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LAW & ORDER: SVU (s23e01&02) | Teen Not "Sex" Sex with Congressman?

In the season 23 premiere of Law & Order: SVU, congressman Howard forced women to have sex with him or return to homeless shelters. However, as congressman Howard tired of "mama fat", he desired a "flat and sleeknymphet, and he asked Dr. Catalina Machado, "Aren’t there deserving homeless families with, uh, teenage daughters?"

In the meantime, congressman Howard had the following conversation with his assistant:

congressman Howard: "It’s been a busy week, and we need to unwind. What about those girls who interned last summer?"
assistant: "They were still in high school, boss."
congressman Howard: “Just make sure they have IDs. Ooh, that petite blond. She was like a colt.”
assistant: “Oh, Jenna.”
congressman Howard: “That’s her. That’s my little pony. And her cute friend.”
assistant: “Hayden.”

Later, to entrap congressman Howard, 16-year-old Jenna Evans and Hayden Smith were invited to a fundraiser where Jenna was roofied. 

After being drugged at the fundraiser, Jenna was questioned in Mercy Hospital by NYPD. 

And once she was reminded, "You're 16 Jenna," Jenna shared that she takes Addy, which she purchases online. She related that she met the congressman while on a class trip to D.C., and after she gave him her number and her Insta, he started sending her cars to bring her to parties (e.g., He had a Fourth of July party on a yacht.”)

Very interestingly, after Detective Amanda Rollins asked Jenna, “Have you two ever had sex?”, Jenna confessed, “Not “sex” sex. I give him massages. That’s not illegal. He told me so. He went to law school.”

Thus, we learned from Jenna that during her summer vacation from high school, she partied with the congressman and gave him handjobs. Now the question is, were the teen handjobs given in Bayonne, Jenny's hometown across the pond where the age-of-consent is 16, or in The Big Apple?

Based on Jenny's position that the handjobs were not illegal, could one assume that they were given in Bayonne? #rhetoricalquestion

Mind Bogglingly, Detective Tamin informed Jenna, “Jenna, you are not in any trouble, okay. Whatever happened. That’s on him.” [Emphasis added]

At least, the NYPD detectives could had told Jenny that she should avoid buying Addy online and giving teen handjobs to congressmen. #smh

We learned from the next episode (s23e02) that Jenna lied to NYPD. She did have "sex" sex with the congressman. Jenna's mother confessed to NYPD that after Jenna met the congressman on class trip during freshman year, they texted, she did a summer internship in his office, and when Jenna turned 15, she and the congressman had sex. Subsequently, unbeknownst to the congressman, Jenna got an abortion.

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Teen Olivia Rodrigo: Daring, Stunning & (Amost) Topless

Lauren Cox posted on Page Six: Olivia Rodrigo leaves little to the imagination in risqué gala dress (September 26, 2021). In the post, Cox wrote:
Olivia Rodrigo rocked her most daring red carpet look yet over the weekend.

The “Good 4 U” singer looked stunning as she made her way into the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures Opening Gala in Los Angeles on Saturday.

Rodrigo, 18, left little to the imagination in a strapless black Saint Laurent dress by Anthony Vaccarello.

The head-turning gown featured a thigh-high slit and a plunging neckline that highlighted her cleavage. 

Rodrigo’s gala ensemble was definitely a switch up for the “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series” star, who usually opts for a more punk-rock vibe. 
It was a glamorous night out for Rodrigo, who has been busy promoting her debut album, “Sour,” and performing all summer long.
Interestingly, Cox referred to Rodrigo's look as "daring" and that 18-year-old Rodrigo looked "stunning" in her outfit that "left little to the imagination" due to its "thigh-high slit and a plunging neckline that highlighted her cleavage." [Emphasis added] And what a way for Rodrigo to promote her debut album?

And what about the use of the word risqué in the subheading? 
(ris·qué /riˈskā/ adjective slightly indecent and liable to shock, especially by being sexually suggestive.)

