that I regret you?
Do they know I shouldn't have to?
Why does everybody love you?
They don't know enough about you
Do they know that I regret you?
Do they know I shouldn't have to?
Charlotte Lawrence & Kaia Gerber 

Charlotte elaborated with Kaia that "Everybody Loves You" is about her, in hindsight, "inappropriate and traumatizing and bad" affair with Puth:

"I wrote the song about, you know, an experience I had that - that was inappropriate and traumatizing and bad. And for awhile I always justified it and always thought that I was being crazy and it was okay because, you know, he was so popular and cool. Everybody loved him, and it was amazing. And, I don't know. One day I just woke up, and I was like, "No, that wasn't okay."

Charlotte Lawrence & Charlie Puth 

However, Lawrence is missing the point. A "popular" and "cool" person whom "everybody loved", can be immensely attractive to anyone - regardless of the age difference.

Not to be outdone, Olivia Craighead posted on Gawker "Charlie Puth Cries Fat Tears [via “That’s Hilarious”] Over Teen [Charlotte Lawrence] Who Dumped Him" (3-25-2022). Craighead embedded a TikTok on Gawker where Puth said that “That’s Hilarious” is s song about his affair with Lawrence, which he described as "the worst year of his life". And he described their breakup as "the worst breakup of my life”. 

Once again, Craighead appears to make the common mistake of determining that the reason Puth and Lawrence had such a bad breakup was solely due to their age difference. If Puth were 19, his age, most likely, would not have been a suspect in the breakup. On the contrary, it would have been assumed that he and/or Lawrence were, say, jerks. But since there was an age-gap, it's, by default, assumed that the age difference was the culprit. 

Kaia Gerber (18) & Pete Davidson (26)

Lastly, not to be outdone, Kaia Gerber has had her share of on and off-screen age-gap affairs. 

Thursday, March 24, 2022

Machine Gun Kelly Desired Teen Sex with Kendall Jenner

Machine Gun Kelly & Kendall Jenner (17)

Stephanie Soteriou reported for Buzzfeed News that "Machine Gun Kelly’s Resurfaced Comments About Then-Underage Kendall Jenner Have Sparked Huge Backlash". 

Soteriou related that in an interview with Fuse in 2013, Kelly, then 23, shared that he was not willing to "wait" until Kendall, then 17, was of legal age (in California).
“I don't care who my first celebrity crush was because right now it's Kendall Jenner.”
“God damn I've said that so many motherfucking times, I hope that I'm snagging that. Don't let me move to LA. Oof, I'm finding her."

Fuse asked Kelly if he were “counting down the days” until Kendall was 18 (i.e., Barely Legal in L.A.) to which Kelly replied impatiently:
“I’m not waiting until she’s 18, I’ll go now. I’m 23, dog, I’m not like a creepy age, y’know what I’m saying? I’m 23, she’s 17, and she’s a celebrity. There’s no limits right there.”
In an attempt to justify his stance, Kelly related that Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant dated a 14-year-old and Guns N' Roses' Axl Rose dated a 16-year-old and that Rose even wrote a song about the age-gap affair. 
“Robert Plant, who is one of the greatest lead singers ever, dated a girl who was 14,” Machine Gun Kelly continued. “Axl Rose [pictured below] was one of the biggest badasses ever, dated a girl who was 16 and wrote a song on his first album about the girl that was 16.”
Jimmy Page (24) & Lori Maddux (14)

In reference to the lyrics, "One day soon you're gonna reach sixteen\Painted lady in the city of lies" on Led Zeppelin's "Sick Again", Robert Plant shared in Dave Lewis' The Complete Guide to the Music of Led Zeppelin that the lyrics were not inspired (solely) by Lori Maddux but that they were inspired by a number of nymphet groupies whom the band met during their 1972 US tour. 

And Slash wrote in Slash that Axl Rose had sex with 15-year-old Michelle in the loft before Michelle "freaked out intensely". In addition, per Mick Wall's Last of the Giants: The True Story of Guns N’ Roses, after Michelle freaked out she was: "A naked, underage girl running away from adult men [Slash and Rose] along one of the busiest streets in Los Angeles [...]"

Contrary to Soteriou's reporting, it appears that Kelly's comments didn't cause a "huge" backlash; however, there were some comments posted on social media that didn't condone Kelly's stance. 

But maybe what Kelly was trying to express is his frustration with the inconsistent age of consent laws in the US. For instance, the age of consent in Houston, TX, Kelly's hometown, like New York City, is 17; thus, Kendall would have been of legal age in that regard. (Note: The age of consent across the Hudson from Manhattan is 16.)

Kylie Jenner (17)

But, Kendall and the Kardashian clan may have agreed with Kelly, because Kylie, then 17, had an (illegal) age-gap sexual relationship with Tyga, then 25, which was was condoned, specifically, by Khloe Kardashian whom, per The Washington Post, opined:
"Kylie is not a normal 17-year-old. You’re not gonna say, 'Hey, so what are you doing this weekend?' and have her say, 'Having a slumber party at my girlfriend’s' or 'Going to prom.' That’s not what Kylie does. Kylie is taking business meetings and bought her first house, or she’s going on a private plane with Karl Lagerfeld to take a meeting. That’s not even what people do in their 30s. It’s a rare circumstance, so let’s treat this as a special case.”
In the end, (ultra) orthodox Jews and practicing Muslims would say that they're all putting the cart before the horse, because one will never know, but if Kelly, à la Elvis, would have asked for Kendall's hand in marriage, to Megan Fox's dismay, the Kardashian's may have planned a lavish age-gap wedding.