Friday, May 22, 2020

#BLACKAF: The New Twist | Twerking Nymphets [Teens]

Per the Netflix show's official synopsis, #blackAF: "[...] uncovers the messy, unfiltered, and often hilarious world of what it means to be a ‘new money’ black family trying to get it right in a modern world where ‘right’ is no longer a fixed concept.”

For the purposes of this blog, we're going to focus on episode 3 (S01E03) for which IMDb's plot summary is: "Ahead of the family's Juneteenth party, Joya struggles to confront Izzy about her dance video [...]"

To elaborate, Joya Barris (Rashida Jones) happens upon her Izzy, her 13-year-old daughter, dancing provocatively. Izzy, in a hot pink crop top and a pair of jean shorts, which are rolled up to make them even shorter, is accompanied by two other dancing nymphets - all of whom are filming a video to be posted on Izzy's Instagram account. 

Interestingly, the nymphets are shaking their young derri√®res to "Act Up" by City Girls. Here are part of the explicit lyrics that were heard in the episode:

Real ass bitch, give a fuck 'bout a n---a
Big Birkin bag, hold five, six figures
Stripes on my ass so he call this pussy Tigger
Fuckin' on a scammin' ass, rich ass n---a
Same group of bitches, ain't no adding to the picture
Drop a couple racks, watch this ass get bigger
Drinkin' on liquor, and I'm lookin' at your n---a
If his money right, he can eat it like a Snicker
I ain't got time for you fake ass hoes
Talkin' all loud in them fake ass clothes
Fake ass shoes match their fake ass gold
I'm the realest bitch ever to you snake ass hoes

Act up, you can get snatched up
Act up, you can get snatched up
Act up, you can get snatched up
Dirty ass nails, baby girl, you need to back up

Unsurprisingly, Joya is distraught and feels "Like an epic parental failure" after witnessing her daughter dancing in the belfie position but, thank God, not performing an anasyrma like Venus Callipyge

However, Chloe, Izzy's oldest sister, opined, "Izzy! Oh my God. I saw your Instagram story. You killed it!" Chloe went on to advise Izzy, "So you could have bent your knees a little bit on the booty pop (i.e., twerk), but we'll get you there." 

Ultimately, Chloe consoles her mother, "Come on, Mom. Izzy's just posting like any other kid her age. And everyone twerks. It's like our version of the Twist or whatever you did growing up." 

Chloe's correct. There are thousands of videos of twerking teens on social media.)

Lastly and fascinatingly, this episode of #blackAF was directed by Rashida Jones and written by Esa Lewis and Helen Krieger - all women. And Malcolm Gladwell shared of #blackAF, "To say that I loved it would be an understatement. I think it's just. Sorry to swear. Fucking unbelievable!"

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