But Rodrigo's daring outfit, which was also exhibited in the December 2021 issue of Vanity Fair, may not be as stunning if one considers that some 18-year-olds have OnlyFans accounts and\or are teen porn stars

Lastly, yet interestingly, per Teen Vogue, Rodrigo appears to be a bit of a teleiophile as she proclaimed that 28-year-old Pete Davidson is her "biggest celebrity crush". And apparently, her crush began when she was (at least) 17, which is probably fine with feminists and teen boys as long as Davidson doesn't (openly) reciprocate. 

Saturday, September 25, 2021

From Hailey Baldwin (18) to TikTok: A History of Teen (Cheeky) Thongs

Back in 2015, Lucy Mapstone posted on the Daily Mail: "Hailey Baldwin looks stunning in tiny polka dot [cheeky thong] bikini on yacht [...]" And in the post, Mapstone opined: "The 18-year-old model displayed her impeccable bikini body [...]"

Unlike Mapstone, I was shocked to see teen Hailey Baldwin in a cheeky thong. And I asked, "When did teens start wearing cheeky thongs (in public)?"

Let's attempt to answer this question by looking at the history of the bikini. According to Rupert and Lichfields' piece in The Independentgarments resembling the bikini date back to 4500 BC; however, they were worn for active wear and not for swimwear, which was done in the nude. 

Hailey Baldwin (18) in Cheeky Thong

The modern bikini was introduced in 1946 by Jacques Heim, a French designer, and Louis Réard, an engineer who happened to be managing his mother's lingerie business. Interestingly, Réard hired Micheline Bernardini, a 19-year-old nude dancer, to model his bikini when it was introduced. The press and public were shocked, because it was the first swimwear design that exposed the navel

Hailey Baldwin (18) in Cheeky Thong

According to Time's "Evolution of the Bikini":
Bikinis were banned from worldwide beauty pageants after the first Miss World Contest in London in 1951. As the tasteful one-piece continued to reign supreme, the bikini was later also banned in Belgium, Italy, Spain and Australia, and it was even declared sinful by the Vatican.
19-year-old Bridget Bardot (1953\Cannes)

However, after the bikini was worn publicly by actresses like 19-year-old Bridget Bardot, who was seen on the cover of popular magazines like Sports Illustrated and featured in blockbusters like James Bond's Dr. No (1962), the bikini became more and more accepted around the Christian world. (By the way, 14-year-old Bardot had an affair with 22-year-old Roger Vadim, the director of Pretty Maids All in a Row (1971), which was based on Francis Pollini's shocking teacher-student affair themed novel.)


Thongs were initially worn as underwear, but by the turn of the century, women started exposing their thongs via low-cut jeans and now they're being worn in public as swimwear - even by nymphets.  And they're worn by nymphets, thongs must be sold to nymphets.

In 2002, Abercrombie & Fitch (A&F) started selling thongs for pre-teen nymphets emblazoned with the words "wink wink" and "eye candy". In response to the controversy surrounding the items, A&F responded: "The underwear for young girls was created with the intent to be lighthearted and cute. Any misrepresentation of that is purely in the eye of the beholder." [Emphasis added]

Per Ariel Levy in Female Chauvinist Pigs: Women and the Rise of Raunch Culture, the thong was invented in New York City to "cover" exotic dancers during the 1939 World's Fair:
The thong is a literal byproduct of the sex industry. In 1939, New York City mayor Fiorello La Guardia insisted that the city’s exotic dancers cover their genitals for the World’s Fair, and the thong was born to placate his decree while exposing the maximum amount of skin. 

Ariel went on to relate that, as we know, thongs are no longer relegated to (professional) exotic dancers but that thongs have become the "underpants of choice" for nymphets:

Now they are the underpants of choice for pubescent girls. I saw Hello Kitty thongs for sale at the mall; Abercrombie & Fitch—which markets to seven- to fourteen-year-olds—makes a thong that says WINK WINK and another that declares EYE CANDY; the teen chain store Hot Topic sells a Cat in the Hat thong; Delia’s has a little cotton thong with Bart Simpson on the front and another that asks FEELING LUCKY? with a green four-leaf clover stamped on the crotch. The urban youth Web site Dr. Jay’s has rhinestone Playboy bunny thongs with matching camisoles. 

Abercrombie & Fitch's Pre-Teen Thong

In an undated post, the Daily Mail reported:
High Street chain Argos has been branded irresponsible for promoting a range of sexually provocative lingerie designed for primary schoolgirls. The underwear, which includes tiny G-string pants and padded bras, is advertised in the store's catalogue for girls aged between nine and 16. The Tammy range, sold for as little as £5 for a pack of four thongs, also includes a 'loveheart' underwear set in pastel pink and thongs with I Love Me emblazoned on the front.

And the Daily Mail reported in 2008:
Parents have condemned Bhs for selling nipple tassels, edible G-strings and breast-shaped stress relievers alongside toys. The retail chain, owned by billionaire Sir Philip Green, insists the raunchy Christmas gifts are 'harmless fun', but it has been accused of sinking to crudity in an attempt to boost sales.
Yet, some parents don't mind that their daughters wear thongs. For example, Kate Strathearn's daughter attended Hamp Junior School in Bridgwater, Somerset. Strathearn shared in a BBC article: 
"I have not told my daughter not to wear them and I do not ask her in the morning what she is wearing. She is 11 and she has a good head on her shoulders."
My Father the Hero (1994): Katherine Heigl's (14) Thong

Let us be clear, we've seen teens, like Katherine Heigl and Bella Thornein thongs in non-fiction scenarios. Even Jenny Humphrey, a ninth grader at Constance, was encouraged, while shopping at Barneys in the first volume of Gossip Girl, to: "Throw in a pair of kitten heels, a thong, and some Chanel Vamp lipstick [...]" But back in 2015, Hailey Baldwin was possibly the first teen seen (openly) in a thong, but fast forward six years later and there are teens in (cheeky) thong dancing all over TikTok. 

TikTok Teens in (Cheeky) Thongs

Update 09/27/22

The BBC reported that "Pupils warned not to wear thongs: Parents have been urged by a head teacher to stop their daughters wearing thongs to a primary school."

In the report, we learned that the thong wearing nymphets were (some of) the 10-year-old and 11-year-old schoolgirls at Hamp Junior School in Bridgwater, Somerset.

Interestingly, Anna Roxburgh, the head teacher, shared that she did not object to nymphets in thongs, but that she was concerned about them possibly being embarrassed while changing or playing:

Anna Roxburgh wrote to parents of girls aged 10 to 11 at Hamp Junior School in Bridgwater, Somerset, after hearing that some had the skimpy undergarments.

The letter read: "This is not due to any personal objection on my part, but out of concern for the girls' possible embarrassment while changing for PE or playing out in the playground - falling over or playing handstands and so on.

"I have also told the girls that their choice of undergarment would not be checked up on, nor would anything further happen."

However, some of the Hamp Junior School parents said that they would not prevent their pre-teen daughters from purchasing and wearing thongs (to school):

Kate Strathearn, who received a letter, said she would not be banning her 11-year-old daughter from wearing thongs to school.

She said: "I was surprised the school was not keen on thongs. I see nothing wrong with them.

"I have not told my daughter not to wear them and I do not ask her in the morning what she is wearing. She is 11 and she has a good head on her shoulders."

Another mother, Annie Milton, said she thought the letter was "unbelievable", adding: "Schools lay down enough rules without going right down to undergarments." 

While Roxburgh, the head teacher, suggested that nymphets should avoid wearing thongs to primary school and thereby implying that she condones nymphets in thongs outside of school, Michele Elliott, director of child protection charity Kidscape, opined that pre-teens in thongs are "inappropriate".

She said: "Thongs are designed to be sexy. Thongs are designed to ensure that you do not show a panty line through tight-fitting clothes. 

"Why on earth would you send a child to school with clothes that tight?

"It's a child protection issue in terms of embarrassment, safety, as thongs are inappropriate."

In the end: "A spokeswoman for Somerset County Council said: 'It's up to the individual school to decide the code of dress.'"

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Brandy Melville's Young, Thin, Pretty & Topless Teens in Thongs

On Business Insider, Kate Taylor posted the piece "Brandy Melville: Behind the scenes at the 'evil' fast-fashion empire" (Sep 8, 2021). At least three matters stood out about Taylor's article:
1. Brandy Melville's CEO, Stephan Marsan, is very racist and very anti-Semitic. 2. Brandy Melville slash Stephan Marsan prefers nymphets employees. 3. Nonetheless, teens "aspire" to be Brandy Melville's models\employees.
According to Brandy Melville employees, CEO Stephan Marsan, wants his staffers to be young, thin, pretty, and white [i.e., white nymphets.] 
[Nonetheless] [t]eenage girls aspire to be like the [often braless] models on Brandy Melville's Instagram [...]
Brandy Melville, the "go-to brand' for high school girls slash Gen Z, requires that their nymphet employees (e.g., 14-year-olds), text "full-body" photographs - typically in crop tops and miniskirts:
Every day, girls who work at the fast-fashion stores are required to send a full-body photo to executives. Some are as young as 14. 

Brandy Melville is the go-to brand for the type of high-school girls who spend hours on TikTok and worship Bella Hadid. [...] the line has developed a loyal following among teenagers who arrive by the thousands to a store opening. It's Contempo Casuals for the Gen Z set: crop tops, miniskirts, and a controversial "one size fits most" tagline.
"In retrospect ... it's really fucking weird that we all — as underage people — had to text this mid-to-late-30s guy photos of what we were wearing," the former employee who worked in California and New York said. 
Ruby Lyn's "Being an In-Store Model at Brandy Melville (YouTube)

Interestingly, per Taylor, Brandy Melville executives slash teen voyeurs at the SoHo flagship store surveilled shoppers for nymphets (i.e., skinny, white, blond and pretty).
In the New York City flagship store, Marsan and fellow executives have an elevated work area from which they watched shoppers, according to an employee who quit last year. If they saw someone who fit the Brandy Melville look, they pushed a button, setting off a light that prompted the cashier to ask for the girl's photo and contact information so she could be recruited. 
"There was no sugarcoating it," a former New York regional manager who left in 2017 said. "It was, 'She is skinny, white, blond, and pretty — let's hire her.'

Still, and this is no surprise to readers of this blog who have read posts about, say, teen prostitutes in Rome and Japan, many of Brandy Melville's teen employes considered the store a "sorority" and the "coolest" - despite the "fucking weird" and "horrible things".

But for many, anything was worth it if it meant being able to work at Brandy Melville. 
"We call it a sorority ... so many horrible things are happening, but at the time it was the coolest thing to be a part of," a former New York employee who started working at Brandy Melville in 2015 said. "Like, I would go back to school and be like, 'Yeah, I work at Brandy.' And they're like, 'Oh my God, you work at Brandy?!'"

But why would a nymphet continue to work under such conditions? Was it to be considered a "special snowflake", was it for a Brandy Melville $1,000 shopping spree, was it for an all-expenses paid trip to Hawaii or Italy, or was it to gain access to the "Brandy apartment"? #rhetorical question
Some former employees in Santa Monica dubbed executives' favorites "special snowflakes." 
According to current and former staffers, these special employees got access to the company credit card for $1,000 shopping sprees, were invited on work trips to Hawaii or Italy, and were allowed to use the "Brandy apartment," a lavish two-story, five-bedroom apartment in New York's SoHo neighborhood.
Isa.Bella.Ricci "23 [Brandy Melville] Outfits Later" (TikTok)

Even Though it was "sus", some employees, "as young as 14", would go topless in a teen thong to "get those privileges" (e.g., "get paid more"). 
People said that teenage employees as young as 14 would frequently undress in front of male executives to try on new clothing for them. Four former employees in California and New York told Insider there was a belief among some retail workers that if you went fully topless in front of the executives, you might get paid more. 
Mina Marlena, who started working in the Santa Monica store in 2012 at age 17, said that the first time she tried on clothes for Marsan and Longo, she went to the bathroom to change. After she did this a few times, they told her to "just stay down here and change here," she recalled. In an effort to stay in their good graces, she began to change in front of the executives, typically wearing nothing but thong underwear. 
"Even though it was sus, everybody wanted" to be one of the favorites, one of the former employees who started at Brandy Melville in 2013 said. "You'd hear about it and be like, how do you get those privileges?"

Interestingly, and justifiably so, Taylor and her interviewees were highly critical of Brandy Melville's executives, but, per usual, Taylor didn't dish out any admonishments for the teens who stripped for privileges. What about something like, "The next time you feel pressured by men and materialism into stripping down to your fountains and your thong - talk to someone first."

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

"Young Girl" (1968): Teen Tries to Trick Man into Sexual Affair

"Young Girl" (1968) was written by Jerry Fuller and performed by Gary Puckett & The Union Gap. 
The song is about a man who was distraught after he discovered that the age of his love interest is below the age of consent. In an attempt to fight off the allure of a nymphet, he sang. Let's take a look at the song's lyrics:
In the chorus, the man shares that the nymphet has consumed his mind, he confesses his love for the teen, and adjures her to run away.
Young girl, get out of my mind
My love for you is way out of line
Better run, girl
You're much too young, girl
I would imagine that the charms he's referring to in the first verse are in reference to the nymphets charisma and her nubile body. The man is hurt by the news that, as determined by age-of-consent laws, his lover is too young. The song's setting is unclear, but imagine his pain if he discovered that his lover were 16, but he lived in Manhattan, where the age-of-consent is 17, instead of across the Hudson in New Jersey. And best believe, if the nymphet would have told the authorities that she did not lie about her age, she would have been believed. And as for the man? #rhetoricalquestion
With all the charms of a woman
You've kept the secret of your youth
You led me to believe
You're old enough
To give me love
And now it hurts to know the truth
Despite the plethora of evidence from fiction and non-fiction, most people will not (openly) admit that a nymphet would seduce a(n) (much) older man. As a matter of fact, most people openly opine that teens are incapable of seducing men.
Beneath your perfume and make-up
You're just a baby in disguise
And though you know
That it's wrong to be
Alone with me
That come on look is in your eyes
Here the man is expressing his difficulty with resisting the allure of a nymphet, because, despite the fact that their age-gap affair is consensual, he could get into a ton of trouble with the authorities while the young girl would be assumed innocent with no need to prove guilt. 
So hurry home to your mama
I'm sure she wonders where you are
Get out of here
Before I have the time
To change my mind
'Cause I'm afraid we'll go too far
Lastly, per the song's Wikipedia page:
  • "Young Girl" is a Gold-certified single
  • The song reached No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100
  • And "Young Girl" reached No. 1 on the UK Singles Chart

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France Gall's “Les Sucettes": A French Teen Oral Sex Song

18-year-old France Gall & Serge Gainsbourg

In 1966, Serge Gainsbourg, the controversial French songwriter, poet, artist, actor and director, wrote “Les Sucettes [English: Lollipops] for 18-year-old blonde songstress France Gall. 

The song is about Anna, a young girl who was in paradise every time that “stick slides down her throat”. 

Gall emphatically claimed, even after shooting the video, that she was mortified because, she didn't know that the song, which on the surface appeared to be a children's song, was about oral sex. 

Per “Les Sucettes'" Wikipedia page:
"Les Sucettes" is, on the surface, a yé-yé-style song about a girl named Annie who likes aniseed-flavoured lollipops; much of the lyrical content plays up the homonyms of "Annie" and "anis" (aniseed).

But Gainsbourg's lyric also contains playful double meanings referring to oral sex, such as a line about barley sugar running down Annie's throat. The very noun for lollypop in French, "sucette", is the substantivised verb "sucer", sucking – so that the title and the refrain ("Annie aime les sucettes", Annie loves lollypops) are far more evocative in French than in the English translation. A possible translation to preserve the innuendo would be "Annie loves suckers". 
The song also features a direct double entendre, stating that Annie has lollipops "pour quelques pennies" (for a few pennies), which can also be heard as "pour quelques pénis" (for a few penises).
I'm shocked that the phallic, approximately twelve-inch long, lollipop that Gall sucked on in the video wasn't a dead giveaway about the salacious nature the song. But unsurprisingly, “Les Sucettes” was teen Gall's biggest hit.

Here are the song's French lyrics with English translations:

The lollipops\Les sucettes
Annie loves lollipops\Annie aime les sucettes
Lollipops with anise\Les sucettes à l'anis
Annie's anise lollipops\Les sucettes à l'anis d'Annie
Give her kisses\Donnent à ses baisers
An anise taste\Un goût anisé
When barley sugar\Lorsque le sucre d'orge
Scented with anise\Parfumé à l'anis
Runs down Annie's throat\Coule dans la gorge d'Annie
She is in paradise\Elle est au paradis
For a few pennies, Annie\Pour quelques penny, Annie
To his anise lollipops\A ses sucettes à l'anis
They have the color of his big eyes\Elles ont la couleur de ses grands yeux
The color of happy days\La couleur des jours heureux
Annie loves lollipops\Annie aime les sucettes
Lollipops with anise\Les sucettes à l'anis
Annie's anise lollipops\Les sucettes à l'anis d'Annie
Give her kisses\Donnent à ses baisers
An anise taste\Un goût anisé
When she has on her tongue\Lorsqu'elle n'a sur sa langue
That the little stick\Que le petit bâton
She takes her legs to her body\Elle prend ses jambes à son corps
And go back to the drugstore\Et retourne au drugstore
For a few pennies, Annie\Pour quelques penny, Annie
To his anise lollipops\A ses sucettes à l'anis
They have the color of his big eyes\Elles ont la couleur de ses grands yeux
The color of happy days\La couleur des jours heureux
When barley sugar\Lorsque le sucre d'orge
Scented with anise\Parfumé à l'anis
Runs down Annie's throat\Coule dans la gorge d'Annie
She's in Heaven\Elle est au paradis.
(Source: Musixmatch)

The Police & GLEE: Don't Stand So Close to Me | Schoolgirls Desire Teachers Badly

In 1980, The Police, not the NYPD but the British rock group, released the song "Don't Stand So Close to Me", which is about a sexual relationship between a high school English teacher and one of his students. 

In the first verse, the student fantasized about her teacher. “She wants him so badly.” 

The second verse revealed that the girl was the teacher's favorite student, which made her friends very jealous. 

The closeness of his young student left the teacher tempted and frustrated: “So bad it makes him cry.” 

It is implied in the song that their teacher-student affair began after the teacher noticed the girl waiting in the (cold) rain at a bus stop while he idled in his “warm and dry” car. 

Sting, the lead singer of The Police and the song's writer, elaborated in the book The Police: l'Historia Bandido that, after the nymphet entered the comfort of the warm car, the teen's virginity was subsequently taken by her English teacher.

Interestingly, The Police won the 1982 Grammy Award for Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal for "Don't Stand So Close to Me".

Here are the lyrics:

Young teacher, the subject
Of schoolgirl fantasy
She wants him so badly
Knows what she wants to be
Inside him, there's longing
This girl's an open page
Book marking, she's so close now
This girl is half his age
Don't stand, don't stand so
Don't stand so close to me
Don't stand, don't stand so
Don't stand so close to me
Her friends are so jealous
You know how bad girls get
Sometimes it's not so easy
To be the teacher's pet
Temptation, frustration
So bad it makes him cry
Wet bus stop, she's waiting
His car is warm and dry
Don't stand, don't stand so
Don't stand so close to me
Don't stand, don't stand so
Don't stand so close to me
Loose talk in the classroom
To hurt they try and try
Strong words in the staff room
The accusations fly
It's no use, he sees her
He starts to shake and cough
Just like the old man in
That book by Nabokov
Don't stand, don't stand so
Don't stand so close to me
Don't stand, don't stand so
Don't stand so close to me

On Glee's "Ballad" (s01e10), the song "Don't Stand So Close to Me/Young Girl" was performed, which is a mashup of the The Police's "Don't Stand So Close to Me" and Gary Puckett & The Union Gap's "Young Girl".

On the episode, the glee club at William McKinley High School was divided to perform ballads. Rachel (Lea Michele) was placed with Will Schuester - the club director, Spanish teacher, the Rachel's crush. 

In an effort to get Rachel to stop crushing on him, Will performed "Don't Stand So Close to Me/Young Girl"; however, it didn't work. Rachel didn't comprehend that Will was trying to inform her that, for obvious reasons, they couldn't have an age-gap affair.

Unsurprisingly, Rachel wasn't the first student to have a crush on Will. Suzy Pepper had a student-teacher crush on will too, but for obvious reasons, Suzy's crush was unrequited, but Suzy didn't take it well. Consequently, she attempted to harm herself by eating a dangerously hot pepper, which resulted in an esophagus transplant. 

As for Gary Puckett & The Union Gap's "Young Girl", the song is about a man who was distraught after he discovered that the age of his love interest was below the age of consent. In an attempt to fight off the allure of a nymphet, he sang:

"Get out of here / before I have the time / to change my mind / 'cause I'm afraid we'll go too far."

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Traci Lords' UNDERNEATH IT ALL: The Rise of a 15-Year-Old Teen Porn Star

Here's Amazon's description of Traci Lords' memoir Underneath It All:
At 14, Nora Kuzma ran away from home and ended up on the dirty streets of Hollywood. She fell in with a fast crowd, and her dreams of modelling soon landed her a spectacular centrefold in Penthouse Magazine, where at 15 she became internationally known as TRACI LORDS. From there she appeared in numerous adult films and magazines, denying her past and battling a deep addiction to cocaine and men. Three years later she got out. This is her memoir [...] 

Underneath It All's Back Cover

A clipping of a newspaper article posted on the back cover of the memoir adds to the description of Traci's career in teen porn:
15-year-old runaway Nora Louise Kuzma, now known in the sex industry as Traci Lords, was indentified yesterday as the child porn star of more than 20 explicit hardcore [teen] sex films, according to the FBI. Sources requesting anonymity claimed that Ms. Lords was brought half naked and under the influence [...] 
Although, this memoir is supposed to be a cautionary tale, it reads more like a teen sexuality expliotation tale. For example:

Less than half of the memoir is about Traci's career in teen porn, but one wouldn't know that from the misleading yet bawdy double entendre title. 

On the front cover, Traci is straddling a black chair in a cleavage-baring short red silk dress. 

10-Year-Old "Traci" on Christmas Day

And on the back cover is a picture of Traci, in a lace bra, next to the title of a newspaper clipping "15-Year-Old Schoolgirl Stars in Porn Films". The book even includes, in the chapter "The Curse of the C Cups", a photograph of 10-year-old "Traci" in a pair of white panties. 

15-Year-Old Nora Kuzma\Traci Lords
Redondo High School (1984)

Interestingly, at the end of the book, Traci expresses her displeasure with her teen porn career; but oddly, she kept her porn name. 

On page ten, Traci shared that when she was 10 and in the 4th grade, she fantasized about being kissed on her panties by Ricky - a 16-year-old high school student. 
"I wondered what it would feel like to get kissed on my panties, and fantasized about my new [boy] friend, Ricky, doing the kissing [...] I was ten, he was sixteen [...]"

(Traci wrote that Ricky raped her in a field and left her: "[...] alone, bloody and naked in the dark.") 

Roger, prematurely balding, was the boyfriend of Traci's mother. Traci wrote that while her mother was driving Roger's lime green van, Traci awoke, topless, to find Roger standing over her and zipping up his pants. Roger referred to Traci's fountains as "little poached eggs". Subsequently, Traci awoke to find Roger's fingers inside of her. 

Interestingly, after Traci's mother left Roger for Daniel, Roger's friend, Traci remained in close contact with Roger. "I started smoking Marlboro reds, ditching classes, and crashing out at Roger's when I was too wasted to go home."

Dee Dee, Traci's 13-year-old neighbor and junior high schoolmate, gave Traci a kiss after lunch. Traci shared: "[...] it was exciting. I breathed in the sweetness of her skin. She smelled of vanilla, and, strangely, I wanted to kiss her again."

Traci's junior high band teacher informed Traci that he appreciated her beauty and offered to buy her dinner. She dropped out of band the next day, but she shared that the experience: "[...] made me feel wanted. I longed for the that attention."

18-Year-Old Traci Lords in Traci, I Love You

Traci shared that her first love was Dean. Dean was a 17-year-old surfer boy and a senior, and Traci was a 14-year-old sophomore at Redondo High. Despite his promise to pull out, Dean got Traci pregnant in his parent's bathroom shortly after Traci's 15th birthday. (Roger drove Traci to the abortion clinic.)

The next day, with a borrowed birth certificate, Traci went to the DMV and walked out of the facility as a 22-year-old and a burgeoning teen porn star. 

Afterwards, Roger drove Traci to see Mr. North, a modeling agent, whom Traci found in an advertisement. As Traci and Roger entered Mr. North's office, Traci heard, "She gets paid double for a DP and she chooses the guys." 

18-Year-Old Traci Lords
Los Angeles (1986)

Before Traci showed Roger her fake ID, the 15-year-old posed, topless, for some Polaroids for her new agent. 

The next day, Traci had her first paid ($250) photoshoot. She described herself as being "the center of attention" - "important, even powerful". She wrote that her teen sexuality gave her "control". "I got off on the power my body held over that entire room of adults." And this is how she described her first photoshoot:
"As I lay on the bed, the photographer showed me where he wanted my rear end. Then he asked me to really arch my back as I bent forward. Cupping my naked breast, I slid my panties off, closed my eyes, and made the kissy face Tim North taught me."
"I spread my legs and caressed my breasts"

Later, 16-year-old Traci was hired to model for Penthouse, which she described as a "total ego trip", because she was "[...] the flavor of the moment, the It girl."  And she shared that any doubts that she had about posing nude were "overruled" by her "[...] insatiable desire for attention." And that she "[...] got off on the idea of getting away with it all."

Penthouse (September 1984)

To make the other porn stars even more jealous of her $5,000 Penthouse gig that ended up being the best selling issue of all-time (September 1984 with teen Vanessa Williams), Traci "cozied up to North" "cooed softly in his ear" and "gave him a wet kiss that left him smiling".

But before Penthouse, Traci had her first photoshoot with a man. "A stunning man in his early twenties [...]" "During the photo shoot I found myself completely turned on and hoped to God no one could tell."

The next day, Traci decided to leave Roger, walked into the Poop Deck bar, "my t-shirt clinging to my breasts" and after drinks, went home with Blue Eyes whom she described as a "forgettable lover". Shockingly, the next morning, the nymphet left Blue Eyes' apartment with 22-year-old Sonny, the roommate, and weeks later she was washing Sonny's "dirty underwear in the kitchen sink".
Traci, I Love You

Unsurprisingly, after Penthouse, Traci graduated to pornographic films. Traci's first film was a softcore film with no nudity "All I had to do was walk around the pool in a bikini during the party scene." But for some reason, after the wrap, Traci had sex in the kitchen with Tom Byron. Someone decided to film it, and the rest his history. "Over the next six months I starred in twenty X-rated films." And she filmed her last film in France, Traci, I Love You, about two years later on the morning after her 18th birthday. (ReportedlyTraci sold the rights to Traci, I Love You for $100.000)

Of porn, Traci wrote:
[...] I had given in to a feeling I had never known during sex - power. And with that power came pleasure."
"Freedom, peace, revenge, sex, power. I had finally found a place to put my energies [...]"
"Porn was a power trip for me."
"Sex on-camera fed a very specific hunger in me. It was the best drug of all."
"Porn made me the kind of girl people [...] paid attention to, and that's what is was all about."